This week we sit down with professional ring announcer Jay Pinkham to talk about how he got started in the business. He shares a ton of stories live from the studio about growing up in New England and traveling to do shows across the region before moving to Florida.

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For Lando, for a combined weight of really

the top rope rebel

Good evening and welcome to another edition of the top rope wrestling Podcast. I am Rick and drew is over there in his chair is normal.

Yep. I’m sitting here looking more and more like Java.

Yes. Every every week just becoming more spreading out. And we have a special guest in studio with us today. It’s my buddy. We’ve known each other for quite a few years now, my buddy Jay, what’s

going on kids? I don’t know if you wanted to throw out your whole name. I don’t care. I’m gonna do a cheap plug later on for like my twitter and stuff to look me on shows that we’ll get to that later on.

Yes, absolutely. So we’ve actually been trying to get Jay in here for a while. I’m not

used to a second person here. I don’t know where to look.

Yeah, just look straight ahead. Like

I was gonna say, just stare at the audience. just stare at it. If you guys aren’t watching, you can watch live on Twitch at twitch TV forward slash top rope wrestling. And so this is gonna be kind of different since we do have three people in the studio. Yeah. When we do interview even when we do interviews, they’re normally on the phone.

So we had one set up but then that fell through.

Yeah, we had so we had a and those who follow us on all of our social media. They know we were going to have a couple of the wrestlers in there. We’re going to be doing a show actually a referee and two of the wrestlers were going to come in and But they got stuck in traffic on I 75 because they decided to take I 75 in the middle of the holidays, so

I did that too.

Yeah. That’s a hot mess. a hot mess for those that don’t live in Florida. It’s a hot mess. So I’m Jay is a professional ring announcer Yes, you could say that. You could say that or is that what you do? Yeah,

I sure wish it was my career, but sadly it is not.

Yes. Okay. So you do it under you do it on a regular basis, but it is not your full time career.

This is correct. Yeah, I haven’t done a whole lot of wrestling lately. But that’s where I broke in and started is with wrestling back in 1994. I was 17 first show ever did. Richards catering Hall and Hudson, New Hampshire. Or it was called ringside wrestling at the time. The promoter was a guy named Jeff Costa. Pretty big name in Canada late late 70s, early 80s and he was bruiser Koster for a while then he turned lobster man. Oh, if you ever saw any of the stuff with lobster man for president, it was on Comedy Central. I had lobster claws on his hand. And he was lobster man was long after I stopped working for him or I get quote, unquote, fired. After about two years of working with that guy and like Elton lions, club halls, catering halls, things like that. I’m a 17 year old kid.

Yeah, you don’t be in there. Right. But I mean, you are enjoying yourself,

I’m sure. Yeah, living my dream. I mean, I always I mean, I was wanting to be a wrestler. But I realized the first time I got into a ring that that wasn’t going to happen. We’re not

doing this. This is not happening.

No, I took one bump. And I said, Wow, that’s hard. And I said, Yeah, I’m gonna hold a microphone. I don’t blame you. I don’t blame you at all.

I would much rather be behind the mic then. than in front of it. That’s for sure.

Yeah, I mean, it’s, it’s Yeah. I first the first show ever technically did. Well, we’ll get into the gentleman named Steve Bradley a little bit later on mobile Steve Bradley actually signed with wb Well, we’ll talk about that in a little bit. Excuse me. And he was a self trained wrestler. His dad built them a ring. And he ran a promotion called the kbF. The kids Wrestling Federation. And this guy did legit shows. They were putting 200 people in a in a high school gym. youngest kid that worked I think was nine. Wow. And then we had some kid was guy was like 22 and he was ice cream man and it was all kinds of creepy and that is a little creepy. Oh, yeah. We had the California kid. We had Hawaiian Brian. super bad. Steve Bradley was the was my friend. The Dungeon Master just like names that you’d think a kid would come up with a 1992.

Right. And there was a nine year old wrestling.

Yes, I believe that was Hawaiian. Brian. That was Steve’s little brother. Maybe it wasn’t nine. Maybe it was 11 or 12.

Either way, well, I mean, yeah. You had that. Who was it? Kenny omega that worked with that nine or 10 year olds? Yeah. It was real. It was real, I think. Yeah, yeah.

