First we preview this Sunday’s Elimination chamber and do our best to predict the outcome of each of the announced matches. We the get a call from Daniel Max Shaw to talk about Pro Wrestling Action: Heroes and Villains which we will be live from next week.

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Now head into the ring at a total combined weight of

the top rope with playing

Welcome to another edition of the top rope wrestling Podcast. I am Rick and drew is over there in the chair. I was ready for it this time you’re actually prepared for it this time. Okay, so today we are going to cover the Elimination Chamber and then we are going to get a phone call. We’re gonna go make a phone call to Mr. Daniel max Shah, who is going to be

Promoting the Heroes vs villains event happening and ultimate springs are we going to be at that will be at that will be live there I will be recording some podcasts will actually probably broadcast a couple of them because they said they have internet so we’ll be recording or we’ll be talking to some of the talent and we’re gonna remember to bring the little thingy this time Yes, we’re going to remember to bring a little thingy this time actually I have extra thing is this little thing he shut us down completely it made him Yes, it did. And it cost us a lot of

of cool effects that we were going to put out there. That didn’t happen. So you know it is what it is though.

So, we are going to talk about the Elimination Chamber which happens this Sunday, Sunday, Sunday, Sunday Sunday.

And so should we explain the Elimination Chamber? Yeah, go ahead and go ahead and give them the background on the Elimination Chamber and will I would like to tell you that I have literature pulled up but I don’t and I’m just going to tell you what I do.

assume it is by watching it. Yes. Well, you know what it is we it’s a chamber. Correct? Where eliminations happen? So, yes.

So basically you have five either people or teams this year. Correct. All right. And it starts out with two people fighting. And then what is it like every couple minutes and other pot opens and then someone comes out right until everybody’s eliminated and then then it’s an elimination. Correct. Like then you eliminate people out of it. And the fighting goes on through the entire thing and you can get they don’t stop. Yes, two to two. They don’t take pause breaks to

to let the other person Yeah, they just let them in. And it’s going to be happening at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Wells Fargo, that’s a bank that is a bank. And this is this is the event that where you get the most points at the WrestleMania sign correct?

Yes, I believe they they point more this one than that.

Any other event that the WWE has ridiculous bullshit

so it will start airing at three or sorry it’s 7pm yes and should last about three half hours four hours yeah they’ve been good about toning down the length of those fucking some of those who have been I mean WrestleMania is still going to be like 20 hours long right with all the previews pre show blah blah blah blah. There’s already like 12 matches announced. Yeah, it’s just insane. It’s too much and they haven’t even talked about the the battle royale yet because I know that’s gonna happen. Yeah. So first up on the list is the United States Championship on dry day versus I’m bird dog or yellow. I am hoping that in dry day wins this because I just don’t like I’m Berto Korea. I just I don’t like him. Yeah, I think Andre is going to win. I mean, it might there might be some he’s fresh off a 30 day suspension. Yes, yes. 30 days suspension.

should be defending that title and I’m so I’m wondering if so I’m assuming. I mean, his could have been something else. But a lot of these people are probably being suspended for weed violations. Do you think that’s it? I, I mean, I assume it’s like light not steroids, but like light enhancement drugs. But yeah, I guess it could be. I mean, I don’t know. But I speaking of the marijuana, they have Did you see that Major League Baseball stopped banning? Like, it’s now not a banned substance? So, cuz Who cares? It’s not a performance enhancing substance. I’ve used it. It’s not performance enhancing anything. When I used to use it, it was performance, decrease it correct.

So there’s that and then I’m with you on the I hope on Friday wins. Next up is the raw Tag Team Championship, which is the street street prophets, who are the champions vs. Seth Rollins and Murphy.

I’m hoping it stays on the street profits because, you know, they just got them correct.

Who’s gonna say more of a start yawning? Yeah, no, they just got the belts last week so I would think in the most ridiculous of scenarios they have they have challenged one time or sorry two now, but before last Monday they had challenged one time for the for the tag team titles. And this match last Monday was announced that their last opportunity ever at the tag team title so apparently you now only get two shots, tag team titles and then you’re done forever. Well and their big thing like they didn’t have a storyline going on with some Mojo or something like that with not the street profits but uh, Rollins and Murphy and the AOP are doing battle against last time I checked it was Kevin Owens Samoa Joe who’s mentioned right?

