This week Drew and Rick come prepared with a list of who they think are the greatest tag teams of all time. A Battle Royale in ensues to see who will come out on top.

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AI Transcript:

Unknown Speaker 0:19
For Lando, for a combined weight of what? Really Nevermind.

Unknown Speaker 0:42
Welcome to another edition of the top rope wrestling Podcast. I am Rick and drew is over there on the other side of the room.

Unknown Speaker 0:50
I changed it up a little bit, the other side the other way. I mean you’re not, you’re across from me. I guess if you drew a line in the middle of this room, I am by all technicalities on the other side of the

Unknown Speaker 1:02
So, we’re gonna do a little bit of tag to have a little bit tag team fun. Yes. You want to go ahead and explain what we’re doing. Yes, this is your idea. Yeah. So and if it’s successful, we might do it with other things. Okay. So basically we’re going to determine us not any logical people or journalists or anything who the best text. WWE history was in WWE history. And it’s got to be WWE, not somebody who WWE bought. Correct. Correct. Yes. So I can’t go with with old school. www F or can’t say the Von Erich. So the Free Bird Got it? Yeah. So basically, or you can’t say, like, trying to think like that. So I’ll start this. I saw Rick. We both picked 15 tag teams. Yes. All right. I went a little over, I apologize. And we’re gonna probably have some duplicate. So get well the duplicate to the ones that are going to the second round. Got it. Basically what we’re going to do is we’re going to read ours

Unknown Speaker 2:00
off, we’re gonna explain why we think that tag team belongs on there. Okay? And then the doubles, do you?

Unknown Speaker 2:07
I can market Yeah, mark the doubles will move those to the second round and you can take one over that isn’t a double. Okay. All right. And in the second round, we’ll narrow them down to

Unknown Speaker 2:19
one. Okay. And I will I will say when I was researching it, I I did not do any research I literally picked out of my head. Yeah, I did mine off. Yeah, I just wanted to go through and pick the ones that I felt basically stood out to you. Yeah, that would be the most memorable memorable to me. So what I told him was these are in no particular order. Yes. What I told him was no. AW, no. ACW no WCW no one but WWE. And no stables unless it was a tag team that happened to be in a stable correct. And no technicalities. Like you can’t say that. Oh, Brian pillman and Steve Austin both wrestled in w

Unknown Speaker 3:00
You saw I want to pick the Hollywood blondes right? The Hollywood blondes were solely in the WWE WCW correct arm probably other leagues but not in WWE. All right, so and I think I’m 90% sure all of mine fit as strictly WWE. Oh, yeah. All mine are WWF back in the day. So I know at least a couple of these we will both have. So okay. Do you want to just go one by one? And we’ll see if we Yeah, I’ll tell you if you name one that is on my list. Yeah. And we’ll go yes. And then, you know, again, just say like, Alright, this group, you know, this is why and then like, I’ll say why then you retort and then you read one and you say why, and I’ll retort No, gotta yada yada. Alright? So let me go first. Go right ahead. Alright, so I think is the most obvious it’s going to be on both of our lists. The Hardys Yes, the Hardys are on they were not near the top or they were about midway through my list. So so they are probably one of the most let 10 time WWE Tag Team Champion, I believe, so.

Unknown Speaker 4:00
I put them on this list because they’re freaking awesome. Yeah, they can brawl. They can do high flying stuff. They can wrestle as singles wrestlers, they can wrestle as a team. They have both had awesome gimmicks.

Unknown Speaker 4:15
They are the only people I know that can come back to the WWE at WrestleMania both over 40 years old. And they have a damn impact.

Unknown Speaker 4:29
Yeah, I mean, it. I the only shirt that I remember ever buying myself at a WWE event, and this was back in like 19 or 2019 99 was a hardy boy here. So I mean, they were they were the team back in the day. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Cool. They were like the baggy pants and

Unknown Speaker 4:48
so my, I don’t I’m going to guess that they’re on your list, and I’m hoping they’re on your list. But I’m going a little old school with my first pick. Okay. It was the Legion of doom. Yes. Okay. Yeah. I

Unknown Speaker 5:00
I am not the road warriors, Legion of doom. But how can animals same guys, I mean, you just, they were from my childhood, they were the tag team that I remember like, if they if you asked me to name a tag team at any given time during whatever, they were the tag team for basically most of the late 80s, early 90s. So I’m gonna erase led off my list so I don’t read them again. Got it. All right. And yeah, I will agree. They are. friggin awesome gimmick. I mean, I don’t know what the hell their gimmick was? No, they were just some Chicago St. brawlers. Right with the giant spikes on this football.

