This week Drew and Rick talk about some of the most influential women in wrestling, at least who we feel fits the bill. They aren’t necessarily wrestlers but they have all made an impact in one way or another.

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AI Transcript:

Good evening and welcome to another edition of the top pro wrestling Podcast. I am Rick.

It all Perfect.


we’re gonna celebrate it but

that would be one year. Yo yo

Yes, we are

guess this one if I tell you who is the top of my female list of your female who is on top of this list without even looking at it you should know China.

No. Oh no. Okay, so we’re talking your list. Yeah, this is my, you’re here. We

didn’t have any particular ground.

You’re not wrong. Okay?

Alexa Bliss it is

I just

pure I mean, many time Ron Smackdown champion. She’s one of the best heels.

Yeah, it is very good feel. And you have a attracted to her and yes, a major attraction. So mine’s actually one that I it was interchangeable. My first female quote unquote, on my list is completely interchangeable, but played an important role during the Attitude Era. Okay. And that is the hose. The hose. Okay, so, obviously they didn’t wrestle a whole lot. I mean, most of them were actual local professional wrestlers, and not local strippers and stuff like that. But um,

yeah, I, you know,

the godfathers hose, or something that just kind of always stuck out to me.

Do you have any non WWE people on this list?

I have one non WWE person. And I have I have people that went Between others but yes, I have one that is only the wrestled very briefly in the WWE, but not after the fact. Like she she she made her name elsewhere not inside not in the WWE and impact.

Yes. All right. So yeah, I kind of figured that once you figured out who it was what made her living elsewhere? I don’t mind her all WWE people in some way shape or form. I just didn’t i didn’t dive too deep into like the impact women I didn’t know like, I’m sure that that awesome Kong? Yes. Chick did a lot of damage in her day.

Oh, yeah, absolutely. And awesome. Kong was a was a there was a chance that she would be in on mine, but I ended up going going elsewhere with that one. So

right. So minor, purely WWE people, mostly today’s era and 90s Yeah, okay. There’s a couple people from the 80s um,

I have One of all of mine were from the 90s for the most part, at least, as part of their influential. I have one, too from the 80s. But

we’ll get into it. Alright, so my number two was Trish Stratus. Okay, pretty much

she’s probably one of the top female wrestlers to ever pretty

much the first like female Wrestler of the Attitude Era that

could actually wrestle good Russell. Yeah. Well, she was she wasn’t brought in as far as she’d never wrestled before. But she was a physical fitness model and knew like, she could move she could. She was strong enough to actually do a lot of the moves. And once she got some training, she could actually wrestle. Yeah, so

I can agree with that one. I know this is not on my list, but

not the best talker in the business or even in the top 1500. List. pretty much anyone could out talk her but she was a good wrestler. I enjoyed

it. definitely see that

she would she would not usually get the fast forward button when her patches

so next up on my list is

not necessarily a wrestler she has wrestled before. Okay. A lot of mine are not necessarily wrestlers would have wrestled if that falls in, you know, but, uh, probably one of the most influential parts of the Attitude Era and

handed that came out of a young

Stephanie McMahon Okay, yeah, all right. I’ll give you um, she wrestles. Yeah, she knows wrestling but she’s not known as a wrestler like she’s. I prefer Attitude Era Stephanie McMahon when she was this sweet girl. I’m with you

for the job to the hag.

I or persona. I’m sure she’s a very nice lady. I’m talking about her on air persona nowadays. It’s like a like a hagi bit Right

now I’m 100% with you on that one. I I,

I actually I like I had a crush on her when she first came out. Like, I mean, I was a 14 year old boy and this was like before the boob job before the and she got

she always

looked like she was younger than she was. Yes, yes. Because she was she’s older than me, right? Yeah. But at the time she quite a few years.

Yes. It was not something that was expected. Or like I you didn’t know what’s about I don’t even know what the best way to put it. Is it? I you didn’t necessarily you looked at her as daddy’s girl like that’s you didn’t put an age on her? I guess. Yeah, point in time. And she did look young. So she did.

Yeah. So um,

yeah, very influential figure. Yes,

read wrestling.

So my number Number three, I think will probably be on your list to just further down okay.

I didn’t put them in any order I was just going so yeah mine aren’t really either

could wrestle. Okay did wrestle, yet again not the best talker, okay and was associated with a pretty good stable and that is Lita

Lita is not on my list. Wow. But I do believe that could wrestle

and Lita Lita is moonsault enough was to get on my list.

