We recorded this episode before the last Mayhem on Mills to talk about our experience as well as promote our appearance on the show. Well it was lost in time and we finally found it. Everything we think still holds true to this day and we can’t wait to see all of you at Will’s pub on October 13th for the next Mayhem on Mills

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from Orlando, Florida, the combined Raiders.

Hello, and welcome to another edition of the top rope wrestling podcast. I’m Rick and drew is over on the couch again. Yep. Yep. That’s going to be his response from now on just

Yep. It’s from a Saturday Night Live skit. I find it funny. Like, barely hear me.

It’s a little volume tripping yesterday works.

Yes, hopefully it does. If not, you might not be plugged in and we’ll see. So I can hear me. I just can’t hear me very loud. Got it. There we go. Okay, well, that’s cool. So he’ll do Here we go. Now singing into the mic to make sure that he can hear himself. All right. Yeah, I’m here. Awesome. Yep. So we’re going to talk a little bit about mayhem on Mills this week. I’m just the, in general, we hope to get some guy or we hope to get a little punk on soon. Who’s the one who runs the event? on his birth certificate, his name total and his last name? I think it might be. No, it is not. But that’s what we’ll refer to him as because I don’t know if he wants me to call it by his actual name. Yeah, sure. So, um, but it is a it’s an event that’s put on here in Orlando quarterly, it seems like yeah, I think the first one there was about a half a year in between, but they’re going to be on number six coming up. We just had our live broadcast recently with number five.

We stuck. We jumped in. And number four,

yes, we jumped in. The first time we went to an event was number four. And then we actually did the live broadcast for number five. And it was a lot of fun. And this one was inside. So that makes it a whole lot better than what we had before. Usually they’re outside they’re called

mayhem on Mills because in Orlando we have a road called Mills.

Yes. Which is kind of a central road in town because the mills 50 district is like this big thing in the type of area well, wills is definitely an indie type area A lot of that

pump does a lot of punk bands. I’ve seen tons of punk bands, their stuff like that. So they do kind of an independent wrestling thing. And yeah, they

do and it’s based on wills pub is the place that all of the other ones have taken place before this one this time it took took place across the street from wills pub in the orange studios, but they did bring over the world’s bartenders and they had beverages for everybody available what I

find cool is that they also not only not only do you get to see an Indy wrestling show, but they do bands and stuff too.

Yes they did. They had bands at they did a post party at at wills this time. We didn’t attend to the post party next time we’ll definitely go to the post party if they do it the same way. But the first time we went they had a band perform before the show. So they had bands that one or two bands perform before the show. And then immediately then the wrestling started right after the the one the band stopped report finished performing. And this is like Indy wrestling at its finest. I mean to tell you I mean that they’re legit good indie wrestlers. I’ve been to some indie promotions where it was crap. You know where the wrestlers just aren’t quite I mean more these guys are hitting hitting with like trash cans and shed Didn’t they wrestle out in the street one yeah. Oh yeah. And I think somebody jumped off the top of a truck

so they literally at one point took the mayhem on two mil

Yes. So it was actually on the road out in front of the place and you can just this is not a not busy road. It is like we were playing frog or trying to get across the street to it to get lunch last night on a Sunday. Yes. So it is definitely can definitely get get get to be a little busy down there.

And yeah, they have some interesting wrestlers. We’ve seen Sonic some a couple of times suddenly once

Yes. Well, it’s funny we air is not funny was interesting because they do pull wrestlers from all over Florida. Florida, of course is known for the the wrestling than the wrestling scene. Because even back in the day before that, but NFC basically, or FCW basically became an XT. Yeah, I’m in Florida Championship Wrestling. Because Florida Championship Wrestling was the developmental league for the WWE before they had an official name and TV. And they had a TV show, but it was on like the PBS station. It wasn’t anything good Performance Center. Yes. Before the Performance Center, which we still need to break into. Yes, yeah, we definitely have to get ourselves into that.

But yeah, they

they started, I guess last year with the first one the belt, their first belt, the first title was given out on at four which was, which was our first one. We were involved in that man. Yes, we were at while you were involved in that match more than I was involved in that match. And that’s where Troy Hollywood who you can here in an interview with during mayhem on Mills five, yes. won the title. And gave drew and he basically rested his arm on drew for half the match. Yeah.

And then they started when they started the hardcore portion of the match. It was just like right in front of me.

Yes. Well, it was cool. Like we got some good shots in there. And

it was exciting to see never been that close to the action before.

Yeah. And of course, beginning in the event, they don’t have the walls up like they do with a WWE event. So it just spills out into the crowd all the time. And there’s just

no railing. There’s no Matt on the outside, and these fuckers will jump out of the ring onto the cement this past

time, they did have a match. But it was only in one area of the rings, or one area of the outside of the ring. So and it was definitely not where the guy went off the top of the giant ladder that was sitting there.