Unknown Speaker 5:42
I mean, when you think about it, it’s ridiculous. ridiculous, but it was awesome. And then and it was very video gaming or video gaming was a thing and they’re the finisher the doomsday device. Yes. I mean, granted, it’s a you know, it’s just a move in the middle of a match now for a tag team, but back in the day, it was it was what it was.

Unknown Speaker 6:00
So my next one will be one night. Again I’m hoping is on your list. The Dudley Boyz. I did have the Dudley Boyz, okay they so funny enough when I was putting that when I put the Dudley Boyz down round twos gonna be pretty long. It is quite a pretty long but the Dudley Boyz when I put them down they were the reason that I put the Hardy Boys I actually picked the Dudley Boyz before the Hardy Boys. Because when I was like oh, Dudley Boyz, and then I immediately thought about the Hardy Boys. So I put the Dudley Boyz on my list because again, when I think anyone that was involved in TLC one

Unknown Speaker 6:35
I’m going to tell you is on my list. Yeah, but they were bad asses.

Unknown Speaker 6:40
They came in with

Unknown Speaker 6:43
the gimmick they had for me CW the Dudley Boyz were Bubba Ray stuttered and D von kind of preached and they were that weird tie dye? Uh huh. And then they turned it into just like they were the kammo but they were kind of like badass Urban kammo Yeah, they were

Unknown Speaker 7:00
Hit and they were just like, they were good. And then they like had that weird gimmick or like Bubba Ray would put put the girls through tables and get that weird like, orgasmic look on his face and stuff. So funny story. I was at a art I got picked to go and be on a live radio studio audience back in the day and you had to dress as a wrestler. And I dressed as Bubba Ray because I’m a big dude. And it wasn’t hard. I already had Urban kammo at the time because of an event that I did. And then I all I had to do was buy the glasses. So I was like algos are as Bubba Ray. And Bubba Ray called in basically everybody who was there got tickets today. Bubba Ray called in and I messed up and said D Vaughn’s line instead of Bubba Ray’s line when they asked me to do an imitation, and I ended up not getting tickets to the event. I was the only person in the group that they didn’t give. They just forgot to give me tickets.

Unknown Speaker 8:00
So yeah, so I to have a story. So in 2006, which is during my laps in wrestling from 2005 to 2015

Unknown Speaker 8:11
I was working at Sather out of business I was working in Circuit City right all right. never told anyone in this store in the six or seven months I was there that I was into wrestling at all. Uh huh. Like I guess I must just have that look and this was like year two of not not watching Wrestling, right. So I am

Unknown Speaker 8:31
doing my thing in my department one day, and this dude comes flying around the corner co worker mine and he’s like Drew, Drew, Bubba Ray fucking Dudley’s in the store. Obviously I dropped him to make me and him both walk around the corner and like two seconds Barbara’s given that look of my life.

Unknown Speaker 8:55
We didn’t go up and say anything so we didn’t even do the like normal thing you would do in a store when the celebrities

Unknown Speaker 9:00
They’re go up and be like, Hey, can I help you with anything just to try to start a conversation? didn’t even bother with that. We just took a peek at him. That’s cool. It’s Bubba Ray and he looks like he does not want to be bothered. Oh, I bet I’ve had many of the when I worked at at the competition I had many guys walk in and and you just I always treat them like anybody else because they don’t want to be bothered with that shit. Yeah, so that was my, our Bubba Ray stories. Let’s see. I’m going to stick old school.