And then they ended up being real. Yeah. I think she grew at all since that match when she was nine.

No. And she still does the just on

all the time. So I got in with him. I met him through a friend of mine from high school who was friends with him from way back when they were they were little kids. And I came out and actually wrestled one match as the rap man MC fly.

Terrible. That is the widest 90s rap name ever.

Of course, it was based off of Marty McFly, and that whole thing, and I think it was 16 and it was awful. I couldn’t have the chair knocked unconscious. Those who was concussed.

I mean, I was gonna say those kids are probably pretty stiff. I mean, comparatively speaking,

they. I really wish it was the YouTube era then because some of the stuff that these kids did was unbelievable. It was really, really good. Steve was ridiculously talented even at 1516 years old. A couple years down the road. We ended up breaking into business together when we were both 1817 or 18. And he actually I think it 15 or 16. He worked for a couple of promotions in New England who they just he just lied. There was a team. And they put them on the show.

And he didn’t die like certain people that actually were. Were you the one that was telling me you were there for

sure was, yeah. I was there. Wow. Third row.

Yeah, I remember somebody was telling me that they were there for mass transit. And

that was a night. That was a night. So I did. I did commentary for the breakfast, I wrestled and it was terrible. So I said, Yeah, we’re not doing that again. I was going to be a manager. Something happened with that. And I said, You know what? Let me bring announcer so I bring it out to one show with him. And so I was working at a grocery store called market basket to chain up in New England. And come to find out that my the assistant store manager, his brother in law was Jeff Costa. So I said, Hey, I’m a ring announcer. I’ve done it once. And it goes okay, cool. Cool. I’m up, and let’s do it. So sure enough, I was the ring announcer for ringside wrestling for two years. And then I ended up working for another promotion in New Hampshire with my friend with Steve Bradley. And

cost I found out about it and fired me.

Because you’re working. I mean, I guess in these were that are that way.

Yeah, really was there was no indies getting along in the early 90s.

Yeah. Nowadays, there are wrestlers and people who were all the local. I mean, that’s just what it is.

You think about look at Florida. I mean, you got guys that just work every single promote every single show. guy like David Mercury, the technical alchemists, David mercury. I’m sorry, the outcome is because if I didn’t say it that way, he get mad at me. He works for everybody. Guys like that will work for multiple people because there’s so many promotions down here. So many lot of good god awful but

there are some decent pretty good ones around here too so I’m like I’m not gonna lie I mean we do a lot of stuff with mayhem on Mills but I still

haven’t got the chance to get up

to February 23 is their next show we will be there

yeah and I will be as well if if job permits I was gonna

say and you can you can use it on a mic if you want. Oh, I’d love that. That’d

be fantastic. I have sent a message to see if they needed a ring announcer and they

they have three they have so we have Chuck steak.

It’s cornball, like it’s mommy cornball on PR

mongoose what’s mongoose his name?

Oh, I don’t remember was McQueen or something?

Yeah, something like that. Yeah, I’ve heard the name before. Yeah. And then there’s a third one will tell you stigma does it when he’s not wrestling. So

Eddie stigma is actually back in the day. His gimmick he’d come to the ring in a three piece suit, really and strip down the suit and you have women’s lingerie underneath.

That doesn’t shock me know just having having spent some time with him.

That was probably eight nine years ago we come out in a full suit and then stripped down I’m talking like fog and garters and boosted the whole deal horribly creepy but brilliant the same time

there’s no boundaries in wrestling it’s just none it the more you can push the better I mean, obviously there are boundaries but you know

and then Lana and biologically get married you think there’s no boundaries? Oh, yeah, well don’t Yeah.

Wait a way to ruin a good show. Sorry, but seven minutes in. Well, guys, it’s been a pleasure

talking about that. Okay.

Yeah, so um, so you got in that way and what like, what are some of the other promotions that you’ve worked with down here or I obviously I saw you call a an indie show it for the at the anniversary show a couple years. Two years ago, the

most fun night I’ve ever had in the business. My god it was like three matches but son of a bitch Was that fun? Yeah, I had a good time huge crowd. 2000 people in the ring I was like, Whoa, all right.

