We recorded this episode last Friday as we give our reaction to the first major wrestling event to happen without a crowd was occurring. There was no delay, just live reactions

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AI Transcript:

Welcome to another edition of top row wrestling Podcast. I am Rick Andrew is over there in the chair and Graham is joining us in the chair farthest away.

So we’re not doing an empty studio. Now we’re not doing another studio. But where we are going to pre or we’re going to watch the beginning of SmackDown in an empty

Performance Center. It’s not an empty arena. No, it’s not an empty arena. It’s empty, horrible center. So we’re gonna go ahead, we’re gonna, we’re gonna watch it a little bit of SmackDown with you guys. So

this is the SmackDown from

  1. Friday the 13th. Isn’t it funny Friday the 13th. And they have officially announced just earlier that ra is being moved to the Performance Center as well. But this will be old news by the time you correct and there’s still advertising

WrestleMania so we’ll see if anything happens with that. I will turn off the volume just a little bit. Yeah, I’d like to hear it.


So Triple H is giving a little

prompt about the Performance Center.

It is a very nice facility from what I’ve seen from the outside. Yeah. Where is it in relation to where I work? It is less than a mile.

Probably about a mile and a half. I’ve driven around I cannot, okay, so if you go down for site, and keep going on the other side of 50 Mb, keep going, you’ll pass one road and then there’ll be on the left. There’ll be a little like, you’ll see a complex that has all this stuff in it. And one of the buildings just hosts like their perform their promotional stuff. Like they parked the trucks in there from all the different events. Okay. So

they’re talking about the Performance Center and what the Performance Center is right now. Yeah. Instead of just getting to the point you say most people who are wrestling fans know what the point

Performance Center is I would assume

or wonder if they

I’m assuming that they flew most of the people in but I know a lot of live here so I’m wondering if they are going to try and concentrate on the people who are live who live in the area versus the ones who they have to fly in that they don’t give a fuck care get out there getting their people there You think so get it get whoever they need john seen as advertised. Matt Hardy’s advertised page is advertised Okay, so a lot of people who don’t live here are advertised to be on the I think pay page lives here.

They have all the lights still from NXT but it is a totally empty arena and chairs. Why are there chairs? Well, because the chairs were there for NXT and they haven’t moved they haven’t changed it all around yet. That is the same set that they use. I think they put in more lasers and stuff. I don’t remember all the lights and lasers all the way around at the Performance Center. But uh

yeah, john cena is going to be in house today.

cutting a promo is

Gonna be stupid cuz it’s not gonna get any real I’ve got it anyway I am betting it’s gonna throw them off because they’re not getting any type of reaction even negative or positive

like this guy should be getting a pop through the fucking roof that he’s coming back but he’s gonna get crickets right well I mean

yeah I wonder if they’re gonna like put a laugh track in you know like a audience tracking like they would for

but what I’m saying like I I’m curious to see the first promo to see how much it throws them off that they’re getting no reaction

start off with a weapons patch yeah and this is what the world’s come to now our our sporting events take place in front of them nothing.

So I’m wondering, this might sound silly but I’m wondering if they find out that

They make as much money or more money having it when not in front of people than they do in front of people because you have to pay for facilities and stuff like that. I guess facilities pay them to come there now, though. I mean, they use that to pay for the facilities.


where’s Corey graves?

I’m guessing he didn’t travel.

Another thing. I think this is the first year since he’s been in wrestling. He’s not on WrestleMania this year. You’re right.

Funny. Did you hear he got a demotion to what he’s now a vice president instead of a senior vice president or something like that. And he’s no longer in charge of talent. So he’s not the guy actually. He’s doing the bookings, and he’s in charge of NXT and all that still, but he’s not in charge of hiring talent anymore. They took that away from him. I wonder who

So Bailey and Sasha are cutting promos to no one

Oh, they just pointed at the Performance Center sign that’s a move I don’t actually do they have a WrestleMania sign they should I don’t see a WrestleMania sign maybe that’s why she performed or she went to the Performance Center sign

so they’re looking for Paige


definitely a different

this is awful

so Corey graves had travel issues is that what they’re doing page Oh page had travel issues.

