This week we pair wrestlers with movies. One of us picks a wrestler and the other one pairs a movie to go along with what they think they will be watching.

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AI Transcript:

Unknown Speaker 0:19
Now, for Lando for a combined way to really grow

Unknown Speaker 0:51
Good evening and welcome to another edition of the top rope wrestling Podcast. I am Rick Andrew is over there in the chair sitting comfortably. Yeah. more comfortably than you were when we got to town was a fucking

Unknown Speaker 1:05

Unknown Speaker 1:07
It was just there because it was cheaper. And we needed something at the time. I’m just it’s me. I’m just weird about back support. No, I totally understand that was not a comfortable.

Unknown Speaker 1:17
You understand when at full sail?

Unknown Speaker 1:20

Unknown Speaker 1:22
My office chair has back support every other chair and every other room does not. When I sit in a chair when I go to meetings and stuff, I have to sit gingerly down. Lean back to see how far like how much give there is because I like I like like completely almost completely straight up. Right I keep my car seat all the way up. See I couldn’t do that. I need that I used to do the whole like, I’d lean the seat all the way back. I’d sit frickin practically whole fog under the steering wheel. But yeah, as older as I’ve gotten older I now like to have my back propped up.

Unknown Speaker 1:56
Old man, old, old man, old man problems So, So tonight we’re gonna we’re gonna we’re going to Netflix and chill out the two of us. But we’re gonna we’re going to go ahead and we’re going to take a look at or we’re going to talk about who we think that

Unknown Speaker 2:12
continuing series it is

Unknown Speaker 2:14
a continuing series. We did hopefully

Unknown Speaker 2:16
we’ll find other things that we could do with this. Yes,

Unknown Speaker 2:19
I think it’s kind of fun. But should we’re going to Netflix and chill with some with the wrestlers, we’re going to figure out what type of music we’re going to go over types of movies and we’re going to try and find the wrestler that we think best fits that category. Should we just like

Unknown Speaker 2:38
switch off back and forth name movies, and the other one has to name the wrestler they think would be interested and we can

Unknown Speaker 2:44
I was gonna go over to genres but we can do movie we can name a movie to be like a drama. That’s

Unknown Speaker 2:49
good, man. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 2:50
that’s true. GNT no drama. Yeah. So

Unknown Speaker 2:56
yeah, we can do that. We can just name a movie and Let’s see who

Unknown Speaker 3:01
we think fits who we think fits that category. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 3:05
You want me to start? Go for it? Well, we’ll go with one of my favorite movies of all time. Fifth Element.

Unknown Speaker 3:11
The Fifth Element, sci fi, sci fi comedy sword. Oh, yeah. You got Bruce Willis. Yep. So you got action. You got Chris Tucker. So you got comedy? Gary Oldman,

Unknown Speaker 3:24
yes. Who you He is pure evil in that movie.

Unknown Speaker 3:27
Yes, he is.

Unknown Speaker 3:30

Unknown Speaker 3:32
you have a love story. You have me john of it. Sure. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 3:39
There are a lot of people in that movie.

Unknown Speaker 3:42
I mean, Chris Tucker obviously plays it’s um

Unknown Speaker 3:47
I’m gonna say that’s the type of movie

Unknown Speaker 3:54
would be easier just Dave rustlers, and then a movie said they think they would like

Unknown Speaker 3:57
I mean, it might be but i wanna i want to

Unknown Speaker 4:00
Fifth Element I will start with this one and then we’ll we’ll go from there my brain see who I think would like the Fifth Element

Unknown Speaker 4:08
I mean I can give I know somebody who I off the top of my head was the first person I thought of when I said Fifth Element was it Rick Rude? It was not recruiting was it was Kenny omega? Yeah, because he has that nerdy side and Marquis quirky is now yeah

Unknown Speaker 4:26
that was my that was my initial thought.

Unknown Speaker 4:29
So all right.

