We take a deep dive into how The Miz became The Miz. We take a look back at his start in in the world of reality TV and how he parlayed that into a wrestling career that is going on over a decade and a half in the industry.

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AI Transcript:

Welcome to another edition of the top rope wrestling Podcast. I am Rick and drew is in his home studio.

I am here in my home studio, which is the quick stop currently.

Yes, Drew, I show drew how to play with the backgrounds of Skype so he is currently chillin with, with Kevin’s with Jay and Silent Bob will say James Allen bomb.

I was gonna say Kevin Smith, you missed it earlier while you were fiddling around. I had put I typed in Google fancy living room. just downloaded the first picture. I saw him put it up.

Well, I’m sad that I missed it. But yeah, we were having some technical issues again. I don’t know what’s up ever since I moved this computer. It doesn’t seem to want to play nice with everything. So I didn’t really change it in the settings. So who knows? But today, we’re going to talk about one of Drew’s favorite wrestlers and one of my least favorite wrestlers. Yeah,

we’re gonna I know you’ve been dreading this

dress But so we It’s been a while since we did that off the top rope right?

Correct I can’t remember Do you remember the last one we did?

was a

What’s her face?


was that the last one that we got out?

That would have been October?

Yeah it’s been a while for Damon gun. We haven’t

gone off the top rope since October.

Yeah, apparently not. So crazy. We are going to go off the top rope with them is and drew is going to take over from here and I will I’m interested to see what he has to say I’ve been doing some homework. So I was I would drew ask me to do some homework on them is

so I am I just want you to become more familiar with the subject matter. So we’re not going to be talking specifically about the MS wrestling career today. We’re going to be talking about the MS the reality star.

Okay, so basically, before he got into wrestling,

or in kinda in kinda now. Okay, well, we’ll go through it.

I will let you run this thing I take it away

I will I will take the I will take the wheel and drive it straight off a cliff.

So, as you know of course the MS is one of my favorite wrestlers and I know you don’t share the same sentiment for him that I do but I think once I kind of explain my reasoning to you, you’ll have a better understanding of why I why I appreciate them is maybe on a better level so just kind of indulge me for a moment and and let me let me give a little backstory here. Okay,

absolutely. I’m interested to hear because like I said, I did some homework and I don’t know if maybe like them is anymore but it was a it was definitely an interesting look. It’s more bass.

It’s more of a respect I have for him then then a actual like, I think he’s a fantastic wrestler, anything he’s he he is a serviceable wrestler. He’s very good on the mic, but it’s more of his journey to getting to wrestling that that makes Me have like a ton of respect for him. And so as you know, I am a filmmaker in my spare time when I’m not working or being lazy. So I’ve done some web series, some documentaries, I did a feature documentary, working on my second documentary. And as a kid I dreamed dreamed of being a big shot Hollywood director, you know, like, someone that would make Star Wars or Indiana Jones or something like that.

which we’ve placed about, as far as I was gonna say, which we played with the whole Indiana Jones and a couple of other major films.

I’ve heard, I wish, I wish I was able, like they’re in such shitty formats that I can’t play them anymore. And YouTube took them down because of the music, right? Oh, but I wish I could share those with the world.

We might be able to work on that.

So one of the things about them is I enjoy or one he’s like I said good on the mic. Another thing is he’s kind of nostalgic. He’s been on my channel. TV since I was in my teens and 20s, he brings back a lot of good memories. And the biggest thing though, is this guy had a dream and went out and achieved it. And this is back when he was on the real world. He said he wanted to be a WWF. superstar. And not only did he do it, he did it. Well. I mean, he’s a multi time I see champ, a tag team champ, up until last week was a current tag team champ. He was a WWE heavyweight champ he headlined WrestleMania. You know, this guy knew what he wanted and didn’t stop until he got it and he took an unconventional route and to me that’s, that’s something that’s, that’s admirable. I don’t know if that maybe changes your opinion of him a little bit.