Yes, I like and it’s definitely a was not a


I’m trying to think of what the best it wasn’t against her. I just I didn’t think of her as influencing the business and I think that’s what I went with was the influential Yeah,

see, I I took it more as your texts I just pick

Oh, I know. I just I didn’t know he said favorite wrestlers. I didn’t really well. I said 10 favorite women. I didn’t even see wrestlers. I went with influential not necessarily ones that I was attracted to because I was actually like Lita was cute back then and could move well these aren’t all women I think you’re hot

no see as the list goes right but

i leader was an excellent wrestler and I I have nothing against her and she just didn’t make my list right I don’t cuz I give

to me influential ones are like a from a wrestling standpoint but made an impact on the business

yeah to which I would say she definitely made an impact on the biz well

no I mean which I would say people who aren’t on my list stable mm hmm

the other

well let’s let’s go through the rest of the list and we can read this on the didn’t make the list because I have some that you might get right here and you might have the Yeah. Alright. So your three my number three on my list. is going little older. Same family though. Linda McMahon.

Okay. See that

because she basically ran the business side of the business while Vince was doing the thing and then they did the

the thing The thing being the trial for steroids well

that too

He ran the trial but he also was running the business at the time right but they had that whole thing with the the comatose Linda McMahon and it was horrible but but at the same time she she is as much the WWE is Vince is

correct isn’t she’s in politics now.

Yeah she she’s the Small Business administer or whatever, you know, she she runs the Small Business

Administration administration.

There’s a tick going on somewhere there is.

Oh, well keep going. Tick tick.

Alright, so my number four definitely, definitely definitely has had an impact on the business multiple time Women’s Champion has been in several first women’s match. Okay.

Sasha, okay.

Yeah. Hundred percent.

Yep. She

She was in the first women’s hell on the cell.

There’s several first that she wasn’t she wasn’t the part of the first main event of WrestleMania. But yeah,

yeah. Okay, so my next one up is

got re famous during the Attitude Era, but it’s definitely not an Attitude Era wrestler, but she is 100% a female wrestler. And that is the fabulous moolah.

Okay, I knew that was going to put them on my honorable mention

where they okay so yeah, moolah was a she, she basically she took. She took women’s wrestling to what it is today. Like she was the beginning of that whole thing. Like before her there weren’t women who wrestled like she ran, she taught them how to wrestle. She ran all female promotions behind the men’s promotions. I mean, it’s hard to say that she didn’t do a ton for the business. And I didn’t get to wrestle. I didn’t get to watch her in her prime. You didn’t get to wrestle right now. rugged wrestler and I didn’t so I didn’t get to see her wrestling her I’m really you can go back and watch old videos but even when she came back during the Attitude Era and I mean she she was all about the business like she she would go with anything that they threw her out there for so

and I always appreciated that she was the straight man of the two with her and and may


alright so my next one

my next two are going to be

for the primary reason

one because of their lineage but both for the same reason that they were the first to headline WrestleMania as women. So we’ll start with Charlotte flair. Okay. She’s got blood Ryan Ryan, she is a beast. No one looks like like she no one on the road looks

feminine, but it could

look like she could kick your ass. It’s not even that it’s like China was in the Attitude Era. It’s just like she is massive compared to These other women with the exception of like a real rip right Shana base layer, but she just looks she’s massive compared to these other women. She looks like a wrestler.

Yes. He looks like somebody who wrestled first and then yeah, it wasn’t you know, wasn’t the pretty girl. She obviously is but

yeah, obviously. headline WrestleMania for the first time as a woman first women cell in the cell pretty much everything first women’s that they’re doing nowadays has her name attached to it. Yep. Multiple time champion.

Yes Yeah, I mean hell of a good gal. I don’t know a

hell of a good guy. You don’t know what else to say about it. Yeah.

And I mean, it. I almost wish that I mean, I understand the flare thing, but I wish they would have left Rick out of it when they were bringing her in like Yeah, yeah, I think it ruined a lot of or not ruined it but

him being her manager. Yeah, for like a year.

I didn’t need like, just Tell me that she’s her daughter, you know, or have him show up once or twice. It’s not that big of a deal. So, next up on my list is one from the 80s and Sherri Martel.

All right, she is on my list.

She really

so we have a scary cherry. It was specifically scary. wasn’t scary. That was that was my incarnation of her that I liked the most. Yeah.

And but I mean, she went by that time in her because she did wrestle. He wrestled with NWA NWA, I think, and she did some WWE matches, but she wasn’t really a wrestler. At that point time. She was an escort or

valet, most famously as an escort was Randy Savage and Shawn Michaels.