Unknown Speaker 4:33
So you want to just name a little name wrestlers and the name of the movie they would be watching

Unknown Speaker 4:37
movies they would like okay some of it layout Hacksaw Jim Duggan the star okay hacksaw. I have a movie bind and I don’t know why. overboard, overboard. I can see it. I mean, they’re kind of like, you know, lower income dudes that then yeah, they trick a hot chick as

Unknown Speaker 4:59
I could. I can definitely see that

Unknown Speaker 5:01
everyone likes Kurt Russell I

Unknown Speaker 5:03
was going more like the shining or something along those lines these these seas or

Unknown Speaker 5:10
more I mean yeah I can see it

Unknown Speaker 5:14
I see him liking stuff like

Unknown Speaker 5:16
like Ernest goes to jail

Unknown Speaker 5:18
not that simplified but like

Unknown Speaker 5:22
like if he’s in the movie for some like in the mood for some romance or something said movie where Natalie Portman has the baby at Walmart

Unknown Speaker 5:35
that’s that’s kind of stuff I Victor XI Jim Duggan like a baby like he might be a lethal weapon type of guy.

Unknown Speaker 5:41

Unknown Speaker 5:43

Unknown Speaker 5:46
Yeah, I don’t. I could see that.

Unknown Speaker 5:48
So let’s see. So definitely the genre Okay, perhaps Yes,

Unknown Speaker 5:52
they but I at genre but are you going like 16 candles to?

Unknown Speaker 5:58
You’re talking like, we’re talking Delta Force anything with Chuck Norris and it commando but not not not anything with Arnold because I see him looking at predator and being like what’s with this fucking aliens?

Unknown Speaker 6:12
Let’s see I’ll pick out a wrestler now.

Unknown Speaker 6:17
I kind of want to go slightly obscure but not completely obscure.

Unknown Speaker 6:29
I it’s not really obscure, but let’s go What about what do you think the Godfather watches

Unknown Speaker 6:38
anything with Bernie Mac in it? Thanks Oh yeah, we’re talking Mr. 3000, Ocean’s 1112 and 13 players club I think he was in players club, house party three anything with Bernie Mac godfathers, watching it.

Unknown Speaker 7:02
I was gonna go like coming to America

Unknown Speaker 7:06
but I was also going to go like straight out of Compton

Unknown Speaker 7:10
like something I like that which was a wonderful movie by the way

Unknown Speaker 7:16
Oh yeah, that was a great movie

Unknown Speaker 7:19
Yeah, I could see him I don’t know he doesn’t he’s a strike me as a

Unknown Speaker 7:29
forget what the damn genre is a straight out of Compton

Unknown Speaker 7:33
biopic type of guy.

Unknown Speaker 7:37
He strikes me as like

Unknown Speaker 7:39
he watches a movie to to escape. Yes. Not to not to be informed. They are really fucking with you.

Unknown Speaker 7:47
Yes, they are.

Unknown Speaker 7:50

Unknown Speaker 7:55
yeah, I’m trying to think of see that You have to pick a wrestler now your turn okay um

Unknown Speaker 8:08
I need someone who is

Unknown Speaker 8:15
I need someone who’s kind of out there

Unknown Speaker 8:20
alright let’s just go with Jake the Snake Roberts

Unknown Speaker 8:26
okay Jake the Snake

Unknown Speaker 8:32
I’m thinking psychological thriller of some kind I mean maybe seven would be a good one I for some reason think he probably he probably like the Joker movie.

Unknown Speaker 8:44
Yeah I could definitely see that I was thinking like, like war animal or like Silence of the Lambs like I see him as liking like like a platoon or Full Metal Jacket those type of movies as well. But the first thing when I thought of seven i thought was Jake the Snake Roberts

Unknown Speaker 9:02
Yeah, I could definitely see that that’s the that’s definitely not outside of

Unknown Speaker 9:05
have a movie in mind, but I guy can’t place the wrestler to it so I’m trying to buy it some time. Um, let’s see, we’ll go Can we? I’m gonna do a tag team. Okay? The Headbangers, the Headbangers definitely like SLC punk kids

Unknown Speaker 9:28
I was thinking that but then I was also thinking movies like Airheads. Yeah like that along those lines Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 9:34
Spinal Tap

Unknown Speaker 9:36
Yeah. Spinal Tap

Unknown Speaker 9:39
any any weird like obscure 90s punk kind of movie?

Unknown Speaker 9:48
Had I can’t get this rest I can’t get a wrestler to match this movie.