I didn’t like I obviously knew that there were they were going to have wrestling because they talked about it on the show and everything else. But it was actually it was better wrestling than I was expecting. I will tell you that like,

I think zeta Zang. I think she’s in NXT. Now, yeah, I’m not mistaken

early, at least she’s in the training center. I don’t know if she’s,

she’s there. And then the one that Seth worked with Ashley Mayberry, she’s, she works all over the place. I ran into her at a show in Eustis. I did about a year ago, and we both looked at each other and like, You look familiar. She goes You look familiar to

you. That’s right. I know you working stuff. petronella you sick? Oh, that’s right. That was you?

That was the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever been a part of my life. Yeah, it was amazing.

Yeah, they had I mean, it was I can’t say impromptu because they had rings and stuff like that. But it was not what the event was was the wrestling but they had three or three really good matches that went on in front of at least 1000

people Chico Adams on that show. That those guys had a great match the girls had a great match and then the main was the main I guess. Yeah, it was. It was exactly what it was supposed to be. Yes. So

yeah, I mean


obviously so you want to do this full time? Is there a certain promotion that you’d like to work for? does it really

mean the two promotions in this country that I could work full time for? Yeah, I get it. There’s nothing there’s literally no other wrestling company in this country. That would sustain a career yeah where I could pay my more help pay my mortgage eat have a vehicle there’s two and you know what do they are Yeah, that’s

it. Yeah, I’m in TNA is even not Yeah, that’s not

even pay the bills. Yeah, there’s no way impact with him pay the bills. I mean, doing shows and buildings that I’ve done, bigger indie shows it. But yeah, there’s no way unless you signed with one of the quote unquote big guys. Whether it be their TV NXT I mean, obviously it’s under the same umbrella. I mean wrestling shows I get paid 25 bucks Yeah, it’s bad why mainly do MMA and boxing now because that’s where the money it’s got it draws that’s what draws now is MMA and boxing because it paid better Oh, better

but it draws better to So

yeah, I mean I’ve done some some MMA shows that in a bar that drew 90 people, well, my pays the same, my asking prices the same. If they can’t meet my asking I’m not saying I’m Bruce buffer or Howard Finkel or anything like that, but I’m just saying that if you want me to show up, there’s so much of a costume. And in over time, I’ve raised it and raised it and I’ve got some notoriety but people in the MMA and boxing world down here. know who I am right sounds arrogant to say but I’m not leaving my house for 50 bucks,

right? And I don’t blame you

if I do a wrestling show. It’s because I Feel like it and it’s fun. Yeah, I just want to do it. I really want to start refereeing though I’m getting tired of if I’m going to ring it out it’s a quote unquote bad indie show. I’d rather just put on a striped shirt getting the ring Yeah, that’d be that’d be much more fight I think it’d be I

actually I was hoping because we were supposed to have Tony stable in to this right right yeah

I’m so confident that he had sir but

I’m pretty sure so he was but he was one of the guys was supposed to make it in and and he wrestler like he Gainesville. He’s constantly doing I’m like, it looks like fun and I understand like the communication part of it because you’re not just they’re calling the match. you’re communicating with the wrestlers. You’re, you know, you might have an earpiece, and I don’t think he I don’t think a lot of these local ones. Call me fun though. But yeah, they and but I think it’d be a lot of fun to go out and do that because

it is it’s awesome.

I I enjoy wrestling enough to want to be involved in it in one way or another. And I obviously host the wrestling podcast but but I’m not a full time watcher I don’t have it on all the drew is a full time watcher. He liked why he he catches up with everything all the time. I’m one of those ones that I’m like, I’ll catch it like I’ll have it on in the background while I’m working or whatever.

So that’s just you know, this is what you’ll see if Smackdown tonight

about tonight. Yeah, this is we have Smackdown

on it.

I will go home and like watch it on my DVR. Same thing and then listen to five more podcasts about it.

Actually, last week, there were the there in Memphis at the FedEx Forum. Yes. And I announced a boxing event in that building really can make awesome back in May. Yeah, it didn’t drop flies. And it took me a month to get paid. That’s a story. Wrestling so we’ll leave that for another time.

I mean, it’s it’s still your job.