Yeah. Watch that on. I had to watch that on their Instagram page, because I missed

I mean, we were Island far away from that part of it right.

And we were kind of blocked by the ring for that area of it. Um, I do think that like something like that would be an interesting TV show. Like you could you could definitely shoot it for TV and play it on TV if as long as you have the right equipment, and they had some guys shooting it out there that has some decent equipment. So I’d be interested to see how that evolves or in the future and what it ends up becoming. So you

actually I didn’t pretty much because you know I may leave the booth when we were doing ours. You went backstage? Yes, I didn’t like back there was a was the vibe like backstage at a wrestling show.

I was kind of interesting. There were a lot of people that were just they were just chatting with each other and a couple of the guys they pop out around the corner to watch the different matches and everything especially after their match was done they go man their booth but a lot of times when they’re meeting their booth, they were just looking over the crowd watching the

the the wrestling that was going on, was there separation between heels and faces in the locker, there was no intermingling the locker

room, their locker room was a small little area behind and everybody was intermingling with each other. It was cool, though. It was cool to see the actual behind the scenes part of it later because we got there. What three hours before the show started? Yes, set up everything. And we went and almost everybody who came through came in shook our hands introduce themselves found that to be pretty cool.

Yeah, that part of the wrestling business is still a thing.

Yes, it most definitely is. And I definitely enjoyed that. That aspect of it. I’m trying to think of what else there was. That was that was different. I did get to go under the ring looking for a steel chair. That was

let’s explain that way. So we went to go to lunch, we had our two black steel chairs. Both had top rope wrestling magnets on them. So we knew they were ours.

Yes. And if you want a magnet, please reach out to us either through the contact page or what or through the website. Yeah, yeah. I just through the website or through Facebook, you will we can get you a magnetic to

Instagram as well.

Yes, Twitter wherever you can

just so we come back from lunch and one of our chairs is gone. So Rick, being aware that he is at a wrestling show, and the only place he could think of which was under the ring.

We did I wanted I wandered around looking for it for a while

there was there was a chair under there, but it wasn’t ours.

Now there are actually two chairs under there, which are the chairs that were used during the match. But they were using ours for staging. Yeah, like to see where they could hit it as soon as you disappeared. what’s what’s that dude’s name is Beasley

No, dude I can pronounce? Oh,

sir pentacle?

Yeah, so pentacle, walked over and handed it back to this Yes, introduced himself. So

but yeah, it was it was cool to have all the guy you know, have that interaction with all the people. It was cool watching them all warm up for their matches and kind of work through some some spots. That’s what I found the most interesting was watching like,

I guess like when you watch, like you think and enter gender match will because WWE doesn’t do them anymore. And they be brutal and stuff, right? But we’re watching a male warm up with a female and she was taking bumps and stuff.

I was just like, it was not not yet.

I mean, she’s she she’s a taller, more athletic female look at you like she’s not why the petite little, you know, once the WWE tends to have, but um, but I think if more people saw like that little warm up thing where they realize what it is I don’t think anyone would get like, particular about energy.

Yeah. Oh, I totally not. It was it was actually a lot of fun to watch. Yeah. And you could tell nothing hurt, not the nothing hurt, but that it was she wasn’t taking any major bugs because she was laughing about that. Like, she’d let that one point I forget what they were working on. They’re working on grapples or something like that. And, and she started laughing because he was it was tickling her. Yeah. Like I was like, Okay, well, that’s interesting. And

I jumped about 10 feet, the first guy to jump in and run the ropes and then just took a backdrop on his own. It was so fucking loud because we were close. Yes, that

Yeah, I jumped. That was her Pentagon was that was that tag

team towards the end? Oh,

not the ducks. The ones now the

other ones. Yeah. I can’t think of the guy’s name. And I literally just want the green beard. Yeah. But I literally just watched a match with him in it. Or a highlight reel with a match with from him that him in it. Oh, no. Another local promotion that I’m trying to get ahold of. Okay. Which is nerd Street. Third Street. Oh, damn. So a lot of the same guys that Russell

I found out about them today. And hopefully soon as we’re done recording, I’ll tell you how I found out about it.

Okay, maybe an asshole. Okay.

So, but they the warm ups like just going everybody going through their stuff. Nobody Nobody ran an entire match. Like they’re just a couple of things here and there like your pen to go was testing out the ropes because he was true Hollywood. Was he the other one that tests out? Like there are a couple of them that I went in there and bounce off the ropes to test them out. Yeah,

they were jumping around.

Surprised to try this backflip or not as backflip but his his cartwheel or front roll or whatever, into the ropes. Yes, to make sure that they would hold up. It was

cool. And it was weird to see that. Basically, unless they went in the back and really, really worked out in detail. Those two just went in there. And did that match with very little Yeah,

there were there waiting

that wasn’t planned out to a tee there was no producer there telling them.