Unknown Speaker 9:52
I must get throughout the movie and will

Unknown Speaker 9:54
because it has to be someone bizarre Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. It’s kind of Some like bizarre type of wrestler. I was looking at like a gang girl but again grow with like a horror movie not like a yeah acid trip.

Unknown Speaker 10:10
I’m trying to think who I know that there’s wrestlers that would definitely fit it. Yeah. I mean, I could definitely see like that being like a Matt Hardy type movie.

Unknown Speaker 10:20
But for Jeff or Jeff Yeah, I can see that.

Unknown Speaker 10:25
There’s gotta be somebody more on that trippy.

Unknown Speaker 10:31
I don’t know. I mean, that’s a good movie. I’m sure there are lots of people who like it.

Unknown Speaker 10:38
Okay, so we’re picking wrestlers and then what what movie they would watch. And so let’s see.

Unknown Speaker 10:49
What’s the next wrestler that I want to throw out there? What about Val Venus? I’ll go from the Godfather developed. Venus was born.

Unknown Speaker 10:57
He looks like another he was one. I threw under the likes like 80s rock and classic rock. So I think he’s another one that would probably like like he seems like a like a 90s like action movie type of guy like a Point Break. Actually, I’d say Point Break would be a pretty

Unknown Speaker 11:16
good break would probably be straight up this way. I see the point I can see the Point Break thing but I can also see him watching like like being that 80s like watching Ferris Bueller’s Day Off 16 candles like that kind of. I mean that as a character not necessarily but as a person. I think that would be

Unknown Speaker 11:35
I have no idea why but when you mentioned those 80s john Hughes movies Yes, I pictured Xavier Woods and I don’t know why.

Unknown Speaker 11:42
You know, I can totally see that. I could definitely see that but I can also see like the old school Adam Sandler movies and for Xavier Woods like

Unknown Speaker 11:49
says yeah more for like a biggie because he’s really yeah Biggie silly kind of guy.

Unknown Speaker 12:02
He’s an interesting one because he can go dark, but he can also be like that.

Unknown Speaker 12:08
over the top, let’s see, maybe he likes over the top. Maybe he does like over the top.

Unknown Speaker 12:17
You know, I could see him liking Stallone movies like Rambo as an action. Yeah, he’s an action guy.

Unknown Speaker 12:24
He’s done as far as I know. I don’t know any other movies that he’s done one movie. And it was an action movie and I think it was straight to video. I watched it. And this is before I started watching Wrestling again. I just saw that he was in a movie and I’m like, I kind of want to know if he can act. So you actually watched it? Yeah, I watched it. He’s in a show TV show called Vikings or whatever. I

Unknown Speaker 12:45
was Emma. Yeah, I did that History Channel’s

Unknown Speaker 12:50
for me edge I say like,

Unknown Speaker 12:55
Strange Days. volition, man.

Unknown Speaker 13:00
element those type of Yeah, I can see that weird type of movies

Unknown Speaker 13:06
um Undertaker

Unknown Speaker 13:12
Chuck Norris Chuck i

Unknown Speaker 13:14
you know i don’t i don’t like

Unknown Speaker 13:16
out that like Hacksaw Jim Duggan it’s just these guys look like Charles Bronson Chuck Norris

Unknown Speaker 13:23
and I mean he’s a he’s a Texas guy so I mean Chuck is king

Unknown Speaker 13:30
What about somebody like and that same dark

Unknown Speaker 13:34
rain like a dark area I’m trying to think I have a movie in mind I’m trying to find the wrestler that fits it.

Unknown Speaker 13:41
Yeah, I had that problem.

Unknown Speaker 13:42
I know. Wherever that and I’m trying to think like

Unknown Speaker 13:48
and they’re actually making a TV series of it. So I’m kind of excited about this, but event horizon. Okada, Laurence Fishburne movie Yes, the Laurence Fishburne movie.

Unknown Speaker 13:58
I don’t even remember that movie except for

Unknown Speaker 14:01
Who did it?

Unknown Speaker 14:02
Really? I think really, you should go back and watch it if you like. It’s a it’s a good psychological thriller horror type film. So,

Unknown Speaker 14:09
see what you know, I found out today it’s a little off subject, but I’ll ask about this movie later because that’s one of my favorite movies. Okay. Did you know that they had they had everyone on board? They were going to do a Galaxy Quest TV show.