The test the tusken Raiders.

That would actually be a great

thing. We will be covering the tusken Raiders will were done.

Vikki Raiders at the street profits, we got the robes and everything and

sorry, we had the geek out moment there. And then so yeah, I’m with you. I think the street profits are gonna retain they’ve only had it for, like you said a week and I don’t see them dropping it. It’d be silly if that was the case.

So next up is the Intercontinental Championship, which is Braun strowman champion defending champion vs. schinsky Nakamura, Sami Zayn and Cicero. I’m hoping they square away tonight if who wins this title if they win?

Yeah. Because they basically it’s a three on one match, right? Yeah, I think one of the three can but it’s not an every man for themselves. They right they are a team and then he’s fighting. So is it the person that pens him gets the actual belt or is it the maybe this is how they’re going to split these assholes up.

I mean, doesn’t really matter that much.

Like I I could see it being bro or brawn first of all I think broad stroke it’s gonna widen bronzer I was gonna win just because what you’re pointing out it there’s not really any rules there’s no no way for a single individual to win yeah it wasn’t said like hey if if if this matter who wins Nakamura was challenging for the belt so he gets the belt back which they’ve job this fucking intercontinental title and Nakamura by the way right oh yeah how much that both absolutely mean nothing anymore well and if Braun strowman beats three guys it’s going to raise his stature yeah not that he needs it but he’s it’ll it’ll raise him up as being you know that strong man that can beat anything that comes along and yeah that came style yeah of person that is that dominant so Bray Wyatt before they correct complete bitch

I did i like i said i did not watch that I we were talking about this earlier I don’t know if I mentioned it but I didn’t watch that pay per view strictly because I knew what happened and I was like it was a fucking punch line to it.

Bad joke if if anything can be ruined Vince can do it. Yeah, like that’s literally I you take a supernatural character that a a took 12 curb stops and sold none of them correct, right?

took all that Daniel Bryan had to offer. All right and he loses to a 50 way. It’s not even Goldberg’s age. I don’t care cuz Goldberg still looks like he could whip anyone’s ass except that right right but it’s for half assed spears. These weren’t even like full good looking spears and a suplex that was not a jackhammer

over the head suplex alright with no he didn’t do his little thing where he curled the leg he didn’t do shit.

I’m glad I didn’t watch it. I that would that would have pissed me off so much because I love like the female character is literally the best character in my opinion that has come along and in the last 15 years and then last week, he did just


He’s fighting Siena for the belt, right? You know how he challenged him? How did he challenge him? He walked out onto the ramp pointed to the WrestleMania signed. Oh, he didn’t attack Siena. He didn’t do anything. He walked out. He pointed to that fucking sign. And then Siena tipped his hat to him.

He has turned him into a bitch. And he’s so good and it was a good program. Oh, I mean, and how long Okay, they were previewing them for what two months three months before he actually came back he’s only with our matching right they came go like a year they let the undertaker go like a year before they made them like beatable right that’s so stupid not you’re not gonna make seen a comeback after two years off and job to the theme. Yeah, I mean if he does, okay, okay. Let me rephrase if he jobs to the theme. That is seen as last last match.

That is he will be retiring.

If he drops the fiend you think that will be the reason that he like, because he doesn’t. He obviously doesn’t need the wrestling, right that he, he’s like the rock and the fact that he respects everything that he went through and that’s what got him there. Yeah, and he just enjoys he enjoys coming back, but I think that that is his last match if he jumps, if he if he ends up jobbing too, but also, I understand I understand there’s better ways to do it, but I understand why they had to get the belt off the theme because

if Roman Reigns was the one they’re probably giving Roman Reigns the belt at WrestleMania he was the one to beat the theme. They would just like they would tar and feather.

