This week we are joined by a panel of guests to discuss our thoughts on the latest installment of Wrestlemania. Joining Rick and Drew are Gary Van Auken, host of That Guy’s Wrestling Podcast, Jay Pinkham, past guest and professional ring announcer, and Keith Ort, the person responsible for getting Rick back into the wrestling scene.

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Welcome to another edition of the top wrestling Podcast. I am Rick and we got a bunch of people with us today. Drew is at his home at a whatever the studio’s name was, I can’t I never know where you’re where your places. It’s 2184 Studios, okay 21 I am looking more like Java every day of this quarantine.

We’re gonna go around. We’re doing a WrestleMania recap. So I just wanted I brought we brought some friends on some of you guys know some of you don’t.

Jay, you want to start off since people already kind of know you? What’s going on kids? Hey, yeah, I’m here in my palatial spare bedroom here in Groveland, Florida, riding out the storm by writing it out. I mean, working 40 hours a week at Target and getting copped on by idiots.

And then we have a Gary who was the host of that guy’s wrestling podcast. Is that correct? Is that the name of it? That’s it. It makes it so much easier for you to know who I am. You know, rather than remembering my name, which is Gary van Auken. You

just refer to me as that guy. So yeah, that guy’s wrestling podcast. And then the guy who kind of got me back into wrestling by inviting me to a couple of NXT events is Keith Keith, you wanna introduce yourself? Sure. I’m Keith. Right outside of Orlando. Nicole. We have been wrestling fans since the 80s. And glad to have gotten Rick back into the fold here.

Yeah, it was it was definitely a long time coming I looked at it a while and you know, thought about doing it thought about what watching it and then finally got back into it. But I probably four years ago now that we started going to those NXT events probably maybe longer than that. It’s a while ago. So

we had a we’re going to go ahead and do that. WrestleMania recap kind of talk it over see what you guys thought.

Night one.

I actually personally I really enjoyed that one. The in open strong had some decent midcard matches and I mean, you couldn’t beat the finale. So what do you guys thought

Start whoever wants to start it’s an open conversation

and it’s a really

nice one was Undertaker versus AJ Styles obviously

well yeah I mean there’s there’s no doubt about it there’s there’s nothing that was gonna talk that and you know of course until night two but um I had no expectations going into take or AJ whatsoever didn’t know what to expect had no expectation it delivered it was fantastic

obviously it was the best part of night one and I mean Goldberg getting beat was was was it high up there as well oh I was so happy yeah that was also expected true

so um highlight is a was obviously the cinematic match what other highlights were there I actually enjoyed the women’s tag match to start off the night

and then obvious Goldberg losing is wonderful anytime you know

But just because to have a champion that’s going to be on TV all the time helps, you know, not some guy who’s just gonna pop up there. Yeah, the Triple Threat tag team match was phenomenal to hold the triple threat that was supposed to be a tag match. It turned into a triple threat one on one match was really really good. They did a great job of that ladder match.

For me, I was a fan of return of k omega four

Yeah, that was him going off the WrestleMania

him going off the WrestleMania

Whoa, having some connection issues they’re better. I should have muted you.

The but I’m on my computer came on plug for some some reason. I don’t know what’s going on here. I don’t know technology. Like I said before. Oh, old man yells at Cloud. Yes, precisely. Um, so Um, but yeah. kayo going off the WrestleMania sign was a was a lot of fun for sure. There really wasn’t a bad match on on the first night like that.