Yes. At different at different points. Yes. But she was also with I think she was ravishing Rick Rude at one point, or I know

I don’t know, he was only Heenan. Okay,

yeah. But yeah, there and she was a major part of the storyline leading into WrestleMania three

Yeah, so I mean, also

part of one of my favorite promos ever in the history of wrestling which was which was Booker T. Oh again we come in for you Yeah,

we’re yeah look up the rest of it I cannot say okay


that is not something that we’re allowed to say. I mean we could but we don’t want to you know, you’re

yeah my absolute favorite ever

you could tell like you could sit be here with we

listened to it on air

before like, you could sit me here with like, people who know wrestling to a tee like Jay from last week or like sit here with all of them who will go over like many promos and break them down and shit and I will still be like, nope,

that one’s the best promo ever.

So who’s next on your list?

The other part sort of because I didn’t add Ronda Rousey. They have the first women’s WrestleMania headliner and that’s Becky Lynch. But I’m putting her on here also because of that, but

the man

able to get over as a hard ass yeah as a woman like a stone cold persona and got the fuck over

Yeah, again I’m part of me almost things it’s because of the accent that she got that over like thing because like if you ever watch a lot of those old movies and they have the Irish the Irish woman who’s a bitchy Irish woman now the the strong willed and I think that had a lot to do with her getting it over

wasn’t supposed to get it over no like she was supposed to be a heel right?

But it went over I mean Stone Cold gimmick wasn’t that so yeah, he

over the hill too. So but I mean got over being like mean there’s been women like Shana bazelon bad ass? Yes. But you know that going in she’s an MMA person right Becky Lynch for a while was wrestling in a fucking stable with Charlotte flair and Paige called like PCB or Yes, I mean, like she didn’t come from like, hardcore, like badass background and she fucking was able to change her persona almost completely and get it over.

Yeah. And I think that she’s one that she’ll be a long term part of the web

and so much so that I believe if she had not won at that WrestleMania last year that they would have righted. Oh, you have heard Sophie had not won. There would have been riots in that place.

Well, and it’s funny like she was the she would the other two got massive intros like she just came to the ring. Yeah, fuck it all, you know, Charlotte flares landing in a friggin helicopter.

Ronda Rousey just being weird.

Yeah, doing the whole Rowdy Roddy Piper

band rotation one thing but yeah, she got over as a badass with a legitimate badass of Ronda Rousey. Yeah. Being in the company.

Yes, absolutely. So, um, my next up on mine is the one that is outside of the WWE. She did wrestle in the WWE. Can I take a guess? I know you don’t.

Go ahead, Gail Kim. It is

Gail Kim. All right. Um, I’ve actually met Gail Kim, but um, she uh, I don’t know it’s like she is the name outside like she she’s the only person that I can think of off the top of my head that really made a name wrestling outside of the WWE. Yeah, and as a female, right, it just doesn’t you know, you have these indie wrestlers that come along and there are the occasional one that you know, awesome Kong did it but during that timeframe that she became, I don’t even know how many times she was the NWA or TNA Women’s Champion. But like, as soon as she retired, we’re cheering now she didn’t retire when we were at our

tire. She’s

I think we should wrestle a couple times. She was at the end of her.

Done, but I don’t think she officially had retired.

Yeah, she’s officially done now. But, uh, and I mean, she, she ended up marrying the badass chef, so I can’t say if she’s, uh, she’s married to.

Oh, I’m completely blanking on his name. Chef Robert Irvine.

Okay, so take your word for that. That he’s a bad chef cuz I don’t know my food. Well, it’s not really a I’ve never met a meal. I haven’t eat right don’t know my No,

no, it’s not a food thing. Like the dudes ripped. Like he looks like he could kick your ass. He was a

he just like aggressively cookers. No,

no, no. Not fucking shrimp.

Yeah, it’s uh,

I’m just pulling up a picture actually. He was my face. Facebook photo for a while I had but um, yeah, he looks like he could wrestle if you throw him add some like Yeah, he’s a big dude. So your next up? Uh, this is

my because I can’t do Sherry now. Yes, this is my only stretch back to the 80s and 90s Okay, Miss Elizabeth. Miss

Elizabeth was actually Next on my list. That’s actually pretty funny. Obviously shared a thing with Sherry And

could you could you ever watch that show the league? Yes. When they’re talking about Eskimo brothers Yes. They’re technically Eskimo brothers three

sisters. Yeah, they were.