So next up is next up match is the Alistair black vs. AJ Styles No Disqualification. Matt I am really looking forward to this. I am too This is probably the match that I am looking most forward you on the card. I think it’s going to be a great bash. They both are great performers. I mean Alistair blacks just been

killing it lately. Yeah, I think Alistair black takes the wind because he needs to push more than AJ Styles does. Yeah. And I think I think Alistair black is is on his way up to like, being the guy one day. Yeah. To where AJ Styles is like, he’s leveled off his he’s as high as he’s gonna get. Yeah. Well, I mean, he but he’s been at that point for quite a long time. Yeah, that’s what I’m saying. He’s, he’s, he’s reached his peak. He’s just kind of like,

you know, just doing is like, like, like the guy who’s waiting the guy still got five more years before he can retire. Right? Exactly. Um, and I mean, AJ, he was at the top, you know, and he’s, he’s worked at that high mid card spot now, and that’s kind of where he is. And he’s been world champ several times. I mean, I’d like to see him get a universal championship run before he, you know, before they start really making him just put over other people. And that’s it. Yep. Because I think he signed he signed what he said was his last contract.

They didn’t disclose how many years I’m guessing it was five or six years. So I mean, I would get three good years out of them and then start like, you know, just making them put people over. Okay, next up is the first Elimination Chamber match that we’re going to go over which is the SmackDown Tag Team Championship Elimination Chamber, which is the MS and john Morrison champion, versus The Usos versus New Day versus heavy machinery vs. Robert Bobby rude because I’m not calling him Robert rude because screw that. Dolph Ziggler and also a glare versus Lucha house party. Okay.

Stay named them off. We’ll do this like the rumble. I’ll tell you who has no chance. Okay, the MS and Morrison retaining the title. JOHN Lawrence give that a 60% chance because like, like the

godsakes I am just getting worse with the memory.

Like the other tag champions. They just they just they just wanted the street profits.

So I’ll give them the I’ll give them the highest, the highest percentage of retaining. Yes. Well, and I would agree with you there because it’s also their first match defending the titles. Yeah, exactly.

So next up is The Usos. The Usos, I would give a

I’ll give them a 40% chance of winning, I was going 45. So they’re going to get they’re going to get those titles back eventually, because they’re just they’re that good. New day, new day I’ll get 50 heavy machinery heavy machinery I’ll give 30% chance because they’re going to get the titles eventually. I just don’t think this is the point where they get them I can understand that. Bobby Rudolph Sigler zero percent yet, because I’m going to call him Bobby. Like I said, I’m calling him Bobby and Lucha house party negative 75% chance

you’re saying they’re eliminated first. More than likely. Oh, no, no, they’re the ones that they let get all their like to piss people off. Yeah, like our truth and that Saudi show where he beat like

Six people to lose the AJC got it yes I understand. So I’m with you i think i think there’s a they retain because it’d be silly district somebody after their first defense would be the first time that happened but I feel like heavy machine I feel like this is going to be the order it’s gonna be heavy machinery gone

possibly Bobby rude and Sigler. Then maybe they’ll they’ll throw out one of the to the new days is a new day or The Usos and then lose and lose your house party and then it’ll either come down to The Usos a Morrison or the new day and Morrison. Yeah. I can’t see that.

last match of the night is the Women’s Elite women’s number one contender match. Okay, which is Shayna? baszler. Versus Osca versus live Morgan versus Ruby Riot vs. Sarah Logan vs. Natalia. I wish Oscar had a grumpy personality so I could call her Oscar the Grouch.

She doesn’t have a grumpy personality. And her Do You Have you ever watched her YouTube channel?

Now, she is very happy on her like obnoxiously like almost obnoxious Lee happy because she’s taught she talks about cooking and she’s a giant gamer. So a lot about gaming and yeah, it’s an interesting.

So do you want to do this percentage again? Shayna? baszler 100%. You think Baylor’s coming out? So Osca?

Well, this will put everyone else at zero but right I’ll play the game of the names you mentioned. Who Who are they again? Shayna? baszler. Osca live Morgan, Ruby riot, Sarah Logan and Natalia. I’ll give Oscar 50% chance 50% chance Yeah, I’m yeah. Okay live Morgan 0.0. Ruby riot.

