This week, Drew and Rick go over the card of what was the 2020 Royal Rumble while revisiting their predictions from the preview show.

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Good evening and welcome to another edition of top rope radio top Bab top rope wrestling podcast. I wanted to go with top rope radio again for some reason. I am Rick and drew is at his house. We’re trying this recording thing a little differently this time and hopefully it sounds a little bit better.

Yeah, I’m joining you from 2184 Films studios. Oh, is that what we’re going to officially refer to that as

now as your house? Sure. Okay. And we are going to go ahead and recap WrestleMania or not WrestleMania What am I doing? Royal Rumble I have WrestleMania on the mind. I need to point to the sign. We got to get a sign in the studio.

So you can get a sign in the studio.

I’ll point to the top pro wrestling podcast sign right now.

So when are we back in two weeks?

Back in studio? Yes. I believe in two weeks because

we need to we need to come up with something for this. Yeah. WrestleMania season for us the point at

Yes, we will come up with something I’m sure we can I print a big banner or maybe we’ll get a picture of somebody pointing at the WrestleMania sign and will pointed the picture of the person pointing at WrestleMania. We’ll figure it out. Yeah. Since it’s now officially WrestleMania season, it is.

Michael Cole beat us over the head with that fact.

But I have to I have to say that Royal Rumble was one of the best pay per views that they have put together in a long, long time.

I enjoyed it. I mean, I enjoyed the stuff I paid attention to see I

actually paid attention to all of it. I think

I paid attention to the shorty g vs shootout that

I’m not talking about the pre show. I didn’t watch any of the pre show.

Yeah, I didn’t watch ondraw day I didn’t watch any of the pre show at all. So

I think what happened on Raw between and Ronnie and Umberto Korea was probably better than the match on the pre show.

Yeah, then the match on Raw was pretty good. Yeah, let’s see. So we’re gonna go through the rock hard. Alright, not the rock hard.

Yeah. And we might as well start with the pre show matches.

Yes, we will start with the pre show matches which I did not watch.

So I did they I had them like it’s in the background as I’m doing other things.

So first off, Seamus defeated shorty g in 12 minutes and 35 seconds.

No surprise there. I think we both called that one as being a Sheamus. Land.

Yes. That was not going to be a shorty g when there was no question about that one. Next up is the ondraw day versus hump or defeated Humberto Carrillo in for the US to retain the US championship in 14 minutes and 20 seconds.

Yeah. And I think we both picked on drop a to win though.

And probably the the interesting thing was the next day he was quote unquote, injured because he was suspended apparently

Who was

on drop a for a wellness issue? Oh, he’s suspended he is suspended apparently.

Or at least that’s what I was writing it but they let him keep that title

they let him keep the title but I believe they’re going to come back and say he was injured and that they’re going to have to put the title up for grabs. I was reading I forget where I was reading that yeah, it was just I Yep, there it is on Andre de suspended under the rules of the WWE Wellness Policy

alright so that whole like angle they It started with them Berto Korea were on Berto was finally showing some personality at the end of that match was all for non

well i mean they can keep it go I mean they just won’t have him involved in it now. So

misses are Mr.

Mr. flair

is going to be gone for at least a little while. I didn’t see how long it was for but

in the tradition of Bobby rude and Roman Reigns, yes gets his 30 day suspension for doing whatever.

Yes, who knows what he was doing but you know he was caught doing it so they have to suspend him for 30 days. next match up is the Roman Reigns vs King Corbin match.

And I predicted this one I believe to a tee. Yeah said that everyone that was involved in this feud was going to make their way out. Correct.

And you even predicted that it was going to go into or be involved in the dugout dugout guy. I was impressed man.

You did right.

Yeah. I did not get Roman calling his shot running the bases and ending it with a spear at home.

No, but that would have been amazing that that was a little over the top. match was very good. It was it was a great match. Falls Count Anywhere. actually forgot that it was a single I am for some reason I was thinking it was a three, three call or three falls match. But uh, yeah, I don’t know why I was thinking that. And so in 21 minutes and 20 seconds Roman Reigns defeated King Corbin

and I didn’t feel like a 21 minute match. I hate long matches. No.

