This week long time local Indy wrestler and sometimes promoter Teddy Stigma joins us. We talk his about his wrestling career, go off on a few rants and chat about Mayhem on Mills. Follow him on twitter at @TeddyStigma for more random rants.

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AI Transcript:

Welcome to another edition of the top rope wrestling Podcast. I am Rick and drew is at his home studio. And yeah, and on the line with us we have Tony or Tony Eddie stigma. Because you know, I’m smart today or something. I must have my mom on the mind Tony. So Teddy, how’s it going?

I’ve never gotten Tony before. So I guess Thank you. The new one, the new one for all of us carry a lot.

That was my dad funny enough. So you wouldn’t got my mom and my dad’s name.


We have, you know, we we share a bond in that way, I guess so well with the similarity of my name that I gave myself when I was 13. And your parents names? Yes.

Because those have lots of things

have died.

So yeah, well, so tell us a little about yourself. How’d you get into wrestling? How did you play any sports growing up? You know, about your upbringing and how you got into the business a little bit.

All right, cool.

Let’s see, I did play sports when I was in high school, but I wouldn’t I wouldn’t recommend it. Football is a terrible sport. Nobody should play it. I’m glad that these days they’re doing like touch And in flag, because I know that I have brain damage from crashing into people when I was seven years old with a piece of plastic and a thin sheet of hard styrofoam.

Oh me too. Trust me, me too. Me too. I started when I was in third grade generations of men in this country. are are

are. Can I say curse words? absolutely absolutely fucked up beyond repair. Right like our brains are just turned to mush. Not Not so much. How old are you guys? What are you we are all in our 30s here.

Yeah, I’m 38 a little past that. Yeah, Drew’s rockin 40 now

whatever the case may be, I think awesome and like that sort of like Hank Hill generation you know them guys. Oh, man. Those guys are real messed up.

So you so that’s a brief introduction to me.

So so you played football and and then You just got into wrestling at 13 because he said you gave yourself the name of 13. So

pretty much i was i was doing you know, I was like wrestling like with my friends you know in the basement and stuff and we’d set up little cardboard tables and slam each other on concrete because that was perfectly acceptable and but I’d already gotten the brain damage at that point. So whatever. And yeah, so like 13 was probably the age where I was like, I’m gonna do it. I’m gonna be a pro wrestler, you know, and then I pursued it from there like I went into like, I tried to get into like acting. That didn’t go very well. I got into like mat wrestling when I got into high school. And, and then I like I said, I also played football for all those years but mat wrestling I got into because I wanted to be a good professional wrestler. I wanted to lay the groundwork, you know. So that was the thing that I’m actually if if I do recommend any sports High School Well, I would recommend pretty much all of them except football.

Yeah, I could see that I mean, rugby’s little rugby’s little bad lacrosse can get you in some damage, he gets to some damage, but you know, most of them are pretty good.

Alright, so

the main point I want to make is that rugby is interesting, because they don’t wear helmets at all. But inherently people are a little less reckless when they’re not wearing helmets. So you can put all the padding you want on the inside of a football helmet. They’re gonna keep hitting each other with their heads, as long as they’re wearing a helmet. Take the helmets off. Maybe they won’t hit each other with their heads anymore. I don’t know. Maybe we could save football by taking the helmets off. Jay everything about that. Well, I know that Shawn told you about that. He’s smart guy.

And I’ve actually heard people talk about doing that because back in the day, you know when football first started they had those leather helmets and you know everybody avoid head contact.

Yeah, exactly. No face mass either man. That’s the terrifying.

Yeah, that is pretty terrifying.

To be fair, I can sit here and say this but like back when I played football like I mean I know enough about it to know that like they would be a completely different game, you know, I guess it would be rugby at that point. But you know it would it would so dramatically change how the game looks that it’s it basically wouldn’t be the same thing anymore I think so. I don’t know if that’s really like lending the sport of football that much of a favor, but you know, guys, it’s it’s destroying entire generations of young men’s brains.

probably do some why would we want to keep doing that?

