This week we cover all of the news going on including the passing of The Fink (Howard Finkle) and the elimination of a number of wrestlers from their WWE contracts. All that and more.

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AI Transcript:

Welcome to take two of top rope wrestling Podcast. I am Rick and drew is in his home studio

and live in 2184 Films studios and beautiful to bury Florida.

And I said take two because this is our second take. We actually recorded this ahead of time. And there was a messed up some messed up audio. So we’re recording it. It’s probably a good thing that we’re re recording it because there has been some major, more major news that has come out of WWE today. First and foremost, we are a day ahead of Ty or Dave had a one year getting it. But today the thing passed away. And that’s sad. I’m very sad about that.

Howard Finkel, yes, Howard Finkel, for those who aren’t in the in the know.

feel like you’re behind like you’re waiting for that to happen. It’s

Like I was setting me up for the Finkle to die

no to continue on to tell people who Howard Finkel is obviously famous ring announcer, I mean, he’s the voice that everybody wanted, at the, you know, back in the day to announce that they were the new champion, or come, you know, now coming to the ring, you know, and he was the first employee of WWE. Was that the case? I didn’t actually realize that. So, yes, he passed away today. He had been not doing well. At one point, I actually had reached out to his people to see if he could get them on and that didn’t happen, unfortunately, because of health issues. And probably because they don’t really, you know, we’re not that big. I’d love for it to happen. But

yeah, they were really they Today we will get a former WWE superstar. Oh,

well, that one’s easy. Yeah, well, we’ll get that to happen. I just have to we got to set it up and I probably could do that very soon. So, the other big thing that has happened this week is the fact that the WWE has gone and I have found out that they fired or furloughed, most of their talent. So the most of the producers that were released were furloughed. Most of the talent was just straight up released. So you want to go through the list of people who were

let’s let’s go to the list. Let’s see who we think a land where and, and

what or?

I won’t say because it’ll give it away. But there there have been some people who have landed I don’t know if contracts have been signed, but

promises have been

promises have been made.

We’ll start from the bottom of their list, which actually Well, we’ll start from the top or from the top of their list. There’s just kind of a mess mismatch of whatever with kendo caching who was a coach at the Performance Center center, serene Deeb who is also a Performance Center coach and Chris guy who was a Performance Center coach

most likely probably hired back once this is all over. Yeah. And kendo had a good wrestling career in Japan, I believe, if I remember correctly. I’m tinkering once, um, if they’re letting go of coaches and stuff, unless they were like, the lazy ones who they wanted to get rid of anyway, they’re probably letting them go with intentions of hiring them back.

Yeah, hundred percent. Because they’re not really being able to work out to the Performance Center out side of the people who live in the area and even then I believe that they’ve limited access to the Performance Center. So right. Let’s see going down the list I want to say some NXT people with MJ Jenkins, desire Williams. Jerry Soto who was the Spanish announcer he was one of the members of the Spanish announced team God knows how many times he’s been there when somebody’s gone through the Spanish nouns tables.

Wonder what makes some fire one half of the Spanish announce team

maybe he was the guy who literally just voice you know did voice stuff the other guy actually produced stuff and I don’t know. I mean, I really honestly don’t know. Let’s see Deanna perazzo Alexander jack Jack’s jacket. Ah, Alexander jackets. Jess deck sick, jack. I don’t know. jack shit. I’m one of the writers. Andrea listen Berger, who we found out yesterday was the guy or the woman behind the Otis Mandy rose. Otis loves Mandy angle. Yes. That was her big claim to fame.

Otis hearts Mandy.

Probably the biggest name is next on their list, and at least in our opinion is Rousseff.

Yes. So has Rousseff to your knowledge been offered anything thing not to my knowledge

I do know that they have been that some people have been tweeting

kind of how he was done wrong in the WWE or or how his character is not like his actual person and so

for him to be employed even 24 hours is is a damn shame and a W would be foolish not to to nab him up.

Yeah, I think the problem is AWS just not hiring people right now. That’s the probably the biggest, biggest thing out of everybody. Because they’re on hiatus. They’re not recording, they’re not doing anything.

But they could still acquire talent. Oh, and apps.

