This week we discuss the impact of the Vovid-19 virus on wrestling, both indy and major promotions.

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Now head into the ring at a total combined

weight of Oh

wow, the top rope was playing

Hello and welcome to another edition of top rope wrestling Podcast. I am Rick and drew is over there in his normal spot. coughing up along. Not really that was that was a really bad fake call. I’ll give you a real one if you want that

was a transition into our topic today.

It was a transition into our topic today.

Welcome to med talk.

Yes med wrestling talk so most of you guys know that we were supposed to be recording live from the heroes and villains event the pw a was putting on their first ever but thanks to a case of the Cova 19 or Corona virus

in also a wicked case of Corona

yeah and in the founder of the ultimate Springs area ultimate springs has canceled everything happening in their public spaces and it was happening in a public space owned by the city of ultimen. springs correct. So the event was canceled. So we are going to go ahead and just spend a little time and kind of go over all the stuff that’s been cancelled all the things that haven’t yet been cancelled, but

let’s just say what it is. We had not planned to do the episode we’re gonna do so we’re just bullshit.

They are bullshit. But at the same time, I mean, it’s important to talk about because So, okay, so unexpected or expectedly NXT was moved from Full Sail University to The Performance Center this week, which was planned because Full Sail was having their Hall of Fame induction, if I remember correctly correct. And but they didn’t have their Hall of Fame induction did they?

They had most of the Hall of Fame festivities. Okay, so I wasn’t I wasn’t there today to know if the actual ceremony happened, but they had all the activities and stuff. I know that only because people who work with me were volunteering there.

Got it. So there was that, but then they went ahead and move or they canceled Smackdown in Detroit, and SmackDown today is being broadcast live from the Performance Center in beautiful Orlando, Florida, in front of an audience of no one. Oh, there is no

wine. I was gonna say How the fuck do we get tickets to all this?

That’s exactly what I was thinking because I looked at I literally looked at it, and they’re only allowing employees into the building.

So because I thought it’d be when I learned that NXT was gonna be there. I looked it up. But the crowd was half the size. The crowd space was happy to use Do you want to hear something that will annoy What’s that? I’ve been working 10 hour shifts this week so that I could have today off. Uh huh. I was offered two tickets to annex Ah, that would have been all and they weren’t even tickets they were they were, quote unquote tickets like someone was just gonna let me

Oh, nice. Oh, but I mean it happened. Yeah. So but yeah, we had so they moved the to the Performance Center Smackdown I haven’t heard anything about raw yet but I’m having an assumption that raw might be moved there to on Monday. Because pretty much everything shut down. I know my buddy was on tour was on a major tour. I guess I could say he was on tour with post malone. And all tours run by Live Nation were shut down. To the end of the month. Disney’s closed universal schools IE worlds

closed. I have now four tickets to four different concerts. I’m just praying this thing does not go into June.

I have a cruise in on a release on April 20. And it’s on Royal Caribbean. And right now Royal Caribbean suspending operations until the 15th of April so it’s pushing really costly

mayhem on the night before correct

19th we have mayhem on Mills that goes through I really hope that goes through because I like man my Mills is one of my favorite events to do when we do it because it’s goofy to the right point of goofy and take themselves seriously enough that it’s not you know, it’s a it’s just a good mix.

Not that I am dying to see what this pw A’s gonna be about.

Oh, yeah. Well, let me have some big name wrestlers too. So early, some decent name wrestlers as far as indies are concerned. Like Chico but uh, yeah, it’s just been a everything’s been canceled. I’m work from home until further notice. And then I know my son and wife are both at a school for the next two weeks. So

I don’t know what’s going on with where I work, right. So what I do and where I

work. It’s absolutely ridiculous how this has been going on But you know, the one big thing that hasn’t been answered yet and no one has even mentioned at all? Well, I mean, not mentioned at all, but no, it’s been brought up a lot. Is WrestleMania still scheduled to go on? Right. So at the city of Tampa seems to be behind it currently, even though they’ve said that they would prefer not to have any mass gatherings. Or and the, this both the city, county and state have said this

well, plus, I mean, a lot of those people that buy tickets are from out of the country, which we have a travel ban from Europe right now. Correct.

Because you went when we went or? Yeah. To the WrestleMania. Which one was that? The one here in Orlando, 34, something like that. The people who were sitting directly next to us came from Australia or in front of us,

oh, tons of people come in from all over the world to do that. So that’s can be. I mean, those people have bought tickets. And if there’s a travel ban, I guess,

well, I’ve been looking I’ve been keeping an eye on it just in case because if tickets go to I’ll buy them. And I actually I’ll check right now on seatgeek. But last time I saw there were $54 tickets upper level which is less than what you what they were to buy originally. I think they started it if they

if they go 15 I’ll risk the coronavirus Oh,

I’ll risk it anyway. I’m, I’m not of high risk, but it’s more me carrying it to somebody else that I’m worried about.