Unknown Speaker 14:21
Yes. That was going to be the show of it. But did you see that they have a documentary coming out about that Galaxy Quest.

Unknown Speaker 14:31
Like it’s a mockumentary?

Unknown Speaker 14:32
No, no, it’s an actual documentary going. Talking about making a documentary about geeks and whatever, you know, and they got everybody in a while obviously. I don’t recommend but I think they have some old interviews with Alan recommend that they use in it. It’s done by the same it’s Screen Junkies guys put together. It’s like two hours long. I think it’s gonna be a have a theatrical release, too. So

Unknown Speaker 14:57
that’s an underrated movie.

Unknown Speaker 14:58
Oh, it’s a totally underrated movie. It’s one of the I love that movie. Great movie. I haven’t watched it in a while

Unknown Speaker 15:03
how many famous people in it that are like famous now? Yes. Like Sam Rockwell wasn’t really anyone then Justin Long was a nobody right? And now they’re

Unknown Speaker 15:12
a ton of people you know, they’re they’re big name. So I think

Unknown Speaker 15:20
let’s see

Unknown Speaker 15:21
did we come we didn’t come up with somebody that would that would like Event Horizon

Unknown Speaker 15:27

Unknown Speaker 15:28
that’s the I was going dark a sci fi or it’s a sci fi psychological thriller like you don’t need to like sci fi to like it. You it’s more possession and what goes on in your head because you went through certain things. I don’t want to ruin it for anyone who hasn’t seen it even though it’s a 30 year old movie.

Unknown Speaker 15:50
Yeah, we don’t adhere to spoilers that are 30 years old.

Unknown Speaker 15:55
Movies, it’s outside the norm. So some people haven’t seen it. Triple H

Unknown Speaker 16:01
Okay, I could see that because he’s a psychological

Unknown Speaker 16:03
meathead, but I think he’s kind of geeky. Not necessarily geeky, but I think he would like a good psychological thriller. I think he’s more of a like a mind games type of guy.

Unknown Speaker 16:14
Okay. So well here’s sticking with the Triple H theme. What do you think

Unknown Speaker 16:20
Shawn Michaels is watching

Unknown Speaker 16:25

Unknown Speaker 16:29
Shawn Michaels probably

Unknown Speaker 16:34
he seems like a comedy type of guy

Unknown Speaker 16:37
you think so? like a

Unknown Speaker 16:39
like a Something About Mary Ben Stiller type of comedy. I

Unknown Speaker 16:42
could see that I initially went with like, old school like spaghetti westerns for some reason. Like I could see him watching like, he’s a cow. Like I could see him sitting down watching john wayne movie or I’m gonna

Unknown Speaker 16:52
throw something else at you. He’s a born again Christian. He might like the God’s not dead. Left Behind. Yeah, these two,

Unknown Speaker 17:03
I guess yeah. Could be

Unknown Speaker 17:08
let’s go with

Unknown Speaker 17:17
so far I

Unknown Speaker 17:19
get it through Booker T.

Unknown Speaker 17:22
I definitely see him watching coming to America that was Oh yeah. Like and watching it over and over and over again. God I could see him like watching those old school blaxploitation movies like The dollar movies and stuff like that. Okay, shaft and

Unknown Speaker 17:42
he think he likes menace to society. Oh, yeah,

Unknown Speaker 17:46
I could definitely see him watching some as a society.

Unknown Speaker 17:51
But at the same time, like I could see him watching. He doesn’t see he to me does not look like a comedy guy. Yes, like action. drama Last Action Hero.

Unknown Speaker 18:03
Yeah. I don’t picture him sitting in sitting on the couch and popping on 10 Things I Hate About You

Unknown Speaker 18:13
know, I definitely see him more into that action.

Unknown Speaker 18:16
But I like I can see a big into the corny action stuff to like the replacements and that kind of I see him liking the expendable, expendable that’s why man, not the replacements The Expendables

Unknown Speaker 18:29
automatically went to the key

Unknown Speaker 18:31
Well, that’s that’s I didn’t mean the gallery’s movie which is great movie by the way that’s what I’m not a big fan of the replacements It’s okay. It’s a football movie so yeah, it Ruth doesn’t like it at all and I love it I’ll watch it whenever it’s on.

