This week we are joined by two of the three Refereebirds, Tony Stabile and Lee Canfield after a great Mayhem on Mills: World of Tomorrow. We go over some of the matches as well as their careers in professional wrestling.

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Now head into the ring at a total combined weight of

the top rope with playing

and we’re back from mayhem on Mills. We are we’re doing a little cast here. Yes sir. Yes sir.

We have we got the two you guys been doing it since the beginning right I guess the two of you guys yeah. Well originally it was a Frankie Gastineau and me and then he went on to some other things.

know who he is yes. And then kind of transition into me and then the lead took over and now we’re a tag teaming up in here. Referee bird style. Love it. Love it. I love this place. There’s no God. Yes. This is probably the biggest rowdiest crowd we’ve had Yes, every show is huge. It keeps getting bigger and bigger like this. This crowd is amazing. I just can’t put it over

there. It was a blast out there today. I mean, they were phenomenal. Yeah. From start to finish it didn’t matter what happened this this crowd was going crazy for everything just off the first match is like headlock. Yeah, like all

we’re gonna have a good night tonight. This is gonna be a blast. So do you guys enjoy it when like the crowd starts talking shit about you and like, well, you got some Rafi sucks. I know. There’s someone over here.

It’s weird because like, I’ve learned to not hear everything. Yeah, but on shows like this. You kind of want to hear it right and you get those shows where you can interact back with the fans. And that’s what you do.

Because there’s so many so many shows that I do where it’s it’s straight up like hardcore. You’re, you’re focused on what’s going on. You’re supposed to ignore everything. So shows where you can interact. I love it. It makes it so much better. And is it can we swear on this?

shows like this when they give a shit back, I want to go fuck yourself, buddy.

We can do that that alone is worth the drive. You know? I mean, I mean, I had a show last month, where, you know, we’re in the match we’re going on and some lady screaming so I told her to suck it hard. It was.

It was the most amazing thing. It wasn’t scripted. She was like, she goes, what are we doing? Are we wrestling? We’re dancing. So I go zip your lip horn gave her the extra. I watch. I watched that clip over and over and over again. I was like, Yes, Lee, you are the goddamn man. My God. So if somebody were to want to get into refereeing these types of matches, how would somebody start like where does this begin? Yeah. First of all and foremost, I’m always going to say find a reputable school. Go get trained pay those dues.

But with refereeing. I mean, there’s many avenues to get into it like an example. Just Friday, there was five shows going on in the state of Florida and referees were stretched thin. So one of my buddies who wants to train to become a wrestler, we’re like, he’s driving down, we get some stripes on him. And he made his debut just like that nice three, four matches. He’s like, and he did really well. So that can be one way to do it just being available. Well, I would always say definitely get trained. I would say the same thing. definitely find a school.

a reputable one too, because there’s a billion schools out there. Yeah, find your names. I’ll put them over but

you’ll find even going to even go into a reputable school. They’ll only teach you so far as a rep. Yeah, because they’re they’re more concerned about the workers. So you’ll get you’ll you’ll learn all the basics of being a worker. But then you’ll kind of get a point where your reference in honestly you kind of give the poor people kind of push you to the side. And really the only way to learn from them is actually doing it.

So that’s the hardest part is actually getting on a show. Once you get on a couple shows start making a name for yourself getting more and more. That’s how you learn. Ultimately, I mean, that’s how I learned. You know, I was legitimately trained on a low boy in a garage, I learned how to take bumps on a lowboy.

I learned because we used to film shows up in Virginia, Maryland, so I know how to read a match. And then my trainer legitimately took me all over the country, putting me on shows. That’s how I learned.

Yeah, it’s definitely interesting, because I know that there are guys who were wrestlers that transitioned into rap. And then I mean, obviously you can go to school just to become a rapper. Yeah. So I mean anything you want to do in a wrestling school if you pay them.

If you want to go in and learn to be a ring announcer someone will train you with your standard fee. But yeah, one of our one of our one of the Friends of the show is a is a ring announcer he’s been doing it for 25 years now or something he started when he was like, 15 years old.

up in Maine, so it’s really interesting like how people just randomly got into it because he got into it because a friend of his started a quote, like a local, whatever. And it was a bunch of kids wrestling. Yeah, he’s like, I’m gonna first he tried wrestling and he’s like, no, that’s not for me.