Unknown Speaker 9:33
And I am going to go with the bushwhackers Oh, wow. Not on my not on your list. Not even in my I made a list of honorable mentions and not in there. I like I remember the like the whole Australian gimmick with the you know, yeah, they were great. Yeah, I just and the Legion of Doom brought me to the bushwhackers so that was like every one of my pics. Almost every one of my pics has something to do with the previous pick just because

Unknown Speaker 10:00
That’s the one that uh, they were a fun tag team. They were and they didn’t really have anything special like, they weren’t. They were a great tag team. There was nothing individually they were not good individual wrestlers. They were

Unknown Speaker 10:13
they weren’t even they were not good wrestlers. They were not even good tag team. No, it was a we had a good spiel like a good stick. It was just it was a good thing. So, so all right, that’s crazy. That’s our first non Yeah. Alright, so the next two on my list because I’m sticking old school for a while so so this one I think of my A this is the first one of mine that might not made it on your list. Okay. edging Christian. Nope, they made it on my list. Awesome. Because of the TLC match TLC and they were just like, cocky, like after they got out of the brood. They were cocky. They were and they were hilarious. They still to this day in color. They coined a term and that’s because they were best friends growing up, yes. But they coined a term that me and my friends still use

Unknown Speaker 11:00
For like, all right, they used it for like, they called it like they were on in the broadcast booth one day like wall to wall, some other teams are wrestling. And they added the stupid phrase that was like a one off. And it just stuck with my group of friends were there like, I think it was edge there was like, I don’t know, we might want to we might want to do an ROI tonight there. And they eventually explained a run in, like in right in the tack.

Unknown Speaker 11:29
So we called it for like, years and still sometimes we’ll call it like, you know, be like, Hey, you wanna come over one hangout or something? And you’ll be like, yeah, I’ll do an ROI, which basically means you stop by my house. That’s pretty funny.

Unknown Speaker 11:43
So I’m up next, I’ll stick with my old school one. Not quite as old school but still old school. The rockers.

Unknown Speaker 11:52
Yes, Marty jannetty and Shawn Michaels Sarah on my list. Okay. They can go to round two, they can go to round two. pretty self explanatory Martinez.

Unknown Speaker 12:00
Not a great singles wrestler Shawn Michaels, one of the greatest singles of all time, but as a tag team, they were wonderful. Yes, they were great. And they had the best breakup of a tag team to ever happen. Yeah, so they were on my list. Yep.

Unknown Speaker 12:15
I’m gonna go with one I don’t know if these are gonna make it on your list. And technically this is the first of our technicalities of they were in a stable but they wrestled as a tag team okay New Age outlaws I have the New Age outlaws All right.

Unknown Speaker 12:32
So yeah, we’re

Unknown Speaker 12:35
rocking and rolling that New Age outlaws I think go without saying they’re one of those Attitude Era tag teams and they that they embrace the Attitude Era Yeah. Fun. Yeah, Mr. Ass. Yes.

Unknown Speaker 12:46
Did not put billion Chuck on this list. I did not it so

Unknown Speaker 12:51
as part of the they were good as part of the x but they were also good. Get outside of the both intercontinental champions. I believe

Unknown Speaker 13:01
Sanford Hooters one night saw Mr. Ass they’re very nice not even during the Attitude Era this like seven years

Unknown Speaker 13:11
yeah so

Unknown Speaker 13:13
do a gel new I I will take it let’s see what was next on my list demolition they’re on my list okay why were why was demolition on your list a they compete under Freebird rules which I thought was awesome yes they too They were rip off

Unknown Speaker 13:31
that was that was my they were in that same block of yeah they were 100% rip off last names yes but they look cool yes they did their makeup was cool

Unknown Speaker 13:43
both like chess master out of shape oh yeah

Unknown Speaker 13:49
okay so next up I know would be my yes you will be next time so old school this one this one better damn well beyond here okay

Unknown Speaker 14:00
The Hart foundation The Hart foundation is 100% of my lesson.

Unknown Speaker 14:04
Again goes without saying.

Unknown Speaker 14:07
Bret Hart went on to have one of the best careers ever. Jim the anvil went on to have a career better than Marty jannetty but not quite

Unknown Speaker 14:18
big career. Yes.