All of the matches were pretty solid. I mean, clearly Goldberg versus bronze. Stroman wasn’t a five star classic. But like you said Goldberg losing and astronomy getting the title is the result was fine. So

I wasn’t really disappointed at all with anything that first night. I would like to know how what kind of pop Stroman would have actually got for winning the title but it had gone over like a wet fart in front of 75,000 people or would they actually have popped huge for just knowing that Goldberg wasn’t the champion anymore? I’m very interested to see second night we’ll get to that after and how huge of a pop that would have been. But night one strong win the title would that have gotten the big dramatic pop? Well, guys, it wouldn’t have been Stroman. That’s the if this whole thing. That’s a true statement. You’re right. So um, as well it was Roman Reigns we’re gonna pop as I get. And

no, it would have gotten a lot louder than you

Then we realized the the hate from Roman Reigns on the internet is much louder than the hate for him and the actual arenas. There’s still nobody that gets louder live chance you know reactions, then Roman Reigns does so it would have been huge Goldberg would have been booed pretty profusely that that WrestleMania crowd is full of people that probably couldn’t stand Goldberg especially since he beat the scene. So yeah, it would have been a major reaction for for anybody not Goldberg in that match.

I will say my low point of the my The night was Elias versus Baron Corbin because I don’t like either of them. That’s just my I’m not a fan of either of them match with and you know, is some people love one or the other. I can’t send either of them. So you know,

as a heel, good.

Okay, he’s great as a heel, but you know, in the ring, he’s got like, three moves and then

just whatever. He doesn’t really tie you good guy. Like, like bear

Corbin he’s got that he’ll heat but the heats it’s the wrong kind of he’ll he get the heel heat but Jesus Christ this guy’s coming out again. You don’t want that kind of heel he you want the kind of heel heat where people are booing you but are still happy to see at the same time.

Yeah, I don’t know I’ll take any kind of reaction as opposed to no reaction. So

you know, there’s plenty of heels that come out and like the fans literally are sitting on their hands. They don’t really seem to care at all. But yeah, no, they boo because and it makes whoever he’s fighting. It makes them like that person that much better. Because they just want that person to beat them. Yeah, you kind of want to see that guy get his ass kicked every time he walks out. That’s true. He does have that. I yeah. That is totally a face that he has a very hateable face. Just a hateable person in general. You know if you remember how long was the MS that guy like you know for so long, so much of yours. Yeah, for him.

Career he was that guy everybody literally couldn’t stand him and just didn’t like him as a person and as a wrestler in anything and now all of a sudden he’s gotten to that point where he’s he’s kind of beloved by most people. Like they respect what he does. So I assumed Baron Corbin if he sticks around long enough we’ll get to that point and everyone will be like, Oh yeah, we probably should have liked him from the start.

Yeah, I see. I’m still not sold on the

17 years

but the whole thing is really only got over when he feud with Daniel Bryan though

the best podcast ever I know right? It’s nothing new

real quick before we move on from people that are better heels now you want to get that sit on your hands he’ll reaction How about the Mojo Raleigh Hill turn?

What sit on your hands and nobody gave a shit. There’s your account.

Example right there. No, you nailed it. You got it.

Nobody cared about him in NXT you’re not wrong.

Nobody cared about him at all ever. Did you put them with gronk who people even care less about? It’s like roofie just adding fuel to the fire here. Yeah, I mean, people love gronk the people who people either love or hate wrong, he gets the Emmys. And coming right off of doing mass singer, you know, do and then doing the WrestleMania that was kind of interesting. You know? It was nice to see a different

gronk I guess it’s the same as always, yeah. Okay. You’re not wrong. That different gronk Well, not well, with the with the mass singer. It was different. gronk not not WrestleMania that was wrong.

I was fine with gronk because I knew that’s what he was. That’s what he is. So, if you were expecting anything last year, if he didn’t know who he was, you might have been annoyed by him. But like, that’s what

That’s what they asked for. They asked him to be basically a live action frat boy, and who dance like a fool like that’s his job. So it is what it is. I’m not against him or whatever. I’m a little bitter that he kept getting hurt every year I drafted him in fantasy football, but other than that I was fine with him as a wrestler. And if he hadn’t gotten hurt the Patriots would have about eight or nine Super Bowl champion instead of six. And I’m bitter about that.