I’m gonna call matches now. Yeah, he’s been doing over 25 years now because honestly, their shows I’ve been to where like the ring announcer had to drop out or whatever might have happened. And so that is grab anyone. And that can be very detrimental to our show when you get a bad ring. Announcer it just buries the entire show when you got a great one. It makes all the difference in the world like definitely good ring announcer goes a long way. Do you guys ever take bumps? I took a spear on Friday night. As a referee. We take some stuff now and then you know you’re gonna get super kicked or squished in the corner is always like a squishy spot. You know? I mean, it was a I want to say my first show here. It was when Effie hit me with the trash can.

Oh, yeah.

Actually, I think that may have happened right next to drew

Wait, because outside the ring, I think Yeah, yeah. So it happens. I mean in that that’s why I think you need to go to a reputable you do need to learn to take the bus because you need to be safe too and you need to make sure they’re safe. So yeah, that’s the part of it. But when it comes to bumps, I mean, I’ve taken everything from Super kicks the tiger drivers, I’ve done the Joey Ryan kickflip I’ve done all this.

So go ahead. Oh, sorry. Sorry. So

we’re like so like, with with like a mayhem on Mills type of match? Are you guys communicating a lot with the wrestlers in the ring? Or is it did they just kind of do their own thing? Absolutely. We’re always communicating with everybody, you know, like stuff stuff like this, like that ladder match. Like there’s a lot of things where you can easily get hurt. So constantly checking on them seeing what’s going on, you know, making sure that not really really, you know, you’re gonna get hurt, no matter what, but like you Okay, I think it depends, you know, there’s times when like tonight in the six man, Troy messaged me to realize something so I mean, you

always have to keep your eyes open. But I mean, I’ll be honest with the emotions, you know, they kind of do their thing you check on everybody make sure cool if you got an earpiece you’re relaying you know time q stuff like that. Or you hear someone say, hey, do this and you relay a little stuff. I mean, yeah, it depends on the situation. You know, you’re always ready to be there to communicate. But you also got to know when to stay out of the way and kind of just let the things go. Yeah, these guys are professionals. They know exactly what you’re doing. They know their stuff. So they don’t really need us too often, but you need to be available for when they do. The greener the guys the more you have to do, right. Absolutely. Like mostly when you’re like, Okay, this sucks. Let’s just go home. I had a good home. I legit had a student one kid once wrestling where I went and actually checked on him and gave him the egg in his hand. And he thought I was telling him to take it home. So it was the most

like I was checking in and he was never taught that and I’m like, Nah, man, I was just making sure you didn’t die in

your you’re set to go. It’s like sometimes I’ll go up to a guy

You know, and they just don’t respond. It’s like, please grab my hands.

Like what are you doing? Like, are you okay? Are you dead? I’m fine. Okay, rock and roll. Let’s do this. Oh man, I can only imagine the stuff I because I mean, especially in the state of Florida you have so many levels of wrestling I mean yeah, absolutely yeah you got guys that have been doing it for 40 years that are out there and then you got guys that have literally a month ago you know? Yeah, it started school. Like

everything from like, you know, like crappy shindy yard shows, you know, established shows and you know, these NXT guys are everywhere. So there’s a whole spectrum of talent in Florida so it’s always kind of a you know, kind of show you’re going to work with sometimes it’s like, never worked here before. Let’s see how this goes. And it’s always interesting when you see the run card you’re like all right, no, this guy know this guy. Wow, I don’t know anyone else on this show. So you know, that’s how the night’s gonna be. Yeah, and I just for doing wraps and doing doing stuff.

Here like we’ve gotten to know these guys pretty good because they bring back the same guy not the same guys but a lot of the times we got a roster and it’s

it’s definitely an interesting to get to know these these guys and then go to another event. No one has either has any clue or is it?

Yeah Oh yeah, that’s absolutely well you know what I’ll say the same thing The same thing goes with referees. Oh you can tell a referee that knows what they’re doing and then you can immediately spot one that has no clue. Oh, yeah, you can usually tell right off the bat based upon what they’re wearing is always like the first clue. Yeah, okay. He’s wearing some like white sneakers. No, it’s got a blue belt on No, like, what is what is happening with this guy? You’re black and white. It’s pretty simple. Yeah.