Yeah, I agree. But I think because everybody involved and then going all over the arena. It really didn’t feel like it was that long of a of a match. Right. So I enjoyed it. It was one of the better matches on the card.

Yeah, I like I said I thoroughly enjoyed it. I liked all the bed the spot with one of the russos jumping off of the I don’t know what you call it the catwalk or whatever. Yeah. And landing on everyone I thought was pretty cool. Yeah, no, I thought it was like the final spear.

Yes. On top of the dugout where they pinned them. Yeah, no, I was. It was a good match over All. Not many complaints. Really. I mean, if any, I don’t think I, I, they kept my attention for all 20 minutes. So yeah, it was hard and hard to do. Next up is the 30 women 30 woman. What Royal Rumble match for the for a chance at the Women’s Championship at for a Women’s Championship? I WrestleMania

Yep, and this is part one of two or we’ll spend some time sorting some stuff out on these matches. So what did you think of the women’s Royal Rumble?

It wasn’t bad. I enjoyed it. I mean, I it didn’t live up to the men’s but everybody that they brought back. I enjoyed they threw out a couple people that I wasn’t really expecting as far as

I said they tossed a lot of Enix tears and

Yeah. Which I enjoyed. I’m I don’t follow the NXT women as much as I used to But they know I thought it was a it was a good match. They were randomly throwing people in there.

Yeah, I was lol put on a clinic

Yes, absolutely yeah

Molly Holly or mighty Molly whatever. That was a surprise entering I guess

that the Phoenix with a frickin I don’t know she took some glass and chopped her head open before she went out there but

she laughed when

she had matted blood on the back of her head. Yes,

but she she lasted quite a long time to

get she made it right up into the end almost. Yeah, I mean it was it was her. Shana who should have won? Yeah, I garlotte who should not have won

I’m 100% with you. I was shocked that the Charlotte actually won that match. I didn’t get it.

Silly. It was silly.

Alexa Bliss put on a good show. She lasted a pretty decent amount of time.

Let’s see. Beth Phoenix lasted 23 minutes and five seconds. So, Bianca Bel Air lasted 3320 Alexa Bliss lasted 2634

Let’s see some of the other with were Beth Phoenix and Molly Holly The only legends in there.

Well, it’s funny because Beth Phoenix is actually as far as her status is considered part of NXT. They had 123 free agents which was mighty, mighty Molly Kelly Kelly. And I then the first man, I guess, to ever participate.

Well, I had the first woman to participate in last year’s rumbles

right with sin. I’m Santina Morello playing Santina Marella

I thought it’s a little bit was pretty funny like gave himself the snake thing and threw himself over the road.

Yeah, it wasn’t bad entertaining.

Who’d you say the other Kelly Kelly? I forgot about Yes, I forgot like that she existed

Me too. I’m

yeah, that was I was I wasn’t watching Wrestling during her run like that. It kind of sucks because there’s a lot of like Beth Phoenix I really don’t know a whole lot about because I wasn’t watching Wrestling during her run right. Mighty Molly obviously was like, right when I was really into it, right.

Yeah, I was going through and I’m like, and when Kelly Kelly showed up, I’m like, I know the name. I don’t really know much about her at all. So

you have to dig up. I don’t know what episode it is. Can I just cannot remember. Pritchard talks about him and Vince McMahon trying to teach her how to dance. impersonation of Vince McMahon giving her tips on how to dance.

I will go back and I I’ll see if I can find something that like like a website that might have the yeah guide or something that might have that listed and I will check it out.

I’m trying to think of some of the other professors or the other good performances. Naomi peyser just fucking tour tour through anyone that was left in that ring when she came in.

Oh, yeah, well, I’m you kind of expected that and I thought she should have one. I mean, she’s ready. She’s,

there’s, she’s deserving. She should not have won unless this match at WrestleMania is going to be at three weeks. I’m assuming. Charlotte’s gonna pick Becky.

Yeah, I’m gonna assume so.

Let’s see.

The Naomi thing with her catching herself on the wall and then walking along

that wasn’t bad except for the fact that like as soon as she got in she got thrown out Yeah,

that was and the the weight on the wall. She was just standing on the table off to the side for so long. Yeah. Oh, so long.