Yeah. I get paid well for it just took me a little while to you know, get it because boxing promoters on the whole are extremely shady if you think wrestling promoters at the end of the day I can’t sorry the house was down kid I can’t pay that my 10 bucks doesn’t buck 5010 hP 15 bucks.



what the hell was this to Varys or justas or one of those towns in the hills. And

it was Greg Valentine was on it or what used to be I think Jim Knight heart again God rest his soul. What used to be Jim Knight was on that show. And when Jeff Casa the guy that I started with, was running after long after I was gone. He was paying his Okay, let me back it up a little bit. There was a guy named the wolf man named Jason Sanderson. We hit the Powerball for $66 million night. He was close with Costa Costa thought at that point with just dollar signs in his eyes. So they started doing more and more shows. Trying to up the production value in it wasn’t working. It was just bad.

Sounds like the show

stuff in here though, so it seems more professional. Yeah, it’s good mics you know your cameras here. There’s stuff going. I mean, if the contents not good, it don’t matter. You get stuff.

Yeah, stop there. There’s plenty of stuff. And you can have

an entranceway and the lights and Pyro When the bell rings and it’s just garbage. Yeah, at least it looked cool before this. seen plenty of promotions do the same thing. No, to waste their money on production value, and not give a crap about what actually happens when the bell rings. But um, so he was paying Valentine, like three grand a month just to come around and do like two shows a month. Of course Valentine’s gift like yeah, that’s fine. Yeah. Long after that ended. I do the show with Valentine’s So tongue in cheek, I walk up to him. Hi, nice to meet you, Mr. Valentine. My name is Jay. So I hear you used to work with a old Jeff cost up in New Hampshire. Like what a smile like just to just to keep shooting great. I’m gonna be snarky about it. And he goes yeah, he’s very good friend of mine.

That was the first the first interaction I had with Greg the hammer Valentine.

That man looks like the old lady from Throw Momma from the Train.


Did you ask him how many times he shot down the rhythm and blues gimmick before he they made him take it?

I tried to put that out of my memory. Thank you

for bringing it up. Oh no, we will bring it we will. We will find the worst gimmicks

and throw them at you if we if we do a sub assembly reference later.

But yeah, so just so many little random things. So I took I did a show I actually announced King Kong Bundy and like 95 He was working with all American Mike hollow just a new school now great guy talented very talented guy never really made it very underrated guy but he was fantastic. So it was Bundy vs. All American Mike hollow with killer Kowalski is a special guest referee. Oh nice. So now I’m 19 years old and I’m like, holy crap about to announce killer Kowalski. This is ridiculous. It means nothing. I trained everybody.

Right. So actually one of our one of our guests trained with him for Yeah, well one of our David all worked. He worked. He did. Oh, he’s a new he’s a newer guy, but he did

a seminar.

No, because he trains with CCW.

We can’t be that dumb because cos has been dead for like 10 years. Well,

he he’s okay, sorry. He’s not new. He’s just in the Indies. And working his way.

Okay. Yeah, he doesn’t have because yeah, kolski I think he passed like eight or nine years ago was a while back

yeah trained up together. Triple H

that was Triple H shot China and trained all those print all of them. So I forget

to announce Kowalski as the referee.

Wherever I bring out Bundy first

so Bundy comes up with me It goes your frickin dead kid.

I forgot to bring it up. So then a special guest referee then I bring out Kowalski next, and then bring a hollow. I’m like, oh god, I told so now people in the crowd think that he’s wrestling. Oh, this is just crap. But I mean, it’s just one of those things that maybe had about 3040 shows under my belt at that time. It craps gonna happen. Yeah, you’re gonna screw up and your kid.

Now you’ve been doing it for 30 years. Yeah, that’s

a damn I just just missed it. So two days ago, January 8 94. That puts us at 26 years. Yep, I remember the date of my first show. But um it’s it’s so much fun. It’s nice to be a part of it. It’s nice to be in the ring in front of the crowd. Getting the crowd riled up because I have been to so many show. No, this is just me blowing smoke up my own ass. But I’ve been to so many shows with the ring announcer has ruined the entire show. Yes, if he comes out in jeans and untucked golf shirt, and sneakers and starts announced the guy sweeping the ring he’s the announcer. Son of a bitch. But the ring announcer can just take the crowd out of the show before it even starts.