You know, you would really think but how many shows have we see where people just, I mean, cuz legitimately a lot of promotions. And that’s how you can tell us a good promotion. You have a lot of promotions, we feel

legitimately anybody can be a wrap. Yeah. So my cousin Billy is coming up. We need a raffle fellas shirt on him. You’ll see kids in there with like shorts on tennis shoes, and I cringe so hard when I see it is just like, spit in the face of

it. I hate it. So what is for the both of you? What’s the favorite match that you’ve ever called? That you’ve ever you’ve ever been? I think for me, I got I got a million but I can tell you two that. I got my talk to you right now. Okay, well, we’ll go talk to them. I’ll say right off the bat I get to work with with harka when I was doing ml W. And I, I’m an old WCW guy grew up in like, you know, the 80s and 90s. So I always loved the parka. And in fact, I got to work with him. I was just like, oh, that was just it was just a fireball. That was

Yeah, that’s awesome. Yeah, it’s kind of gone through a fireball on my face. I work with a park. It was amazing for me. I love that. That was definitely one of my top two. Let’s go with you on your next one. All right, well, oh geez. All right. In the same vein for ml w

First time I worked for ml W, I walked through the door Tony’s kind of walked me around each meeting everybody I see the run sheet. first match. I’m doing an ml w never worked before as Teddy Hart john Hannigan. Yeah, right there was like All right, we’re done. We’re going I just stepped into something right now. What is this? That was my first ml w match ever, like the day before? You’re working some like little local like, Oh, yeah, let’s walk these guys through the match. And then it’s like, Oh, shit. That was pretty probably number two. That was number two. That’s number two. Number two. Okay, I’m gonna go with also uh, I didn’t match professed wrestling was Joey Ryan and Eric Canaan and amika I love that match. Because they’re like, they can go Of course with a heavy in a comedy and I just love comedy. So yeah, that’s like, I love orange Cassidy or just that I want to work with him so bad.

What a guy’s work he’s gonna be on the podcast soon actually looks almost identical to orange Cassidy. Yeah. And he’s a he’s a friend of mine. He actually hosts another podcast already, or while he hosts a regular podcast. He also has a wrestling podcast. Right? Right.

He goes dressed as orange Cassie to every AWS event. yeah nice people like flock to him he’s like that it’s such a good cause Oh yeah. Oh it does such a good job with it

all right okay favorite match? I got I feel like I’m just like dropping names right now favorite match? what you gotta do though okay. evolve. Okay, I did AR Fox was will Osprey nice and this was like right after will Osprey hurt his neck you know top of the world you know one of the best wrestler world him and Fox went 15 minutes non stop just killed it. Yeah, my favorite one of my private favorite match I’ve ever worked because legitimately I was in the back taping will Osprey up putting you know tape on his neck? Oh my god what is going on right now? We’re moving in. We’re moving in. We’re moving. Half the people are moving in half people are moving out so so I’m back there taping will ask Brett but he’s going over the match. And he basically told me where to stand is that everything’s gonna happen left and right in front of you and everything happened left and right in front of me. Oh, yeah. It was amazing. I loved it. Like I

Was starstruck like again. I should not be doing this match right now what is going on? Yeah, well there you are. Someone messed up somewhere.

Got me confused. So do you guys ever get injured? Oh yeah, we definitely get injured

okay I’ve been rapping now almost 10 years I’ve been injured one time no really like seriously injured one time and how serious it was it was it wasn’t a tag match Leo Brian from the dirty blondes drop an elbow on me and crushed me now I don’t know if that hurt me or when he threw me out of the ring and I got caught up in the ropes either way I hurt my ribs and that was a day and that’s probably the most have been hurt oh my god I got money being shoved in my G string right now.

In the strip club What is going on? That’s probably legitimately the worst I’ve been hurt and and that in the grand scheme of things wasn’t very bad. Yeah, most I’ve had was a broke a small bone in my ankle during a multi man

gauntlet crazy

weird thing that was no fun. I had a concussion about a concussion. That was when I was training. So but yeah, that’s about it. You know, I think one time with your hand your wrist. My thumb was like fuck for about a year. So I just kept getting re injured re injured. It’s good now though. Let’s go. I forgot about that. Why don’t you do a couple of promotions like ringless promotions and oh, yeah, like no peace underground.

Our night I saw the pictures. Yeah.

It is. The next one is March six. And it’s right downtown. soundbar right. sidebar. Yeah. That’s my second favorite. wrestling and death match. I was one show I fell in love and I’m going to be working the mania show so I’m yeah, the here for mania. I was pissed. I was. I was up in Philly. CCW did the, their big deathmatches enough. Yeah. And I was there and I was invited and we were supposed to go to record. Yeah. And I came to the realization that it was at two o’clock and not seven o’clock at about 130 in the afternoon.


Yeah, I missed that point.