Alexa Bliss Alexa Bliss is coming out

and both of them together

your girl right there.

This is fucking awful.

I mean, they don’t have to worry about coming to the ring and like being in the ring and walking around the ring to do their promos or being up high where the crowd sees them.

I know but that’s just terrible. It’s like

watching a play with the kids. I mean,

they would be better served to do more backstage segments during these weeks where there’s no

ring are no audience.

Oh, this is horrible, because they have nobody to feed off of this. That’s what I’m saying. This is what I was curious about how it was gonna.

I guess it’s like the original like,

videos and stuff like that where they are like the original movies. I mean, they should have been stage actors and putting them on the film should have thrown some of the employees in there and that way they could manipulate the reactions. Yeah, that’s like Rowan would get the biggest poppies ever gotten.

This is awful. I I don’t even know if I can watch the rest of this tonight. This is almost what NWA is every week

is dead, but they have like 100 100 people. Yeah.

Speaking of NWA Do you see Scott Steiner?

What happened with Scott Steiner. Now what happened? He had a

Some kind of is your TV in slow motion is probably just the stream.

Yeah, it’s just the streaming.

Yeah, Scott Steiner had a heart attack, right? Yeah, basically some kind of medical issue and they had to rush him to the hospital at TNA. Sure it’s unrelated to steroid use

Yeah, it’s the street it’s because I’m what we’re watching it on the stream. I don’t have the actual TV setup or the cable setup.

This actually making it more interesting.

This is just as this is unwatchable.

believe my client Steve had never heard of a home and auto bundle or the retrospect


huh? Yeah, yeah. So we’re on a commercial break. Yeah. And

Smackdown in front of nobody here. So your initial thoughts so far, it’s pretty bad. It’s because they don’t they don’t know how to react to each other. Because they always are over the top because they’re basically stage performers. They’re not TV, you know, that’s why a lot of them don’t succeed when doing movies and things like that. I mean, obviously, guys, like the rock have succeeded, but most of them don’t know how to do the live crowd, right.

Okay, well, that’s interesting. You have an email, huh? You have an email. Yeah. I had an alert.


yeah, this is uh, I don’t really watch it live normally either. So I can skip the commercials. Yeah, that’s well, I see. I’ll go home. And yeah, we’re just watching the first match here. Just a whole nother interaction up and then I’ll I’ll fast forward through most of this horseshit.

So what what do you think that they could I mean, other than getting crowd members in there, what do you think that they could have done to make it better? Well, like I had said, well, while that was going on, I think they’d be better served to do more backstage segments in these couple weeks that they’re going to be without a live audience. Like, you know, brawls backstage storylines backstage and then just specifically, matches in the ring. Like I would do all the promos backstage I would not bring them out in front of nobody or or if you’re gonna be in an empty arena use the empty arena. Like the whole thing like they did with the

the thing of the halftime he a couple of years time he was smart a couple years ago. Well, it was a long, couple of decades ago. Yeah, but you know what I’m saying? It was in an empty arena. That’s my favorite wrestling match of all time, but it’s they did they use the entire arena.

This is just

yeah, I’m I. What’s funny is I think I’m interested to watch a W on Wednesday.

Because I think they’ll be able to handle an empty arena better. Because these be a lot of these guys. A lot of these wrestlers with WWE, especially the ones that are on right now didn’t come up through the indie ranks, like they wrestled NXT and they wrestled here. So they don’t know what it’s like to perform in front of some of the guys Monday like might do a little bit better because I know Yeah, like Seth Rollins is an indie guy Kevin Owens, right and i think that they’ll be able to play to it better but right now it’s these are pretty bad i mean

it’s it’s Alexa breast Paige Nikki cross and Bailey and Sasha Banks have obviously never I Nikki cross did some indie stuff. But outside of that, I think the other they’ve never worked a county fair to four drunk guys.

They’ve never Yeah, exactly. They’ve never gone to your local

Armory and perform in front of 15 drunk or 15 people, most of them there because they’re related to one of the other wrestlers. Hey, Graham.

Graham. This thing stinks worse than all verse gym socks.

That was an inside joke.