I mean, I knew the route that he took, so I don’t know if it necessarily changed my opinion of him at all. But you know, there are a lot of people who love him and I can see the appeal but At the same time I, I just, I don’t know, I don’t like the character, I guess. And

do you not like the Hollywood star character?

Um, no. I mean, it says,

let’s dive into what you’re let’s dive into your dislike of the Mr. Bennett.

Well, okay, so I did get a little bit more respect from watching some clips from the real world and real world versus Road Rules. stuff. So I did get a little bit more respect for him. But I think my biggest issue with the MS is the fact that he is like, he’s not playing himself. Like you know how so many people like their their, their character is them. And he doesn’t he never comes across to me as being natural or being like that being him. That is that character that he built.

But you don’t believe in real life. He’s a cocky, Arrogant Bastard.

Every interview I’ve ever seen with him outside. of watching, you know him on wrestling. He’s come across as kind of a nice guy, which is not a bad brilliant

it’s not a bad thing at all but he doesn’t. I don’t know it’s just one of those things where

do you not think he plays because most of the time he is a bad guy. Yeah so is it Do you not think he plays like a believable bad guy because some people can play like Triple H is probably a very nice guy but he can convince you like in his day, like in the late 90s early 2000s he can convince you that he was a he was a genuine heartless piece of shit

right i think that’s it I can’t take them is for being them is I think is my don’t buy into

you if he was like if he was more of like the the everyday man character. Would you have an easier time?

No, I think I think if he played like the Tom Hanks kind of actor like a guy that knows shocks guy. Well, the guy that knows that. He’s a Hollywood Star but can still handle it? Well, you know, there’s still pools, little does tricks, little tricks and stuff like that, you know, stealing people’s cameras or phones to take selfies when they’re passed out at a bar, you know, that kind of guy versus me. You know, I’m a Hollywood star and I’m gonna, you know, blah, you know, I’ve got my nose so far up, the producers asked, blah, blah, blah. So I think that’s my problem with him.

Okay, all right. Well, that’s understandable. So to jump back in

that was a little bit of the missus backstory and some of his current story as we went into his character a little bit. And this week, we’re not going to talk about the missus wrestling or movie career, but we’re going to talk about his reality career, which The Miz started his reality TV journey on the MTV show the real world, how much of not just not just the season the Miss was on but how much of the real world did you watch because I was hooked on that show until about 2000.

So I watched the first like, I started. Basically, I watched through all the seasons that pretty much led up to, like the first season of real world versus Road Rules. So, yeah, like 98, something like that. 9798

maybe? Yeah, I watched him a little. I mean, this was in 2001. I remember watching his season so I was still watching it then but I don’t think with a whole lot of more like how I watched raw towards the end before it took a long break where it was just like out of habit. Right.

He was, it was New Orleans that he was in right

now. No, I was back to New York.

Okay. I didn’t I don’t have the clips. I watched it actually didn’t say where they were at and so I didn’t even look at I didn’t bother to look it up.

I was just he looks New Orleans was a weird cat. We can get into a real world discussion and other day. I will go I will go for hours. I

think I did watch New Orleans. New Orleans was the one that had that weird like skinny dude right? There was like crazy luck. Yeah, I believe so. Yeah, okay.

Yeah there. I’m telling you, I used to love me some real world that

this is alright.

So he started on the real world, he dropped out of college actually, and was part of the cast to the real world 10 back to New York. He apparently wasn’t very well liked in the house and we carry around the toy championship belt, calling himself the MS. So this is the the early stages of what we see today.

And everybody referred to them as Michael for them, or Mike for the most part, but they but when he would get into character, everybody would refer to him as the MS.

And see that’s laid the groundwork come up with a character that everyone loves. This guy has been building this character for 27 years now.

So go ahead,

no, go. I was just saying that. I was gonna say that throughout the time that I was watching. It was a


they I could see you could definitely Get on peoples nerves, but at the same time they egged him on so much.

I mean, they, there was always those people in the house that no one liked. And they would just instigate shit with them just to get them either to get them thrown out or to get them, like started. And I’m sure the producers did stuff like that too, to get them riled up, just to make better television.