So I’m

sorry. Okay. Wait, what did you ask me? You said who is Teddy stigma? Yeah. And so where’s the name come from? The name comes from Vinnie stigma, who was the basis and I don’t know Bad Religion.

It’s been so long I don’t remember where name comes from.

So I thought Vinnie stigma was a cool name and I called myself Teddy stigma because I had been called Teddy since I was 13 that’s the whole that summarizes the whole thing right there so cut everything else out but I

will leave it in there we like to

go in the opposite direction. So um, as far as you actually getting into wrestling you did it with your friends but What school did you go to where did you you know, how did you find the school? How did you pick it or did you just kind of there’s a couple guys that just kind of jumped in the ring and went someone Teach me So

yeah, I was I was gonna move I lived in like the Baltimore DC kind of area there of Maryland. So like, there was stuff there that was like Maryland Championship Wrestling, but they were like defunct right around the time that I was starting to get in. Which would have been like 2005 2006 and so I guess I had some other plans that fell through long story short when I was 19 I signed up at the e w a pain factory the name doesn’t even make sense do they manufacture pain? I don’t understand. So the ew a pain factory was the first school I went to and you know, I give them all the keys to whatever respect is due for like being there when I wanted to break in and like I my alternate or my It was my alternative like my original plan to go up to Philly failed. So I ended up going there because I was tired of waiting to go to wrestling school because I mean, I dropped out of college because I was like, screw this. I’m going to wrestling school. So it took me like a full year after dropping out of college to go to wrestling school. Then I spent three years in Maryland became the Maryland Championship Wrestling Tag Team Champions Ryan McBride. is a career high accomplishment for me? And it’s hilarious because I had no fucking idea what I was doing. But you know, we’re having these like crazy ladder matches, we’ll get him off the edge it was wild, wild times. Dan McDevitt at MC w had a hand in training me but also as a bunch of dudes up there. But the the whole system wasn’t great when I broke in up there. It was guys trained in me, we’ve only been wrestling themselves for about two years, you know, didn’t really talk much about psychology, we just did moves and shit. Turns out I was six foot three and you know, 215 or whatever at the time, but um, I was agilely shit, so I could do all the flips and crazy stuff that they’re doing and like RL h back in them days. problem was I had no idea how to put it all together. So I came down here to Florida and I started training with Team 3d because I knew that they were the guys that were going to teach me how to put everything together. Make it good. But they’re real old school. So I kind of toned down my style a lot once I came down here, but I’m back in my Maryland days I was doing like 450s and shit. I was dumb.

So did you ever have any weird or crazy gimmicks or anything like that?

Funny you should ask. When I came to Florida, one of the biggest things I wanted to work on was my character. So I started experimenting with all these different ideas. just so happens at the time, I was working a job, a night shift job, like, you know, one in the morning till nine in the morning or some shit. Terrible. And it really starts to mess with your psyche. You know, he’s usually just trying to sleep during the day or up all night. Everybody’s out playing music in their yards and stuff. I just moved to Florida. I’m just dislike white boy from Maryland. So Like the culture shock of going into like, Kissimmee was real man. And, and I talking it’s funny because like, I’ve been here for 1010 years now and it’s like, just my life like, it’s cool like I like, you know, but like, but back then it was weird having my neighbors blasting music really loud and stuff and I was also trying to sleep during the daytime so that got to be very frustrating. And I started to go a little bit crazy and I started to think well, what if I was like a sociopath? And then I was like, What is like, you know, what would my roommates tastes like if I ate them? And I started thinking how cool that would be if that was like a wrestling character. So I turned that into a wrestling character. Um, and you know, like my hair was short at the time I kept it like perfectly parted and I had this tick where it was like part my hair. I just got really into like, to research and for you know, like serial killers and It was awesome. It was my favorite gimmick I’ve ever done. But God Damn, it was way too ahead of its time. If I had done it now people would be the most over thing on the Indies. But I did it in 2010 and poof man, people, people just didn’t didn’t quite get it. I also wore a core set I kind of like did like a androgyny kind of deal. A lot of people didn’t really understand that at the time either. So again, stuff that nowadays would totally fly and be really appreciate it. But like back then people were just like weird. So you know, and then people were like, throwing gay slurs at me and stuff. And I thought that was real messed up. And I didn’t I kind of just stopped doing the gimmick because I just like the world isn’t understanding what I’m going for here. So and I had a lot of disagreements with Baba, my trainer about how the gimmick because should be done. So I moved on and then slowly sort of progressed into just you know, the guy that I am now and I wrestle which is basically just me sucking off not getting

we’ve noticed. No just kidding.