And have you did you watch the

dark side of the ring about Miss Elizabeth.

That one’s really good if Yeah, I watched all I watched all of that season.

Yeah, so that one was really good and it sucks that all that shit went down with her. You know and Randy Apparently was emotionally abusive, which doesn’t necessarily shocked me. But also I don’t know she doesn’t she didn’t seem like she was the most stable at times.

Yeah. But I will. I will tell you a Randy Savage story when we stopped recording.


So yeah, but um, yeah, she was back in the 80s she was the female valet, like Yeah, she was she was the pretty side like, Elizabeth or sorry, Sherry was the evil meme bitch. And share and Elizabeth was the cute like, Girl Girl Next Door looking, you know, even when they put her the the frilly, frilly dress with the shiny dresses, yeah, stuff like that. She

went to the end who it started wearing, like leather edge.

Yeah, that was a little weird. Yes. Obviously, they were just hiring anyone that would. So that was Next on my list. So my last one then is one that we already kind of threw out there that you you were you? Yeah, and that was China. Yeah, that’s my left. Is it your Last one, two,

so then we can go straight to after this honorable bit. Yeah,

we got our honorable mentions. I mean, let’s talk about China China. Obviously she was the first woman that competed against the men I mean, as a legitimate contender.

Intercontinental Champion. Yes. the only woman to hold the men’s belt.

Yes. And she was a legitimate badass. Yes, she more than likely use chemical enhancements to to get to where she was.

Yeah. But

and it had a sad ending to her life unfortunately. Yeah, but as a whole she I believe she either the same day or like the day before her and Scott Weiland both Yeah, they were right within each other. But yeah, I mean, she was obviously a member of probably the biggest faction in WWE history


And there’s she was a

she looked like a legitimate badass. I couldn’t say that she could actually kick somebody’s ass. Cuz like, you go and you could say okay, Ronda Rousey could put me on a floor in two and a half seconds and I would, you know, tap out whatever right, but I don’t think I’d want to be punched by by China. Probably. It probably wouldn’t feel good. So that’s my, my take on China. What uh, what are your thoughts are

again first Intercontinental Champion that was a woman. bodyguard. Yeah Triple H that fucking house of a man needed a bodyguard for some reason.

You’re not wrong, but you know, whatever. Yeah. So honorable mentions that or not,

so. I’m just gonna toss names out. Okay. Throw it see if it sticks to the curry wall. Okay, all right, sonny.


Yes, definitely influential,

useless a shit right wrestler? But she was pure eye candy and she brought eyes on to the screen.

Yes, that’s Yes. Beth Phoenix,

Beth Phoenix I know nothing about her career because it was in that 10 year gap but Sure,

yeah, I mean, I know that I hear things. Yeah, I’ve heard good things. I don’t know enough about her to say anything but

you know, Luna

Yes. I we obviously we did a show on Luna and


won’t have it. I like there was no attraction there. I never found her to be an attractive female, but she could wrestle her ass off. Yeah. And she was one of those people that I looked at and I was legitimately scared of,

so I was okay with that. Neither of us said me. You said moolah.

Yes. See me young was to me was always a tag along with

when she had a career.

Oh, yeah, she obviously had a career.

But, you know, so I think I’m gonna throw this one. I don’t think it’s gonna stick to the wall. Okay, but they sparked what is women’s wrestling like right now. Okay.

The Bellas

I mean they did.

They were the nature and yeah, they were the transition from like, hey, let’s have pillow fights are in our bra and panties to like we’re getting in the ring and we’re going to fucking fight. Yes, dear. Yes, they were around in both ears. And a lot of those ones in the 90s like were we mentioned had to fight and those ridiculous matches. Yes, like mudslinging. Like, was that fucking what was the one that was married to Lawler that that Oh, it was on the TV the cat? Yeah, yeah, like that was in a mud wrestling match. Torrie Wilson, I don’t know how influential she was Stacy keibler.

Now I mean, you can go it like what about like,

I like Molly Holly.

Get very good wrestler against somebody Holly was

she was a she was a legitimate wrestler during a non wrestling fan. I would actually follow that same like leader and I wish

that Some of these people were like, they’re not old, they can still wrestle, like Trish is only like 43 or four years old. And she has wrestled, right but I would like to have seen some of these these these women’s wrestlers from the 90s like in their 30s now where they could really go right and see what they could do.