And I’m not bitter about either of them

especially not the the Pats you know so we’ll go ahead and move on to day two I actually sorry let’s do the cinematic match since that’s the the AJ Styles Undertaker match. Some I had some friends who disliked it did not seem to care for it. They they liked it more than the night to cinematic match. But I loved it like that was storytelling at its best. And Vince McMahon’s always been one that said, Don’t you know the ring is what constrains us when it comes to wrestling so it was nice to see them. Get

out of the ring, get out of the war, you know, get out into the world. And it was cool because they built the set here in Central Florida, you know, somewhere in somebody’s backyard basically. So was everybody what was everybody’s thoughts on the cinematic match?

It felt

off when they threw in the music. Yeah, okay, yeah, that was distracting from it for me. It seemed like an episode of The Walking Dead.

I was gonna say it was like the last 20 minutes of Roadhouse.

I’m glad they just they went they went all out with it. They didn’t have acid they you know, they decided if we’re gonna make this thing like a cheesy B horror movie like we’re gonna go all out with it. Even had lightning, music, whatever else like yeah, the crazy cards. Oh, yeah. The kicker, though look stronger than he would have in a in ring wrestling man. Yes, absolutely.


Yeah, there’s no way he would have looked that good. If they were if they were in a ring together having to do that they needed those cutscenes they needed. What’s funny is they needed the the bleeding, which apparently happened by accident. Yeah.

When when he punched through the window, apparently that happened completely by accident and they let them kind of write the story as it went or as they saw it as the the night went on, because there were

like the hand at the end with the coming up through the dirt apparently was just some random hand that they found while they were out on the SAT. They’re like, Hey, we got to use this and stuck it in there. You know, it was kind of cool that they were able to do things differently and tell a story differently than they normally would.

Yeah, I loved it. It was great. It was it like you said it was just different from the normal. It was just they took full advantage of the fact that they could do that they could spend eight hours like filming and putting together this you know 20

It movies instead of just being confined to one match in the ring, so I thought it was great. And we all know that if there was an actual match in the ring it would have been seven to nine minutes at the most and it would have been AJ just carrying in his old ass the entire time So this gets more of a shine on taker and it’s a zit for taker What a great way to go out. Yeah, he’s not done no No, no, no, no, he’s definitely

he’s definitely not out he will be there it’ll be kicking 20 years from now it seems he just comes back for WrestleMania every single year.

But yeah, the I enjoyed it highlight like I enjoyed just the storytelling behind it. I could see where like the music could throw you you know, cuz it didn’t really need to be there or at least not the Metallica rock on behind this you know, they could have picked something else a little bit more ominous or or whatever.

I also like the Olympus get rolling.

Drew What was that? Yep.

gritted Yeah, yeah. Yeah, I agree there.


they what yeah, it just fit everything seemed to fit together and work well. So I think we all enjoyed it good. I don’t know when they whenever they do those 24 seven skits in libraries and theme parks they always seem to be able to find a ref randomly so I just assumed that they would have one you know hanging out in a graveyard there’s one standing outside of my house right now just in case just in case somebody happens to walk by and I’m sure that we get we get one on the phone.

So I know when that 24 seven titles can be online Absolutely. gronk might be hanging out next door I don’t know.

So actually, that goes into brings us into day two.

That’s a good one their

thoughts? What was your guy’s fate outside of the cinematic which, what was your guys favorite match

of the night for night to

rear Ripley versus fire

Whoo I hated that match really awful. That was it was a lot of slapping and screaming oh well I guess there was the match was okay the result was so infuriating I know the match was the match was itself I guess was okay the matches themselves on the on the second night weren’t as good I don’t think as they were on the first night maybe I guess that maybe I was just bitter and disappointed after that first match because I was just so heartbroken when Charlotte flair flair went again.