Yeah, of course.

But being young and naive to the world, he found himself often in debates with classmates called coral and Nicole over race. So I guess he didn’t have a lot of I don’t know, maybe he grew up like in a box or something didn’t have a lot of diversity in his upbringing. So apparently, he used to get into debates with with fellow housemates over race and stuff like that.

Wasn’t you from some small town in somewhere like

Oh, hi, guys. from somewhere in Ohio, I don’t I mean,

hold on. I can look it up right? real fast. He is from Parma, Ohio.

Yeah, that’s probably I’ve never been to Ohio, but it’s probably in the middle of nowhere.

Actually, it’s not too far. It’s in Cuyahoga County. So that means it’s near Cleveland. It’s not too far I think from where my dad grew up, to be honest.

Oh, really? Yeah, I forgot your dad was from Ohio.

Yep. My dad was from Maple heights.

So from the real world

so what Well, first off when you watch some clips from the real world, what was your What was your takeaway from him? Or just from just from the clips of watching old real world?

So it was well Okay, so the, my, my biggest takeaway was he

he’s always kind of taken himself too far. You know, and I and that’s part of being on the road world is taking yourself too far. But he I did find them kind of frat boy. I guess it’s the best way to do it. You know, and a lot of guys on unreal world, we’re all frat boy. But so that was a that was one of the takeaways. I did so that I did watch one of the challenges he did for Road Rules or real world versus Road Rules. And he definitely seemed like the guy who wanted his team to win and would go above and beyond to win at something.

He seemed a lot more grown up on

roles that

he did on the real world. Yes, I would 100% agree with that. Now do you think he was because I’m sure you watched it way back in the day what level of noxious was he was he like Puck level of noxious

Puck that was his name. That was the guy that was thinking.

That was the one you’re talking about. He got thrown out. Yeah.

I know he wasn’t Puck level of noxious but he was.

He would probably be top three on most casts in the category. Yeah.

He was to me. I can’t remember the dude’s name are the dude’s full name or what season he on. He was on but there was this guy David. He got thrown out of the house. He was in the movie house party three. Like this is what he parlayed his real world career into his house party three but he was on the level of that kind of obnoxious on the real world to me not not Puck like nuclear piece of shit little bit, right kind of just a pain in the ass. So from there, he moved on to the real world Road Rules challenge. Battle of the seasons, where he teamed up with fellow housemate coral, these two are kind of entwined for the rest of his real world. Kind of career, I guess you would call it No. Do you call that a career?

I mean, I guess your reality, your reality TV show career? Well, not even that because he has his own reality TV show now. But yeah, I guess his MTV career.

Yeah. Which would be kind of funny if he brought her on. mizzen says

That would be funny.

So the first real world Road Rules challenge he was on Battle of the seasons, he became one of the three winning teams. So that was good. After that he moved on to the real world Road Rules challenge the gauntlet. This time he was runner up winning two challenges. I just kind of picked some interesting notes from each each season he was on. And the one from this season was Mike and Michelle entered a relationship on the challenge. And that created tension between them and coral, which, you know, they were always beefing back in the real world house anyway, so I don’t think them arguing is anything new. And the rest of the mike would vote coral to the gauntlet multiple times over and the weaker one that he was dating the Trisha I guess was the weaker link and he would still vote coral who I mean, I think was his buddy kinda at this point, but we try to get her thrown out and then after that, he moved on to the Real World Road Rules challenge the inferno where he was once again runner up. Some his notes from this challenge were after Michelle claimed she would physically assault them in a jealous tirade, coral and Mike voted her into the Inferno. So he was dating her in the last real world Road Rules. And now in this one, he’s back buddies with coral. And I guess this chick got mad at him and then threatened him or something. I don’t know. Did you watch any of these challenges or

I watched, I watched the challenge where he had the he where he was in the challenge. I didn’t see him get voted on at any point in time, but, uh, it was the one where he had to hold the candles out. And okay, and basically he had I think it was him versus some scrawny dude from the other team and the other guy was shaken. I mean, he lost miserably. But they also had some thing about him and was he trying to date Coral or Nicole at 1.2?