Unknown Speaker 14:21
They were awesome in the 90s and 80s when they reformed as the Hart foundation stable

Unknown Speaker 14:29
he’s still Jim the anvil added a lot to it. Because Yeah, game more like the muscle. Yeah, that’s what he I mean, that’s what he was in the original tag team to I mean, he was always the big guy. He also had the personality where Bret Hart didn’t have a whole Bret Hart’s shtick was that he could fucking flat out wrestle. He did not have to be good on the mic. No, he had his two little catchphrases of the excellence of execution on the best there is that was there ever will be Yep. And which still I think holds up

Unknown Speaker 14:59

Unknown Speaker 15:01
Jim the anvil was the one that had the personality of the group. So I think they were very complimentary of each other. Yes. I think this is my only modern like hundred percent still wrestling group

Unknown Speaker 15:16
in this entire list alright then we’re, we’re definitely a conflict because I have three current tag three current I think this is my only current tag team that I have on my list which is new day. Cool. I don’t have to use new days my carrier

Unknown Speaker 15:30
was thinking I was gonna have to use them. What is it like seven or eight time Tag Team Champions? Something we should mention about demolition New Day broke demolition streak of the longest tag tangle rain. Yes.

Unknown Speaker 15:44
They broke it by a little bit. I mean, I don’t know if it was like a few months or something but they definitely broke down. Yeah, it was more than it was more than just a couple days for shop. Fucking oozing charisma.

Unknown Speaker 15:54
They’re fun. Like literally there’s not a tag team. That is your fun a list. That is

Unknown Speaker 16:00
Think of edging Christians up there, but new day just yet they have their personality.

Unknown Speaker 16:06
So your turn now? Alright, so this now might be what turns into my carry over. Okay. All right because everything from what’s going down the russos I do not have The Usos on my list.

Unknown Speaker 16:19
The russos have

Unknown Speaker 16:22
are a very good wrestling tag team. Yes, they were corny with the whole island thing. Yes they were and they switch to like the Russo penitentiary kind of rough street image and are good on the MC. And now they have a street image because they end up in jail. Well, yes.

Unknown Speaker 16:39
But they’re good wrestlers. They are good, right? I think they’re giving them yeah, I think they’re great wrestlers and that’s them. Okay, so next on my list is the APA. Cool, don’t have to carry them over.

Unknown Speaker 16:53
You’re just hoping that not to carry people because the rest of these like

Unknown Speaker 16:58
I probably ended up carrying over

Unknown Speaker 17:00
The Usos because the rest of these I can live without let me take demolition off. So yeah, the APA

Unknown Speaker 17:06
I love their stick, especially after they got out of their stable and got to just be the

Unknown Speaker 17:14
the agency and you know, yeah, once they got out of the Ministry of dark yes is when they really like shine. Yeah. And I mean they’re both really really funny guys and the stick worse you had to walk through the door you had to knock and walk through the door always playing poker that was It was great. And they were they would get into bar fights. Yeah. And it was they they kind of embraced the end of the Attitude Era if that makes sense. They blade brace the cleaner version of the Attitude Era. Sorry. Yeah, I more clean. Let’s put it that way. And oh, one other rule I gave you that I did not mention at the top is we didn’t want people thrown together. Yes, that were like and that’s going to be a technicality on this one because they did become a good tag team. But we don’t want to

Unknown Speaker 18:00
That were thrown together and just had one run. Is this is this going to be the same one? I think I have them on my list of this is what I’m thinking it is now you don’t. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 18:08
So we didn’t want like stone cold and Shawn Michaels. Obviously they’re a good frickin tag team. But right they were just thrown together and they had a run as a tag team champions and then it was over. Correct. Then there’s this team that was two singles wrestlers that were thrown together and became a very good tag team. The bar.

Unknown Speaker 18:26
Yeah, Cesaro and Seamus. Yes, they did become not gonna use them as my carry over. But they became I can see I can see why you pick them. Yeah, like they were they were very are the only are they not still together? No, they’re separate. They’re separate. But yeah, no, they were very good tag team when they were together, not

Unknown Speaker 18:46
Sheamus was successful as a singles wrestler, but not to the level where successful xaro could never get out of the frickin basement as a singles rest right. And the bar may put a spotlight on both

Unknown Speaker 19:00
Especially late in Sheamus his career so my next one is actually the same thing where it was two very good singles wrestlers that were thrown together and became became outlaws were that to correct but this one is the rock and sock connection. Okay, I’ll go I’ll tell you that one um they they’re not on my list they’re not on your list that’s interesting because