I’m getting a better reaction than they are. Yes.

Did you see the big ass fans? Like literally that’s what they’re called Big Ass fans, are they? Yes, let’s see if they get to be real fans. Well, they’re not industrial. They’re industrial fans, but they’re the ones that like Planet Fitness uses inside of their gyms to move around, they have them up on the roof here. But the actual name of the company is big ass fans. Okay.

Terrible, terrible.

I mean, there’s so many things that they could be doing outside of that area or that I mean, this is just the first

Match an ad right? And we’re gonna we’re gonna run this like a half hour. So hopefully this match will not be a half hour long. No.

We’re sitting

about 13 minutes in right now and you know, this is bad when we’re counting the time correct. We’re actually paying attention to what the time is. Because I’m not I’m definitely not getting myself lost in this match now.

So Nikki cross I think lives locally. Alexa Bliss does, um, I’m sure they’ll either girls do too because they all came and trained here. Yeah. And you tend to like it’s like college. I think Bailey lives in Thornton Park.

It’s like college you tend to live in the town that you go away to college to although

Oscar moved to she lives in like Phoenix now.

That’s actually how I ended up in Orlando. Where the college I went to

Miami from local I’m yeah, I lived in that.

I grew up an hour away but but like if you had gone to like college in Kansas, you’d probably be a Kansas right? I hope not. I probably would have never gotten a school in Kansas. But yeah, well, unless you were a basketball player, I knew you were like, oh, yeah there for two years and done.

What’s funny is I know some people who went to college in here that now all live in Kansas.

But they were basketball players. And one of them works for K state now and

I would like to see Kansas just because I mean, I want to see all 50 states but just because my what, in my mind if Kansas is not what Kansas actually is? Because all I picture is it’s just like complete dirt roads. And cornfields. Yeah, it’s like the Wizard of Oz. Like they have not moved on from 1930 in my mind. I mean, I’m sure well, Kansas City is not even in Kansas. Well, I mean, it is there is a Kansas, Missouri, I have trouble remembering there’s two major cities in Kansas and I always have trouble remembering what the names of them Well, I know can’t

university or cam, there’s Topeka, Kansas. And then there’s like the big city in Kansas. And you know, this is a bad episode of SmackDown when we’re talking about Kansas discussing major cities in Kansas

because Kansas k state, I believe is in Manhattan, Kansas, and they call themselves the little apple.

Like Paris, Texas. Yes.

You know, there’s actually like a tour of Europe that you can

tour of Europe you can do in Texas, like all the major cities from Europe that you can do through Texas. The crowd is solidly behind Nikki cross making this tag.

Yeah, this is just not entertaining at all.

No smackdowns hard enough to digest because it’s on Fridays now for me I have less. I’m less able to take it seriously than I can on a Tuesday for some reason. And this is just making it worse.

This coronavirus needs to go away it needs people.

Triple H is definitely not an announcer I know he he’s decent on the mic as a wrestler. He is not a good mic guy for he’s not good play by play downs. Very good promo guy.

He’s no offense on the mic.

Now one thing they could do

That would be really, really, really, really cool. It’s how creepy it would be if the lights went out with the fiend and someone in the ring and it’s completely empty. Yeah, it gives like a creepy aura about it.

And like, like the whole thing read all the way around and like they could do some fun stuff with an empty arena with the theme. Okay, so I don’t know, is it Smackdown or raw that they’ve been doing the glitch thing in Smackdown? Okay, so they could actually use that glitch thing with the empty arena now.


do we have any idea what the glitches all about?

Ah, Rumor has it that it’s Mustafa Ali’s returned. That’s what I’ve heard symbol is similar to his little hand symbol.

That’s a big ass fan. It is a big fan.

It’s funny though, because in an empty arena, the arena

The the ring looks smaller.

And you would think it’d be the other way around where you’re in a massive arena. The ring would look smaller but

Oh, where’d she come from?

And now Oscars just they’re dancing hopping. Well, they need someone to look.

Just tap. Thank you. Let’s Yeah, let’s put this one to bed. And from open to now it was 18 minutes for the match or match an intro with a Triple H talking about the event. Now Oscar says they’re dancing to her own little team.