That’s my concern. But actually,

yeah, and you low. Yeah. So, but yeah, it’s, um, let me pull this up real fast. I could, but I couldn’t believe when I was looking at the prices and how much things have dropped. As far as events that I’m excited for have dropped. Let’s see WrestleMania 36 in Tampa. In ticket prices are going for $61 after fees.

Wow, that’s not bad. No.

You can actually get first or floor seats for 1100 dollars. So

I just I have a feeling it’s gonna get canceled because it’s the first week in April and everything pretty much in the world is canceled through the 30th of March. Yes. So I have I have a sneaking suspicion I don’t think that it’ll be canceled I think it’ll be more so held somewhere you think so? else I don’t think they can do WrestleMania at the Performance Center but

they could do WrestleMania like the arena and broadcast it as an empty I mean, they could do it at the stadium and broadcast it empty stadium

which actually might be kind of cool. See, I think just the opposite because you want those pops Yeah, well yours yeah thing otherwise it doesn’t sound gonna feel like WrestleMania it’s just gonna feel like big matches like yeah, this smack down tonight when we watch it is gonna look stupid. Yes.

I honestly want to turn it on and we should maybe that’ll be our next episode. We’ll record us watching the at least the first like the 15 minute Yeah, first match or whatever it is to get the the the Looking feel of it. So

and you know how badly I wanted to I’ve been wanting to go into the

I like to go to the Performance Center. So, but yeah, it’s, um, it’s, it’s interesting that there because it was going to be done in Detroit. And then they came through and said there was rumor that it was going to be moved to the Performance Center, the web came out and said that hasn’t been canceled yet. And then now it’s been moved to the Performance Center. Yeah, this

is why I think that WrestleMania is either gonna get shifted in some way or something or they’ll put it off until like, may or something

well, so they canceled the masters. Well, they postpone the masters. And right now, it’s either going to happen in May, like right after the EU or the PGA Championship, or they’re going to be moving it until after the Olympics in after the Ryder Cup so like November is that mean Tiger might be able to play now. Well, Tiger supposed to be playing this time. So

he was out of state

he is he’s currently out recovering back injury but yeah, so they’re moving all these major let’s

see recovering from his playing is sucking injury that’s his, quote unquote back or

guy no I mean he’s been playing halfway decent I mean making cuts so

but yeah so they

yeah they canceled

that I’m supposed to be this weekend I’m supposed to be leaving to go down to Sebring, and that was that race was canceled both the races. So there’s two races they do a wet race, which is the world interest World Endurance cup, our World Endurance Championship and that race was cancelled because of the travel ban because a lot of the teams or European teams, they shipped their cars over and everything and drivers. And then a couple days later, they changed. they canceled the the Sebring the 12 Hours of Sebring. And so my, my weekend opened up but I think we’re still going camping with the same group of people just not at the racetrack, because Don’t do that.

One thing that I

did really kind of cool i thought was cool. And I wonder if any other like if Vince are one of the actually they sorry, they also moved a W for this week. It’s gonna be done at the at the porn center. No, that would be funny. in Jacksonville at the amphitheater that was the space owns I think it’s gonna be empty. The is they they did a couple of events at that amphitheater and I’m completely blanking on the name of it right now.

I was it the St. Augustine one? No, no, it’s the one in Jacksonville.

I was curious. I don’t think they actually had the empty arena game between the lawyers and whoever else. But I was curious. I was gonna watch at least 10 minutes of it just to see what what it would be like, like where you can hear the sneakers?

Well, they did that they did a basket, one of one of the basketball tournaments. They actually went and did that to one of the NCAA. I can’t remember which conference but they played like the open match for the opening game in an empty stadium. But let’s just like so. NFL canceled their entire season the rest of their season. How long

was their season? Gonna run

another six weeks? Okay, so, but they canceled the rest of their season then you have

NBA which is possibly over until the playoffs like we might now see. Like whatever is in is in

Yeah, there’s they said that they they’re suspended right now for 30 days. Right.