Yeah, they are they’re definitely I mean if Yeah, if they were in their prime right now compare with what the girls that are the women that are there wrestling now. It would be really, really interesting like an ivory versus Charlotte right would be cool. Or Jackie versus Charlotte. Well, and here’s another thing that we didn’t even really talk about. What about all the women who brought female wrestling in NXT to the forefront because it was bigger in NXT before like, it got big in NXT. before it got big on main roster.

I have a feeling if we revisit this list and like five more years, we will put rear Ripley on it. Okay.

So you don’t think like a Bailey or like aska or I mean Oscar is getting crappy Oscar but I love Oscar but she’s getting crapped on on the on the main roster but I just I know you hate Bailey I don’t

you don’t hate Bailey you don’t really I’m just not. She does like her character even her heel I like her heel character better than her face character, but it just does nothing for me. Yeah, day she went from fucking like this Huggy like the arms waving hugging everyone thing to now she’s like sourpuss face walking out the fucking belts around her neck.

Well, somebody Jay pointed this out last time, but I didn’t really like it.

When we’re runs down,

this is what she looks like to me. Me going to work. She looks at her look when she walks to the ring is like any fucking two in the afternoon at my desk at work. This fucking like slouch sourpuss look on my face. Don’t fucking want to be there.

Rather be home.

Yeah, I don’t know, I could see.

I, I could see where she like if you look at her NXT like bring up and her character and NXT before they moved her to the main roster, and that I could like I could see her being influential in that bringing women’s wrestling to the front of NXT because at one point that the women’s matches were almost as big as the men’s matches, if not bigger, and yes, they you know, and that was long before they were part of like headlining WrestleMania. So

any combination of a 35 year old China or 30 year old China versus Charlotte rear Ripley or Shayna baszler

movie amazing match,

that’d be great. I would love to see that.

Yeah, I mean, there’s a I would love we should do that. We should put like dream pairings of people in their prime against each other together for for a week. is uh i could definitely see and you can go with it. You know, there are other women’s matches that I’d love to see.

Being obviously we’re gonna we’re going to fault the men.

Oh yeah. Well, yes. Well, that’s what we know more about I would assume so. We want to we can go ahead and you want to plug the social media. I mean, we can

there for the plugin.

Yeah, so let’s go ahead. So

Instagram top rope wrestling podcast.

You can go to Facebook and look up top rope wrestling podcast and find us and join in the chat there. You can go to our website top rope wrestling podcast, or is it just top rope wrestling? It is we own like seven websites now

it is what you’re talking about. The website is top rope wrestling calm, okay.

Or there is a what am I trying to

think of here? You just acquired In like a hostile takeover to other top rope wrestling what

I did we we’ve got a bunch of Nava

if you go to top pro wrestling calm that’s the main part of our

of our thing does everything else everything else directs to the main website.

Yes, everything else will will bring you into the main website.

And yeah, so we’ll go. Let’s see, we have Twitter. Do you have your Twitter handle? Did I miss that? Oh, no, you Oh yeah, I’m gonna go to Twitter. It’s a top rope wrestling calm is the Twitter account. And let’s see what else tweet what else we get?

Yeah, I think that was the only one said I think I got most of them this week. So well, that’s good. I mean,

sorry, I’m trying to figure this out. Kid really is a talker. Oh, he will talk all day long. So, ah, that might be the problem. No, well, so I’ll go ahead and put the outro and later All right, because apparently it doesn’t want to work.

Thanks for stopping by.

Yeah. Thanks for having a good time and we’ll see you guys next week. Yeah, yeah. Tune in. I think we’ll have I know Jays coming back soon. Yeah, we’ll have him back in and we’ll talk shit

talk to you. Yeah. And Mammon Mills is coming up.

Yes. So no we should do with Jay. Like I mean like a regular Episode Two, but we need to do a fucking walk watch along with with him. Because I think me and him making fun of it.

Oh, absolutely. It would be a trip. Yes, absolutely. We will definitely go ahead and do that. And

actually, I would, I would, I would like to put in a request. You do a watch along my favorite match of all time? Hulk Hogan vs. Shawn Michaels. Summer slam 2005. Okay, the one where Shawn Michaels over sells every move that Hogan does.

I get that. Okay. We can go ahead and

I think if you just tell him what Hogan vs. Shawn summer slam. He’ll know exactly which match you’re talking about.

I could

I could see that. Yeah.

Yeah. Lots to be dissected there. Yes, but we’re still doing the how true

we are. So I was trying to get the music to play and apparently it doesn’t want to go

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