Yeah. So we’re the androgynous thing was what I think drew was trying to get out. We have a buddy of us our buddy of ours has been on the show a couple times, Jay was like, so I remember when Teddy did this andraka androgynous thing where he was wearing a course set and bla bla bla bla bla yeah it was pretty funny

so that was he was a nice nice

dude the shit was over with the wrestlers all the all the wrestlers thought it was the best thing ever. And and I would this is kind of like looked down upon is like you know when you’re working the boys or whatever, you know you’re not supposed to like stay and gimmick behind the scenes and shit. But like I wasn’t necessarily like Staying in gimmick, but I was just kind of like, once I was like feeling the character, like I had to kind of stay there. I’m like a method actor like that like, like, you know, I’m, I’m not a good actor or a method actor, but I feel I don’t want to mince words here. I suck, but, but I feel like a method actor in those times because like, I’ll get to the show and I got to start like becoming that person. And so, you know, people would like, be a little freaked out by me, but I think it lent itself to the character because the fans totally believed it I think cuz they like because the the, the wrestlers would be legitimately you know, sitting out there with the fans as they tend to do and a lot of these like old Bourbon Street shows in Tampa and shit. And like, you know, the wrestlers just be hanging out at the tables with the fans and the fans would be like, what’s with that guy? Maybe like seriously, I don’t know.

kept going. Yeah.

So something we asked every guest that we have on at least every wrestler that we have on everybody has their favorite match that they’ve ever wrestled or one or two favorite matches or at least favorite situations. Can you tell us what your what your best match or favorite match was?

Oh, man. Um

I’ve wrestled as a as a as a spot monkey wrestler. And I’ve had matches in that sort of realms that I really liked. You know, I’ve wrestled I’ve done like hardcore hardcore shit and I’ve had like more hardcore matches that stick out. I don’t know if I could pick one. I wrestled Jeff Hardy at a these shows that me and me and Viviane, Dudley were putting together for a little while with this nonprofit thing. And Jeff bless his Hart comes out, de Vaughn said, Hey, man, can you show up at our show just so we can like kind of put you on the poster and say you’re going to appear, maybe sign some autographs, whatever. Jeff gets there and goes, Oh, I thought I was working it. And we’re like, what? And so like it me and Bubba and D. Vaughn are all there. And I wasn’t even planning on wrestling for the show. Obviously, I had my gear, but I wasn’t even planning on wrestling on it. Because like, it’s too stressful. And it was like the third show we had put together and and so just shows up wanting to wrestle. And we’re trying to figure out who in the car could wrestle the guy and Bob was like, Well, what are you doing? I was like, I’m not wrestling. He’s like, yeah, Baba puts me versus Jeff Hardy and like the main event of the show, which of course, you know, everyone in the back wants to fuck with me about because they think I put myself in the main event against Jeff Hardy

Baba did it I swear, but uh

but that was a really fun match that was a blast like just works a show for charity for free. And like, what? Like, went in with me you know like he was like going you know what I’m saying like wasn’t phoning it in you know like he hit me with like two what’s it called his spinning like cutter thing twist of fate just Yes it’s me it’s like to twist the faith and a swan time for the finish. It was like like it wasn’t like a quick easy thing like we were going back and forth and stuff you know, it was cool man he did like a he did a dive and everything concrete floors and like she just so a lot of fun with that matches because I was like, really pleased. It’s great when you see guys like that stature still going out there and like killing it, even though they just totally don’t have to but it’s like, you just know that. Keep talking likes it you know, so that always kind of like, makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. And the savages was a cool phase me and drennen then known as Eddie graves, doing savages stuff was really cool and I really liked our matches that we have with the hooligans, the recently retired hooligans the hardcore brawls you know, using barbed wire and thumbtacks and all that kind of shit. A lot of fun fun stuff.