And it’s indefinitely

Well, it’s indefinitely but they said at minimum 30 days I think is what the thing was PGA Tour European tour LPGA so all the golf all the major golf is suspended. NASCAR has suspended the next two rays are put on the next generation

in baseball have both

well NFL NHL NFL out of season so they’re they’re not having camps but not really a big deal. But yeah, so the NHL MLS has suspended their season. It’s nuts. I was supposed to go to event tomorrow can’t go because that was canceled. I’m still selling kept cards though for scouts because that’s not canceled. Okay, I got to be up early tomorrow yeah it’s insane though how much is going around and like I understand the concern and I am not the target concern group you know it’s basically over the age of 60 is the is the major issue but we all unless you have an immune system issue

and but we all know people

oh absolutely and some with immune issues you know,

my my mother in law that was a real class I go over you could I’m gonna put the mask on and mine is a wet cough and a dry cough so I do not have Corona. My I have allergies, which sucks.

No, I did not. Did a stupid panicky thing today.

Oh, did you buy all the toilet paper? I bought all of it all of it.

No, I have a ton of toilet paper in my house like currently. Yes. Because like four or five weeks ago I bought toilet paper with my regular buyings like normal folks do. But I walked by Big Lots today I think we’re just stocking toilet paper and it was just it was just there for the taking. So you bought some so I bought sub

this was the other thing.

So this was where I was going with my original comment. I wonder if Vince or some other group will be doing something similar is Mark Cuban like immediately is it without being prompted without anything basically came out and said he’s covering at least the next four games for all the employees that of the of the arena because they’re going to be shut out of luck basically so well. So he’s covering their their pay for the net what would have been their pay for the next four games. Zion Williams Williamson just came out and said he’s going to pay for all the employees of the pelicans, all the work at the arena for the next 30 days. So he’s on a rookie con. I know he, he might want to rethink. Oh, I know. But I mean it. He hands on a big rookie contract

is sweet gesture. But you know, rookie contract Ain’t that much.


so Mark Cuban has billions. He’s not gonna miss a million dollars.

Well, it’s not even a million. It was like $40,000 I think was what the total was for the next four games or something like that. worth of part time employees, I hope Yeah. Well, I mean, it’s all the Yeah, I mean, it’s cuz concession workers, janitors, that kind of stuff. So I think was 45,400,000 I don’t I saw that. Somebody put out the number but it wasn’t as high as I thought it was going to be by any means.

Do you think Vince has enough toilet paper?

I’m sure he has plenty of toilet paper. Worst case we’ll use a couple dollar bills. Probably.

And yeah. And I’m

like I said, I’m I understand the concern. I’m not. I’m personally not worried, but I am worried for other people that could contract it.

You’re not concerned if you get it.

No, I don’t have asthma. I don’t have like, literally most people our age who have gotten it have said it was no worse than the regular flu.

Yeah, I don’t want the flu. I don’t want to say I don’t want this

but I’m saying that if I caught it, it’s not a big deal. If, like my mother Actually, my mom’s pretty in pretty good shape and whatever but i don’t i don’t foresee my mom having issue but like my mother in law, for example. She caught it there could be some issues. So although she the other she couple days ago, basically because they were they had a trip plan to Universal and she was like, they’re not closed. So you know, it is what it is. Yeah. Yeah, so what do you How long do you expect this band to last?

I’m hoping it’s over so I mean well I’m hoping it’s over because this has gone away soon not just we’re going to just start opening shut up and not give a fuck anymore.

Yeah, I don’t think that I mean they’ll open once

Disney is a greedy greedy little horror so they will be opened as soon as they can.

Oh absolutely yes Disney universal SeaWorld Lego Land all the places I was actually shocked when I saw Lego in closed I think they did it they were the last ones to close

when they when my people friends that work at Disney. From when I used to work there told me that Disney was closing its doors. Do you know that scene when all the all the little young wings die and Attack of the Clones and Yoda just grabs his chest and the cane haha that is that’s what happened to me. I was that shocked by Disney closing there? Yeah.

Oh no, there was Like imminent strike of a hurricane and they barely close their doors. Yeah, yeah, it’s

it sounds like somebody is using a bathroom. It’s gonna guess that’s Graham. Graham’s home my son Yeah, it was a devil. So

your spot over here

he has decided to join us on the in the room for the chair today sometimes it goes behind the behind the chair today he’s going in the chair but because it’s nice

oh there’s space in it

so yeah it’s it’s just weird like I don’t remember the last I don’t remember ever having like this are locked endemic. Yeah.

The roaring 20s are back.

I mean, I don’t know Was it bad with the bird flu and

not like yes, the pig flu and the the the Cow one, the mad cow disease. I don’t remember

the swine flu I just did not want to die I do not want to be the fat guy that dies of swine flu. Oh, I’m that’s like being the drunk that dies a Corona virus.