Unknown Speaker 19:22
it was they were thrown together initially and this the stick between the two of them you know with the rock taking it so seriously and or semi seriously and Mick Foley just going off and doing the sock puppets and oh my god it was under your life this Yes. And which is the highest rated segment ever on right and i don’t think like they didn’t they having tag team rain, but I don’t think that it was very long. It was they were together for a while. Yeah, yeah, they I think they were back and forth together quite a bit. Alright, so mine

Unknown Speaker 20:00
Next one I am positive my next two oh let me take the rockers off. So I have three left Okay, I have a couple left all right so and then I have some honorable mentions I will throw out there to the next three I do not have I have a feeling or not going to be on your list but they’re all

Unknown Speaker 20:19
two or at 80s and one is 90s. Okay, though technically the one in the 90s wrestle minor minor 90s at 80s and 90s. So so my number nine is the nasty boys. I have them on my list. All right.

Unknown Speaker 20:32
They were one of the last ones I added but they are on my list. I’m not a great tag team. But they had a good gimmick they had a nice championship run and they were good heels. Yeah, and with mouth itself as their their their mouthpiece. It worked out really well for him. So yeah, they’re, they’re on my list and a next one on my list is money Inc. There in my honorable mentor in your honorable mention, but they are not on my list. So we’ll we’ll put that

Unknown Speaker 21:00
There’s one that I could carry over I mean it was you took the gentle I mean

Unknown Speaker 21:08
IRS ended up becoming yeah you know it’s between It was a stupid get it was a stupid gimmick This is the billion dollar bad tax yeah exactly it was it was good though I love it was yeah they were they did a great job and I mean my dollar man’s one of the best guys on the mic ever so you know nothing nothing against and let’s be honest IRS created one of the best characters ever in the feed yes yes he did. So my next one damn well if this is on your list will fuck me though.

Unknown Speaker 21:42
We don’t even need around to we’ll just call this the greatest tag team ever. Okay the natural disasters they are on my list.

Unknown Speaker 21:50
I love the natural disasters earthquake and typhoon quake and typhoon Oh, I got the pleasure of meeting both of these guys. Really? Yeah, I met typhoon

Unknown Speaker 22:00
Not me earthquake quake I met he Sullivan Sanford right worker on Sanford I met him. He scared the shit out of some of us at the movie theater. When he asked why the movie hadn’t started yet after 10 minutes, my friend Koi who at the time, I was probably 20 this guy was probably like 48 years old, told him the movie I’ll start in a minute just go sit down.

Unknown Speaker 22:23
I was like, holy shit, I will never fuck with

Unknown Speaker 22:27
that some balls right there, and then will not a small gentleman. And then one of the times. He he used to work at the dillards in the Sanford mall, and I saw him in there a couple of times and was kinda like, yeah, sucks on your career. So it does but you know, I was uh

Unknown Speaker 22:45
i think it’s funny. I’m interested if to see if my last to make your honorable mentions. Even me, I got one more still. Are you sorry. Okay, go ahead. Go media. My last word. Um, well, let me throw it up because you

Unknown Speaker 23:00
I needed the last one. So let me go ahead and the steiners know there are my honorable mentions. Okay. Because I think they were Beth Teresa and put them they had a better run in WCW they did have a better run in WCW and Scott Steiner had a better run as a singles than Rick did. Yeah, but

Unknown Speaker 23:17
the whole they didn’t really like they did the whole Michigan thing in WCW where when they brought it up when they brought it came over they did it this is this is pretty Big Poppa pump. Yes. My last one.

Unknown Speaker 23:31
The brothers of destruction. I do not have them on my list. Kane and the undertaker Yeah, not be carrying them over. I was kind of the undertaker awesome team. Yeah. I mean, it was.

Unknown Speaker 23:44
It was it was I mean, the thing was, they were more I didn’t put them in there because I they didn’t fit that. They were it was like they took the two and put them together. Yeah, most of the time because they were they came out warring originally. So you know, it was

Unknown Speaker 24:00
I but they were a great tag team when they did wrestle the other. My last one on my list is going back really old school and the wild Samoans okay.