And the cool thing too is with at least with this match, or with it with the way that total punk seems to run it. I don’t even know if I’m assuming he goes in and tells him who’s gonna win. But I don’t there wasn’t a whole lot of writing involved with it. Like everything seemed to go the width like the wrestlers got most of the creative control with the matches and everything.

I think at each one of these, there’s a big start, like the fight in the street and this and that. And ours was would have been the locker room run in. Yeah, or the ladder spot on the ladder spot. I

mean, there were both the for I don’t know if I include I think I included part of the audio from the running from the locker room. But

yeah, cuz it was during the interview with Troy.

Yes. So I tried to include most of it. But he came. It was a full like they were going at each other was

Yeah, that was fun. I would.

And I didn’t seem it’s funny, because I didn’t really catch any cringe worthy moments during this one. Like, a lot of times you’ll see miss this or that. And there wasn’t a whole lot of cringe worthy stuff. During this match, or during this event.

I’d like to next time like obviously go and do the podcast there but also like help with the build up like maybe if wrestlers wanted to call in the show like, Oh, yeah, totally work call in like, like, cut promos on each other and stuff like that.

Oh, we could definitely do that. And we can take multiple we can have them both calling and say yeah,

it’d be cool to like, try to help them build up the show a little bit. And of course, that would do nothing but help us so

yes, there were. It’s been it’s been a great thing.

So very tired bottled water.

Yes, it is.

A very, very small bottle. Um, but yeah, it’s a it was an interesting Sorry, I was just getting a message from our guests for one of our upcoming guests. Okay, cool. So yeah, we have trying to think of what else there was that went on during the the maps, it was really kind of just, it was a cool like everything. And if you get the chance to work with any of these guys that are involved. It they were all you know, very professional, very, the, the duck guys. They ended up coming in late. I think they were driving up from Fort Lauderdale or something like that. So that’s why they were they were late to the show. Because they came in right as the doors were opening or right before that. Yeah. I noticed them walking in because they’re the coach. Their coaches very hard to miss. Yeah, I’m chunky Bombay.

But it was just nice to see like the curtain pulled back a little bit on Route, like how a show comes together. I mean, yeah, sure. Like a televised shows a little bit different. But still, this was

Oh, I’m sure it’s I mean, but the thing is, I mean, just listening to some of the other podcast with, with the guys that are behind the scenes, it doesn’t seem like it’s that much different. I mean, you get, you definitely get the stuff, the coaching from the production staff and whatever. But it seems like the matches themselves tend to be set up by the wrestlers, not by the not by the creative department. Unless they have like a specific spot that they have to do or a specific thing that they have to hit like, I’m

pretty sure that running was was pre planned. Oh, yeah. Especially.

It was definitely and they I mean, they made sure everybody stayed back there. Because last time, I think a couple of the wrestlers left during the show. Yeah. And this time, almost everybody was still back there. And actually, it was interesting, because I fully expected the championship match to the last. But it ended up being first on the card. And I even talked about that, in particular, when we were doing the broadcast. I was Wow. You know, we’re starting right off the bat. And it was a legitimately good match. I mean, I couldn’t I had no complaints about that match between the two of them. And they were coming in hot. I mean, there wasn’t, there wasn’t any lead up to it. They, they just boom, boom, boom, and it started to go. One thing I found

funny about the first one that we look for Part Four that we went to so the first one yes, the first one we went to Yeah, was that other than Effie? I really couldn’t tell anyone wandering around the crowd was a wrestler.

Yeah. Oh, totally.

There big muscular dudes, but that could have just been like, like, that’s Will’s pub. That’s that kind of place where they have like punk rock type of people,

right? And I or it could have been the bouncers work Yeah, whatever. And there were a couple there are there’s one guy who was at this show and he was at the last show, who totally could have been in the ring. He wears this I don’t even know what it like. Kind of a 90s I don’t even know what to expect. I mean, it’s very Shawn Michaels ESCA he’s got that Shawn Michaels look I guess but he’s definitely in on the right he’s he’s into the the scene but I don’t think he fits necessarily.

And one thing I noticed that was kind of cool. was during the the three way match at four. This guy who looked like he was just part of the crowd grabs one of the wrestlers holds them while the other one at him. Yes. Right. And we’re walking back behind later and it was one of the mask guys Yes. walking around with his mask on right in the crowd. And I thought that was like they just kind of mingle around and fit in and yeah, you

a lot of like, you just wouldn’t know. I mean, a couple of them keep their wrestling attire on like yeah, the gym nasties were that’s what I said like FE you could you knew him as a wrestler because he had all his gear on when you stand in his booth and everything right. But a couple of there were definitely some of those other guys. You had no idea.