Do you guys just do Florida? Or I’ll go wherever they take me to? Absolutely. No. This weekend, I’m flying out to Virginia, the galaxy con for Fs CW. So I’ll be there and then we work late and wherever we can go join me. I have a lab in Florida more recently, but you know, I’ve lived it. I’ve worked in 20 states. So I’ve been up and down. So I used to live in Virginia. So I’ve been up and down the East Coast a little bit out west, not too far, but a little bit. Again, if if I’m free, and I can do it, I’ll be there. No matter where it’s at. We’re all about jumping in the car and making it happen. Now. I assume you guys were both wrestling fans before getting into the wrestling.

thing of being a wrestling fan is you’re like a wrestling fan for life. Oh yeah, maybe there’s times you’re not into it as much but it’s always there for you to come back to and it’s always there. We always talk about the ebbs and flows of like, oh, man, I was Die Hard. I was early, mid to late 80s. And then I fell off a little

Lie on the Attitude Era. I was back in. Dry right back and then I fell off after 2002 ish. Yeah, I just recently got back into it. 2005 to 2015 I was the flu What happened?

network subscription. Go back. And look. I’ll tell you I’m a huge wrestling fan. I don’t watch any wrestling. I watch the pump on it. I know what’s going on. Yeah, I haven’t watched much. I’ve been watching NWA. Yeah, an hour long watch. It’s very, very easy to read. It’s really tough. Now. You were in NWA. Oh, yeah, I dig that up because there’s so many guys that we’ve worked with or have known through running through various that are now made it there on TV. There’s and so you kind of want to watch them but yeah, they’re kind of like yeah, I’ve worked with them and see their stuff more when they’re on the Indies. Now they’re on TV and I don’t see him no more. Exactly. I try to watch it But yeah, I guess I keep up on the news. What’s happening, you know, see my gifts, replays of all the fake reviews. Yeah, that’s I mean, that’s pretty I watch pay per views. I watch occasional shows here and there.

Yeah, I haven’t the podcast I drew he is a literal watcher of everything

everything yeah we’re I’m more of the casual fan so it’s it’s interesting get to get everybody’s look at it and I think I’ve come to the conclusion most wrestlers and people in the wrestling business don’t really watch it much or as as much as you would imagine oh so just watch it

yeah that’d be in hotel with guys and they’re just like for they brought the PlayStation Network up and we’re just watching Smackdown all weekend like we’re on road trips you know driving and like only you know get a pay per view on my phone like non stop for them you know, and that’s awesome. That’s too much for me.

Like you gotta spread your loves around so yeah, right I gotta watch my Star Wars stuff. You know, I gotta do all that. I’ll be but we’re getting everybody stopped by

the store so referee birthday.

Everyone feels Yeah, start charging for pictures, pay respects.


So, um, as far as that’s like you we kind of discussed low end like what some of the low ones what are some of the worst matches? Oh, God, I got more worst matches than I do. I hate to like, over another, but I’m not gonna say the names right off the bat. I know exactly my worst matches. Well, I mean, okay, so we can talk like, you don’t have to mention the promotion or we will not

want to give them

like okay for like for a cw, I work a lot of Wednesday night shows and the Wednesday night it caught proving ground. So it’s a you’ll have a lot of newer guys come through. That’s your chance to prove Yeah, we’ve seen some great people come through there. I mean, it’s I Eve toy. Hollywood’s that’ll still come through. And then we have some kids that come through that you’re kind of like, yep, and that’s about it. for maybe a month and just move on.

I’ve referenced some promotions like in West Virginia, Delaware some places where you’re, you know, no naming names because because I actually love every company I’ve worked for, you know, everyone’s giving me a shot I feel and anyone I’ve ever been in a ring with. I have so much respect for even the ones who don’t deserve to be in the ring. Right? Because they’re doing it they’re doing it. Yeah, don’t chase what I’ve seen some stuff where you’re legitimately like, Wow, did you just pay to get into this ring? I mean, did you did you pay someone to get five minutes in this ring? What is going on? And that’s probably the case. I mean, that’s what happened to my worst match was that guy just pays to get on shows. Oh, yeah, like legit just doesn’t have any training or anything. He’s He’s I guess he’s sort of trained. I don’t know his history, but

we’ll ask him he’s like a living legend. But you know, bro, the big show’s big. The big thing I’ve seen is the whole sell the tickets. If you sell tickets as a as a wrestler, it might get you a better spot on the car. Yeah. This guy’s selling tickets. Oh, we gotta keep bringing up