Unknown Speaker 18:46
I don’t know why and it’s not even like a great football movie but my favorite football movies Varsity Blues,

Unknown Speaker 18:53
okay, it’s not bad. I mean, they made a TV series out of it. That after the fact Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 18:57
really? Varsity Blues.

Unknown Speaker 18:59
Yeah. They did that they made one Varsity Blues and one for Friday Night Lights. I know

Unknown Speaker 19:03
they may watch Friday. I thought

Unknown Speaker 19:04
Varsity Blues had one too. I could be wrong.

Unknown Speaker 19:08
I will throw that one under Shawn Michaels too because he is a Texas guy.

Unknown Speaker 19:12

Unknown Speaker 19:15
I could have sworn they had.

Unknown Speaker 19:18
I’m going to throw this one out there and I’m going to answer it myself. What kind of movies do you think the rock watches? And I’m going to say anything he’s in?

Unknown Speaker 19:28
That was actually going to be my exact answer. Whatever he whatever he thinks he’s in.

Unknown Speaker 19:34
He does so many movies. You You might be right with that answer. He might not know everything he’s in.

Unknown Speaker 19:38
You’re not wrong.

Unknown Speaker 19:40
I could see him picking up get smart and going. I was in this. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 19:49
Yeah. Or someone random, Fast and Furious movie. You know, he knows he’s in the series, but I don’t think he knows when he started realize he jumped in on five

Unknown Speaker 20:01
Which I’m guessing they’re going to do a Hobbs and shot to you think so and that that thing just printed money

Unknown Speaker 20:08
I thought a bombed

Unknown Speaker 20:10
now I don’t think it did

Unknown Speaker 20:14
so there was a MTV Varsity Blues series okay by the way but they’re actually working on a new Varsity Blues one so

Unknown Speaker 20:25
it’s not there’s not going to be a Billy Bob there’s not gonna be a tweeter. It’s not gonna be a Moxon. Yeah. Which by the way, I think his name was john Moxon. Just very close to Jon Moxley. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 20:39
I’m actually let’s go What do you think Jon Moxley watches fear Loathing in Las Vegas,

Unknown Speaker 20:44
but even as I said,

Unknown Speaker 20:45
though, you’re like that

Unknown Speaker 20:48
seems like the kind of guy that would watch that and enjoy

Unknown Speaker 20:51
and enjoy it on the regular on a on a regular basis.

Unknown Speaker 20:55
Alright, so what do you think the

Unknown Speaker 21:00
Mr. McMahon, what does Vince watch?

Unknown Speaker 21:03
Yeah, God, I see him watching like old black and white stuff. I don’t know why, but like, I see it like and not like, not even old, like old romantic comedy kind of like, pillow talk or or I don’t even know like, I don’t know why

Unknown Speaker 21:23
I see him as a godfather type of guy. I

Unknown Speaker 21:26
could see that. But like, I don’t think I think he wants to escape. Like he works so hard at that on the reg. Like, he wants to escape but when he gets home, so like he goes on and throws in Casa Blanca,

Unknown Speaker 21:38
I don’t know. Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.

Unknown Speaker 21:41
And I don’t know

Unknown Speaker 21:43
they’re on a white Christmas. You know, it’s

Unknown Speaker 21:48
so let’s go.

Unknown Speaker 21:54
What about

Unknown Speaker 21:57
Dusty Rhodes before he passed away, God

Unknown Speaker 22:02

Unknown Speaker 22:08
hard because is is.

Unknown Speaker 22:11
I don’t really know his personality. He’s a Georgia guy, right? He might have like something like you might have liked the Dukes of Hazzard movie. No one else did. But he might

Unknown Speaker 22:21
have liked it. He might have enjoyed that. I don’t know. Like, I could see him like his character was he had that flamboyant thing going on. And All right,

Unknown Speaker 22:30
so gold dust is a little flamboyant. Yes, but he doesn’t speak that don’t want none of the other two kids speak lighting like, like, like death the road. The road on the American dream, baby.