Absolutely. And I’m sure that they will, you know, I just think that it’s gonna take a little bit of time. Where was I? So Rousseff, one guy that I really liked, it’s no longer there but really kind of was wasted once he was moved to their main rep main roster was no way Jose

Zack Ryder Well have a job in AWS. Yeah. Oh yeah, he’s like he’s buddies with Cody.

He’s like BFFs with Cody. So that’s not a question there. Maria kanellis and Mike canalis

should go to AWS or go back to TNA. They did good stuff in TNA, too.


To TNA Ring of Honor and a W have a opportunity with what’s been let go to kind of boost their rosters a bit by taking these guys on

well, even slightly smaller promotions like ml W, you know, that has, at least you know, some kind of television. Presidents would probably benefit from having at least a couple of these guys.


police we found out what was in the little cage before he got fired. Sarah Logan.

Referee Mike keota.

Okay. That was a long debate on the last episode. Yes,

I were going back and forth. As I say, I thought he was the senior referee drew thought he was somebody else but he was the senior referees.

I thought he was the younger guy.

But God started in 1989 with WWE

Primo and epico Pico epico.

Well, I said would probably most likely go back to working for free. I think it’s primos. Dad is Carlos cologne.

Yeah, most likely they’ll head over there and probably work out to Puerto Rico, that Puerto Rico where his dad runs the major promotion there. Billy King. Now we’re going to be on the producers list which most of these guys were furloughed with the exception of one of them that I know that was actually let go. Because I think he was still under a wrestlers contract or some kind of some other kind of contract. So Billy Kidman, Pat buck,

Sean davari.

Scott Armstrong, Sara stock, Kurt Angle who was actually Let go not just for load.

Yeah, probably on the legends contract. Yeah.

Hurricane helm, Shane Helms, de Finley Finley, Lance storm and Mike rotunda. Were all producers that were furloughed which is, you know, basically they have a job when this whole thing is over. And I think angle probably has a job when this whole thing’s over too. But yeah, it’s probably just gonna be a different type of contract at that point. So back to some wrestlers with Heath Slater, Aiden, English UI, Eric Young, Drake Maverick, Curt Hawkins and Carl Anderson and Luke doc Luke Gallows. So Anderson gallows, which was the one that I was met I was kind of hinting at before. They’re basically headed back to New Japan. Oh, they they’ve said so. They haven’t said it outright, but they’ve changed their names back to their new Japan and I want to say it was yesterday. Carl Anderson posted a video of a plane that started in California and landed in Tokyo. So

they they’re pretty much set there

and EC three is going to land somewhere.

So get something

now good.

You see three and Leo rush for the last two that were on my list

reel off some of those in the middle because there were some guys that are what I would call TNA guys in the middle there. Okay, so like a Heath Slater hit around that area where those later

he Slater, Aiden, English, Eric Young Drake Maverick.

Yeah, those three seem like TNA guys. They seem like they do really well in TNA.

Well, anyway, came from TNA originally.

So to Drake, yeah, so and EC three.

Yeah, they’re all guys that would do well in TNA

or they could do well, somewhere else. I mean, Madeline was in the Wyatt Family. For a long time with Luke Harper who’s Brody Lee over in a W so there might be a spot there if they were buddies or, or whatever.

Yeah, I mean, we could, I could definitely see some different things going on. And some of these guys will land in big name promotions others will end up back in the Indies. I mean, as long as they’re still enjoying what they do, you know, and save the money that they needed to to continue. I could see some of these guys definitely showing up elsewhere. Just doing Indies. I mean, and some of these guys are Florida guys, they could end up around us.

Yeah, some of these guys. I don’t know necessarily if they know how to function. In the end. He’s like a heat. Slater I think was a homegrown WWE guy. He was there for 16 years. And he came up through Florida Championship Wrestling, I think and he was part of the Nexus and everything. So I think he’s, he’s probably done very little indie work in his life. So I don’t know if he would Bear well on the n ds, I guess he’d be a big name for an indie show. But

yeah, I mean, and that’s what most of these guys are going to be doing is they’re just, you know, they’re they’re the draw of the show. And they’ll wrestle in the main event. And, you know, they’ll have the local guys do the rest of the show. Yeah. So the other big news, I guess, out of our state, at least, is that the WWE is considered an essential business and can remain open and that that I mean, there’s not much to it, they’re they’re allowed to continue to record they’re allowed to continue to have multiple people in the Performance Center. There’s not anything that anyone can say any differently to keep them away from that. Whether it’s a good thing or not, I don’t know. I mean, a W is shut down for a while on their own personal All decide, you know they their own personal decision to shut down basically they’re going to be they’ve recorded I believe eight weeks six to eight weeks worth of content so they can just go in and have it released as new content because nobody’s seen it but it’s already pre recorded which I don’t think it’s a bad idea you know it keeps people away from each other and with the empty arena shows it’s not gonna matter when it was taped.