Less than live for less live Morgan. Okay, Sarah Logan, less than live Morgan and Ruby Riot combined. Okay, and Natalya. Give her a 10% chance.

So Jackie Yeah, yeah I

okay. Okay, so if baisley does not win this match, she will never get a push. I don’t think like I think it will be it’s been saying that she doesn’t belong Well, the whole having Shayna baszler come in on her first night and fucking zombie eat Becky Lynch’s neck, right? And Becky basically saying like, you know, we’re going to do this. The only reason I would think she might lose is they might pull the reason I said that she should have won the Royal Rumble, but they had Charlotte win it so that she could challenge for the NXT title.

But they might have her lose it and then like she has to fight fucking live Morgan for I don’t know, some shenanigans. So do you think there’s gonna be any stipulations on the base lawyer? Oh, that’s it at WrestleMania that’s gotta be a no dq match. No dq or do you think it’s like a cage match? Like Kate, I don’t think they’re gonna pull a cage. Damn. Pull the cage out arrest.

Romanian along. It’s hard to actually come to think of it because there’s no roof. Yeah, it’s very hard to it would be very hard to do. They’d have to put it. Yeah. No cage match, that wouldn’t happen. So well, that’s the end of the Elimination Chamber cash portion but discussion. We’ll be right back. We’re going to go get Daniel max Shaw on the phone. And we’re give him an interview, some indie wrestling talk, some indie wrestling, and so you guys can come join us next Friday. We’ll be out there and we’ll have a bunch of promotional stuff. And it looks like a cool event. It’s gonna be comic book themed, which I’m I mean, comic books are awesome. I’m always giving comic books. wrestlers look generally like superheroes because they’re, yeah, they’re big guys. And they have a look to them. I guess the lens will probably have beards. Yes. So it won’t be our normal live broadcast because we’re not going to be covering the action. So to say we’re actually going to be sitting down with a lot of the talent. So that’d be fun. Should be a good time. I’m looking forward to it. You wanna go ahead and

plug our social, or actually we’ll plug our social media afterwards. Yes, we will. Hey, I

will be right back.

And on the phone with us we have Daniel max Shaw, the ring announcer and promoter for pro wrestling actions, heroes and villains event that’s going to be going on in ultimen Springs next Friday. We’re going to be live broadcasting from there and I’m kind of excited for that. Yeah, it’s gonna be fun. Well, we’re gonna be live. We’re gonna be doing some live podcasting. It’s not going to be like our normal broadcasts, but we will have live podcasting will be and we’ll be recording some interviews with some of the wrestlers. Dan, thanks for joining us on the show.

Hey, Rick, Drew, thanks for having me, guys. I appreciate it. So what are you? Can you just tell us a little bit about the event itself to start off with? Yeah, absolutely. So basically, this is the first event for the new promotion pro wrestling.

action. It’s called Heroes vs. villains. It’s got a comic books down theme, you’re going to see that with the design of the set and the decorations of the of the place. And really the whole concept of promising action is to take some of the best talent that you either should know or you know, who have not been signed by someplace in Connecticut, and put them in a situation where you’re going to see them well shot, well lit, well edited. Yes, this is going to TV eventually. We’ve got great lighting system, a great sound system. So basically, I want to take the talent that deserves to be in WWE, and I say those initials. Now you can say it, and I can say that you can beat that out and really give them the opportunity they deserve to be well seen. And not just locally, but this is going to be shot. We’ve got. I can’t say just yet Who’s shooting but I’ve got some people who have shot major televised broadcasts wrestling shows who are working on this behind the scenes.

Eventually this will be marketed as a TV pilot. That sounds like a lot of fun and I know you guys you have some some decent a decent named wrestlers that people would recognize who are some of the guys that you have going

okay guys and gals I’m sorry guys and gals full absolutely learn a few via with course we’ve got the future of sports entertainment the ever entertaining Chico Adams and I believe he’ll be accompanied by his mental health therapist, Dr. Eric Christopher who keeps them in line just enough. We have got the monsters Gabe Zilla, and if you’ve seen him in action, but this

he’s about he’s a Hoss. Yeah, you just can’t see anything else. This man is a beast. I just can’t wait to see how he tears apart his competition. We’ve got an action on the girls side. Let’s talk about the American kaiju Lindsay snow. She is basically the tattooed Terminator. Brazilian jujitsu or

I get she’s gonna be amazing. We have the eversole lovely the beauty queen, Kesha price you’ve seen her before. On the May young classic a few years back. We’ve got Miss Sophia Castillo, we’ve got the mean girl, professional wrestling, Marina Tucker. Those two do not like each other. And I think we’re going to see that at the event. Let me see throw you a few more names. vertigo, the cure of era.