Yeah, domina came back. Sorta. Yeah. I don’t know.

I I’m looking I’m looking at the longer ones Mercedes Martinez was in for 814.

Oh, yeah, she I don’t know really. I don’t know a lot about her but she looked like kind of a little badass. Yeah.

Let’s see Mandy Rose was in for 849. Otis came out and saved her. Yeah, that was actually kind of fun. Like, he caught her and had her like, standing honor. Yeah, it was. It was a good set. 901 for Candace Luray. Natalia was in for 1413 1443.

Nikki cross didn’t last long did she

know Nikki crop was only in there for Nikki cross was only in there. Well, now she was in there for 15 eight, so Oh, really? Yeah. Before being eliminated by Bianca Bleier, the second entrant.

So, I mean, it was a pretty good match. I enjoyed it. Yeah,

it kept my interest for an hour or however long it lasted. I feel like 54 minutes and 22nd

Just because she is such a big deal I feel like rear Ripley should be it should have been in it but then at the same time, you can’t throw her out. Right when you’re trying to build her up. Much like in theory, you can’t throw Shana base or out when you’re trying to build her up, but they didn’t

care. Yeah. I don’t I still don’t get that but you know, whatever. She did have eight eliminations, though. So her and Bianca Bel Air were tied for the highest number of eliminations.

Yeah, they definitely made her look like a badass and they definitely made Bianca Bel Air look tough, too.

Yeah. So and it was interesting, like the two NXT women were the ones that kind of made got made look to look badass, but they were both eliminated by the eventual winner and Charlotte flair.

Yeah, unfortunately. Yeah.

I don’t know. I I’m not a big Charlotte flair fan. But you know,

it’s just it’s something I’m a big fan. I mean, I want to see her fight. People she hasn’t fought before. But also she’s done everything she’s like a 10 time women’s champ But is she? Yeah, yeah. Oh no, I know it. It’s unfortunate that she’s the way she is like, where she’s such a like a star. Uh huh. In a world of like not many women stars in there so she got the belt in a short amount of time because she’s only been around in the main roster maybe six years but I think it’s closer to five and she’s a 10 time champion. She’s done everything she can do so anything is like just same old like you’re not seeing anything new now. The thing with her now is to like all right, you put the belt on Shana Bazell, or somehow and then like maybe she gets dumped on Bailey’s belt at like Elimination Chamber something and then you have WrestleMania Shana bays or vs Charlotte flair. I’m back into it

right. Well she By the way, in case you’re wondering, she did go to the main roster in 2015. So you are correct in the five years so yeah, I I I’m hoping that they move everything in a proper direction. If I may. Oh, so

now next up we have

the match speaking of not proper direction, yeah,

this match I I couldn’t have cared less about like I literally, I think this is so I didn’t finish watching it. The night that it aired because I was just exhausted.

I don’t think the people in the crowd finished watch.

I was I know I actually turned off the entire event during his match. And it was Bailey versus Lacey Evans.

I was watching that match. As far as I was watching it was see Bailey come out with that fucking miserable look on her and she definitely had it back when she didn’t have the belt around her. was a little letdown there?

Yeah, no she didn’t. She actually wore it around her waist. So she had the A w rocking it.

But other than that, I did that, like the match came on. I went like walk the dog. By the time I came back in, it was over 10 one. So yes, Bailey

did defeat Lacey Evans in nine minutes and 20 seconds to retain the SmackDown Women’s Championship. And I can say I don’t remember anything I like I remember them getting her. Lacy Evans kid involved at one point. Her daughter was at ringside with her husband and they kept playing up the Marines and the proper, you know, being a proper leader and blah, blah blah kind of thing, but

you know what I feel? I feel like I can sum this matchup by partially quoting Forrest Gump, in saying this, Bailey defeated Lacey Evans and nine minutes and 20 seconds to retain her title. And that’s all I have to say about that.

I get definitely see that

so next up was actually a pretty damn good. I mean a really damn good match was the Bray Wyatt defeated the theme to Bray Wyatt defeated Daniel Bryan in 17 minutes and 35 seconds in a strap match.