Yeah AWS seems to be the

I don’t know what you would call it but it’s like the there’s there’s always those people that are very like politically correct and self aware. And that’s I think a W tries to be like hey we’re doing shutting down so we’re just going to shut down even though if we fought we could probably get the same deal WWE had but we’re gonna set the example. Yeah, I guess and be be good and quarantine ourselves. We’re WWE is the The 87 year old guy in Walmart screaming at a small child because he just doesn’t give a fuck anymore.

Old Man yells at Cloud kind of thing.


They’re just like, Look, we’re gonna shoot our show. We have the connections to get that done, because, you know, his wife works in the Trump administration, and he is a friend of Trump. And I don’t think there was any way that they were going to tell Vince McMahon No.

Well, and not only that, but he’s on now on the the council for reopening. You know, the support and I don’t,

I don’t blame them for doing that, like Vince McMahon wants to shoot his show, do it, you know, he’s, he’s got these talents under contract. And he wants to, you know, make sure the money he’s spending is not spent on people sitting home. It’s just two different different points of view that AWS vs WWE has

Yeah, I mean, I’m, uh, I’m not. He’s got to make money. He’s got to do what’s best for his business. I mean, but he also has to do what’s best for his wrestlers. You know? So there’s a there’s a, there’s a good medium and that medium in there that

Yeah, like I said he W’s the brand that seems to with almost everything, be very self aware of the the world around them where WWE is like we have been doing this on top for a very long time so we’re just going to stick with what works.

Yeah, exactly. And unfortunately it they haven’t had competition and so long Yeah, they just go with what they have, you know, it’s not, they’re not going to do anything different. And like we had mentioned during I think it was the WrestleMania podcast or whatever. Or maybe it was the WrestleMania watch party that somebody has suggested putting screens in the where the fans would be in the show. So you have At least some kind of interaction and some kind of fan reaction to what’s going on. It’s kind of been interesting. Yeah, so it, it’ll be interesting to see how all sports move forward. From this. I know baseball is looking at the option of playing in a single location out in either Arizona or Arizona and Florida and split it. I Sports Illustrated or Yahoo or somebody put out an article about the NBA and how to be great if they literally kind of took over Disney’s Wide World of Sports and did everything there because they can control where the players stay. They have enough courts where they can run multiple events at this, you know, multiple basketball games at the same time if they needed to. And it’s set up for smaller crowds or being able to shot with be shot with no crowd, which was kind of cool. PGA Tour announced today that they’re starting back in the middle of June. They moved around some dates and everything but their first four turns At least their first four tournaments are going to be without crowds. So that could be interesting. The problem is you run into with that is how they’re going to travel and how they’re going to handle if there are players that refuse to play, because they’re going to be there. You know, they’re going to be players. They’re gonna say, No, I won’t do it is for the PGA Tour. Do they offer a medical exemption or something of that sort? To keep their cards with NBA you know, do you I don’t even know how a team would handle that. If you have half your team won’t play. Can you really do

by June MBAs offseason? Anyway, so the standard NBA is not coming back until next year. I can pretty good I can. I can. I can say that with a lot of confidence. I did want to go back to one thing that I read on Twitter today that I wanted to get your opinion on. Okay. Since sometimes we have same opinion sometimes we have differing opinions on stuff Vince McMahon tweeted out a very heartfelt tweet about Howard Finkel passing away and I saw that was very, you know, nice of Vince McMahon to tweet that out. Let me go look at the comments and the Twitter verse not universally I mean there were some others in there but twitter twitter universe basically ignored what he was saying to flame him for the firings

I’m not shocked by this like never read the column no nothing like that ever shocked me it’s just

kind of low classy move on my opinion by Twitter folk.