Unknown Speaker 24:11
I mean you it’s more I guess about their family tree than anything else because you end up with the rock and The Usos and everybody else Roman Reigns Roman Reigns all those guys are basically kind of because of the wild Samoans

Unknown Speaker 24:23
and I know that they wrestled under a different name first and I can’t run what it was but then they became the wild Samoans when they did that whole thing and that was kind of my last one. I was like,

Unknown Speaker 24:33
let me throw it out there and see what happens. So I’m going to name some

Unknown Speaker 24:38
some honorable mentions. Okay, there might be a few of them you don’t know but some of them you’re going to be like damn it had I forget those. Alright, so my first one rated rk Oh, okay, which was Randy already I’m not gonna put a plead any case for these I’m just gonna read them out. Randy Orton and edge Team Hell No. didn’t put them on my list because they were not wrestling together while I was watching it. So I have

Unknown Speaker 25:00
No real knowledge of them. I just think Kane and Daniel Bryan are cool Yeah, I got the British Bulldogs I they almost made my list I was like um, and then I ended up not putting him on this team was a I think they were just coming into WWE at the time I was quitting watching it and that was m&m john Morrison and Jamie noble, and Marlena was the other m Yes.

Unknown Speaker 25:27
Money Inc. DIY Champa and gargano DIY was there was a they were they would definitely be on my honorable mentions because I watched them all the time. And the next thing I really thought you’re going to put the revival on your list, but I did not a massive funny story. I’m not a massive fan of the revival even though I love NXT I’m not a massive fan. I think I’ve told this story before but they were not nice to Graham when he tried to talk about when he tried to get with him and it’s one thing to be in character but it’s one thing to be in character when there’s a four year old you know

Unknown Speaker 25:59
I didn’t

Unknown Speaker 26:00

Unknown Speaker 26:01
Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby fish because I think that that’s a team produced that that stable I don’t think they’re an actual team. Otherwise I would have put the undisputed era. Well, there were a couple of I actually thought, why don’t I throw a female like a women’s tag team on there because it’s like the ikonics and that’s the only true tag. Yeah, the ikonics were the true tag team on there. I didn’t put the street profits on because I just haven’t seen enough of their work for the same with the Viking Raiders. And yeah, I did the same thing with like, AOP and you know, I really enjoyed elpis run NXT but I think whatever DIY is good enough to leave Yes, on my honor. I don’t mention definitely sure a barbarian and the warlord, do you remember that? Yes. Rhythm and Blues? Yeah. That was horrible. You should they they did not deserve anywhere they?

Unknown Speaker 26:53
No, no, they did not. Mention the Twin Towers at Akeem and the big boss

Unknown Speaker 26:59
the steiners

Unknown Speaker 27:00
My honorable mentions Haku and the Barbarian to remember that tandem

Unknown Speaker 27:04
Haku and the Barbarian Yeah, no, I don’t really want the edge by Jimmy Hart. I’m not shocked by that, but and then just so I can get some four horsemen in here. The brain busters. Okay, Tully Blanchard and Arn Anderson.

Unknown Speaker 27:18
I could see that. Yeah. So definitely will I have to pick one of the groups like not okay, I’m going to carry The Usos or I am going to carry the rock and sock connection over. All right. So here, we’re going to you’re going to have to read them if they and we’re going to, we’re going to slowly narrow it down to

Unknown Speaker 27:41
one. Yeah. Okay. So we’ll both give a yay or nay and then if we have to go back to someone because we disagree.

Unknown Speaker 27:50
We can do that. Yeah. So we’ll read who says and I’m just deleting the ones that did not move. Let’s still let’s delete it down there. Let’s narrow this round down.

Unknown Speaker 28:00
The three and then okay.

Unknown Speaker 28:02
So don’t carry overs in this room. My if I had to pick up Okay, I’ll read off the ones that are left and then I will and then I’ll pick three you pick three about that okay? And then we’ll narrow it down from those three okay?

Unknown Speaker 28:17
Or and if they pick that if we pick the same ones then they go for Legion of doom. Okay The rockers okay demolition, new day. APA, Dudley boys, Hardy Boys Edge and Christian rock and sock connection. Money Inc, natural disasters, New Age outlaws Hart Foundation, nasty boys and The Usos. right because you’re carrying over The Usos Yes. Okay. All right.