Like I don’t think I don’t think he ever tried to date Cora. Is it core core core CUR al coral? Yeah. Okay.

Yeah, I just remember them saying or the they had like a thing, talking about their friendship and how it may have become more than a friendship or something at one point. I don’t know. I was watching it briefly it wasn’t

wasn’t something that I remembered.

So they voted to shell into the Inferno, which would result in an argument between Corel and Michelle later that night, during the Kendall and Leia Inferno, mad or Inferno I guess that’s the challenge. The ms openly berated Kendall sparking argument between Katie and Veronica I don’t know how that happens. It sounds like some Archie shit. CT then denounced Lee as weak and David jumped into the inferno nude so that was an interesting night. I’m guessing But you know he’s openly be rating another person showing some heel tendencies there. Yes, I’m building up to that building up to that character you you’ve grown to dislike so much. From there, the MS went on to the real world Road Rules battle of the sexes. This he was out in episode eight. So I think this is he was episode eight of 15. And this was the first and only time he was ever voted off in a challenge. He pretty much made it to the last episode of every one of these except for this season.

After that, he moved on to the inferno to

where he was once again one of the winners, some highlights from that season where unlike the other challenges before and after that there was no actual reunion show for the inferno to due to payment issues and caste protests at the time. And this was according to actually that was from the MS on his blog site. So apparently, they weren’t paying. I don’t know, did you think they got paid to be on the shows?

I knew I thought that they got paid a small amount like maybe, I mean, not, not a small amount of like 10 grand something like that to be

that they were. I thought they were fighting for a prize at the end. And that’s what Well, I think it was it you got it.

I think that they did fight for a prize, a big prize at the end. And if you got that there was extra on top of what you were being paid to be to appear in the show.

Okay, because

I want to say that like naked afraid does that too. Or if you last the whole time, you get a bigger amount, but you do get paid for taking time off and doing and going back on TV.

See, I didn’t know what those you got paid. I thought reality shows were like documentaries where you’re not supposed to really pay for that.

Well, I mean, they’re they are reality show actors. I mean, they’re not Yeah, they’re going over the top and they’re having to quit their jobs to do other things. Give us a give up their apartments and I’m sure that there are shows that don’t pay anything upfront or if they do something like minimal and then they get that you know they’re just going for that prize. I want to say that like when it first started like the the first couple survivors or something like that they didn’t pay anything to the people who weren’t who didn’t make it to the end but I think most of them do pay at least something now and one

So, the MS one on angry tirade when Landon wants to stand in for him against Corrado k ra mo I am not good at pronouncing Hey in the Inferno, kr, a mo kurama, caramel caramel, caramel. All right, we’ll call it that. I think that’s the last time I mentioned that person’s name. So I’m claiming he would look bad because he was being saved. Abraham went berserk and then Tina suggested that he had an alliance with them is throwing a glass bottle across the house right now. Tina and Veronica harass Tanya throughout the entire challenge eventually giving themselves the nickname the Mean Girls. Jodi jumped in the pool nude after losing a bat to the MS. And that would be two times someone has jumped into something nude on something he’s been on. This would be the last of the real world Road Rules stuff but not the end of the business reality TV journey on October 2004. The mis entered the fourth season of tough enough to televise competition. Which word the winner World Wrestling Entertainment contract and it looks like a million dollars. Despite coming in last and arm wrestling tournament on November 25. The ms outlasted six other wrestlers and reached the final round at Armageddon. The ms faced the other remaining entrance entrance Daniel pooter and pewter I’m a computer and if you remember this Daniel pewter guy is famous for something Do you know what That is

a no I do not.

