This week we go over the Royal Rumble card match by match and give our thoughts on each match as well as predict the outcome.

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Now head into the ring at a total combined weight of

the top rope with playing.

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to another edition of the top pro wrestling Podcast. I am Rick and drew is actually on the other side of the city right now because we’re trying something different tonight.

Yes, you are home

comes from.

I don’t know, from Ruby. It’s from a movie. You just don’t remember which one? Yeah, yeah. So we’re doing this and we are going to spend a little time today talking about this year’s Royal Rumble. And, yes. Are you still messing

with your microphone? I

would you stop that everybody can hear you messing with your microphone now. All right, we’re good.

Okay, good.

So we’re, we’re gonna be talking about the Royal Rumble this week. It’s matches happened on Sunday. And I believe all the matches have been put out there. I don’t think all the Royal Rumble contestants have been announced yet.

All but seven or no, I’m sorry. So the men have been announced and then like practically none of the women, right.

So we’ll go ahead and see what we can come up with and we’ll go from there. All right. So we have we’ll start off with the men’s match so far. be confirmed entrances entrance that we have on it. Do we want to play the game of say a name and then I say no chance. Yeah, we can do that. Okay cool. Okay, so number one is Brock Lesnar re entering it number one. It’s possible he could go all the way through.

I don’t think it’d be an interesting storyline if he was to win. It could be an interesting storyline would you challenge the theme or would he just say fuck it? I’m not gonna wrestle WrestleMania

I honestly don’t know. So, but I don’t think he’s going to win but that could just be me.

Then we have Roman Reigns.

Quite I would put him at like an 85% chance of winning. Dolph Ziggler No chance. Yeah,

I agree. Erick Rowan.

Absolutely less of a chance to adopt. AJ Styles.

Would I give Roman 85%

Yeah, I think we’ll give him 60 you give him 60% Yeah,

Randy Orton. I’ll put him in the 60 category two, Elias

right up there with Dolf in that zero to basically know she’ll be, he’ll be singing in the shower before the winners announced

Rey Mysterio. Zero ricochet.

He’s gonna be making all the way up the frickin ring. He’s gonna ricochet

ricochet off the top rope out of the ring. You’re saying?

Drew McIntyre. Drew McIntyre. I’m gonna put him at 70% chance.

Wow, you’re giving him that high.

Yeah, they’ve been pushing him hard lately.

And then we got Otis

braid up there with Rick

and Tucker.

Tucker has less of a chance of

Rousseff. Rousseff. What was the lowest I’ve given so far as 60% champions. I’ll give him 50 50% pop out of nowhere and might win but I don’t think you well, Bobby lashley Absolutely. 40% shade 40% Alistair black

I’m gonna put him at 60 60% chance.

Yeah. And where was a Alister black buddy Murphy?

Eddie Murphy, put him in the 40% category. These guys all have chances of winning

bronze Stroman.

Braun Stroman has a zero percent chance of winning.

Especially with his back being the way it is. Yeah. schinsky Nakamura

schinsky Nakamura has zero percent chance of winning his second Royal Rumble in his career.

Seth Rollins,

Seth Rollins I would put at probably 60% chance I doubt he’s gonna win but got about kayo Kevin Owens. Kevin Owens is right there just below just below Seth I would say 5560 5560

and then Samoa Joe is the last confirmed entrant

about this same guy. Yeah, about this. Okay.

So and then that’s that’s pretty much it. So who if you do you Who do you pic like actually picked to win

oh I’m That’s a hard one

god I’m I keep going back and forth I honestly think that it might be Roman Reigns just to get I mean he not that he doesn’t need to push it not that he needs the push but they just seem like he’s always so over so

I’m gonna go with Roman to probably that seems like the the the the choice there they’re pushing but I just want to put as my second choice Brock Lesnar goes the distance I just don’t see him going the distance like I see him not getting knocked out by something something would have to be like outside of like none of these guys in the ring are going to knock him out it would have to be like someone comes down that ramp and and takes him down like a john cena or the rumored edge or something like that.

Yeah, I could see something like that. And I mean, obviously it’s not every contestant that That’s been announced so far. So we’ve got a couple of more. The women only have four announced contestants, I will give each of them a mic.