Unknown Speaker 28:44
Do you want to make it for? Do we want to make it we can make it for let’s make it full. Okay. All right. I’m gonna go with the Hart foundation. Okay, the Hardys okay? Hello, D. Okay. The new day. Okay. I was

Unknown Speaker 29:00
You actually picked the exact ones I was going to do so you’re gonna do the same I’m going to do the exact ones because worried you were gonna not do the new day I knew I was between New Day and the rockers and decided that I was going. I’ve because I need somebody to represent today. Well, yeah, and I didn’t have to do so.

Unknown Speaker 29:16
So it was led

Unknown Speaker 29:20
New Day hearties hearties Hart Foundation and the Hart foundation. I’m just going ahead and

Unknown Speaker 29:30
getting rid of the rest of them. Now let’s plead a case for these four so why they should be and why they shouldn’t. Okay. All right, let’s start with the Hart foundation.

Unknown Speaker 29:40
My I can I start with the why not first? Yes. Okay. So the one not the Why not? Heart Foundation, although a very strong tag team was Bret Hart ended up being a better individual wrestler and is more faint as an individual wrestler than he is as a tag team. Correct. So that is

Unknown Speaker 30:00
That is my reasoning for them not moving on because

Unknown Speaker 30:05
I love the Hart foundation. I got a pair of red hearts glasses, like handed to me by Bret Hart at the ocean center when I was a kid, but it was about Bret Hart, not about the team. Yeah. So I agree with you, I think we can flat out just cross the Hart foundation. Okay. All right. So we have the interesting thing is the next three are not about individuals like it’s there. Correct. That’s the problem, right? next three are just solid tactics. So absolutely solid tag teams. I know who my one and two are going to come down to okay. I don’t know if you know what you’re wanting to or I kind of do, but all right, so

Unknown Speaker 30:44
let’s go with mo D next. Okay. All right.

Unknown Speaker 30:48
Great team. highly decorated. Yes. Multiple time tag team champion. Correct.

Unknown Speaker 30:54
When you stack them up against the other two, I don’t think they fit see. I think

Unknown Speaker 31:00
That they fit the style of what was going on when they were wrestling. Oh, I don’t mean style wise, I think when you stack up like title reigns charisma.

Unknown Speaker 31:12
They needed they you are right in the fact that they needed a mouthpiece. They needed somebody that was Data Manager, they also don’t have a Alright, so the Hardys have

Unknown Speaker 31:24
definitive what’s interesting just looking at this is you literally have three separate

Unknown Speaker 31:31
areas. Yeah, because you have Legion of Doom, which was before the Attitude Era, the WWF era, then you have Hardy Boys, which were the Attitude Era and continuing on after the Attitude Era. So, I mean, you have new day, that new day and the Hardys have I can name some career defining things, all right, you have TLC for the Hardys? Yes. All right. You have that, that comeback at WrestleMania for the Hardys, you also have multiple tag team reigns. Take out any single stuff. You have

Unknown Speaker 32:00
formidable rivals in the Dudley’s and edging Christian the new day

Unknown Speaker 32:07
has that series of matches with the russos over the summer that was just like nameless. They have the longest title reign ever. They have rivals established in like The Usos

Unknown Speaker 32:21
I cannot think of any of that stuff for legion of Do you I’m trying to remember who they like who their major opponent was back in the day and I WWE I mean, right to WCW we could find them a formidable but the the other thing too is that was so long ago, I just honestly don’t remember like, I don’t know if I’ll remember my TLC one and TLC two will forever be in my mind. Like there’s no question about that their big rival that I can remember is the Doa

Unknown Speaker 32:53
and that was a 97 and they were way past their prime at that point. Yes. But that’s their big rival that I can remember.

Unknown Speaker 33:00
Doa I don’t remember who were they going up against English? Did they even fight demolition ever? I don’t know I they fight the rockers did they have a series of matches with the rocker you know what I’m actually going to look this up so just so we can go back and we do live in an age where we can find this stuff out very easily

Unknown Speaker 33:19
I’m let’s see Legion of Doom Oh, you know

Unknown Speaker 33:25
I would help if I was looking up the Legion of Doom wrestling

Unknown Speaker 33:30
not a not a

Unknown Speaker 33:34
not DC Comics it’s interesting so they’re this might be something that comes up they are actually listed as the road warriors in Wikipedia, not the Legion of Doom right because that’s what they’re known right but

Unknown Speaker 33:51
let’s see Hello D is because Vince McMahon wants to own everything

