This week, Rick and Drew sit down and preview the card for Mayhem on Mills: The World of Tomorrow which will happen this Sunday at the Orange Studios on Mills Avenue in Orlando, Fl. If you are in the area, you can pre-purchase tickets here: . If you are out of town or can’t make it, you can watch all the action live on our Twitch channel:

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Now head into the ring at a total combined weight of

the top rope with playing

Welcome to another edition of top rope wrestling podcast. This is Rick and drew is back in his house because he was not feeling well today and actually left early to go to from work and I didn’t want to get sick so he’s it.

Oh, sorry. I’m so glad I got to see that.

Okay, so we’re gonna keep going because why not? Just try to take my microphone out? Is that what that was? I didn’t see the dog. Oh, yeah, he was on

the table and decided to try and stand up and take the microphone out all at once. I think we’re doing this via like Skype type of thing. So I’m, I’m looking at at Rick via video chat and I just see the mic, like, slap him in the face. That’s all it was, too. He nailed it. And I think it’s because I said your name and he may have thought that you were at the door. So that was probably what it was. I’m gonna guess at least

tell a tell the dog. He’ll see me next week. I will tell him actually he will. Well, we’ll see about that. Well, we I want to talk about that later. We may have we’ll probably have to record early. So okay, um, let’s see. We’re going we’re previewing mayhem on Mills mayhem on Mills is this Sunday, the 23rd at the orange studios directly across the street.

from Wales pub, the wonderful bartenders from Wales pub will be there giving you money, or give it to you for you to give them money to get drinks, they’ll be serving giving the money, there will be no, they will be taking your money to get drinks. So if you want to go out there and drink and have a good time, and enjoy some great local wrestling, you know, please come join us. We’ll be broadcasting live if you can’t make it.

And, yeah, we’ll be on Twitch at top or forward slash top rope wrestling, you’ll be able to watch all of the live action. And we got some special effects going on because this is mayhem and Mills the world of tomorrow. Correct. So basically, they’re seemingly whole thing based on it being 2020 and everywhere in the future now. So, but it’s the future from the perspective of someone in 1968 correct. So we’re going to make it look like in 1968. Hopefully, as long as everything works out.

We’ve got the look down. I think I’ve got it completely set. But the

the sound we’re still working on a little bit. We’re gonna make it sound and look.

What are you? What are you doing with the sound? I don’t know. We’ll have to see you’ll have to tune in to find out. Okay. Yeah. They’re supposed to be contraptions and grappling and acrobatics and technology. So

we’ll go run up through the card and

take a look at what they got going on. We have the three on three, the six man tag match, which is team Hollywood, which is treehouse lead, Troy, Hollywood and soy erech vs. serpent, Team siave. Okay, which is serpentis go sell some Subbu and Snoop strikes.

We’ve seen all of these guys in action before. Yes, they all put on a great show. So I’m excited to see how

how it all works out, especially with Snoop strikes going straight up against soy Erectus time. I hope she choked slams him. Oh, it’s totally gonna happen. She only like he’s so small that when she chokes slams him. It just looks really awesome. Yeah, well, and she’s what she’s got to be. She’s taller than I am. She’s got to be good. 66263 right. Yeah, at least

she’s got the she’s got a rustlers build for sure. Yes, definitely.

Do you think that sir pentacle will use one of our chairs in this match? He did last he did last or no, no, no.

I hope so. I have no problem with him using it. So

yeah, I’m excited for the for that match for sure. I’m always excited to see Troy Troy, Troy Hollywood put on one of the better shows out of any of the local talent that I’ve seen so far. Is he your favorite? He might be my favorite.

I like your favorite

Current wrestler like in all of wrestling No.

But he as far as local talent is concerned he he kills it. I mean, have you we haven’t seen a bad batch from him? no no we have definitely not seen a bad man and he always goes all out so but so to start kentico so kentico always goes all out I’ve really enjoyed the matches between the two of them. So these teams are a lot similar and yet some differences so both of them like have one really athletic guy they got Snoop and treehouse Lee, right. And then I’m going to say the powerhouses of the group are

Sawyer, and

what’s what’s the guy’s name, the leader say have also be so that’s the two powerhouses and then the two finesse guys would be Troy and Sorento. kentico. Yep.