Well there was good What does that do for her? What What does that do for Charlotte? Seriously? 10 time champion on the main roster. Why in God’s name do you put the NXT title on her? Is Rhea taken some time off? Are you trying to get to Sheree over now like what what is going on? So apparently Ria is going I think I read somewhere

that she is having to leave the country.

If I ever work visa, yeah, her work visa is up and they’re not renewing it. So she

To go back to Australia, and get her work visa renewed to come back over.

So, yeah, so it could be they said they can be like, yeah, so we’re not seeing here for a while. Yeah, it could be three to six months before. Before that gets taken care of. So yeah, that was a, that there was reasoning behind it. And I don’t know if that was even the original plan until they found, you know, until the work visa thing came up. Maybe they were expecting it to go through and I didn’t, I don’t, I don’t, I didn’t pick her to win, that’s for sure. I didn’t pick Charlotte to win. I thought it was stupid. But I thought the match was decent. It was just not the outcome that should have happened.

It’s amazing how the outcome of a match can affect whether you think it was a good match or not, because that’s how I like it. You know, like I said, I don’t even think about what kind of match it was and how good it was in the ring. Or if it wasn’t, I was just so disappointed with the outcome that I just like, I kind of blocked it out of my mind and, and when I talked about it on my show, I was like, Yeah, I just couldn’t stand the way they did that because like you said it was just unnecessary.

And they could have worked their ways around it. Who knows if that was the actual plan, you know, with with really having to go back, and I’ve even I’ve read a report that said that wasn’t even true. So, you know, there’s conflicting news on that. But either way, the result was just, it was a good hard hitting match. But yeah, the result just just kind of stunk. So, um, obviously, the, I mean, you have the championship match, but the other big match of that night was the Edgerton match, which I thought was a really good match that could have been about six minutes shorter than the exact same thing. Like if it if it was a decent match, but man, they just strung it out, like they were just pulling for time. I mean, if that would imagine would have been, I don’t know, 1215 minutes and instead of whatever it was, it was like it was almost 40 minutes now. It could have been about 20 minutes. Yeah, it was Yeah, at least it was my it might have been my least favorite match of the of the whole weekend. Because I was so disappointed without like it was just so bored and how long it was and I had much higher access.

expectations and hopes, you know with it being edges first match back that like to what it actually was to where it to what they gave us I was just like, like, man you got you punch the guy one time and then he goes down and you got to count to eight every single time. Like, come on guys. Seriously?

Yeah, they definitely could have done a better job on that match and some of the like, they were bringing them through, like I understand they had to work their way through the building to get into the warehouse, but you didn’t have to work your way through every room of the building. You know, you go I don’t know what’s on the other side of this door. You can cut between It’s okay, I swear. You are giving us a tour. The Performance Center was quite nice. So now my philosophy on that is they pick the worst type of match to do in an empty arena. Because there’s no crowd noise. There’s no filler. So you’d get there just on the ground and the referees counting to eight in silence.

They couldn’t as soon as I heard it was the last man standing match. I said, Well this is gonna be terrible.

There’s other ways that could they could have just done it straight up. No dq that could then Falls Count Anywhere, but they go. Last fall Last Man Standing matches suck, because there’s so much downtime and it’s boring. No dq Falls Count Anywhere something else they could have done with that. anything except Last Man Standing in my opinion. And I have never spoken to you before in my life, but I really think we would get along pretty well.

I’m literally, I’m gonna I’m gonna cut you off right now. No, it’s Max and David your brothers? Yes. Here’s my brother and Max is my cousin. Josh. I’ve worked with both of them before. I was gonna ask him we first started but I did. I’ve worked with him doing boxing MMA. Okay, I’ve derailed the podcast record. I apologize to you, Andrew, for that, but I had to get that it was driving me crazy when I heard the last name, but yes, I’m glad you agree. Thank you. Because I’m literally gonna have a whole show talking about stipulations and that the last man standing is the worst one. There is no

suspense and there’s no drama you like, like the regular match like those ones you mentioned Falls Count Anywhere, you know anything else hardcore, No Disqualification, like there’s a chance that you know, you can have an arco hit and then you’re worried as a fan, like, you know, is that three count gonna come in and you get that suspense. But like, for every move you get, and then there’s that slow ref count and you know, like 99% of the time you know, it’s not there’s no chance of it being a 10. So you’re just standing around as a fan and watching going. Oh, my God get to nine so they can get up quickly. Come on. At least

a second. That’s true.