So now that we’ve done you

laid in the career stuff when you know you just want to get stabbed with things instead of doing four.

So now that we’ve done your highs Have you ever we, we always ask if there’s any you’ve shown up to an event and it was just either your worst match you’ve ever had, or you’ve just shown up and like literally nothing set up. There’s nothing ready to go. It’s the worst. Like, the promotion is just horrible, you know? The ring breaks in the middle of nevermind, that went didn’t break we had a little technical issue

we’ll get we’ll get to that we’ll get to the mayhem on mill stuff in a little bit. But yeah, I do have any of the any of that kind of stuff where you just, it was just the worst it’s

more than I can even hope to remember. But let me tell you the story that’s probably the one that sticks out most is like stories that just make me feel terrible when I think back on you know, showing up to places where the ring isn’t set up and all this kind of stuff like that. That’s that’s like a I don’t expecting that. So I feel good when the ringer actually is set up, you know.

So, at the end of my Maryland career, I had a cage match and it was loser leaves town against Ryan McBride, my former tag team partner we had had a vicious split and for whatever reason, and I go into the reasons Um, you know, Ryan was kind of like the standout in that tag team. And so, so he was like, TP I turned on him. He became the babyface and I did you know, what about Teddy kind of shit. And so we have this ladder, I’m sorry, we have a cage match. That’s loser leaves town. We kind of bait everyone into thinking that Ryan is going to lose and move on to like a different part of his career. It turns out that’s when I was moving to Florida. In fact, I had already moved to Florida, I moved, I drove back up for that match, and then drove back down to Florida again, so I lose the match. I have to leave town. So before the match, I’m really excited because I finally get to be a heel. After turning on Ryan McBride. And first part of my career. I’m always doing this dumb babyface bullshit. So finally I get to be a heel. And the one thing that I have always wanted to do as the heel was rip up somebody side. couldn’t wait to go out there and rip up somebody. sigh well wasn’t very sign heavy crowd. But while I was going out and people were starting to cheer for me, and I was saying, no boo, boo me, this, I see this hand come out. And it’s holding, like a little, a little photograph, you know, those are their own like a piece of paper. And, and and, and so I go well it’s not a sign but it’ll do. So I grabbed the little thing and I rip it in half and I crumble it up and I throw it back in the face of whoever this hand belong to. I go about my business. We have a cage match. It’s crazy. Then at about a one month in Florida at the time of learning, and so I actually you know, it was like it ended up being a pretty good match. Brian McBride brought by the way for what it’s worth ended up becoming a great wrestler, a great entertainer. And I’m glad he’s he’s, he’s, he’s killing it up there and MC W. Okay, anyway, so. So, we go about the match. We had the match, I sort of turned back into a baby face at the end. Because, you know, I got merchandise to sell Am I right guys? So I’m over there at the merch table after the show and this woman walks up. She goes, Teddy Stedman Scott older lady knows like, Hey, hi. What do you what do you want to Lady? I’ll get an autograph. And she’s like, She’s like, I just I’ve got a bone to pick with you. And I was like, What do you mean? And she goes, my daughter loves you. She just loves you so much. And and when you came out today, she all she wanted to do was give you a photograph that she took a view. She just wanted you to have this picture and you ripped it in half, and you crumbled it up and you threw it back in her face. I was like, oh my god. I’m done. I’m sorry, you know, I it’s wrestling, it’s performance at the end of the day, right? I, you know, I was just kind of getting into the character you certainly you understand and, and she goes, Well, she really always wanted to meet you and she hasn’t gotten to yet. And now she’s really scared of you. And I was like, Well, where is she show me where she is. And and I promise it’ll be, you know, a good interaction, right? Like, well, we’ll figure this out. I’ll give her an eight by 10 and a shirt, you know, the whole thing. It’ll be great. And it’s like in a goddamn movie. Imagine it from my point of view. This woman steps to the side to reveal behind her, her daughter sitting in a wheelchair, mentally and physically disabled. Oh, tears in her eyes. Staring

Oh, that’s Oh, that had feel horrible.