And like I said, they we’ve seen most of these people in singles against each other at one point, and occasionally with each other. So I’m interested to see

It should be a good match. I don’t know where it’s gonna fall on the card.

Yeah, they have a weird, sometimes they open with the main event and then sometimes they close with it. Yes, sometimes they just throw it right in the middle. But I would think yeah, this will be one you may might want to save to the end, but they might they might save the ladder match the end. Yes, which is the next one that we’ll talk about. It’s killing King vs. Wolf Taylor, in a ladder match. And I was kind of discussing this earlier with some people. And the roof at that place is not overly tall. It’s not so I’m interested to see if they end up possibly putting the

they hang it in the middle of the crowd where the crowd would be. So yeah, I don’t think the ladder is gonna go in the middle of the ring. Yeah, that was kind of my thought unless they use a step ladder. You know, that’s really the only way that that would work out because you can basically die from the any one of the ropes and grab something in the center of the ring thats hanging from the roof.

So right, so, Wolf, I have not seen a lot of like, stuff that would lead me to believe he’s a ladder match dude. No. He seems like a brawler. Absolutely. So plus this

Kilian kings bears on the line or rabbit or what? The stuffed animal she carries around. Correct. So I’m going to say she’s probably going to win this one.

Yeah, I would probably I would go. I agree with you on that one. But you know, never know. I mean, they could there could be, I’d say it’s gonna break down into a hardcore match where chairs and stuff will be used to display wolf slyke, brawler ability, but then in the end, she’s she’s definitely going to beat him. I think it’ll be a cheap shot. Or you think she’ll be them outright? like she’ll hit him in the nuts or something, you know, I think they’ll be is I think somebody can night or somebody else on the ladder or somebody comes out and interferes in the match. That’s possible.

Because her tag team partner we haven’t seen in a while. That’s true. So you never know.

It could be some outside shenanigans. It absolutely could be a big a big stuff that happens and then he’s incapacitated. Yeah, I mean and the nice this one I could actually see being the last match just because there may be a lot of outside of the ring stuff going on. So there might be some cleanup involved afterwards. Do you think that Chuck steak or mongoose will be involved in this match? I don’t know if they’re in town to be honest, but it would be they were

Oh, dude, sorry, nevermind. I’m talking about your I was thinking about the the ducks not a not Chuck steak and mongoose. Yes. Sorry. The the announcers. Yes. They might be. Yeah, I don’t know. Well, we’ll have to find out. Maybe they’ll use some kind of contraptions or technology. Perhaps it is the future. It’s

Is the future. So let’s see. Next up we have Skylar more versus hunter law, Skyler horses only her second match it may I was just gonna say Skyler Skyler made her debut last time unexpectedly because she replaced.

Who was it that Oh, chuckles Well, yeah, Yes, she did. Yeah, she did the coffin match. That wasn’t a coffin match, correct? Well, no, they did the coffin match the week, or the time before it was supposed to be a

Falls Count Anywhere match or a no, yeah, it wasn’t a coffin match. It was it, but there was one where they weren’t necessarily following the correct rules. Right?

Because there was a pin. If I remember it ended that is a pin. And it was a match that shouldn’t have ended as a pin in the middle of the ring.

But that’s alright, because WWE does strap matches where pin falls are okay, so correct. Yeah, nobody cares. It’s just a match.

I like I like what I saw

From our last time she did a really good job and hunter lot puts on a good show. I mean, yeah, he’s, uh, who’s he got in his corner? He has area Blake in his corner. Okay.

She will, she will obviously get involved, I believe probably setting up a match for for those two next time or a tag match or something. Yeah, this might be where someone else interferes, someone might come out on her behalf to set up a mixed tag match for the next one. Yes, that very well could be the case. Now, that being said, this is the way that they run things. They’re mixed tags. It does not have to be male versus male or female versus female. It’s all hold no holds barred. Anyone can go up against anyone, which is the way it should be. I 100% agree because if you get tagged in and your partner getting there and and do your thing. So yeah, I think that should be a good match.


try to think of anything I can say.