Thanks got their payday. They’re good.

Yeah, they first one second. That’s, yeah. Um, what other were there? I mean, I’m trying to think of other matches that stood out. I mean, they’re the oldest match was

happened. I forgot. Memory. Thanks, Rick. What about Alistair black beating lashley pretty quickly and then going

Like 20 minutes with Apollo cruise the next night

by lashley I don’t know what I’ll do explain that

I’ve never seen somebody fight and if you think about the weeks before leading up Alistair black Fatah crunch a couple of nobodies I think he’s fought five different African American wrestlers in five straight matches and I don’t think that’s ever happened before like because both of those guys that he fought for were no you know, like you know no name or local guys and then lastly then Apollo like are they trying to tell us he’s racist? What’s going on there

I’ll be racist in the Netherlands. I don’t know much about the Netherlands but my my cousin’s husband is from the Netherlands and I race I don’t think it’s a big deal over there. It’s you know, he’s very busily in Vegas. So, yes.

So I did notice that about him wrestling, lashley and Cruz, but I didn’t think about that.

weeks before either.

Yeah, so, I don’t know he’s, he’s, I’ve never seen somebody who has been so protected for a year and a half, without really being built into like a major rivalry or match like he’s literally only lost one match. He’s only been paid one time in almost a year and a half on the rain roster who beat AJ Styles like three weeks ago or four months ago whenever it was, and that was you know, with help. And then he got you know, he got the revenge back but it’s just been so weird for him to go that long and he’s just never been pushed into any kind of real title mash real rivalry like they’re waiting like it’s gonna happen at some point I would imagine but like it’s just weird that they haven’t like they didn’t pull a ricochet on him and just have him get squashed by some rules. You know, What the Who did he piss off what happened? I don’t know. So, we’ll go on to what was the main event and what probably should have been the main event. First, we’ll do the main event, which was a listener.

Leather versus pure McIntyre. I was happy to see Brock go down, you know, yeah, I’m not a big rock man. So they could have just done something different Jesus Christ. It’s the same form in that match every single time with Lesnar just do something a little bit different. There was nothing different. All MacIntyre hit was his finish for three times all Lesnar did was German suplex. And they just do, just don’t phone it in. It’s obviously don’t want to be there. Just do something a little just a little bit different. Give me something else. Well, that’s because that’s the only four minute match. He knows. There’s not really he can go 1520 he’s got the cardio. He’s, I get he’s a little older now. But I know that he can do more than that. He just doesn’t give him shit. And wants is what 4 million a year to do that three times and be happy with it. It makes no sense to me. Lessons better with smaller guys.

Usually, like, think back to when he did with punk, for example. Mm hmm. You know, that was a great mania match right there.

I don’t know, I don’t know, I would love to see or know what the data is behind them and their reasoning for content. Like, I don’t know what the ratings are during his segments are this T shirt sales or whatever it is. But I don’t know anybody that actually likes him, or that wants him around or wants him to dominate the title picture the way he does. I’ve never heard anybody say, yeah, we’re happy. He has the title for nine months at a time like, so I just don’t I don’t get it. I don’t understand it. There is just a kind of a giant overpaid waste of space right now. He likes somebody or somebody likes him up in the you know, whether it be Vince or somebody up in that high level. Somebody likes him and keeps him around and keeps paying them the big bucks.