Okay, Charlotte flair.

I’ll give her a 60% chance of winning

Alexa Bliss,

zero. Nicki cross less than Nicki Dylan or less than Alexa Bliss. Sarah Logan, less than Nikki cross. I agree. So out of the ones that have been announced Charlotte flair would be my winner. I am assuming that we will see more people. I assuming anyone that even like because there’s two women’s matches. I’m assuming all four of those women and the two women’s matches are going to fight in the rumble. So Becky Lynch aska Bailey and Lacey Evans. Yeah, and then some probably some x t people, and I would guess Some legends.

Yeah, I’m sure that they’ll bring some legends out.

My actual actual pick for the women’s Royal Rumble has not been announced. But I’m pretty sure Shayna baszler.

Um, yeah, let’s see, I’m trying to I’m looking right now.

of possible. They don’t have it listed there.

I don’t foresee so I just I randomly went to some website and they said like the Dark Horse, right and or dark horse for the men’s rumble and they had CM Punk listed and I was like, I don’t think

absolutely not.

Yeah, so they don’t currently have that listed. That’s interesting. There are no I guess they’re only listening to confirm entrance. So

let’s see. I’m just

I’m trying I’m trying to see if I can find another site that has some stuff that

That they don’t currently have, but apparently not. So nobody wants to take a guess even as the as who could be the possible female entrance? Yeah,

I’m getting out there and today Shayna baszler.

Let’s see. Yeah. Right now they have like Natalia is one that’s not listed. Yeah. Yeah. They don’t really have a whole lot listed on there. It’s unfortunate. I was. I mean, we can kind of guess who they’re going to be. But they don’t have any. They don’t have them announced yet. So we won’t we won’t go. Anybody who hasn’t been announced?

Yeah. Do you think there will be a Beth Phoenix cameo?

It wouldn’t shock me at all. Right.

I mean, she’s around obviously, so it wouldn’t be hard to throw her in there. Again. The rumor is that edge might be in the Royal Rumble. Yes, that is that is the rumor that

he doesn’t want to he hasn’t a man

it would be awesome. But he has he even he won’t confirm anything. So,

what I’m saying is, it’d be awesome if he came into the women’s Royal Rumble, oh,

just jumping in his wife over the top row.

That would be kind of funny. So let’s see, what do we got next? The Universal championship, Bray Wyatt vs. Daniel Bryan and a strap match.

Dig that this is a strap match because it’s like if they want to because if I remember right, the rules of a strap match or you have to touch all four corners, right? I believe so. So what I find interesting about that is that the theme can lose without being pinned. So they can actually keep the theme strong. and have him lose that belt. Yeah, that’s true. He doesn’t need that belt. It’s It’s It’s hampering what they can do with the feet having that stupid belt on him.

Yeah, I mean,

because they they can’t really do the back and forth like they should be doing and I I’m just like, I’m making sure that we have the strap match. Correct. So I’m looking that up.

Yeah. So I mean, it’s just that that if you want to make him this unbeatable guy who sell it doesn’t sell moves and and is like terrorizing the WWE, you don’t put the title on him because eventually Someone has to beat him. And that’s the problem. He’s too young into this character to be beaten yet, so they have to beat him using some kind of shenanigans. Yes.

And you are correct. That is the most common version of a strap matches where they haven’t touched all four corners.

So Daniel Bryan and the fene will be strapped to with a leather belt type of thing.

Yeah, some kind of restraint to each other,

that they can beat the shit out of each other with and then they touch four corners. Correct. The first person to touch all four corners wins. It’s like in a row. You have to boop boop boop boop. Yeah,

yes, I believe so.

And you didn’t see that but there was visuals that went along with the booping all the just the boop boop boop

So that is that match and I could definitely see them giving it to Daniel Bryan, because of just the stipulation of the match. I mean, it’s not a wrestling match per se. So they could just, you know,

get the belt off of

Bray Wyatt without hurting the character. So

correct. And that’s what I think they should do because I do not want to see Roman win this belt off of the fene at WrestleMania by doing three Superman punches, and suddenly the theme can be penned.

Yeah, I’m with you there.