So, right. You would think I would never be a heel again after this tumult. Yeah. So anyway, I will, you’ll be pleased to know that the story ends well, I gave her an eight by 10. And, and she actually seemed she was able to stand up still. So she stands up from her chair and like gave me a big hug. It was nice. Everything ended well for the records, but God damn and that moment, I’ve never felt like, like more. Like,

you should have just handed the mom a chair and told her to hit you over the head with

like, it’s like, she didn’t need to the amount of post traumatic stress

is incredible. So yeah, that’s probably the saddest worst story I can tell.

That’s a horrible story. That’s a great story that she finally got you know to meet you and everything else but man that that probably didn’t

feel great that’s that’s going into our Hall of Fame of like stories good

so I mean we know you from mayhem on Mills because that’s where we got we got introduced to you at mayhem on mills and I we reached out about doing the live shows, and we love them like mayhem is probably our favorite local as far as local Orlando event that we go to and get to do and get to see and everything else. It’s it’s a fucking blast. We have a great time, especially the last one with all the props and everything. Yeah. So I know you are one of your one of the creators of Mayhem correct.

Or the Creator.

Well, so So yeah, so it’s the three involved in I guess the you know, where the the what she would call the owners. Gross. I hate capitalism and I hate capitalists I never wanted to be. But, so it’s me and drennen and this dude rich, and so drennen So, so rich is, um, he’s been around like the Orlando scene forever. He’s got like a punk rock label. He used to run a record store like he’s just everybody knows. Right. So he was running these events these little Tuesday night things at Will’s pub called turnbuckle Tuesdays right, spin old punk rock records and play on the projector videos of like, 1980s Florida wrestling and shit, incredible. And so, he’s doing all that and eventually he decides because he knows drennen they go Holy crap, we can You guys will lets us right in the parking lot. And, and so that’s what they did now was the first man. So I was only involved in that, because I couldn’t wrestle at the time because I’ve gotten my knee surgery, so my knee was messed up. So drennen was like, hey, if you don’t want to wrestle, do you want to like co host the show? I was like, Yeah, that’d be awesome. So I was sort of more of just like a talent role at that point. But I was co hosting the show. And then just by default, I ended up doing a bunch of work for the show with the show during the show, yada yada yada. Because manager and enter buds, and I didn’t even know rich at the time, but um, but it was just the cool thing. And so then when may have started kind of when when we all sat down and we’re like, oh, this is like a thing like this was supposed to be this one off deal, but like, there seems to be a desire for it in this part of town. So we decided to keep going with it. And then that’s when I sort of got on board. And actually like became you know one of the three dudes doing the thing so that’s sort of the story behind me it’s me and rich and drennen

I like I said it’s probably our favorite event and we get to broadcast it live every time so that’s always a blast. I mean it has grown and changed so much even from we did it we’ve done what three or four while we’re supposed to have done for but drew got sick and we we ended up skipping one.

But um, the first one we went to is the title one Yeah, got sick middles get sample

Yeah, that was the first one that we went to and we went to his fans we didn’t even know like anything about it. Or one of our one of my friends was like, Hey, did you hear about this wrestling event? They were out in the middle of Mills last time I was like, No, but we’re gonna be there this time.

Yeah, actually.

You kidding Troy? Troy with a trash can lid like right in front of our faces.

One of the great things about man Mills mayhem Yeah,

yeah, that was a lot of what’s funny is like, I’m not, I’m not in the so the way we kind of split the labors, like rich does a lot of the promotional shit, and like business and shit because he’s, he already does all that stuff like that’s like his wheelhouse plus, he knows everybody in town. So like, he’s always just going around talking to people and spreading the word and stuff. I don’t live on that side of town, so I can’t get up there and do that as much. And I’m certainly not allowed to do it now. But, uh, and then so drennen is really like the creative in terms of like, wrestling storylines, all that kind of stuff. Like the booking of the matches and everything. We all talk about it and bounce ideas around. But generally the the, the, the, the booking or the writing on of that kind of stuff comes from dren and you know, while he Like taking a shower or whatever I don’t know. I don’t have this creative process but