It’s gotta be Vince. I mean, there’s no doubt in my mind that Vince is the main driving force keeping them around, because with Lesnar, having the fact that he’s done UFC it gives them more that means

Mainstream type of thing. And he’s a crossover guy started with Vince went there came back he is he any kind of box office draw anymore does anybody care when Lesnar wrestles anymore?

No, not really. Not not. Not when he comes in every time so No, not at all. So it’s not like I want to stay up late on Monday. Nice to see Lesnar and a match. No, absolutely not. So we’ll go with what I thought should have been the main event, but this is the probably the biggest.

Yeah, this is definitely the either you hated it or you loved it match because I have seen there is no, somebody was like, I was okay. You either loved it or hated it. And that was the Firefly funhouse match between Johnson in the scene. I absolutely loved it. I thought it was great storytelling. Was it wrestling? No, it was storytelling. There was no wrestling involved in that match whatsoever. But it kept I literally did not take my tape my my eyes off the TV for the entire time.

that match was on because I wanted to see what would come next. You know, I love the Hogan throwbacks. And I thought it was just I thought it was great greatly put together well put together. And I mean, it was, you could tell that Bray had something to do with how that was set up. Like with the writing and how the story was told because it just seemed like one of his characters and yes, it involved one of his characters, but it seemed the whole story seemed like one of his characters.

At least we got you know, as MC boss fans said, this is some good shit.

I literally popped jumped out of my chair, almost spilled my drink when they said that it is the best match of all time.

I was going through the various stages of Siena’s career and playing on his fears and like manifesting them was very interesting take and then when they threw in the NW Oh Hogan stuff that was like, Holy hell. That was great.

I like the way he is original gear coming up being next to the fist, like that just everything and then you go the economics and then you go the basketball jerseys and all of that stuff. And the fact that Siena agreed to do all of it just proves how much of a pro he is. And the fact that he can pull that off.

Yeah, absolutely. Like he was clearly on board with all of it. And he I, you know, I read that he did contribute to some of it and I don’t know if we’ll ever know what he did. But um, yeah, willing to just do all that and make fun of himself essentially, and go along with it. And while he didn’t, you know, truly get pinned in the ring. He clearly put Bray Wyatt over and in a way that that he probably should have done a few years ago, but you know, that Yeah, that was it was just so so brilliant all around.

Were you guys fine with it being mostly Bray, the children’s talk show host and only a little bit of the theme or did you want a little bit more of the theme?

I think it’s a good mix. I mean, you got to figure out

All the things that Siena in him did before was old Bray Wyatt Wyatt Family. Now, Mr. Rogers Bray Wyatt is the guy who is upset about it for the theme and then the theme came in at the end and finish it off. I think it was a perfect mix. Yeah, no, I agree. 100% you couldn’t have been narrating it the way that Yeah, like you said Mr. Rogers, Bray Wyatt was and that’s what you needed that’s what he’s that’s what that character is he’s the one that that narrates the storyline and moves it forward and then it’s the scenes jobs you just fight you know, basically

and personally I liked it better than the AJ Styles and Undertaker match.

Yeah, I’m just because it fits. It told a better story. It was more entertaining. And I know could you characters could you have believed after that night after that match that they were going to be able to top that perform like that cinematic performance with a better

cinematic performance like I was just blown away like we knew I felt like I knew it was coming now like after they did that AJ Styles taker match I was like alright they’re gonna do something crazy with CNN right hopefully it’s just not bad you know hopefully they you know it’s at least decent and yeah they blew out blew my expectations out of the water

I think that pretty much covers WrestleMania everybody give your your high and your low for both over both nights

drew you start

um I mean I like the undertaker

AJ Styles match the best and I don’t know for for low points I really

I kind of just took it as as it was I didn’t really have anything I absolutely hated.

Yeah, my my high points were both both the cinematic matches the combination of both those matches and the fact that they have the titles now.