Unknown Speaker 34:01
I’m just going through

Unknown Speaker 34:06
WWE wwe WTF? There were two time Tag Team Champions okay. And they were inducted in the Hall of Fame in 2011 okay

Unknown Speaker 34:17
does not tell me who

Unknown Speaker 34:25
they talk about hawks death in 2003

Unknown Speaker 34:30
Wow Was it 2003 yeah

Unknown Speaker 34:35
I know animal came back and run our little while without him Hello DTSC did that was the return led 2005 is what the remember led 2000 where they added sunny and then they added draws yes engine then draws got paralyzed. Yeah

Unknown Speaker 34:52
What led 2003 early few words

Unknown Speaker 35:00
They destroyed the Headbangers

Unknown Speaker 35:05
they’re heavily involved in a feud with the Hart foundation. Okay

Unknown Speaker 35:14
God I remember that it was at an in your house pay per view that that went down with

Unknown Speaker 35:20
let’s see, apparently they did. They went up against the outlaws a couple of times.

Unknown Speaker 35:28
World Wrestling Federation 9292 is interesting because I

Unknown Speaker 35:35
it almost I guess maybe I’m

Unknown Speaker 35:39
they immediately entered

Unknown Speaker 35:42
and had a feud with demolition. Okay, so that was their big one to start off with. They had a feud with the nasty boys. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 35:52
Pretty credible foes. Talk about Paul Eller Lang

Unknown Speaker 35:57
or ellering

Unknown Speaker 35:59
Yeah, it was

Unknown Speaker 36:00
slipping around the network one day and I watched some really old like wrestling gems or whatever right and it had an L it had a road warriors match where ellering was their manager still

Unknown Speaker 36:12
so yeah, that was a alright so they had some some some credible opponents but I think I’m going to go with you on this one I think it is between the Hardys and the new day new day for me and for me, it’s just it’s like a slight edging I have to give it to the party. I’m with you that with that I’m i like i said i was a Hardee’s Mark like literally the only shirt I remember buying myself was a hardy boy shirt and I still have it in a bag in my closet. Put it this way. This is how hard this decision is for me. I waited in line for four hours to meet the new day as a 38 year old man.

Unknown Speaker 36:47
And like they put on a great show. I have some love the new day. Yeah, they’re great. I mean,

Unknown Speaker 36:54
and but the thing is, you consider him a stable that’s the other because there’s no they fight under Freebird rules. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 37:00
So healthy became Yeah, before Kofi became champion anytime they were tag team, they would switch out. Okay, that’s so that’s what that was their their way of getting Oh and I came up with another technicality that I can put in the honorable mentions

Unknown Speaker 37:15
rock and roll Express when Jim cornette created that stupid and who are IWA and brought them to bra? Uh huh the rock and roll Express one of the teams he brought yes it was and they they had a good run back in the day so but yeah, no, I think we have decided that the Hardy Boys at least in our opinion, and I think if this gets a good a good response we can do the stables we can just say we have champions we can do yeah, World Champions, we can definitely do that. So uh, thank you guys for tuning in this week. So we’ve decided the Hardys are the greatest Yes, I believe we’ve WWE not ever, not ever but in WWE. Okay, cool. Well, we’ve hashed that out. I mean, the best that we can at least us we know as far as we know. I mean,

Unknown Speaker 38:00
If you guys have some opinions get back to us. Yeah. Get back to us on social media sign. join our group in. Yeah. Or go to the top rope wrestling podcast on Instagram perhaps or Facebook, pro wrestling. Let’s try to transition. top rope wrestling. On Facebook. Yes. And top rope wrestling on Twitter. If you want to discuss their top of wrestling, we do have a group where you can come and chat and we will post things on there. And if people join in, it’ll motivate us to join it. Correct. So

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and then go to our website top pro wrestling calm.

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Plus all our podcasts. Yes, all of our podcasts, all of our social media. Everything’s on there. easy to find. You can even contact us through it. Yes. So he’s out don’t know what we want to talk to. And actually, if you want to give us a call it’s 951 top rope and we’ll pay your play your voicemail. We will pay your voice now. We won’t pay it but we’ll play it. Yeah, maybe we’ll send you a shirt.

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Something that’s a cool shirt. So peace out

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