Yeah, exactly. But overall, it’s fun. I mean, you should check out any indie show. But if you’re in the Central Florida area,

yeah. Orlando, Orlando, Central Florida. I mean, it’s that it’s the whole area. I mean, it’s only an hour drive from Daytona. You know,

check it out. It’s it’s

music. wrestling. Fun. Yeah. In the sun, sometimes

sometimes in the sun. I do like the indoor factor. I definitely. I enjoyed the air conditioning, the only problem that they ran into was the air conditioning because the duck was too low. So they couldn’t go off the the top rope is as easily when certain corners didn’t go off the top rope like we do. Yes. Like, I do want to take a dive off the top rope sometimes. I wonder if I can talk them into that. Yes, we are top progress. But I do want to take a dive off the top rope just for the hell of it. I just sometimes I just

want to stand on the ropes and like do the championship pose.

I’m sure that we could arrange that.

Like it’s like someone would have to

get my own belt.

We want to get a belt made for the podcast. And we’re working on we have the banner.

Finally, we have listeners now

we have listener. That’s always a plus. And we have trolls Now we do have troll we have a troll. Please, if you do get a chance go on to Apple podcasts or Google Play Google podcasts and radar, RR podcast or hopefully hopefully five stars. If you don’t think it’s a five star podcast then don’t read five stars. I’m not gonna like force you to do it

or trolls.

Does. If you have haters, you’re doing something right.

Yes. Apparently our name is not unique enough.

Yeah. Well, fuck, whatever. Let’s just change it now. Let’s call it morning drive.

I don’t think we will get away with that. Is that still on? It is still Wow. Wow. Drew is referencing things that are on my on my desk? Yes.

So um, yeah, it’s

that’s all you got for Mills may have a million. I’m trying to think if there was anything like, it was kind of interesting on the back end was a little difficult to get some of the guys to come out during the show to do interviews, because a lot of them are doing it won’t do an interview out of respect for the match that’s going on at the time, which I understand. Yeah, I totally understand that. I think it worked out well. Especially for Troy, because it got him. You know, he was already out there and ready to go. So he kind of worked us a little bit, which is fine. I’m

glad to help.

And I’m excited to see if we can finally get something like or if we can work work as part of the the actual planning next time around. Because I have no problem interviewing people and having them run away in the middle of the interview.

Yeah, so yeah, I’d like to get the people we’ve seen. So I’d like to I’d like to interview Snoop.

Yes, he seems like the man Warren eyepatch.

Yes. Well, I mean, I started bleeding. Next time he is going to be going up against Yeah,

try so yeah, there’s a few of them. I’d like to definitely enter you.

Including the two guys to walk around.

Yes, I’m still not sure what they do.

Not sure if they’re gonna make is but it’s entertaining

at times. And other times you’re like, what are they doing? Yeah, so But yeah, I think we could probably get them to sit down. I’m assuming they have something to do with total punks, like whole thing. And I think this is the only event that he runs is the mayhem on Mills.

Alright, so I just follow him on Instagram with our top rope wrestling account. Right and mine. I think he owns a vinyl store. I really think it’s right across from wells. I think

a vinyl store like doing vinyl Princeton’s their vinyl vinyl records. Oh, okay. That kind of fun. Yeah. Well, that makes sense. I

think he does that. But like I said, I’d like to get him on and talk to him.

So I was because he asked me about where we got our banner from. And if you guys do need anything printed, you can go see our guys because they are awesome. It’s a vintage Paper Company. They’re based out of orange

sound. They have the lovely banner that is hanging

behind your head. Me currently. Yes.

Well, I looked up some of the pictures from the event we’re in. We’re in some big

Oh, we’re definitely pictures. Well, that’s so that I think pretty much covers what we wanted to talk about as far as top or as far as the the event. I’m excited to see if we can continue our partnership because they they did an amazing job. And I think that we covered them pretty well. I hope so at least I hope they think that we covered them pretty well.

I hope they enjoyed it. We enjoyed their product.

Yes, we definitely do. And I’m excited to see what other products we can get in touch with as well.

So so that was

total punk at the top rope without total

well wasn’t really off the top rope. It was just kind of a behind the scenes thing. I don’t know. I mean, what

would you say to that? Hey, we talked about me him on Mills today.

Yes, there we go. So yeah, anything you need to plug before we get out of here you want to plug our social media


top rope reference. Its top

rope wrestling podcast and Instagram. Yes.

Pro Wrestling podcast that Twitter.

Well, its top rope wrestling, the top rope wrestling on Twitter. And then it is top rope wrestling podcast on Facebook. Or you can get a link to all of these things at top rope wrestling. com

where you can listen to all of our former podcasts. But if you’re on iTunes, you can only listen to the last 10 of them.

But that’s actually fixed. So you should be able to listen to at least a lot less 25 Oh,

good. All right. Peace. Later,

maybe. I don’t know. We’ll figure this out someday.

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