I just rather see them take it off of them now and and like with some kind of shenanigans, I don’t know. They have to get Kane in there to help and frickin call in the undertaker, whatever they got to do to get the belt off of him. And then let him go back to being like the destructive force that he is.

Yeah, just have somebody knock everybody out or knock him out. Whatever, you know time us something ever

Yeah, we can him so that Daniel Bryan did touch the four corners

or pull out nice Bray Wyatt instead of the theme from inside. Yes, yes.

The lovely, the lovely children’s host.

Yes, exactly. So next up we have Hello.

Let’s see the raw Women’s Championship, although they’re apparently rebranding the champion, the women’s champions as I or at least that’s what I was reading earlier today. They’re just going to be the raw champion, and it’s going to be the raw champion for the women and the raw champion for the men I guess. I don’t know. Okay, I I don’t know. I don’t ask me. I think it was something Becky Lynch said somewhere that she doesn’t believe that they should have. It shouldn’t be called men’s and women’s it should just be the champion. You know,

they don’t announce Brock Lesnar as the men’s World Heavyweight Champion right. So don’t announce the theme is the mins universal champion for I mean

yeah so she has a point but yeah so raw Women’s Championship is Becky Lynch vs Oscar

I think the man has to win that one just because the whole storyline there is that last year at the rumble Oscar beat her correct and it’s been eating at her for a year so I think Becky has to get her redemption

I’m I’m with you on that one I actually completely agree

yeah it’s a it’s it’s a

you know second match it’s

Yeah, I definitely see Becky Lynch winning that one.

Yeah, no, no problem. I think they’ll probably use again. Oscar will use that green mist shit or Tyrese saying I’ll come in and and do some shenanigans but I think still Becky will end up winning.

Yeah. So next up we have the SmackDown Women’s Championship which will probably soon just be referred to as the spec. Dumb championship, which is Bailey versus Lacey Evans. If it was possible to not care anymore about I know you just like Lacy and Bailey so

I don’t dislike Bailey as much as like I said, I will watch this match. It’s a fast forward match or run to the bathroom or get some water do whatever just flip on frickin impractical jokers for 15 minutes or something but I will watch one thing and I spoke about it on the last episode. I will watch Bailey come out that fucking belt around her neck but sourpuss look on her face like me at two o’clock in the afternoon at work. And then after that, I’m pretty much gonna fast forward. Ellie is just not she doesn’t do it for me wrestling. If she’s wrestling someone exciting, I can watch it. But Lacey is not exciting to watch. I like her finisher. I like the women’s right. But other than then then her attractive This there’s not much like watching in that match. Okay? So she just marched to the ring was like hey wave look I’m pretty and then punched Bailey in the face with the women’s right. I’d be all about that match.

Okay, I could see that

this thing’s going at least 15 minutes Oh,

I think every match on the card probably gonna end up going at least 15 minutes yeah

this thing is gonna this thing’s gonna go well into Monday.

And then let’s see next up we have Roman Reigns vs King Corbin Falls Count Anywhere match

and something I don’t say about a Roman Reigns match Austin. I’m really looking forward to this one.

Yeah, it should be a good match.

It’s a baseball field and they can utilize the entire like, area.

That’s right. They are at a baseball stadium. I forgot that they’re in trouble or not Tropicana. What the hell’s the Houston Astros A Minute Maid Park?

Yeah, they can he can throw Corbin in the dugout.

That could be interesting or go on top of the diagram.

I’m curious as to how they’re going to have this thing set up. I’ve never I mean, I don’t know if they’ve ever done a pay per view and a baseball field but you can’t really like, Is there a ringside seat do that? Yeah,

I mean, they’re gonna they’re probably gonna put

plywood down on the floors. I’m gonna guess the ring is going to be where the pitcher’s mound would be, would be my guess. Like the cover up the pitcher’s mound maybe he should make like Roman Reigns should run the bases. He should call his shot like point

punch korban in the face and round all of the bases and then do a giant Superman punch on him at home plate and panem I was lucky. I would support Roman Reigns and any crappy match he was in for the rest of his career. He did that.

That that would actually be pretty funny.