One way or the other I don’t know who’s going to win that match. If there I would not be shocked if it ended in a like you were saying in some kind of interference in a dq

So, or or somebody comes in and save somebody else and sets up that that tag match for the next time.

Yeah, exactly. So let’s see, we’re just kind of

blowing through these. Next up is drennen chooses his fate in a magical mystery box match. Yep.

I’m interested to see what is in the magical mystery box like guessing so I’m gonna say all right. First of all, match one is the grappling match to this the the the ladder match is the acrobatics. Okay.

Match three. Actually, no, I’m sorry. match to the ladder matches can trap

Okay, match three acrobatics. This one is going to be the technology the technology. So is he going to fight like a robot warrior? Oh, god I hope so.

I hope he fights a robot. I that would be amazing or I hope he fights the robot that little Wayne dressed up as for the mass singer

that was the other one comes out in that robot costume and fights drennen I will I will take out my wallet and empty it

just just because like you want you dump all $5 that I have on the floor.

Yeah, it

It could definitely be something interesting. I don’t like I don’t know exactly what they’re going for on that one. And I mean, they had on their website, they did do a preview video of the magical mystery box. He’s gonna be some something in there for him. He’s gonna pull it out and that’s what’s going

To be his match, correct? it’ll it’ll probably have a name of a wrestler and like a type of match and that will be well we can we can hear the preview of that match. Just one second. We

got it. Looking for that video discussion. And

there we go.

Mystery Box

So that was the the preview and basically they don’t give us a whole lot of information. So basically the mystery match is a it sounds like nobody knows what it’s going to be the match. I bought the match and the challenger so I am I can tell you it will be entertaining drennen is probably the best promo at that place. Oh, yeah. I mean, he had he’s, he just goes out there and gets heat and just doesn’t give a fuck yeah. Oh, he lays into everybody lays into anybody everything. I mean. Yeah, no, he’s really, really good on the mic. And what’s funny is we’ve only seen him wrestle once. Oh, yeah. Well, he we missed his match. It was a I think he fought Sawyer last time came out and and beat him down. But we were in the midst of

fixing our issues.

Hot Dog fiasco. 2019 of 2019. Yes.

So that was where technology was involved. Okay.

technology wasn’t as apparently thought of towards us. And my camera went flying. So you know, I could have taken the hot dog guy just saying, you know if they want to if they want to set up that match for next time, I will take the hot dog man, you versus the hot dog versus the hot dog guy. I will be your Paul Heyman. You’ll be my Paul Heyman. You’ll get out there, you’re gonna work the mic. I will hype the match up. I’ll say ladies and gentlemen. Ladies and gentlemen. My name is Drew Mack and everyone knows who the fuck is that? Exactly.

Nobody will know who you are.

You’ll be like, I’m that guy who sits in the corner normally and calls matches that nobody listens to. Yeah. The two the two fat guys in the corner. Um, the other one? I haven’t heard from Jay yet. But he may be joining us. Oh, Jay. Yes, JJ. Yeah. He said he was gonna try to join so we’ll, we’ll see if he can make it and

we, we had a mic die on us recently. So I had to go order another microphone. You know, it happens.

We got the last match on the card. And then we can talk a little bit about the whole card overall after this just just everything. We have the triple threat match between Teddy stigma. I could I thought you said triple fat, triple fat match

you getting in the ring?

No Teddy stigma. Jason cave and Leon Scott who is making his debut yes at mayhem on Mills he’s he was the one that was coming with the ref right? Correct. He is he is the guy who was going to be coming with Tony originally him and treehouse Lee actually so we can maybe grab those guys afterwards. Oh, yeah, absolutely. Or beforehand, we’ll we’ll see what we can do. But um, so Leon Scott is an ml w wrestler normally. So he’s got a name behind them, and he could technically be the technology because he

Does this thing steampunk thing like his whole gimmick is steampunk?

I don’t know if that’s the case.

But it could also be the special attraction, the special attraction. Yeah.

I’m looking at this as like it’s the World’s Fair, right is what they’re trying to go for. So maybe he’s like the I definitely don’t see him at the end of the future. I’ll just say I don’t see that being as the acrobatics part because they’re none of those guys are high flyers, though that Jason Cade guys to do, they got thrown out of the ring and into the cement wall at the last Oh, that’s right. I forgot about that.