On Stroman and McIntyre so they’re back on weekly shows my low point where the all three women’s title matches, like, I’m really sick of the same for women having the titles all the whole time, and then completely burying that entire division, like repeatedly. So I was really disappointed. I was hoping Shana would win, I was hoping Maria would win. And then I’d rather have Sasha or Lacey and you know, when just something different, I’m just kind of sick of those same women.


for me, the low point was wrong, period, especially that when he got the title

of a bid, I’m sorry, I got to go with that.

But then for the high point, I gotta give it to brew at the very end, but the copyright when he reaches out and says, Thank you, you know, it’s like, thank you for supporting me for the three bit man bands, and they go and over to the Indies again, and then coming back to NXT

It felt like he was genuinely happy and appreciative of the support.


high point

overall Siena themed High Point match wise hundred percent McIntyre

hearing what would have been 80,000 people pop for that would have been incredible. I keep going back to that I keep thinking about what it would have been like doing the same things in that sort of environment. But the MacIntyre match was the best the low point and and I’m sorry, I can’t stay in Shayna baszler. That match was terrible. That match was forced in my opinion. I just Shana Baylor can’t work. It that’s my opinion. Some people are super high on her.

I mean, the first time she did she worked Becky Lynch another time I believe, right. What was that main event? She did?

Survivor Series. Yes, that was recommended, right? Yeah, it was Becky and Bailey. And it was it was the freeway and she was the worst part of that match again, she dragged that match down again, in my opinion.

Other low points, obviously would be Baron Corbin alliance that was a drizzling shits.

But other than that, I mean High Point definitely being MacIntyre and in Siena low point just the throwaway matches the the thrown together feud with Elias and Baron Corbin Yeah, every time you every time you mentioned 80,000 people It makes me cry because I was there. Yeah.

It’s for everything from Thursday to Monday to Tuesday. It’s just It’s so sad. So I was gonna go to everything except for WrestleMania

doesn’t get access all the joy Ryan thing, all the nd stuff and then just come home and watch mania here. But here we are retargeting here we are talking about this on the

I’m Skype. Yes.

So my my highlight. I love the Firefly match, though the whole thing. It was just wonderful. I actually really enjoyed the three way tag not tag match. The ladder match was really good. I mean, those guys put out so much effort to do that match. low point i Elias Corbin match. I add. Yeah, it was it was drizzling shit. And you’re 100% right on that it was horrible.

So we’ll go around and plug your guys stuff, and then we’ll plug ours and head out for the evening.

So, Gary, you go first. All right. Yeah, go ahead. I’m on that guy’s wrestling podcast. You can find me under the fight. Bananas umbrella. Yeah, follow me on Twitter, Instagram, all that good stuff, Facebook. But yeah, check out the fight bananas. There’s lots of good stuff on there, including me in that guy’s wrestling podcast.


I ain’t got shit to plug when it comes to me at Target I mean

nothing going on

I basically at this point it’s pretty much all I got going on any gigs I had booked got canceled

paper money come on don’t want to go out and super target. Oh, we got a shitload ah they should they should put you on the loudspeaker just so you can announce shit like just

just I’m dying here we’re supposed to have a pro boxing event in two weeks that’s obviously not happening so if you want me on your podcast hit me up just look me up Jay pink I’m on Facebook or Jay pink I’m 76 on the Twitter Keith anything you want to plug

on Twitter you know at Keith orcs I haven’t got NXT in a little while need to get back out there but sometimes you know when I go to this house shows I’ll throw up some pictures on there. So you can see some of those you know not on the TV


and drew you want to start the plugs because I know I’m gonna have to finish them.

So you can find us at top rope wrestling podcast on Instagram. at top wrestling podcast calm we’re on Facebook at top rope wrestling podcast, and I’ll let you plug the Twitter. Twitter is top rope wrestling without the G because it’s too long. So and obviously you can email us at anytime podcast at top rope wrestling calm. Thank you guys for joining us.

Thanks for Thanks for having us, my friend. Thanks for the pleasure times

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