You know, this guy sold 30 tickets and our crowd is that’s half our crowd. So now I got to put them on like semi me. Yeah, that happens. Yeah, I’ve seen it happen. Yeah. It’s always interesting to talk to we had, we’ve had range of guys in the guys from the guy who’s been doing it for three or four months and sends us a video of him in front of 10 people, you know, it’s like, Yeah,

he’s like, he’s out there chasing his dream and doing his thing. And yeah, oh, yeah, you know, but at the same time you come to I mean, as far as a local event, this has a pretty, pretty good draw. And

I love this crowds. Like these are my type of shows that I love where it’s a party atmosphere is like no pressure, everyone’s drinking where they’re having fun. Yeah, this is this is my kind of deal. There’s like, there’s the shows that we do, where you got to be serious, and this is a straight up, serious show. And then there’s shows like these where it’s serious, but you can have a little bit more fun and those are the best shows. That doesn’t matter. It doesn’t legitimately It doesn’t matter.

There’s 30 people in the crowd 50 people 300 if you’re having a fun time and interacting it makes the show that much better. Oh, yeah, these are like every, like every punk concert I went to in the 90s is what this is like. Exactly. Yes, it’s total punk wrestling. Within within Florida we got like three or four just punk based wrestling shows and honestly, I don’t listen to punk Me Me neither. But I’m on all these punk wrestling.

I’m like, like what what do you listen to? I’m like, I don’t know man like weird Allen shit. There’s nothing wrong with listening. It’s weird. Oh, absolutely not but but saying that there’s some of the best shows. Oh, my favorite. My favorite show absolute favorite shows. So I need to like the denim spikes on and then I like pop punk. And ska was like a big part of my childhood. Yeah. Oh, yeah. I was more into like the the Detroit hip hop scene. All that out there but like, Yeah,

I was in a lot of shit when I was a kid. Yeah. It’s good. It’s good.

That’s pretty much how it works no yeah oh yeah for sure for like for you guys because you know you do a lot of a podcast and you get around and do it like how do you feel like the state of like pod wrestling based podcast now there’s a billion

we can’t get traction anywhere yeah that’s a whole nother story today I got a friend request or someone follow me some some random wrestling timely. I don’t know you guys I’m not gonna follow you. Reach out put me on that was established a connection and yeah, I think there’s the biggest problem in here that there’s two problems first thing a lot of you don’t have reps so they’re just you have a microphone or not even picking up a microphone someone we’re talking into the phone.

audacity is a free download

an audio guy so it drives me nuts like I can’t listen to audio or podcast with my pitches in the background. Yeah, or sound like sure.

And it’s funny because there are some very, very, very big podcast that have that sound issue and it drives me nuts. I just don’t listen to

Like I can’t do like same thing like if I do a podcast like I need to be sitting there with you right? I don’t want you to phone call. I did. I did one over the phone. Yeah. And it was like it was I enjoyed it. But when I hear back it’s kind of like Wow, well and we do. We do a lot of phone interviews but the nice like, the way that I have it set up, I get top out of

the house. I’ve got everything set up and you never know never an issue. Occasional where he’s at home and I’m in my stay in the studio. He’s

in the studio with him like I don’t want to

forget when he was sick on Friday, so we’re like, you go you stay home. Yeah, we’ll record over the fall.


yeah, that and

I think everybody until he brought this to my attention way back when we first started it was

that everybody needs their niche. You know, a lot of them haven’t found that. You know, they’re either going to Monday morning quarterback or they’re going to talk history or whatever we do.

Do all of that. But we also have the indie connection and we like Yeah. Any any show that we can go to and broadcast from we are 100% there all the time. Yeah. Any any wrestler who wants to come on the show or whatever, you know?

We’re we are more than happy to talk to you no matter what level you’re at, or you know, yeah, whatever. So I was like it like our third referee bird, Ken Klausner. He’s got his show turnbuckle track. And so he does. He does a lot of like, video interviews, and he’d be like, some fun video effects of stuff on there. But when he used to do like a pay per view recaps when you started He’s like, man, I gotta get away from it. Everybody does it. You know, I mean, now it’s more like, you know, 1520 minutes. Let me sit with someone. Yeah, yeah. Give me the quick down and dirty of your history and we’ll do our thing. Yeah, that’s, that’s exactly kind of what we go for. And

not bad. But we had one guy who went literally two and a half hours. I think we asked three questions. And what’s your name?

Well, the funny story

was born back when I was a baby and

we learned all about Pennsylvania and west or middle, middle. I gotta go there now you know about it. Exactly. I set the mic down for like 10 minutes at one point

itself at this point.