Unknown Speaker 22:48
I don’t I’m

Unknown Speaker 22:49
gonna say he’s probably he’s probably know that he might be into westerns. Thanks, Clint Eastwood movies, john wayne. Stuff like that. Yeah, I can see

Unknown Speaker 22:57
I can see him doing more Clint Eastwood than john wayne. Not going home. back as far as john wayne doing them

Unknown Speaker 23:07
um let’s see

Unknown Speaker 23:12
you got a wrestler got somebody

Unknown Speaker 23:14
that’s good Ric Flair though I don’t think he watches movies well I don’t think he does either

Unknown Speaker 23:23
I don’t know I’m

Unknown Speaker 23:30
like II maybe like driven and those kind of movies yeah like fast cars

Unknown Speaker 23:37
who if anyone on the on any roster anywhere would you think would be a fan of modern musicals not old ones but like say like rent lala land greatest showman

Unknown Speaker 23:54
I’ll go as far back as a little shop a horse

Unknown Speaker 23:59
all great so Yes,

Unknown Speaker 24:05
we did this again. And we have avoided every female wrestler on the right. Because I could see like somebody like a Bailey or somebody like that enjoying that kind of

Unknown Speaker 24:16
Baileys. Definitely like a you got mail fan yo Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 24:21
Although she may not be old enough for you got mail she may have been she she watched it with her. You know, she’s

Unknown Speaker 24:26
definitely watched a couple times white girls.

Unknown Speaker 24:30
She has watched white girls more than once.

Unknown Speaker 24:35
But like I could see if we’re going male wrestlers. Oh, that’s.

Unknown Speaker 24:45
I can see. And it doesn’t really fit his character but I can see like somebody like Sami Zayn or Okay. Oh, why am I completely blanking on? No, I guess not. But yeah, like a Sam you have a perfect one.

Unknown Speaker 24:57
Okay. Hayden English. Okay,

Unknown Speaker 25:03
I think he if anyone on that roster likes musicals, it’s gonna be very theatrical.

Unknown Speaker 25:09

Unknown Speaker 25:11
So one of the there is a professional wrestler with a theater degree like I’m trying to remember who it is.

Unknown Speaker 25:18
And I’m trying to how

Unknown Speaker 25:21
now well whatever

Unknown Speaker 25:23
but I can definitely see that person like somebody with a theater degree enjoying the musical which I’m

Unknown Speaker 25:30
like I don’t dislike I got two more people I think would like Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas Okay, where they fought each other on the very first AEWI See if you can guess who it is on the very like on the first pay per view or on the photo on the first dynamite I I don’t know why the first person’s name is slipping me but

Unknown Speaker 25:50
Oh, was it?

Unknown Speaker 25:53
Why am I completely blanking on both their names a skateboard guy a board Darby Darby Allen and stole the What the hell is Darby Darby out that Darby Allen and

Unknown Speaker 26:07
he’s MLW

Unknown Speaker 26:08
Yeah, we just taught me that there we have it.

Unknown Speaker 26:10
Yeah this you definitely probably liked Fear and Loathing in Las Yes, yes, they definitely Yeah, I could definitely see that being Oh, all right. Here’s a couple. these are these are more psychological thrillers but not thrillers. They’re just mind movies like fear and loathing anything by David Lynch. Get you go and drive Lost Highway blue velvet. Highway Why am I drawing Twin Peaks? Why am I drawing a blank on that? Wild at Heart which I don’t understand how that there are a couple of regular David Lynch movie style.

Unknown Speaker 26:46

Unknown Speaker 26:49
Because I mean, not really regular but he directed Fight Club and not direct to me. I’m David Fincher adventure to try club dammit.

Unknown Speaker 27:00
David Fincher was Fight Club social network. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 27:04
Girl with the Dragon Tattoo stuff like that. Right.

Unknown Speaker 27:13
I was just going to pull up his movies so it’s just David Lynch. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 27:20
Blue Velvet. has big ones are blue velvet, Twin Twin Peaks,

Unknown Speaker 27:26
Eraserhead and the Elephant Man Dune. Blue Velvet Wild at Heart Twin Peaks. Lost Highway straight story Mulholland Drive and Inland Empire.

Unknown Speaker 27:34
Yeah, well Holland drive and Lost Highway blue velvet. Where’s big ones, right.

Unknown Speaker 27:43
Have you seen any of them?