am I probably involved showers and beers you know

those things? Yeah. So yes adren does all that kind of stuff. I like to think of myself as the the creative like director kind of like an art director. So like, I made all the props for the last show. And the whole concept of like, changing it up and sort of doing it like I literally, I said to my friends, I called the show my concept album, right? Like, I wanted to, like, do this experiment where like, it’s not just a wrestling show. It’s this whole goddamn thing, you know, and so we kind of like, you know, we all started talking, we came up with the sort of, like, worlds Fairy type vibe. But the whole thing of doing like, we’re pretending we’re in the past, imagining what the future will be like. That was all the shit that that is. I came up with for the show. But yeah, so we’re really excited about doing more concept shows in the future. Should there be a future?

I’m sure that there’s going to be a future but I’m assuming that the next year. I’m assuming that the the next show is probably on, cancelled now, right? Because it’s supposed to be for 19.

Yeah, I’m dumb. I know. I need to make an official announcement about that. But here it is the official Yeah, for 19 is canceled because everything is canceled until at least May. And for damn good reason. If you asked me,

I would have to agree. But we look forward to when it does happen. And we will have the best anniversary party because this is the Anniversary Show. You know, we’ll have the best anniversary party out there.

Oh, man, so we got a foof If you only knew the things we’ve been talking about. But I’m not even going to give anything away just yet because we haven’t thought about how we’re going to give things away. So yeah, I’m like I’m not saying nothing.

Well, I like I said, we absolutely look forward to being out there. We love it. We have a good time, every time we’re out there and we always encourage like, we encourage everybody to show up. Even I encourage my friends that aren’t wrestling fans to show up because it is a show it is not just a wrestling show. It is, you know, you’re gonna you’re gonna laugh. I would say you would cry, but probably not gonna happen. But you know, it’s, uh, you know, you you everybody has good

we got some stuff in mind for the next level tear jerking there, you know, the saga drama strikes and in Sawyer wreck.

Oh, yeah. I mean, I guess they’re there. Yeah, I mean, that that could that could bring somebody to

come out here, isn’t it for sure is

it let me say this. Yeah, briefly.

dreaded and I are wrestlers first, right, or wrestlers who started kind of by accident doing a wrestling promotion. So I want make it extremely clear that knowing how we’ve been treated at shows and stuff like that, number one thing is that all of our wrestlers are like comfortable and cool and everyone’s happy. We fucking do we grill for everyone out back on the outdoor shows always provide you think this is obvious providing like water and Gatorade but fucking some shows Don’t you know? And and we’re not like lording over everybody. We kind of give people a lot of creative freedom once we booked the matches, and then it’s just like, do kind of whatever you want with it, and like the Snoop and Sawyer stuff happened so organically, because if you it turns out and again, I hate capitalism, I hate capitalists, and I never wanted to be one. But if I’m if you’re running a wrestling promotion, and you’re not a dick to the wrestlers, and you actually like, give them food and like, maybe Everyone’s getting paid. And, you know, honestly, the only thing we don’t have right now that I want to have and that we’re gonna start having is a paid medical staff like just the person there in case someone gets a cut or something like that. We unfortunately haven’t had that. That’s our next thing that we’re doing basically, in those terms. So, yeah, like, it turns out, then the wrestlers do fucking great, you know. And so like, the reason the wrestling is so good at man is because obviously, the matches are booked well, and Brendan’s great at spotting talent and people and like knowing how to use that talent, but it’s just given if you just give the wrestlers like a little bit of liberty and treat them well. Then you have great shows. And it’s funny because like, I’m not even trying to be like, cynical about it, because I would be treating them well, even if they gave the same exact performance that they did a show that didn’t treat them well. Like To me, it’s an ethical thing. You know what I mean? Like as a wrestler, I don’t want to Be on a show that like, isn’t giving me some food or something to drink and it sucks it sucks to go eight hours without anything to eat and then get paid 50 bucks like what did you just pay me for our dude? Exactly. To sit there and like be hungry because your call time was that like, you know 10am and you’re so you don’t you know talk shit I’ll talk shit about some fucking wrestling none in particular but like yeah, like dumb shit and wrestling man, they’ll make a call time early as hell and then they want you to stay and then you know, four hours before the show starts because they want to have their meeting three hours before the show starts for some reason or some dumb thing like that. Like I’ve seen this happen so many times I’m not talking about anyone in particular because I’ve seen a million promoters do this. You know and then like okay, so but the show starts at seven. So then you’re there late into the night because the show runs over because of They always do because a bunch of people showed up so they had to do a battle royale and add three matches to the card. Fuck. So then you get you’re at the show till midnight. I was just there from, you know three or 2pm until midnight. There’s no food. There’s no water to drink except for shitty old found that makes too much noise. You know what I mean? bogus. Who would ever do that to themselves? That sounds terrible if you put me in that situation, and then you want me to go out and have a good match? Fuck it. So hey, guess what? Male Mills having experienced that as wrestlers we don’t do that. And guess what? Everyone has great fucking matches. I’ve