I I’m 100% with you on that I’m I am not wanting to attack somebody. Well, okay, I can’t say I’m not one to do it because I’ve done it where they didn’t work. Two things didn’t necessarily relate to each other. Like for example, I got blocked by a local radio show hosts Because

I got blocked by a local sports announcer It was a big deal and Golf Channel back when we were there. Actually local sports guy, I don’t know. He’s one of the News Sports guys. Well, you know, I’ll say, I’ll give a shit But

well, my So Bob Saget was on did an interview and thanked the local radio show. And for being on it and the local radio show, the local radio host is known for buying out ex wives that he may or ex girlfriends that he may have abused at one point. Or at least paying him off to go away or whatever the deal was, and some of them have come out and like showed their entire story, and then pulled it all back. And I mentioned I was like, you know, I love you to death Bob Saget, but this is not the guy you want to be thanking to be on his radio show. And you know, the the radio show host games like I’m wearing You blah blah blah blah blah and I kept going at him because you know abusing women is not cool at all right.

So yeah,

it was I got blocked by him, you know I but normally just generally speaking, especially when it’s something that is you know, first from the heart but also something like a rest in peace

say that that radio host who as soon as you said the details I figured out who that was pretty quick but

a lot of people know him as Kelly Miller. So

So say one of the, like, members of his crew had passed away and he was putting a heartfelt like, you know, Twitter type eulogy for them. You wouldn’t have got on there and been like, Yeah, but you’re a piece of shit. You know, you would help the guy more.

Yeah, absolutely. You know, when actually perfect example when the guys the same radio shows the host dad passed away. I sent my condolences to him. You know, I don’t like the guy but your dad. passed away and

I’ve met his dad. His dad was actually really nice guy. So I had no problem saying nice things about his dad. You know, I mean, love him or hate him. Vince McMahon is still a guy who lost a friend. You know, it was an employee of his it was obviously a friend is you know if he doesn’t Vince McMahon’s not on Twitter every day tweeting so if he makes a tweet, it’s obviously something that’s important to him or something that’s hurting him. And so there’s no need to flame him because of business decisions that he’s made.

Exactly. Um Yeah, it’s you know, it there there there are places and times to do everything and that was not the place in time to do that.

You know, if he had tweeted out a picture of himself in front of his brand new jet Yes, flame on Twitter, like, like, bashed the shit out of him.

Speaking of speaking of that, did you see all the bronze Stroman stuff

I did not

So he tweeted about how?

Because I guess he felt that all the people complaining about losing their jobs. And oh, this was a few weeks ago was a few, I think was five days ago actually

are amazing. Someone else went on. I can’t remember who it was, but had an opposite view of it.

Yeah, they’re, I think it was actually may have been Roman Reigns that had the opposite view of it, or there were a couple people who told him to settle down. But then, as people started going back to that comment, you know, about how he pursued wrestling and became bla bla bla bla bla, you know, he went from being a strong man where he wasn’t making money to being a professional wrestler, where he makes all the money. And somebody pointed out, and because of all the firings out there like, Yeah, all these people were pursuing their dreams too. You know, it’s, you know, it’s like this. This didn’t age. Well.

Yeah. Essentially bronze Stroman, I think was what it broke down to is he was saying quit bitching about being unemployed or something or if you’re on him I’d go out and work hard. It was it was something that for the the times we’re going through, it’s just not a well placed statement. Yeah. You know, again, there’s a time and place for stuff. If he’s giving like a commencement speech at a community college or something. And he’s saying Don’t be lazy go chase your dreams. Yeah, man. Probably appropriate there. But

yeah, exactly. You know, and I don’t necessarily think his dream was to be a professional wrestler, you know, if he could have made money as a strong man, he probably would have continued being a strong man.

You know, I mean, looks alone his dream was to like, like hunt deer

that are on a very large motorcycle.

Yeah, drive a truck.

But I mean, you I, you say what you think you know, that’s that’s the way it works. So I don’t know. It was definitely the It’s been an interesting week for sure I mean there’s been a ton of stuff going on all around all sports all everything all you know even just regular everyday life it’s been it’s been an adventure this whole I’m interested I’ll get your opinion this has nothing to do really do with wrestling is are you going to make after this whole thing is over or whether you know after things have at least died down a bit Are you going to change the way you interact with people you know or deal with people on daily basis?

You know how I am with people right? I

know you’re not a people person.