He actually is got his back up against the wall. He’s been challenged by the reckoning. That’s a team of JD and Jeremiah led by the voice Justin Michaels. As of right now, we don’t know who his partner is. We’re going to find out hopefully in the next day or two, and I’m just sort of making that announcement very, very soon on our social media.

What’s up? So I was reading your your flyer and said they’ll be clear. It’ll be clearly defined who’s the heroes and who’s the villains, which is something I think that a lot of people don’t do. Can you talk about that a little

Yeah, absolutely. And by the way, I shouldn’t forget talking about one more hero, one more villain. We’ve got the narrator chance, Oren, who’s decided he’s going to write the next chapter of his story. And he’s going international and his target for that chapter is the prince of Rome, open ship. He did all my d3. And you’ve seen d3 and nx T, I believe he’s been on Raw recently. And he is absolutely amazing. And I can guarantee you he’ll be he’ll be playing the hero role. So yeah, the question is what you know why the Heroes vs. villains concept? Basically, I want to take the talent you should know and make sure that the talent you do know and when I say you, I don’t necessarily mean we’re we’re shooting the show, which is Altamont springs in the Orlando Florida area. I want to take this everywhere. So whether we’re going to show this in Nashville, Knoxville, Salt Lake City, wherever it’s gonna go. We want people to understand who the heroes who the villains are.

You know, if you’re fortunate enough as a wrestling fan to be in Central Florida, you probably get very spoiled. I think you guys would agree. Yeah, we got some really good.

Oh my gosh, I mean, I’ve been an announcer for since 2011. Yeah, oh nine years. And you know, the people I’ve gotten the opportunity to work with here just blow me away. And sometimes I think we get it, we take it almost a little too for granted in this area. You know, having had for many years, TNA Wrestling now impact, bringing all their talents to Universal for so long. Now, that’s changed over to WWE doing NXT live every Wednesday. And then just think of all the schools all the homegrown talent or the town that’s moved here. I always tell people, this is the mecca of pro wrestling. Now, that being said, you know, a lot of the local talent that I think you should see on the worldwide stage, maybe there aren’t getting seen, well there. Well, this is one way for them to get seen and we want to introduce them to

people all around the country, quite frankly, all around the world. And people know who to cheer for who they’re going to do against. I mean, you figure it out pretty quickly, I think.

I mean, it’s good to hear that, that you’re, that there are promotions out there that are trying to go bigger, because a lot of the local promotions are pretty much set and how they do things and they’re not trying to get that bigger audience like that national audience. So it’s kind of nice to see somebody that’s out there pushing to get something that could be a little bit bigger, you know, kind of in that same thing comes up is like ml W. has been doing.

Yeah, thank you. And, you know, it’s really not about music. It’s really about this amazing talent. You know, I see some of the talent here and oh, my gosh, you know, they’re playing these small, tiny venues. And, you know, again, I’m not knocking any pros and please believe me, I love every approach I’ve ever worked for. But you know, I’ve seen this amazing talent that I think should be seen worldwide. And you know, somebody is coming out and their music a script because they forgot to bring a laptop

Like we didn’t bring a ring Bell Okay, let’s bang on on a piece of wood here. So yeah, yeah, they deserve way better than that the fans deserve way better than that. So we’ve got a illumining Emily’s name of the company, CEO Eddie Rivera’s coming in with a trust and lighting system, which is going to be absolutely gorgeous. The game plans to light that ring up like Madison Square Garden.

We’ve got israa Battista from river bear studios. He’s a music composer and an audio engineer and he is so passionate about pro wrestling.