never heard anyone say anything bad. I like between the wrestlers the fans, everybody that shows up. I’ve never heard one person go You know what? I feel like shit. You know? It’s been everybody’s Yeah, nothing but complimentary. Everybody has a good time. The fans have a blast. I mean, Yeah last time we were there what I think we recorded for 45 minutes afterwards with the refs and there were still people standing in there as the ring was being torn down and everything else it was it was not

there was some people jumping in the ring and on the ring Oh yeah, that guy was

I had to go kick out. fuck that guy.

So um what do you have anything you want to plug? I obviously may hams ma’am on Mills, but any like your social media anything that you have coming up in the next couple months?

Dude, I don’t know. I don’t know what I got coming up. Now. I actually I haven’t been taking bookings outside of Mayhem because I’ve been a nurse and a bunch of injuries. Whatever. I’m fucking I’m old. So mayhem on Mills, everything man one Mills. That’s all I have to promote. I’m Teddy stigma. That doesn’t matter. But you can go look at me on Twitter because that’s the only thing I actually post on and it’s a teddy stick. All right, guess you know donate if you got money to some to like, Do check it out. Bernie Sanders, you can go and donate on the Bernie Sanders campaign website for kovat 19 release. That’s another thing.

Yeah, I mean, that’s, it’s great what he’s doing. I’ve been paying attention to that where he’s basically he’s not taking any donations. It’s all going to coven. So

correct. I’ve already donated a couple of times. But now I’m running out of money. So I got stopped donate, I can totally understand that.

So, Drew, you want to play? Yeah,

we went through this whole thing. And I think we barely mentioned cobit 19.

Hey, I was trying to avoid and I think we did a good job. So

no, it feels nice. It feels nice to not talk about it for a little bit. Right. I mean, that’s what it’s

all about. It’s all the word social distancing right now.

Yeah, it’s like, Okay, I get it. You should do it. But God, can we just start calling it something else now? Yeah.

Like keep away or something.

Keep out of my circle.

I want to yell that every time I go in the grocery store people

gonna be like 686 feet.

Just get yourself

like a big old hula hoop or something.

like one of those hoop dresses to the old ladies.

Yeah, the hoop dresses that they used to wearing, like,

you know, the ones that they wear, or when they used to wear at Cypress Gardens back in the day, those big old things. Yeah. teepees people six feet away. So Drew, you want to go ahead and plug our stuff and I’m assuming I’ll have to finish it up because that’s how it always rolls.

Yes. So you can see us at top rope wrestling podcast on Instagram. You can go to top rope and see the backlog of all our shows. And this is where I’ll let you take over because my old man dimension memories kicking in

it’s top rope wrestling podcast on Facebook top rope wrestling. Without the G on Twitter and if you want to email us its podcast at top row wrestling COMM And I Yep, that’s it. That’s it. That’s all we got. Thanks for joining us again.

Yeah, thank you.

Thanks for letting me ramble. Have a great one. Later, guys.

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