I’m not what you’d call a people person. But what would give me like an example Well, okay, better

so are like, for example, you know, a lot of times when I see people I’ll go up and I’ll shake your hand or I’ll give a hug depending on who it is. And more than likely, I’m at least going to think twice about that before I do it. Now,

you know, I know my buddies, I’ll still shake their hands and stuff. I’m not gonna stop doing that because All this tab once it’s free and clear, I’m not going to go back. I know. I don’t know, that’s, that seems like a weird society. You know, cuz you start, you start that now and then another 40 years if you go to put your hand out and shake someone’s hand they gasp and run and jump in a lake.

Yeah, the I mean, the thing is like, so I have a lot of close acquaintances, I would consider more than friends like, obviously, your friend. We see each other all the time. Yeah, you know, so and we text each other

daily, it seems and also known each other 30 years. Exactly.

So we’re friends, but I have a lot of close acquaintances that I see, you know, once every couple of months or whatever events for different, you know, podcasts or groups that I’ve involved in or whatever. So it’s those, you know, I think I’m gonna think twice about those people. You know, versus my friends that I’m like, you know, I’m close with and to tell you the truth. There are certain friends that I’m that I know well enough. And I’m like, you know what, let me hold off on shaking your hand for a minute now.

Yes, of course everyone knows that dirt bag.

Exactly. You know, it’s,

I understand I’m, I’m, I’m usually a handshake ER and stuff because I’m just not. I’m like, with acquaintances and stuff. I’m not. I mean, I’m an overly chatty person, right? So it’s kind of like, I’m not gonna run up to you and be like, Hey, how’s it going and start talking about everything that’s been going on my life. I’ll walk up, shake your hand, say hello. And then you proceed to have to drag information out of me. Right? Well, like how are you doing?

How about this? I mean, we go to wrestling events, right? And we’re there ahead of time and the thing to do is you walk around and introduce yourself to everybody. So we have every wrestler come up to us at say mayhem on mills and come up and shake our hands. Yeah. You know, I’m, I’m probably I’m pretty okay with that because most of the like, all those guys understand that they have to be healthy, too. wrestling somebody else because they don’t want to transmit a disease of some kind to somebody else. So I’d probably be more you know, I’d be that’d be fine. But like, for last time I gave away a T shirt to somebody and they shook my hand I’d probably just be like, I’m good you know? You’re welcome you know and kind of avoid the handshake I don’t know bump Bump. Yeah probably do the fist bump.

We could all do that to most people anyway, cuz I just like it’s easier to it’s easier to stick a fist out fist bump someone than the physical like eight part handshake that I have with some some of my friend right?

Well, we could all just turn into Howie Mandel. Just do the fist bump.

But yeah, like if we were meeting like, like if if say we were a larger podcast and we did live shows and stuff if even before all this Coronavirus stuff if we did meet and greets after our show, it’d be more so like, fist bumps then actual like shaking hands or Yeah hugging people I don’t really it’s a short list of people hug but

yeah I don’t really I mean I have you know I do the guy hug you know the the come in for the handshake and and wrap you know things like that for a couple of people but yeah I’m generally a hand shaker and but I do do a firm handshake like it’s not a wuss handshake. Yeah so I just think it’ll be interesting to see how people change and and if even there might be some wrestlers who refused the handshake now, you know, they want to do the the forearm or the elbow tap or you know, whatever. The greetings and salutations from

this level stuff I’m kinda interested in is how like,

like I told a while I mean, I guess, because the show last night will never be heard. I was told we might

release it a special content at some point because we sound like robots, and it’s pretty funny.

I was telling you that I had like, I had tickets or have tickets to like for concerts starting in june two in June, one in July one in August. And if they do happen, I’m curious if it’ll be like, not a lot of people showing up. And if we do people like not being as as smashed in as they normally would be, yeah. If people kind of like keep to themselves more

well, so I have a cruise plan for the 27th which is the first day that Carnival which is who we’re cruising with, not my normal cruising company, but I didn’t pay for the cruise so I can’t complain. They have a on the twatter. We’re leaving on the 27th which is the first day that there are a lot of June which is the first day that they’re allowing cruises again. That being said, I’m not sure that that will actually happen but we’ll see. But they released or there’s been some new stories that I guess some exactly have put out memos or whatever that they want to basically. Well, they’re gonna they’re gonna do the temperature thing before you get on board, you know, check your temperature before you get on board. But they’re also going to cut down like basically cut the ship sizes in half. So they’re only going to book every other room or they’re not going to allow inside cabins to be booked. Or if you’re in an inside cabin, they’ll automatically upgrade you. Basically they said if you can’t get to a fresh air, if you can’t if you don’t have fresh air in your room, they might Can you from that cruise? I was like well, and that was interesting.