Okay, so this dupe this dipshit

Kurt Angle came in and tried to issue an open challenge to these tough enough guys. Well pewter stepped up and he he shot on him like and actually almost broke his ankle. The ref had to like manipulate things to where it look like angle one but angle was in a position where he would have had to tap out had the ref not saved him. That guy gotten a lot of trouble for that. Oh, well yeah, obviously. But it’s pretty like if you ever look it up, it’s a pretty The only thing that guy’s famous for. So he had to face Daniel pewter and a three round Dixie dog fight boxing match. Neither man achieved and knocked out and the contest was awarded to pewter on the basis of crowd reaction. December 16 episode of SmackDown, pewter was declared as the winner of tough enough by head trainer out snow. Despite coming up short on tough enough, The Miz piqued the interest of the WWE and eventually eventually offered a developmental contract now Do you remember when tough enough was on MTV? Do you remember when it first started?

I Yes, I do. I watched the first season like religiously Yeah. Because that that was the season that Maven one

yeah, Maven and I cannot remember the the girl’s name. I want to say it was Nicole or something like that. But yeah, I guess at some point tough enough moved on to USA. And then at some point it was it was just clips during raw. It wasn’t an actual like full on TV show anymore. It was just like some clips during during raw

Yep, I don’t know if you’re watching back then.

I was I wasn’t I didn’t see the clip show. I don’t remember the clip show. Okay,


alright, so he was offered a developmental contract in 2005. He competed in the Battle of the network reality stars where he lost in the final challenge. Now, do you remember these stupid things from when you were a kid Battle of the network stars? Yes. Yeah, they’d have shit like screech go up against fucking Oracle or something like that in a battle of something.

Yes, I do remember those. And then they have the the actual celebrity boxing matches to

back in the day. Yes, but they did those on MTV.

Yes, that’s where they have like, Oh, God, Willis. I can’t think of his real name. Todd bridges, like knocked the fuck out of someone it might have been Danny Bonaduce or something, but I remember I remember Todd bridges, knocking someone out. So in 2006, the MS was a winner on fear factor. Season Six of tough enough this is interesting. Here replace Hulk Hogan as a coach after Hulk Hogan was fired by WWE for

Going on a racist tirade.

Oh, well. Okay.

So in 2019 he went back to his real world roots and hosted the challenge War of the Worlds reunion show. I guess that was between real world newer real worlds cast. I didn’t realize that show is still on.

Yeah, they took a hiatus and I think that they came back. I actually want to say that one of the houses that they did is not too far from where I’m at. One of the newer houses

they did a Florida real world

Yeah, if I remember correctly, I’m I it was it’s like not too far from UCF. Upon Dean road,

I would look up that season because I’m curious to watch the real world Orlando. Real

Yeah, I’m I’m looking at right now. I’m trying to find the house. Apparently they have a they have a reunion event here in Orlando

called real page or something like that.

Let’s see. They have a reality like convention here once a year i think i think Jonny fairplay hosts.

Oh God.

God their word 3233 seasons.

Holy shit. had to have never taken a break.

Yeah, I’m trying to see then. Maybe it wasn’t real world maybe it was something similar to real world. But yeah, there’s this giant house that went up for sale not too long ago, a couple years ago and was on the market for a long time because they were asking for too much money. But yeah, it was it was similar to real world.

Yeah, sorry, tangent going

wide. All right. So since 2008 He’s been back regularly and his own comedy based reality series missingness a starring him and his wife, his mother in law and children and their wacky misadventures. Have you seen any of Mrs. Mrs.

I’ve seen brief clips I haven’t actually sat and watched it just because I disliked them is

like it is it is not bad he’s not the MS on the show i mean he’s obviously always gonna be the MS when you look at him like rerun from what’s happening, but he’s like more of himself I would guess he’s not he’ll Miss

Oh, that’s I mean like i said that i think that’s my biggest problem is that he just doesn’t come off as natural to me

it’s more like like the heel on that show is more so the mother in law okay.

So what

is took an unconventional road to get into wrestling but looks like he had a lot of fun on the way there. His time in the real world Road Rules prepared him for the spotlight. And his time and tough enough prepared him to be a wrestler. And now he’s enjoying the later years of his career and still wrestling and doing movies and going back to his roots as a reality star.