Um, that did not look like it felt good at all. No, I really wanted to ask him about that afterwards. See, I’m happy. I didn’t see him after the show either. I think he booked it. Because I think he had somewhere else he had to be. Yeah, so I’m not not against a fucking cement wall.

Yeah, that did not look like it felt good at all.


We’ll kind of take a look at the whole thing. Let’s talk about that match for a second Teddy stigma we’ve seen a couple of times. He was on crutches last time, or at least had his cane with him as he was walking around the

studios, the arena, Jason Cade, like you mentioned, got through thrown up against the wall, and Liam’s guys I’m trying to remember he was in a match with hunter law I don’t remember their partners are opposing each other. And I think treehouse Lee was involved in that one yeah, I think wasn’t a treehouse Lee and Jason Cade vs.

Hunter law and

Save or Save thought. Troy Hollywood. It was Snoop was that one was Snoop. Oh, yeah, yeah, you’re right. Yeah, it was hundred one Snoop. Yeah.

And then one of them just like he’s that dude into the out of the rain out of the rain. Yeah, and it’s not I mean, it’s a good six foot six.

seven feet from the ring to the that was a lead to the wall. So that was I mean he and he went into the wall. It wasn’t. It was nothing. There was no selling that one that one. I mean, you heard the thump against the some Had we been in our original position, he would have gone through our table everything else he would have he would have landed on us. Yes, absolutely. So, um, I’m going to say

just because he’s the bigger name that Leon Scott might come out with the win on that one. I was gonna say that just because he’s like, new. Yeah, he’s this. He’s new to it, but he’s just massive. Yeah, he’s not a small dude. I’m actually excited to see how big he is in person. Because I’ve watched a couple of his matches online to see how big he is in person. I’ve never terrified of somebody. I mean, I could take him No, I’m just kidding. Never terrified until he’s like throwing you Yeah, you’re not wrong. I mean, if he’s gonna get if he’s coming after me, I’m probably going the other direction and he probably faster than I am unfortunately. So

I will cause a distraction so that you can run oh good you’re gonna save this

yeah gonna throw a rock or something from across the room and Oh yeah, I mean it is it’s the future according to the past so I mean I’ll throw them see here sir.

Your heads off of him and while he’s looking to see what ridiculous asshole is saying that that is when you run I run that’s all I’m giving you so are we going to do our 1960s broadcast voice like do that? Well not just the broadcast voice but do the you know, keeping it clean and I don’t know if I can keep it clean but I can definitely do a 1960s radio broadcaster boys. We can do that. Okay, but he definitely says fuck you every 30 seconds.

Next up or not next up but the

if you guys want to join us, like we said before, it is at the orange studio which is 1121 North Mills Avenue in Orlando, Florida.

Directly pretty much directly across the street from wills pub. If you guys know where that is funny, or interestingly enough, the people who do our theme song cafe are playing on a show on the 22nd directly across the street at Will’s pub. So, yes, well

Hmm, no tomorrow, not tomorrow.

What a slave. Today’s the 21st

I don’t know what the fuck I am. That’s all the it’s all the head medication from your cold. But so um, yeah, February 23 or 22nd Kalpana is playing their second the last to go on. They’re not headlining that show. But they’ll be probably going on around 10 o’clock.

So and I’ll be there actually to see them perform. And then I’ll be back out there on Sunday at three o’clock is when doors are four o’clock is when matches begin. We should be real assholes and have them come in and play us on

Higher than one time circumstances and no one knows who the fuck we are like have the band set up in the corner and us walk out as

to draw your attention to Cal pay who will be introducing top rope wrestling is everyone’s like

Who the fuck are they? I wonder how much I wonder how much they’re the band would charge us to do that. I have $5 and my wife I I don’t doubt that I don’t doubt that we could like that the

guys the guys from mayhem on Mills would be down that for that to happen.