Unknown Speaker 27:44
Oh, yeah. I’ve leaned Fox I’ve seen I actually saw I saw I mean I’ve seen Twin Peaks but I saw

Unknown Speaker 27:53
Lost Highway because of the soundtrack.

Unknown Speaker 27:56
Yeah, anyway. So strange. So so strange. But really good

Unknown Speaker 28:01
Mulholland Drive I still don’t know what the hell I watched

Unknown Speaker 28:07
and I’ve seen Dune actually

Unknown Speaker 28:08
see I saw Dune when I was a kid though

Unknown Speaker 28:10
that was a long time ago

Unknown Speaker 28:14

Unknown Speaker 28:17
God does be an edge movies too.

Unknown Speaker 28:19
Yeah. Like both Edge and Christian

Unknown Speaker 28:22
sit down and watch though yeah AMC probably watched that when they were kids

Unknown Speaker 28:25
well an Edge and Christian are both friends with with Marilyn Manson and and those guys too so and Jimmy havoc wants to be Marilyn Manson. Yes. So he’s probably watched.

Unknown Speaker 28:37
Marilyn Manson was in a movie he was in job breaker. Job breaker. I want to say he was in the Lost Highway two.

Unknown Speaker 28:43
I think he wasn’t he was he?

Unknown Speaker 28:47
Oh, God. He was like either some guy that picked up a prostitute or something like that.

Unknown Speaker 28:53
freakin man.

Unknown Speaker 28:54
He was a porn actor. In okay.

Unknown Speaker 28:57
He was. He did. He did it. MEO and eastbound and down. And if you didn’t know it was him you wouldn’t have known like, had they not read that he was going to be on the

Unknown Speaker 29:07
right you would have had no idea I have no idea was that he doesn’t I mean when he’s not makeup he doesn’t. He looks pretty normal. I mean, he actually looks better and the makeup Oh, he does look better in the makeup but he looks more normal without the makeup. Yeah, I mean, you wouldn’t really pick him up off the street. Yeah. What? Just him walking around.

Unknown Speaker 29:27
Yeah, so what else we got?

Unknown Speaker 29:32
Where are we time while

Unknown Speaker 29:35
we’re sitting in like 29 minutes, so Okay,

Unknown Speaker 29:37
we’re good with a couple more. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 29:41
So we’ve determined that Hacksaw Jim Duggan probably likes overboard. Jake. The snake likes a psychological thriller. Yeah. Probably likes David Lynch movies. He probably does. Xavier Woods 80s teen john Hughes movie. Yeah, I’ll even throw in 19 one Probably like the great outdoors too. Oh, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 30:02
I mean, who doesn’t like the great outdoors? I love that movie.

Unknown Speaker 30:07
Christmas vacation. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 30:13
Or just vacation in general?

Unknown Speaker 30:14
Yeah. I like all my even like the new one with that home. So it was,

Unknown Speaker 30:17
I don’t think I’ve watched the newest one. You have to really

Unknown Speaker 30:22
be open to watching it. Otherwise you’re going to be like, this ain’t the friggin original. And No, they’re not. It’s not. It’s not even better than Vegas vacation. But for what it is. It’s not. It’s funny. Like, funny stuff happens to these people on a vacation.

Unknown Speaker 30:39
Do you think would like the vacation movies?

Unknown Speaker 30:44
Like you’re just a Chevy Chase fan in general. Like funny farm. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 30:51
I’m going

Unknown Speaker 31:00

Unknown Speaker 31:02
it’s gonna sound really strange but I could see Stone Cold sitting down and watching like ovation vacation movies and all those Chevy Chase and kiss got that sense of humor like yeah, it doesn’t it’s he’s really straight about it but he is a really funny guy. Yeah

Unknown Speaker 31:19
I can’t figure out if he’s still just stays in character or if he is really

Unknown Speaker 31:23
I think it’s kind of him like I think that’s

Unknown Speaker 31:28
part of just what he is and who he is

Unknown Speaker 31:30
I didn’t really watch stunning Steve Austin know to know how that character was to I can’t even picture I mean, I’ve seen it. I used to have his action figure when you stunning Steve Austin with the hair the blonde last can picture like is the way he is having long blonde hair. Yes.