Would that be a tuba?

Mom, Mama. No, I mean if you were doing it, it’s synthetic. But yeah, music is a table. Yeah.

I don’t think she knows how to react. Who are you playing? Why are you doing this? So Sasha is up on the ropes playing to no one. All right, she’s at least making fun of it.

I like how they hung the giant TVs from the top of the arena like

Oh, ouch Wow, that’s that’s a hard truth. nuggety It is a hard truth. I don’t I don’t mind Michael Cole. No, I don’t either. compared to the rest of them, he’s pretty much the Oh, yeah. All right. Roman Reigns is about to get the best reaction he’s ever got.

At least he won’t be booed me when they expect him to be a face. Yeah, they don’t really they really don’t boom anymore which is good.

No, it’s not what it was gonna be as awful as Smackdown is

well, I’m when they cut that promo promo that I don’t think they were expecting to be at the center right?

doing another True story.

We’re watching a trailer for a Tom Hanks movie.

Yes. Who now has grown which if you haven’t watched it, I was gonna translate it. Sorry, it’s gonna do a transition. Which if you haven’t watched

this episode of rotavirus, please check it out. You’re cutting the promo. Yes. Our last week’s episode was all about Corona virus and how it’s affecting the industry, or at least how we think it’s going to affect the industry.

And Tom Hanks has contracted Corona virus which we hope he recovers well. Yes.

him and his wife. Yes, they both did.

It was while they were filming something, I can’t remember it was there filming.

Oh, they want us to play the switch. Now it’s a Nintendo Switch commercial.

I mean, they really at this point, they have to do commercials for stuff that you can do at home.

When you were a little kid and couldn’t talk, right, did you ever call it in? tendo? No, I was always Nintendo. I always said I had friends

that could not pronounce Nintendo right and they would call it in tendo.

I don’t think I ever had

Issue pronunciation call. Yeah, of course now,

pronunciation issues, as far as Nintendo is concerned. That a BLT on Arby’s I’m thinking tomorrow I might have to ride up there and get it.

Unfortunately the Arby’s closest us closed really I got one less than five from my house. We almost we’re gonna can’t buy your house this weekend. We’re gonna camp on Lake Monroe springs Lake Monroe. Okay. Yeah, I mean that’s on Gemini spring

Yeah, I guess. But it was the it’s right the the campground was right off 917 92 whatever. I need to be Be careful that’s littered with Gators. Oh, yeah. We weren’t gonna go out in the water is as bad as like Jessup.

All right, we’re just waiting for the commercial to end

if you’re watching along, we are at the

20 minute mark.

Yeah, we’re right around the 20 minutes 23 minutes so we’ll get we’ll watch the more minutes of this live from the Performance Center in Orlando, Florida and sunny coronavirus, red in Orlando, Florida.

Do you think they go to the ale house by where I work afterwards? They might party and party. Maybe they go to a regas I don’t know why anyone would go to like a regas you know, like

their wings are complete horseshit. Really I don’t mind their wings. When I went with you. The one time I had the meatball sandwich. It was not bad, but I like the I’ve had wings and I think I’ve had their burger. I the burger was the pizza. I like their pizza. They’re the basis of their Stromboli.

That was strange.

The lag on this broadcast on my is not good. on my screen. I’m here.

Roman Reigns does this is ridiculous look around that he does when he comes into an arena where no other level

this doesn’t even need to be live. They could have taped this earlier today no one would ever known. They may have taped it earlier today and we would never know

the pointing at the WrestleMania sign no I was selling all over to get away but I could put out there I don’t know. WrestleMania he kind of did it. Yeah, he’s t slipping around still. Yeah. He didn’t do the long pause though at the ramp. That would have been funny.

I wonder if he’s gonna do his little thing on the ropes. There is no point Roman there is no point.

I wonder if he did pre tape this.

It says live so it could be live on tape.


to tape

so at least he’s they’re acknowledging and he’s acknowledging that it is strange so tonight so far they’ve acknowledged that they’re in an empty arena they’ve acknowledged that Michael Cole was one of the least left and

now that would make for an interesting Smackdown if they just aired out all their dirty laundry

like literally everything and everybody hates him our if Michael Cole right now is like, you know, typically Roman we’re trying to make you a good guy but everyone just boos the fuck out of you.