At that point, Roman Reigns could do no wrong in my eyes. He could do fucking What is it? What’s the Hogan movie Mr. Danny he could do Mr. Danny to be Friday night. First showing at the theater to see it if you did

you think there’s gonna be any outside interference? You know, Robert rude or Oh yeah, you think there’s gonna be some outside interference?

I think the russos are coming out I think the revivals coming out. I think Ziggler and Bobby rude are coming out. Does

everybody who’s in the back just bring them out and

see what happens. Everyone that’s involved with these this this feud is going to come out and wage war on Minute Maid Park.

So let’s see what’s up next we have the US championship the United States Championship, which is Andre vs. Umberto.

I love ondraw day. I do not like I’m Berto he to me is like the Lacy Evans of the men.

Yeah, I’m not that interesting and but you find you find him attractive.

But you find him attractive. So

He’s a good looking dude.

He’s not

but um,

I mean, he’s not not I guess I wonder

what Rick is saying is that he’s a good looking.

Yes I am saying he’s a he’s a he’s an okay looking guy. No better looking than I am that’s for sure.

But um yeah, this match I just don’t find it on bertos I haven’t grown to like him as a character. Yeah, he’s still seems pretty vanilla. He seems like like the rock when the rock first came out and he had the the goofy hair and all the crap on him and was rocky maivia the blue chipper? Yes. It’s what this guy seems like and he’s just kind of he’s kind of to like to vanilla the character for me.

Yeah, I could definitely see that. I mean, I don’t know what

I think I enjoy ondra. I’ve liked Andre for a while. So I’m going with him in this match. And they mean him. And I don’t know if you can go back and watch raw but I would at least watch that ladder match that him and Ray had this week it was it was good for a TV. TV LA for a pay per view match.

Yeah, I’ll go back and look at I haven’t had a chance to watch her all this week. So I watch the highlights.

Yeah. So I’ll go back and watch. It will definitely be on the that you can probably watch it on Hulu. They do the hour and a half version. They’ll probably just still probably show that.

Yeah, I’ve got it available through my cable too. So I have it available on both.

So let’s see.

Next up is Seamus versus shorty g

is the next one on the list.

All right. So remember when I said That if it was possible to care any less about a match when I was talking about Lacey Evans and Bailey, you

officially care less about this man you have fit the match. They could care less than that match.

I don’t blame you. Yes, I have no for break. I have no interest in watching it whatsoever.

I since I started watching again in 2015 I have wanted to like Shameless, all right, the man’s a fellow Irishman. He looks like a badass. I just can’t teach us he does like he’s a tough wrestler like he’s a brawler. Like I like I don’t like the high flyers as much as I like the brawlers Yeah, but there’s just something about this guy can’t get into. Yeah, shorty G is just, I don’t understand how someone who’s like, like, two or three inches taller than me. His shorty is getting called shorty. I don’t get called shorty.

And it’s their kill. I mean, they’re literally destroying the character. I mean, yeah.

I don’t get it. It’s I.

Yeah, I don’t it’s

Yeah, it’s a stupid character. I mean, it’s almost as silly as when he was. Kurt angle’s illegitimate child. Yeah. Oh, that was damn I thought it was Jason Jordan. nosy. That’s right. The other the other side. Oh, yeah, sorry. But either way, it was just not I don’t know,

which is what they need to do. They just need to bring American alpha back and let those guys wrestle as a tag team. Again.

They were a good tag team. There was no no question about it, but you know, whatever. And then the last match that they have listed is the Intercontinental Championship between schinsky Nakamura and Braun. strowman.

Oh, they made that a match.

Apparently so. Oh, cool.

All right. Well, um, I was this finally where Braun strowman gets his first singles title.

It could be

At the expensive Nakamura who, for some reason came all the way from Japan to just

I guess that’s that’s a predicted match. It’s not an actual Okay, sorry.

Sorry. I’ll then I predict the win for Braun strowman if it happens

just so he can get his first ever yeah singles title, I could see that.

Yeah. Hopefully thank you for that backstory. g shame is has to be on the kickoff show.

Yeah, that’s gotta be a kickoff that’s. You think they’ll put that in the Bailey match on the kickoff? I don’t think they put that no, they got.

They can’t put they put it

a championship match on the kickoff.

Well, no, they usually put the tag team ones on the kickoff.