Okay, so thoughts on the minutes

I, I mean I have gone I’ve

I’ve gotten more respect for him by watching some of his real world stuff. I don’t necessarily like him any more or any less than I did before but I understand where the character comes from and how it is a larger like it’s a larger than life version of him, but it’s not at the same time like I don’t know how to describe what he is because like I he seems he’s one of those guys that doesn’t live his character. You know that is so far different from his character that but I just don’t find them believable. Because guys like Jericho I absolutely love and it’s a similar like idea behind it. But Jericho that just seems like Jericho,

you know? So So when Jericho is being an asshole you think that’s probably Jericho. Jericho is being a nice guy you’re like, that’s probably Jericho.

Right? Exactly. You know, I could see him on both sides of the of the thing. And I could see him being over the top like that on both sides, you know, being both a heel and a face in real life. So

I, I think my thing is I like I’m a sucker for a good story. And he has a good story of how he got to what he wanted to do in life. It’s my same thing with why like Kevin Smith so much Kevin Smith was just some normal dipshit like the both of us who wanted to make movies, did it and got lucky. The ms wanted to be a wrestler, he found a way to parlay being a reality TV star, waited it out long enough until wrestling became a reality show that he could go on and then worked his way into Like being an actual wrestler?

Yeah, he definitely, uh, he, he found an interesting way into the business, you know, not a not normal way into the business.

This is like 1993 making a movie and bringing it to Sundance instead of going to Hollywood.


Oh, yes. Yeah, it makes sense. It’s just

you’re always gonna get that for me with him though.

I mean, you know, there’s always those wrestlers that like I am just not gonna like, no matter what he told me about. He could tell me they fucking donated their time to every charity in the world. I’m still gonna be like, Yeah, but they’re douche.

Yeah, well, that’s the Sami Zayn for you. You know I love Sami Zayn, you

die Actually, I like he’ll Sami Zayn because like you say with the MS. I believe that Sam easy.


Like that guy seems like in real life. He is probably a neurotic jerk.

I can see that

so like ska music,

but see I like both Sammy James both heel and face, Sami Zayn. So you know, it is what it is. So you want to go ahead and plug our social media stuff.

Sure. You can find us at Instagram at top rope wrestling podcast. You can find us on the Facebook at top rope wrestling podcast. You can find us at top rope Wrestling podcast.com.

Top pro wrestling, it’s just top rope wrestling calm, not top wrestling podcast.

Well, then you can find us at top rope wrestling calm. Tom O’Brien not, do not put podcast in there or you will not be taken to our website. But if you Google

it, if you google top rope wrestling podcast, you’ll be taken to our website. Okay, so yeah, as well kind of close.

No one’s gonna How often do you actually go in and like type the web address of something instead of just putting it in Google?

I mean, I typed this web address all the time. But you know,

we actually have about seven different websites that redirect us. So you know. It’s just On Twitter, you want me to do Twitter? Yeah, go ahead. Twitter is top rope wrestling without the G. Because it’s just too long. Also, if you do go to top rope wrestling comm one of the wonderful things is all of our audio is there. If you go through the Apple App, and a couple other apps, you get a limited number. I think it’s the last 30 that aired. Yeah, and you can get all 50 Actually, this is our 60th episode. So all 59 episode previous episodes, including this one.

Plus, you can email us and I will not answer you.

It is a podcast at top rope rustling calm.

You will probably get an answer from Rick more than likely.

Yeah. If you’re twittering, it could be either one of us, your Facebook and it can be either one of us. But if it’s via email, and you’re getting answered, It is Rick.

going behind the magic behind Yeah. So let’s get out of here.

Yeah. Let’s keep on truckin keep on keepin on stay. what’s what’s what are the some of the corny out there catchphrases now stay home. Yeah, stay home. Don’t go anywhere. Be like Nine Inch Nails. We’re all in this together now.

If you’re gonna come and say hi to me stay at least six feet away.

Social distancing. I hate that

was my other one I said earlier today. I don’t even remember

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