Yeah, I did like this match. But they didn’t use the rules of a strap match. It was a pen submission.

Yeah, I was like I had literally just spent an hour beforehand explaining or not an hour but good 1520 minutes explaining what a strap match was to my wife before we started watching, and they didn’t follow the rules.

And I knew as soon as they said by Penn fall or submission that Bray Wyatt was going to win this match. However, it was still damn fun watching them get there.

Yes, I I highly enjoyed the match. I mean, there was there were some bloody spots in it too. It was. I liked the ending. where it was, you know, the no cell with the with the slaps at the end? Yeah and yeah where you know the fiend went full fiend and said fuck off,

ya know enough of this nonsense, right? mandible clawed him.

Yeah, and kept it going and yeah it was it was a good match I have no complaints about that one either. Nope.

And then let’s see.

Next up is Becky Lynch defeated


by submission get to retain the raw Women’s Championship. She got

her redemption

part of me which like that would have been a cool storyline to keep going like her like not being able to beat Oscar but you know, right whatever Oscars can be, I’m assuming more focused on the tag team side of things anyway, although she did she did wrestle as an individual last year on Raw

her and Kyrie Cena been wrestling individually for months now.

Yeah, I mean the problem is they don’t have

the there’s a single Tag Team Championship with the with the WWE Women’s now there’s not one for each side. Yeah.

I guess there’s not for men either. There’s just no suitable contenders for it. Yeah.

And they keep throwing things 31 years old who carry saying,

Is she really

saying that? She was like 23? I know ask is like your age or my age? Yeah. Asked is the same age as you?

Is she really?

I see that. How about that? Yeah, she was born just after a couple months after I was.


yeah, Kyrie, is 31 years old?

Never would have picked up. No. So, uh, I guess anything to say about that match. I mean, I enjoyed it. It wasn’t a bad Match

Yeah, yeah, it was a good match I didn’t really nothing to me really memorable came out of it, but it moves Becky on to something else

to be the women’s the WWE Raw championship of women, cuz she doesn’t want to be the Women’s Champion.

Yeah. And he keeps Osca yelling insanely and cartoonish and Japanese.

I got you. I mean, she always does that. And what does for

the wild they made her exclusively speak English and it was just hard to watch her promos. Now that they let her use like two English words and then a bunch of Japanese where I can just imagine what she’s saying. Right.

And for the main event was the hour long 30 man, Royal Rumble match. I guess we could we could just come out and Drew McIntyre one. Yep. By eliminating Roman ready

Absolutely. The right choice. Yeah, I was not expecting it, but it was an excellent choice. I think if you remember I was I gave him the highest odds of them. Brock Lesnar, Roman reigns of winning, did you? I think you may I remember, I don’t I gave him a 60% chance of winning.

Yeah, that sounds right. So, um, yeah, I didn’t think I kind of knew Brock wasn’t going to win. Because having a champion win kind of. Yeah, I mean, I understand the reasoning behind it. And he did last 26 minutes and 24 seconds.

I thought when he went on that tear that it was actually like they were going to get this Royal Rumble over within 20 minutes.

Oh, yeah. Like literally every time somebody walks in, just throw over the edge. Yeah.

And I mean, basically, Keith Lee was the first one to even give him

like a run. Yeah. Kofi gave him No, Kofi was the first one. Oh, yeah. Yeah, Kofi did get Kofi got him on the ropes for a minute long enough to get a couple more people in the ring and then you know, he just tore through

right but carefully actually, like, it was that was kind of a face to face, you know? Yeah. Yeah, that was that was actually a pretty good set until he was eliminate. I mean, he was only in for three and a half minutes. But

so as Michael Cole kept pushing down our throats, this really was two different royal rumbles. It was the Brock Lesnar like man handling of the job or Ryan’s mid Carter guys that had no chance of winning. And then,

yeah, I think Cody ropey was with Kofi was the only one that would have had like, that would have even made any sense.