Shit one time they put the russos like you remember when the russos a new day we’re doing battle like over the summer and like every match they put on was like a five star match. They stupidly put one of them on the kickoff show and it was better than like the main con

Yeah, it happens. It happens occasionally. For sure. Yeah, I’m trying to there were a cut. There’s been a couple of kickoff matches that just ended up better than the actual match that that happened. So yeah. So that is what we have for this year’s Royal Rumble, I guess. Um, anything else we got going on any other news, any other anything that we want to bring up?

I’m trying to think of anything I’ve heard this week I got my Blu Ray copy of Jay and Silent Bob reboot, that I’ll be pushing play on at the conclusion of the show.

I need to sit down and watch that or find a way to watch that I don’t have I didn’t order the blu ray. So I may have

to borrow it from you. Do you have Do you have a blu ray player?

Yeah, blu ray player okay.

Xbox when people come across now just stream shit.

I stream I’m stream most of my stuff. But I do have a blu ray player because my Xbox isn’t a blu ray player. Okay, yeah.

about that. I’m thinking of the World of Wrestling. I didn’t see a W yet this week. Probably going to watch that on Saturday or Sunday. You have a takeover takeover Saturday right there doing the UK versus regular. Yes. Next.

I’ll probably watch that Sunday after I get home. I’m going to I’ve got a race that I’m going to this weekend. So

is it the Rolex? Yes,

I’m going to the Rolex this weekend

so I’ve heard the speedway dogs are good

the speedway dogs oh yeah at the racetrack. Yeah, they’re actually pretty tasty. I’ve had them

I had them a couple years ago they were playing they were playing them up on on a local radio station today almost to the point where I was like, I think I need to go to the speedway at least once my life to try that.

Well, anytime you want to go to the Rolex I’m I go every year so

But yeah, I think that’s what you want to go out and plug our social media we can get out of

here. Sure. You can visit us at Instagram top rope wrestling podcast. You can visit us on Facebook, just look up top rope wrestling podcast, go to top rope wrestling. and you can actually link up to anything that we do and listen to our old podcasts that aren’t available on iTunes, or in Twitter.

Yes, top rope. Twitter is top rope wrestling without the G. And we actually have a bunch of URLs that we have now because we went out and bought a bunch of them so you can go to see

you did like a hostile takeover.

I did we have TRW cast com we have top we have top rope wrestling calm we have top dash rope dash wrestling calm and I think that’s all the ones that we currently have that that link back to the thing you set up email addresses for us. Oh yeah, you can actually email drew at top rope wrestling calm Rick at top rope wrestling calm or podcast at top pro wrestling calm we will be more than happy to answer any questions that you have or any suggestions you have feel free to email those as well. Should we make an account for all of her for all of her for the dog. Since he pops

into the to the show. He sat in on more episodes than that.

Yeah, you’re not wrong. And actually I think he’s right at the door right now. So he, he very well could be the third, the third MC of the

of the group. And our usual shameless plugging of Mayhem on Mills day announced some new matches today for February.

Oh, did they do have them up? Or?

I don’t

let me let me see if I can pull it up real fast.

Yes, come visit us we will be broadcasting live as always.

And we should have swag

right? We should have something Yes.

With a new logo and whatnot. Let’s see.

video earlier with a new match. It was like a six man tag.

Because there was a woman involved

a six person tag How about that six, six human tag.

I don’t see I can probably look at the videos but I do not see the actual national lists yet. Though we will. We’ll go ahead and see if we can’t get those for next time. For sure. Yeah. And she says, What the heck is that?

Sorry, it’s up on social media. Let us know how our home show went. I don’t know if we.

Yeah, let us know what you think of this one. I will probably do a couple more of them here and there. Especially recap shows, because sometimes it’s harder for drew to get over here. And now we can just do it this way. I think it sounds pretty good. Does it? I think so. I hope so. I mean, I haven’t heard it, you know, recorded. Of course, this was gonna get posted tomorrow. Yeah. So she’ll be up on Friday. So yes, it’ll be up tomorrow

morning. So I will be probably listening to it at work. And pretending that I am not listening to myself.

Okay. Well, I mean, I don’t like to listen to myself. So


head out. We good?

Yeah. My mic.

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