The guys who run it we could probably they’d be like oh, that’s kind of fun. But uh yeah, I don’t know if we’d be then they probably hire them to play afterwards or something but right yeah, so we’re gonna have to talk about that and do it we can make a promotional video for us using them playing while we’re trying to like look like badass this Yeah, well I anytime we want to go to one of the or anytime we want to shoot something and one of their so we can be like they could be playing and we could walk

Through in slow motion and just hands come out on both sides of a sit and this microphone. And headphones and fog. There’s got to be fog somewhere. Yes, of course.

So, yes, well, maybe we’ll actually talk to the to the total punk folk about possibly getting that to happen. You know, why not? I’m okay. It’s self promotion, right? That’s what exactly. Um, so overall card looks like a lot of fun. I’m kind of excited. I haven’t. I’m, I was trying to go there. There was another local event that was going to go to recently that I couldn’t I just couldn’t make it. So I’m excited to get to this one. And I’m, I’m excited to see this theme, because they’re actually pretty good about following the theme. So I’m excited to see what that how that theme flows and how that theme works.

Hopefully it should be good. They haven’t they haven’t. They haven’t put out a bad show yet. No, they do. They have not disappointed us at all.

And I’m I’m always excited when we get invited to to do it so

hopefully we can stretch out to a couple of couple other promotions this Yeah, we’ve reached out to a couple other promotions we need to reach out to the the small one that you

sent me the link to the other day. I think that’ll be fun. The one that’s happening in ellipsis brewing. Which ones I did I sent you the memo the small one? Yes, yes. Yeah, I would love to do that.

Call some some

midget is not the right term to use anymore. I think it’s on the banner though. Is it? It probably is it’s probably it depends on like, they’re just like a lot of things that people find offensive. Some people do some people don’t. I try to be PC though. You know, try to keep it easy.

So yeah, we’ll have we’ll be broadcasting live. It’ll be on Twitch TV forward slash top rope wrestling. will tell you to do this.

Same thing as last time and make some, make some videos out of it. Yes, we’ll be cutting together the matches and putting them together and posting them on our Twitter account and on Facebook.

The matches from last one have been uploaded to YouTube so you can go on YouTube and watch them

on my personal YouTube, I’ll post a link on the Facebook page so they can go so everybody can go back and listen to those and watch those.

Yeah, anything else you got? You want to go ahead and plug anything or plug our social media? Sure. We are at top rope wrestling podcast on Instagram. We are on Facebook at top rope wrestling podcast you can we can join the discussion that no one has yet to take us up on that threat yet

to get in and discuss wrestling. We really need to get in there and started a little bit more ourselves, you know, kind of I there’s not a lot of people in the group unfortunately. So but there’s a lot of people that

liked our page. There have been I’m very excited about that because now we can start pushing out information. And we we definitely propaganda propaganda. Yes. Proper What? proper propaganda. We are on Twitter at top rope wrestling. Yes without the G because the G does not fit. Thank you Twitter. Okay, and then I mean mostly just go to our website there’s links to everything there that’s top rope wrestling, podcast, dub dub, top left top rope wrestling, calm, no podcast, rope wrestling. Yep, you can go to top rope wrestling calm or you can go to top Top and both of those that get your right to us. And I think TRW cast also does but you know, any one of those you type it in or if you just search for top World Wrestling podcast, we pretty much show up at the top now which is kind of wonderful. And I show up this week and and the best part is if you come to the show, you’ll get to help us celebrate our one year anniversary because we will have completed 52

shows that this will be our 52nd show is at mayhem on Mills. Oh, cool. Show number 51 I don’t feel bad about not coming through on my desire to get a a WWE former wrestler on the show. Yeah, well, we’ve been was one of us to one of them. One of them didn’t write me back. One of them. You very many of them. I was gonna say you only reached out to one. Why don’t you reached out to a former wrestler and a former manager?

Did I reach out to a former wrestler? Oh, I thought I don’t know about that. About five seconds. Yes, some. Yeah. And we’ll have stuff to hand out I believe. Yep. I’m gonna be working on that right afterward. Right after we get done here. We’ll have some shirts available.

And if I can get to it, I might get some I might be able to get some stickers too. So

that’s it. We got to get out of here. Should we bring candy cigarettes to hand out and that’s not good.

No. All right. Well, you know tonight it’s the future.

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