Exactly. It was it was one of those ones where we’re just like, I’m cool. And he talked about his pet scum and his pet Oh, it was.

But you know, at the same time, it was an enjoyable interview. It just went on for forever. The next time we talked to a guy and it was

one word answers for every kapiel

was given to me I mean

model symbolic. So and I it’s interesting because growing up I was always under the impression that you guys are supposed to not be the story like yeah, raps are not supposed to be the story. But I see a lot more rep promotion. I mean, Tony, you have a whole line of

Like you’re

standing at a concert yesterday your photo popped up or your your sticker was Hey, I know that guy

that’s why I love like indie wrestling in the you know 2019 1820 now yeah this is where to start you’re having fun you know we’re having fun just comedy wrestling is all this shit like it’s not like it needs to be back in the day like when we’re in the ring yeah we just play it you know straight laced bone or outside the ring I can have a character I can be I mean I can do it by why we legitimately were just BS in one day and it’s like the referee birds thing started and next thing you know we had a logo we got some shirts, stickers and yeah, like a smart name is like the three of us were like Oh, the referee birds Freebird

completely interchangeable anytime Exactly. What we want to do an idea for a management want to do a free bird style.

each other in and out you know? I’m talking mid count one two.

What would be great isn’t

There was no tag and Paul, you guys just literally just slid into switch to have two guys run to the ring and pop in and out like yeah, see how many people notice in the middle of the match? Yeah, like, it’s like, moves outside somebody slides under somebody else comes back out. We did that we kind of did that at fest when we did that taxi. Yeah, it was like a tag team gauntlet with like, 12 teams. And so is it more than 12 or even more? It was like 14 or so matches. So I did like half and legitimately halfway between matches, we switched out a lot, right? I don’t even know if anyone noticed, because we were just

there’s another referee, but

no one that was pretty seamless. So we want to kind of play with that idea. And like do it with just a comedy match or just kind of showing her ass out there. I think that would be enjoyable. I could definitely go for it. Oh yeah. Oh, yeah. And then we started doing more like promos, like filming or promos, because who cares? I mean, who cares? So it’s about having a good time. Enjoy yourself. You know, that’s what it is every work generation championship, you know, jensi w here and they put all three of us together.

So it’s like oh, let’s cut promos for them you know exactly put our you know product over in you know, and then you come to find out that we’re like one of the only people cutting promos

worked in our favor now that they love us like Yeah, please keep cutting promos like all right, we got some some funny ideas. So last time when we were doing our recording on Friday, we were talking about my buddy’s band is does our shows I’m actually getting like a live band intro us into the show next time. Right, right. Nice fog and everything walking

off the actrix man lean into that. It’s fun. It’s fun. You’re not having fun if you’re not having fun. What’s the point? You know, yeah, shows where I’m not having fun. It’s like, Oh, yeah, like, I could be playing games right now. You know, like, they come to shows I look forward to these events and it keeps it going. You know, you gotta keep these mixed it because like Friday night, I was at fyp. So it’s very straightforward. You know, we’re on I paper you caught it this way. And that’s fine. This is working serious, but no one will come here and have fun.

Makes it gets you through the week definitely goes. Well I appreciate you guys joining us today. Absolutely thanks. Actually I will just throw this out there you guys are actually on our 52nd episode so your official one year

one year so you

get ref cast for the one year anniversary

downhill from here

we hit rock bottom and now we have

North now

Can everybody follow you guys on social media first oh geez What is my my Twitter and Instagram is the godly I believe or godly TV it’s that godly to you got your Instagram Vegas, my Instagram and your Twitter and my Twitter. Yeah, and it’s literally camp it on Facebook. I should I should probably have all my stuff the same but I don’t because I’m lazy and don’t

We’re missing a G on Twitter so it’s okay nice yeah I mean there’s so many names to go around right now you can catch me on facebook twitter and instagram although I don’t use Twitter much I need two more it’s all it’s at rough Tony’s reveal because that’s every referee needs to have the rough and they’re

gonna know your rough I don’t know you just got and we’re here tonight at mayhem on mill so definitely follow them as well. Yes, absolutely. This was amazing. April 19 is the next one so you know we’re

still assuming

the dates but I will be here Yes. I believe it’s April 19 is the yes because the day before I leave on the cruise so April 19. I gotta find out what definitely will be here whilst been blasting my hair dreading Boss. Boss. When’s the next dates?

April night April.

Show? Yes, right, your anniversary.

There we got. Rock and Roll. There we go. Awesome.

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