Now is it since you were asking me how it interacting changes. I will probably for those concerts if they do happen, where I’m asking gloves How will you do on the boat will you just and and also two parts of this question. How will you interact on the boat? Or, you know, what will you do to protect yourself? And also, are you like me with the concerts where in the back of your head you’re kind of like, I know, because I put the Will you didn’t pay for it, but I know because I put the money out on these concerts if they happen I have to go, but I’m hoping they get rescheduled.

Yeah, I’m kind of in that reschedule. Like, I’m hoping it gets rescheduled, but by that time, I’m going to be ready for vacation. I was supposed to be leaving on a cruise

on Monday. So you know, it’s

it, I’m going to be ready for vacation. But if it’s not, if everything’s not all free and clear, or at least not well, not being not able to be tested quickly. I mean, I know they have tests that are five minute tests now. But obviously the cruise lines aren’t going to be giving those out. You know, I if they did, I’d be all over it. I would be the first person in line to give a test to make sure that I don’t have it

and that no one else on board has it.

I don’t think I’ll do anything different on board. But that’s just more because I’m when I’m on board. I’m very conscious of washing my hands, making sure that I’m using sanitizer, making sure that I’m not grabbing on to things that other people have grabbed on to because of the Coronavirus. The stomach bug that goes around cruise ships all the time. And unfortunately, my wife caught it last time Ruth caught it. Last time we were on a Disney Cruise. So I’m just very very cautious about what I touch. You know when I’m walking down even when I’m going down the stairs. I don’t hold on to handrails. I just walked down the middle of it, you know, so it’s just it’s cruise etiquette for me. My problem is more so with

not me. It’s other people I don’t trust and it’s like I go to a concert is the guy standing behind me and sit there and have a fucking coughing fit on the back of my head right

now. 100%

Yeah, oh, And the same thing with a cruise. I mean, are you going to be standing there in the line for the buffet and some, some frickin sack of shit behind you just start sneezing all over you,

I have a feeling that if they do the limited number of people on a cruise, like if they’re there, they’re going to kind of practice social distancing still on the boat. They might set up tables differently, you know if there’s only I mean, I want to say this cruise ship normally holds 2300 guests and if they only allow, you know, 1000 on you, there’s enough room to avoid other people I’ve been on. We’ve been on some cruises where there wasn’t a full ship, and it’s pretty easy to avoid people and I probably will avoid people. You know,

it’s, you know,

at least a decent keep a decent distance. It might not be six feet all the time, but you know, I’m not if there’s a load of people in the elevator, I’ll probably either wait for the next elevator or walk down the stairs.

Yeah, like I said, with my with my concerts. I’m definitely gonna wear a mask and gloves and just, I hope that with the ones that we have, or I have tickets for, they stopped selling, like just say, look, if you already have tickets you’re going if not, we’re not selling anymore to try and keep people from and I’m thinking a lot of people probably just blatantly won’t show up just because, you know, yeah, we’re worried. Absolutely,

yeah, I they they’re definitely people that are not going to show up. So, you want to go ahead and plug the the social medias? Sure.

top rope wrestling podcasts and Instagram, top rope wrestling podcast on Facebook. And you can go to top rope and look at our archives and see every show that we’ve done, including our WrestleMania one that was reposted.

Yes, we had some server issues on that one and it did get reposted so if you missed it, go back and revisit it.

Normally, we don’t have a way to end the show.

But I found this tweet and it’s kind of touching. So and with the whole Howard Finkel thing I think it’s kind of apropos to end on. It’s from Christian. And it says, I WrestleMania 2000 after edging Christian when our first tag titles, I found myself in the locker room alone with Howard Finkel after the show, I said, Howard, I’ve waited my whole life to hear you say those words and knew he hugged me. He was genuine. He was the best rest in peace.

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