Do we have anyone but him out? Yeah. I mean, he was out number six, and he lasted five and a half or five minutes and you know, didn’t get to eliminate anyone. If Keith Lee wasn’t the North American champion, I would say he might have won and then he could challenge Adam Cole. Yeah. But that’s given a lot to that guy. To let him win the World rumble being in an ax t Yes. Matt riddle supposedly lasted only a few minutes cuz he 41 seconds yeah got into it with Brock Lesnar

yeah before that before anything even happened yeah that was I heard about that it was cool like the Drew McIntyre setup was great with him eliminating Brock and then Brock getting pissed at him and then going on to win I mean that was a perfect setup how they did it

what the the actual perfect setup really was because every there no one thought once it got down to Roman being one of the last four that Roman wasn’t going to win it right have him three d the one to throw Roman out and win. Like yeah here fucker this is the guy this is the one you guys all thought was gonna win. No.

Yeah, exactly. Yeah, no, I mean it was.

I mean, it was a really really really good match. I had unexpected surprises. I mean, no like we all knew edge was coming. Me, me. We knew MVP. I had a time and we knew edge ahead of time Really?

Did you know MVP was coming back? That was actually a surprise for me.

Oh really? No, I knew somebody had posted a photo of the like they could see from their hotel room into the stadium. Okay, and they put they had the picture of MEPs intro up there. So, okay.

Yeah, I didn’t I didn’t know that was actually kind of a weird surprise. So, um, the edge the the pop edge got was unreal.

It was absolutely amazing.

I was so happy to see him again because it was kind of shitty the way he had to retire. Oh, 100% I mean, the back injury and everything else, you know, and I hope he gets another championship run out of it.

Yeah, I really do hope that he gets another run because he deserves it. I mean, with everything he went through and all the time that he’s been gone, it’s been it’s

not good. I mean, he gets to do some of these. Some of the dream matches like you know, a fight AJ Styles and some of those guys that you’d want to see edge Yeah, I’ve been trying to run

I’m interested to see like, if it’s interesting because everybody jokes about like all these old guys coming back for all these, like, NWA he’s got a bunch of old guys coming back or and I don’t know

it’s interesting to see because the web now has MVP who’s what 41 years old pot if you look at if I look at their roster their their rosters pretty mixed. I mean, there are less guys in their 20s most of the rosters and like the heavy part of the rosters in their 30s but they still have people like AJ Styles is 40 something God Of course I draw a blank The minute I started, rock I mean Brock’s older. Rob’s broken AJ are the same age. Samoa Joe’s 40. Yeah, they have that they have some guys that are in their 40s and then people are put together better now. I mean, Hogan went into his mid 50s and could still Go. And there’s no reason that a lot of these guys can’t go because they’re in better shape than he was.

Yeah, I’m not saying that it’s a bad thing. I’m just saying that people for a long time, that was the big complaint about a couple of the different promotions was the old guys. And now WCW was the fucking retirement home for a while, right? Oh, 100% I mean, everybody wants to die.

I don’t think it’s that easy. I think it’s that that like, so like the guys like styles and stuff. They came from other places. And they’re coming into WWE, I mean, styles. It’s been there for years now. But like he had his career, and then he’s come into, to WWE, to where he can be a big star in WWE now and for as long as he wants. Well, because he he wasn’t there forever,

right. And that couple guy, Samoa Joe, for example, was a guy that was in another promotion for a long time and was brought in to help train people at NXT originally, yeah, and you know, he was on the show to train, you know, to help

Help the little guy and now, you know, he’s all over the place he

supposed to be? I think he was just supposed to be a healing annex t that people stepped on on their way up to the main roster, right and

a heel that people knew. And then they stepped on. And it turns out, I mean, he might be one of the best talented people or most talented people that they’ve ended up bringing in. And not necessarily I mean, he in the ring, he’s great, but as far as like, behind the mic and everything. So

speaking of let me Okay,

I was gonna say speaking of Samoa Joe, though, you heard what happened, right?

Yeah, you gotta you told me you got concussed. Yeah,

he got a concussion on on Raw. I got. I had some. I had somebody reach out to me and be like, hey, so you did hear about Samoa Joe and I had read that he had a head injury and but I had to confirm that it was concussion so

funny. So he’ll be out for a while.