Unknown Speaker 31:49
And being full of himself. Like Yeah, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 31:54
So it’s more like the long blonde hair is where I’m like, he just does not seem like a guy that would have long Hair Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 32:05
So uh let’s do one more and then we’ll get out of here

Unknown Speaker 32:15
hold on we’ve done ROM coms. We’ve done action.

Unknown Speaker 32:20
We’ve done classics. We’ve done do we do cyphy we did some some sci fi

Unknown Speaker 32:28
What about somebody like

Unknown Speaker 32:33
Roman Reigns with Roman Reigns watching these days?

Unknown Speaker 32:37
I don’t know if Roman Reigns likes to laugh

Unknown Speaker 32:45
I don’t know if he’s really a drama guy either. I don’t know if he’s an action guy. I really, you know, I think he definitely do not think he’s a sci fi person. Okay, like I will say that for sure. His look says action, right hero

Unknown Speaker 33:00
What do you think his personality is? Like?

Unknown Speaker 33:02
I don’t no one knows his real person right to know what he’s like. Maybe he’s

Unknown Speaker 33:06
into that the not even the rom com just the straight romance movies. Yeah, maybe. Maybe he’s the one sitting down and watching lifetime Christmas films.

Unknown Speaker 33:14
Maybe he rolls a fucking tear when fucking jack tells rose to never let go.

Unknown Speaker 33:23
So that’s actually something that we didn’t cover. We that’s a that’s a genre we didn’t cover was that DiCaprio known historical movies. You know what is Vince McMahon does not like Wolf of Wall Street. He is a total phony.

Unknown Speaker 33:41
I’m sure he has watched it.

Unknown Speaker 33:42
Oh my God. He I’m sure he’s lived it.

Unknown Speaker 33:45
Oh, I’m sure he has. I could see that movie. Or that like him like sitting in office screaming at somebody like that. And yeah.

Unknown Speaker 33:56
Yeah, we didn’t cover straight up romance.

Unknown Speaker 33:58
Now. We didn’t cover sure everyone. We didn’t cover historical

Unknown Speaker 34:02
like Lincoln like the Daniel Day like yeah,

Unknown Speaker 34:04
like went in or I mean even even going like that partial fiction with Titanic or, or like the Patriot you know that kind of where the Queen things of that made

Unknown Speaker 34:17
was that friggin movie The Brolin did about bush w

Unknown Speaker 34:21
Yes. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 34:26
I don’t know who seems like the highly educated people in wrestling that would want to watch just informative movies.

Unknown Speaker 34:37
Maybe somebody like

Unknown Speaker 34:42
OJBL Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 34:49
I could see somebody like that doing it. I don’t know. That’s kind of my my go to. Oh, you’re ready to get out of here. Yeah, you want to do some, some plug some social media.

Unknown Speaker 34:59
Sure. head to our Instagram at Instagram. Yes, top pro wrestling podcast. We could join our Facebook group, just search for top rope wrestling

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podcast. Yep. Or just type in it’s slash top rope wrestling podcast

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and I’ll let you take it from here so we screwed up. So we have

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our website where you can find all of this at top rope wrestling, calm everything. And then you can also go and stop shop one stop shop and you can follow us on Twitter at top rope wrestling without the G if you have any questions, you know, pop over to you can shoot us an email. actually just use the contact page on the website top rope wrestling com. Yeah,

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so uh, he’s just hit us up for some swag. Yeah, we got some stuff to give away.

Unknown Speaker 35:47
We got some new stuff for for me and

Unknown Speaker 35:50
I’m gonna I might do a couple shirts. Maybe I’ll go buy some shirts and we’ll come we can toss some shirts. Yes,

Unknown Speaker 35:54
for Santa Mac the past. We can actually I think we’re thinking about getting a person to pass. shut out and try to get us.

Unknown Speaker 36:01
Yes. Although Santa Mac might be wonderful. Do you have a Santa costume cuz I totally get the Walmart Santa. The Walmart Santa shirt. Yeah, I will give you the hat and we’ll go from there. There we go. So I can even put the logo on the hat on the thing so we can do that even better. So, peace out guys. We’ll see you soon. Tune in keep tuning in. December 15 is the next mayhem on Mills. Yeah, keep on keepin on.

Unknown Speaker 36:30
Do it. Just do it.

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