I see that.

What do they bring out Bruce Prichard and what just let everybody air out everything that they have about?

Cuz Bruce is still booking booking Smackdown right because I think so. Yeah. Ours, I know.

The main event at WrestleMania and they don’t think you deserve it. Your reaction

He’s countering questions with questions. Youngstown, Ohio, in a small town in front of 5000 people

every single night.

The biggest show, why shouldn’t I be able to capitalize on all that hard work that I put in?

bringing attention working hard for this company?

needs to get interrupted.

Yes, please. He’s just singing his own praises.


Graham is more interesting than Roman Reigns talking. I will say that.

They keep showing the big ass fan. Yeah, they

So the Wrestlemania match. I mean, honestly, this is the that may or may not happen, right? WrestleMania man Yes, sir. The, the match will probably happen if WrestleMania happens, but I assume that like, I know they’re still planning on having WrestleMania but are they gonna do it empty arena like, well, if it’s anything like this, it’s gonna be here. I can’t watch six hours.

So, so far two segments, empty arena. Terrible. This should have been a backstage segment. Yes, it should have been.

They’re gonna do three hours of this Monday.


So he’s taking back shampoo.

whooping Oliver on the nose. So no runs No, it was literally just I wonder if they’re gonna do a lot of these like sit down type things, especially because Michael Cole’s The only announcer there well, Monday it would be there’s different announcers Well, I know but I’m just saying for like, this Smackdown since it was kind of last minute for one, yeah. And whatever if though they’ll just do a lot of like the sit downs and I’m sure that some people had some travel issues.

So, are you you’re wet? Yeah, he was drooling a little bit.

We’re backstage.

Wrestling purists.

I’m actually a pretty good match. I wasn’t expecting Samson to win that match, but it was pretty good.

At a certain point in the match, I realized he was gonna win it but going in I didn’t. Didn’t know he’s gonna win.

So backstage Segment Number one.

Oh god, this is the big return.

Kayla, I’m just writing out my contract so I can go join my brother in AWS.

Matt officially signed with AWS now, but it’s like he’s doing stuff with the box. I mean, it’s Yeah.

And well, I’m Jeff was the one that was arrested, right? Yeah. Well, they tack an extra month for every month you’re out onto your content.

Try Oh got it so he was out for nine months. He’s stuck he’s got nine more months that he’s got to do this and then he can go to AWS

which he should because if they let the broken, broken Matt Hardy come out

Oh yeah.

DUI jokes and Matt Hardy

So Jeff Hardy Oh god.

Okay so Elias is gonna sing about

That are about a king Corbin.


So he has no idea what’s coming. Yeah.

So we’re

Smackdown Tag Team Championship.

Wait, what happened? Can you pause that so I can read it. They’re having an Elimination Chamber match.

That was that was is it? Did they say Elimination Chamber rematch? Yeah. All right.

I don’t know if I can go. Can I go back?

What are you streaming it through the fox out?

It does not look like I can do that but either way but we’re at our we’re at our cutoff anyway. So I do appreciate everybody tuning in though that was very strange huffing it out with us on this one yeah I don’t even know what to do like what to say it was it was odd I’m hoping that if this goes long term that they get better at it

or learn how to shoot it better or something I don’t know please cure this coronavirus is that’s the best that’s the best answer everything up for our lives. So you want to go ahead and plug our social media Sure, go to top pro wrestling podcast, Instagram and go to top rope wrestling without the G on Twitter you’re the top rope wrestling on Facebook and top a wrestling podcast on Facebook podcasts on facebook and join the conversation that’s not happening or you can go to top of wrestling comm and find them all including our twitch feed is right on the homepage. Yes and all of our all every single one of our and you can download us on iTunes but I mean if you’re listening to this, you probably

Already either iTunes or Google Play pod or Google podcasts or Stitcher or wherever you want to download us. Yeah. So and our RSS is right there on the feed or on the thing so our risks are risks. Okay? So peace out. God is it exit

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