I make sense. Yeah, I don’t like I don’t I don’t even know what to say is I mean, it’s just

a bunch of people looking at me going at the funeral going, I told you is a fucking pig.

Like the fact that they close schools and all the colleges have gone to online. Yeah. Which is interesting because most of the most schools that have an online component anyway, it’s not a huge deal to go to an online thing. The problem is you have some of those older professors that have never done the online thing. So they’re trying to figure it out now. Yeah, exactly.

Yeah, that but they’re also high risk for coronavirus. Yes.

So they’re the ones who will Want to figure it out?

God, it’s so like, I wish I knew what to say it’s

laughing at me. Because I know you’re doing the stretch.

Stretching, it’s, it’s okay. We’re going down. We’re trying to get a medical professional on and yeah, we couldn’t get anybody who wanted to talk medicine on a podcast, you know? So but if you happen to be a medical professional, professional and want to talk to us in a future podcast, please let us know.

Talk to us about wrestling. Yes, I mean, the only way to talk about wrestling works medicine

actually won’t will go into this. So wrestling could be interesting just in general because it really the best. The biggest way that gets spread is caused person to person contact. So if one person is sick, whether they know it or not, because there’s like a 14 day gestation period on it, you can have it not even know you have it. You can actually have it not even know you have it and never get it. You got to be careful. They some of those wrestlers, and referees and everything can i mean that that’s an easy way to pass it around the locker room? Yeah, for sure. So I understand why they’re canceling some of these events for sure.

So our nd friends should be careful.

Yes, I know. Mr. Dahle. David all his canceled all upcoming events for at least the next two weeks, so I don’t blame him. He’s got two small kids. I mean, nothing if something happens to him. bad stuff. Yep. But yeah, I mean, there was a was the guy from Utah that that caught well, Eric Yeah, yeah. The center I can’t think of anything. I don’t know.

Um, I want to say is Rudy something or other? Yes,

no, this is first name Rudy or his last name, Rudy. Whatever. But he he caught it and pass it on to one of the other players on the team.

Well, you can see you know, this guy’s an asshole. Oh, he is because he was sitting there in a meeting like making fun of coronavirus and touching all the microphones and everything. Yeah, and then he ends up with coronavirus and there’s also an interview there shows another player getting interviewed and him coming up and like rubbing the guy’s face and shit.

Well, and he was literally like coughing up a lung on the bench. And whatever team they were playing at the time, like literally were like, Hey, is he okay, is there and then next thing you know, they get tested and then they he was on a plane that the magic and the Raptors both took the same plane and I don’t know like that. It’s not smart. Not smart at all now.

So yeah, Smackdown empty arena tonight at the Performance Center. I’ll be curious to see it because I did not watch the NXT from the Performance Center. So

I watched some of it but the NXT there was a crowd at least. I mean, it was only like 800 people, but

I mean not many fit in the full full sale only holds 500

I think it was more than that. I think they hold 1500 1200 inside of there on a regular basis, that’s what that’s what it’s listed as 1200 a day might flesh those

numbers a little bit. Oh,

by the way, it was a much smaller crowd.

I watch part of it just because I wanted to see what it was. I haven’t recorded I haven’t I can watch it whenever. Yeah. So yeah, it was, it was strange to watch because those of you who have been inside of NXT at their, you know, wholesale arena, know that basically it’s a black warehouse space, you know, it’s paint but it’s painted black to the top they have the screen are not the screens, the this like the score, or the boards that run across the top that make it look like they’re in an arena so that they can

play talking about full sail. Yeah. Oh, yeah, I can. I’ve been in there a million times. I can describe it for you, right. It’s a hall. Like that’s all it it’s like, it’s like a bigger Vf fucking W and they’re, you know, it’s just a big area. They put bleachers around fold up bleachers. There is. I mean, I can give you some insight chuckles on that is the fact that the ramp that they’re coming down all it is a stage that they put a ramp attached to. Oh, yeah, I know. Like, behind there is a stage there is nowhere for them to go like, there’s no it’s not like they go back there and they’re in the locker room or any there’s no locker room, right? It’s just

the stage.

They walk outside the locker room is outside.