So he’s making sure that we have original music that we can use when we go televised. So these are themes that are going to be customized for our talent.

We’ve got river horse seems to be in the river mode here. Alan rillette from river horse. He’ll be doing the photography, both promo and action shots. And if you’ve seen his work, you know, it’s amazing you hadn’t you certainly want to Google that. I think

Both rivers israa and Alan are just people who really don’t need to be in the wrestling industry. They are big successes outside of it. And they literally give of their heart they give their talents to pro wrestling because they love it so much. So they’re literally giving their quality of work to local independent wrestlers. That you know, otherwise, you’d have to be part of a certain big billion dollar company in Connecticut you have. So people are so lucky to have them and we’re really lucky to have them as part of this show. Is this. Is this your first time promoting or how did you get into promoting?

Oh, gosh, good question. So even maybe I’ll back up a little say how I got into announcing that kind of one thing led to another long, long story short, I’ve always been a pro wrestling fan, grew up in New York and got to go to Madison Square Garden NASA Coliseum and see great shows there and then moved here to Florida and and start going to a lot of the independence.

And I was like, wow, this is really cool. It’s see all this talent and the passion that people have for putting on shows. And just by coincidence, one day, I ran into some people that I recognized from the show and they said, Hey, you should meet our friend Chris Carson. And this is a gentleman who was running Southern Championship Wrestling for about 20 years ago. You guys hit it off like great. Sure, whatever. So we were hanging out and we hit it off we came good buddies. And I think I one day over an adult beverage or two I kind of floated to him like a you know if you ever need an announcer on one of your shows, he goes, Okay, you’re on. I’m like,

yeah, be careful what you wish for. You might get it. He’s like, Great timing. He goes, my my announcer can’t make the next show. So thanks, Ron.

Okay, so you’re basically voluntold at that point.

Yeah, yeah, exactly. And by the way, I am outside so I apologize. I do hear some sirens and

hopefully, hopefully that sounds okay. Yeah, no, it you know, it was really a shell in love.

What’s the passion of people putting on an independent promotion?

And you know, sometimes you tell the stories. I remember on that first show, everybody was going as big as they could they kill the house lights are lighting up the ring. And then they said, hey, let’s also do a live feed and do interviews from behind the curtain. I’m purposely not using insider terms, because otherwise my good friend Rick Santana, would kick my ass. But it’s rare that a few times

and you can do it. So we’re backstage behind the curtain and they say, okay, you’re seeing here and you’re going to use someone so here and I’m like, Where’s the lights? Like? What do you mean the lights is it when we go live? You guys are killing those house lights. And it’s a black room with a black area and we’re behind a black curtain.

And the look on the Jones face was just said everything is like, oh, we’ll be okay. We’ll be okay. So you sure

He’s like, yo, yeah, absolutely. So and by the way again, little bit of sound here from from white. I just happened to pick an area that has a Hello cat so I

said that the cops get the chopper we’re talking about audio problems and I’m giving you guys one.

Remember doing my first interview and I was really excited, I think was actually London bites, if I remember correctly. And during intermission, I ran out some friends were in the audience, like, how did it look? And they said, it sounded great.

And they’re like, it’s like a big black square.

I think for the next one that this was just when smartphones were coming out, and we used to download those flashlight apps. So I had about like five or six people like downloading flashlight apps and standing around me for the second one it was, man, it was fun.

You know, you get creative when you don’t have the money. Oh, absolutely. Yeah, it was just a blast. And, god I’ve been news for like nine years and honestly man, I mean