Yeah, I mean, help go through concussion protocol more than likely and they can always stick I’m back behind the mic. I do not miss him on Raw like he’s, he’s great.

I prefer to see him doing what he’s doing in the ring.

Yeah, no, I love him in the ring. But I also like him. I mean, I think he’s good behind the mic.

I’ll tell you one thing when the Royal Royal Rumble got kind of fun as much I’m telling you like six months ago, I hated this guy. I love them now because I love them as a heel. Right when Rollins came down yeah, like he came down he brought he brought his goons with them and they just cause chaos for like 10 minutes. Yeah.

Yeah, no, I think that they I like the goon squad.

Yeah, I don’t know it was it definitely

their dx. There are their dx or the established veteran, the mid Carter and by buddy Murphy and the tag team.

Yeah, well, they Opie although it’s always the raw

the the raw promo that They did was actually really well done where they’re like with the recording and this and that but um the you could definitely tell AOP is not meant to be interviewed. Right

The thing is they just started this like when they when they came up to the main roster they were speaking English constantly.

See, they weren’t they never talked at

all when they were in NXT like they had the mouthpiece they had What’s his face?

Hello. I but they spoke English and the thing in the thing is, these two guys are two different like, like they’re not speaking the same length.

Yeah, you know, it is what it is, I guess.

So, I mean, in theory, they’re like doing an interview and these two aren’t even understanding what each other’s talking about.

You’re not wrong. That’s that’s pretty funny. I never really thought about that.

So, so that covers the Royal Rumble for us. Yeah.

Drew one. Yeah. Drew drew Mac your Mac one.

Yes. It’s drew and drew Mac one overall because you predicted almost the entire card.

I did that’s I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad.

I don’t know. I mean, some of the the Drew McIntyre predict prediction was kind of kind of out there. Yeah.

I mean, I like i said i get he was my third pick in line. I definitely gave it to Roman first, right.

So, um, let’s see, you wanna go ahead and plug the social media? Sure.

We can be found at the top rope wrestling podcast on Instagram. You can find us on Facebook at just look up top rope wrestling podcast. You can also find us at top rope wrestling podcast com ours at top rope wrestling calm,

top rope wrestling, calm top rope wrestling calm or top dash for rope dash wrestling calm or top or TRW?

Yeah, we have a bunch of them. Can you

I don’t know. I can look though. The top rope No, I don’t think we can get an Edu that, that one. They don’t allow those out.

Then we could get discounts on Apple Music if we did

so, but we do have

the Twitter account, which is top pro wrestling without the G. You can find links to all of our social media on pretty much every podcast you can find us on pretty much every podcast wherever you listen to podcasts. Please subscribe, you know, like all of our stuff, and leave a comment. You know, even if it’s a rate even if your rate is like a two I don’t care, just leave a comment. Because the more ratings and comments we have, the higher we get the rank and right now we are shitty.

Yeah, we’re trying to get out there. We’re trying To get people listening. Yes. And hopefully while even if zero people listen will still do this, but yeah, people listen,

we do it for fun. We don’t do it for money. But you know, it’s always fun. The more people we have, the more we can gain traction and the more people we can have and the more people that listen, the more fun We can now Yes, and the more things we can do and the more equipment we can get, and the cool things like remote cams for when we do mayhem on Mills.

And live shows and fucking comedy clubs and weird places like Tucson, Arizona, and Biloxi,

Mississippi. Yeah,

yeah, I was just there last year in Biloxi. 13 minutes. Okay, well, I have to drive through there to get to Louisiana.

Yes, I know. I have driven through Biloxi. So thanks for joining us. The Biloxi blues. I did not have the Biloxi blues I

Neil Simon reference for all you kids out there

that are not as old Was Drew.

And just to let you know that Neil Simon reference is way older than I am, I shouldn’t even get that.

Yeah, that’s actually yeah. So, um, I guess we’re out.

Yeah. So we’ll be back soon. Hopefully the next time you hear us will be both in the same room.

I believe we will. Okay, okay. So a

piece play that, play that music. You played it to get us out of here. Yeah, I’ll go ahead and do that.

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