Oh, no, we I mean, and if you’ve been to the event, you’ve seen them stand outside, you know, if you look through the gate, they’re right out there. But yeah, it’s a it’s a, it when they were in the Performance Center, they basically put up curtains all the way around to block it, like where all the walls are. But what the where the, the curtains weren’t high enough to go all the way to the roof. So they pan up and you’d see like, the Performance Center stuff or like they have flags of all the wrestlers that are in there, like the countries that they’re from and they had the you could see the flags at the top The bleachers went up about a quarter of the way that the wholesale ones do so it didn’t even look like there were that many people in it which is not a bad thing because NXT has that Indian look

you know so and it’s I mean shit we’ve seen it seen NXT at what 1000 What the hell those type of places we see him at

oh yeah the like


center centers and churches and Armory and stuff like that No and you’re lucky to

have a couple hundred people where the difference between a front row like ringside seat and the for the seat back is like a foot

Yes exactly. We sat we got we paid the extra to get the padded seats. Yeah, and it was still the right people right behind us for next time I go to our class

next time I go to an NXT I’m gonna pay the extra or like at the at the Full Sail I’m gonna pay the extra Oh yeah, the seats are nice when I realized the difference is $20 and $10. Fucking just throw me up front.

Oh, yeah, absolutely. Hundred percent.

So we got a son creepily we’re at all the all the wrestlers as they fight so people

Who hopefully will be rescheduled sometime here in the near future and we will get Mr. Dan Mac Shaw back on to to help promote that event again and then we will talk to or we got a on the 19th of April, hopefully hopefully is the next mayhem on Mills. Did they given a like a theme theme for that one? Yes, like

two years. So I think it’s to just go and stream is like celebration celebration

themed. be fun.

So we have that we don’t have to dress up or do anything weird.

Good. So do that. So the only comment that I have gotten on one of the videos, I posted the videos from the last video and most of my YouTube channel so that some of the wrestlers could grab them if they wanted was why was it black and white? That’s the only comment I’ve got. Yeah,

see, I got that in prep. When when that particular wrestler asked me for the clip and I had to give it to him. I’m like, he ain’t gonna like that.

Yeah, I mean, that’s where

he didn’t say anything but I’m like angle like that.

That’s what we were going for that was the look and feel of the event. So we were trying to match the look and feel of the event.

Did you break down the matches? or?

Yeah, I broke down the matches, but each individual match has its own clip. So basically I’ve created the clip on Twitch and then

send me a couple clips I’ll blast them on our Instagram so people know they’re there. Okay, cool. Yeah, cuz we have a mass falling on it.

Yes. All all 15 people yes.

It is interesting. The the search is that get people to where we need them to go.

So of course none of them are dramatic.

No, actually so I just recently installed the Google Site stuff on our on our website so I could see who was searching What do you want to know what gets the most impressions

just the old man doubt when you said the Google the Google’s installed the Google

so what what? What search it’s just just what that brings you to top rope wrestling. Yes.

The one that gets the most impression Most people don’t click on the top wrestling link, but the one that people see the most on Google assholes. No. Okay. Brutus beefcake.

Do we even talk about

Brutus beefcake. Anyway, we did a off the top row. I thought Yes, we remember, I didn’t, we didn’t off the top roof of Brutus the barber beefcake. And that is the one that gets the most page views.

As silly as that as well that guests that I’m going to try to get that I don’t know if we can stretch a 20 minute interview out of like what he’s famous for. We can dry but he has like 20,000 followers on his shit. So getting a nice retweet by him would be cool.

Hey, I’m all good with the the retweet and we can get 20 I can get 20 minutes out anyone I get 20 minutes out of myself. I get

tough. I mean, you know, all that he’s famous for is one thing,

right? But we can we can work on that. Yeah. And we can talk about his other stuff that he’s not famous for.

So, like hot dog eating contests. Sure, is that what he does? I don’t know if it’s only one way to find out. I know

we can ask that question. I mean, we had a wrestler talk for 35 minutes about skunks one time so

that was in the middle of a three hour interview

are correct. So yeah,

I want him back on but at the same time, I know we can’t have him back on

because he’ll talk forever. Okay,

so let’s we can get like a group of like fan type people in here. start chanting like the fight forever. I’ll just talk forever.

So do you want to go ahead and plug our social media I guess I mean, we can get out of here. We can go catch the virus if we have

to. So you can.


So Graham does not want to catch the virus. He doesn’t want to catch the virus at all to catch the virus. So you can visit us at top wrestling podcast at Instagram. You can visit us at top rope where that will give you a link to everything. And you can watch all or you can listen to all of our episodes. They’re not just the, like 30 that are available on iTunes. Yes.

And Twitter we’re top rope wrestling. Yes without the G without character limit. We’re not GS top rope wrestling top pro wrestling podcast on Facebook.

Yeah. And join the join the chat.

Yes, we have join our join our page like like our like our page and join our group. So you can get all the updates now and we can have some conversations. Also, if you want to email us podcast at top rope wrestling comm is the best way to get ahold of us.

Say top requests like awesome.

is awesome. There you go. We’ve been endorsed, we’ve been endorsed by my child

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