I could probably just tell you a million stories. But yeah, I’ve been rambling. So anytime you want to interject with a question, feel free. I just said, well, we’ll have you in. We’ll do it like a full week. So we have a indie spotlight thing that we do. Oh, so we’ll actually have you we’ll have you come into the studio sometime. And we’ll we’ll do it that way. We’ll actually do a big formal thing. Well, but um, so the event is on Friday, At what time? Yes, we are opening the doors to the public at 630. We want people to have an easy time getting in from work on a Friday afternoon. We’ve got vendors for them to talk to. We’ve got some costume contest going on. So let’s have a very special guest Freelander predators, but I can’t announce it yet, because it’s not official. We’re gonna be giving away some prizes and then 730 we’re going to start the opening of the show. So first match up a few minutes after, and we’re going to go right through until it’s time to wrap up and then everyone has over to our good friends at the wing house and altimas for the after party where they can meet and greet for their favorite pro

wrestling action stars. So is it is it a family friendly event or is it more like a hardcore type of vibe? No, I will tell you I am going for family friendly. You know, I really believe in advertising and giving what you advertised. So if you look at our graphics, which designed by Nikon media which just knocked it out of the park, you can tell we’re really went for the comic book scene here. So I really want to communicate to families, please bring your kids we will in fact bring your kids in costume. Haven’t dresses pro wrestlers haven’t dresses comic book characters. We’re going to give prizes at intermission and we’d love to see where these creativity come out. back you’ll kind of see the design of the area it lends itself to a comic books. Absolutely. All ages family friendly.

It’s that it’ll be that kind of show you can bring your kids to and where it where it autobahn is it.

It is at the East Mont Civic Center at 830 Magnolia drive. And if you’re familiar with Central Florida, it’s just a few minutes away from the ultimate mall in Eastmond Park. Also

The eye for eyesore if you’re familiar with the area,

the majestic building Yes, the majestic building. That’s what we’re going to call it. I mean, I know that’s the official name of it, but you know.

Well, we appreciate that you coming in? Is there a social media where they can follow you? Absolutely. Okay. So of course, we actually do have a website people still have some websites, I guess. The website is pro wrestling, action calm. And if you hit our Facebook, I’m going to make it. I’m kind of boring. I like to make it easy. Just search pro wrestling action. You’ll see our promotion. We’ve been posting a lot of messages, a lot of previews, a lot of videos, some promotional video interviews that have been coming in from our talents. And then of course, if you click the event, you’ll see pro wrestling action presents Heroes vs. villains. You can click there to buy your tickets. It’ll take you right to event right.

Well, thank you very much for joining us and we can’t wait to see you guys or talk to you next Friday.

Guys, I am so

Looking forward to it. Thank you very much top rope. You guys are awesome. Thank you. Thanks.

Well, I wanted to thank dynomax Shaw again for joining us and that was a great phone interview them. We look forward to seeing them next week. I hope we can get him in for a long form interview I really want to like, I like dabbling in like I liked I liked doing the referees, I’d like to have them in here. Oh yeah, absolutely. I like getting different like in RND stuff like I like to get the people to do everything like yeah just the wrestlers just like well I’m like when we have J and J does a lot of different things and he doesn’t just do wrestling he Yeah, he calls a lot of boxing now and everything else although he did a a wrestling event like two weekends ago

and we’re I’m gonna check out that one soon to the local pro wrestling i think is what’s called so um, but thank him. Thank you again, Daniel, for

joining us and you want to go ahead and plug our social media you

You can visit us at top rope wrestling podcast on Instagram or go to top rope you can join us on Facebook, join in the conversation that’s yet to happen at a top rope wrestling podcast. Just look that up on Facebook and its top rope wrestling. On Twitter on Twitter. Yes, we do not have a G because wrestling of outer limits.

And if you want to email us podcast at top rope wrestling calm. If you want to join us in the 2019 or 20, wherever we are 20 We’re in 2020 get us on social media. But if you want to take it back to 1994 and email it’s Yeah, or you can even take it back to the 1950s and give us a phone call and leave a voicemail or at 951 top rope. Yes, send us a Western Union telegraph.

p o box 44726 have a gentleman on a pony deliver a

Western Union union. So yes, please reach out to us. We it’s up

Yes and so in one form or another we love to have you follow us and we’ll see and next week we will be live the movies that will see no maybe we can actually physically see some of them next week because we’ll be there live yeah like come up and say hi and steal shit from us yeah not our equipment but like I don’t steal will give it to you like if you ask her if something we may even have some shirts if you want the excitement of stealing something will turn our backs and you can just grab a magnet. Yeah would give you anyway. Okay, well okay, let’s get out of here. Bye.

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