Yeah, and I mean, I enjoy going to the NXT shows and those guys are part of the show. You don’t get to see it on TV a lot of times but you know, when they’re going into the ring, they’re lifting up there like the whole they have a whole socks thing that they do and like I mean, it’s they’re part of the show there’s yes they’re doing the announcing but they’re doing stuff beforehand. They’re getting the show right there got the crowd riled up. You know, they’re the ones getting everybody clapping before they go on air.

Now everybody is Things like that and it’s it’s an important important important job it’s as important as referee as I mean, they’re all everything that goes into an indie show is important. Yeah from the guys that set the ring up from the guys that put the chairs out from the guys that sell the hot dogs and the popcorn the sodas

just don’t piss off the hot dog piss off

somebody tells you the story behind this

Oh yeah, we don’t even know you don’t know what happened. We were told after our last show that the hot dog guy wanted to fight us

No Did you buy a hot dogs in this job? No, we

I don’t even I couldn’t you could put him in a lineup with a sign that says the fucking hot dog guy on him. And I couldn’t pick him out.

Yeah, so we’re sitting there and we’re in the middle of a broadcast like doing our thing and we’re set up in front of this sliding door the the door a garage door style and and we’ve got our sign on it we got a camera mounted to the to the

watch some of the game from last night was great.

So we’re out. There. And who was it those guys, some of us getting up there to talk. It was like dread, dread, dread, dread and drennen is getting up there to just get the crowd riled up or whatever. And people were going out the door and they close the door so that people like so it wasn’t annoying him or I don’t know what the hell but they close the main door. And we’re sitting there and next thing I know we hear boom and like things are crashing and like the camera comes flying off and our banners gone. It is

inside. We thought it was part of the show like something was going to happen.

And but apparently he had asked to have that garage door open for the entire show. So how the dog hot dog so the people knew there was a hot dog guy outside. And I guess that they could the fact that we were there because that’s where we were placed. We could be anywhere but we were told to be there. And that is our second time in a row being in the exact same spot. So not a big deal. But yeah, he um, he’s not very happy with us. Let’s just put it that. Yeah, it was it was an interesting Want

to buy a hot dog next time?

Guys don’t forget

but all of his hot dogs were named after different or different types of wrestlers they would every

night that night yes

hit a variety of what he did we haven’t just some some stinky guy was

like yeah he had a dog hot dog was more like the Mexican the bacon wrapped with the mayo and

Jim Jim the anvil night dog

hey I’ve been paid that was my payday a lot of times was you know the leftover in the crock pot. Hey,

ya know this guy this guy had like a legit Stan real good like, Yeah, he was cooking it. Well, you know, I’m curious because

I didn’t even know what

I saw it like the only reason I even noticed because we I obviously I’m there. What two hours before the show? Yeah, you know, the setup everything. Random and he was setting up outside at the same time I just happened to look over the menu and I was literally the only interaction I had with him the entire time I was there. I he may have been pissed that I got to park right there behind him

he’s jealous your parking spot I may be

so late with a hot dog if I start a podcast

I think we should just start a punk band.

Oh that I was gonna say it’s my pop pop punk my pop band

hot dog guy


so I don’t understand. We don’t we don’t either. That’s the problem. So many questions but I don’t know how to ask them.

Afterwards like we did a we did an interview after him and you guys can go into the history and listen to it with the with the ducks. Those guys were awesome but they brought up the heat with a hot dog guy.

Barely everyone but us knew about it.

We thought he had he was somebody else like but somehow he got transferred to us I thought it was with the promoter. Which is funny because those get like the two guys that run that show are probably the nicest guys you’ll ever meet. As far as wrestling promoters. They are wonderful like they are. They’re like you do your thing will sit off to the side you got you know, if you need anything, let us know. That’s really like that’s wonderful. I’m very happy about this guy as well because he knows he’s getting eyeballs on their show.

Exactly. And when everything works hand in hand, like that, it makes perfect sense. It’s like Listen, why would I treat you like shit? When you can help me and why would you treat me like shit? When you can help me like it was giving me scratch my back I’ll scratch yours I’ll come here will broadcast this live on Twitch will commentate for it will put it over We’re not gonna sit here we’re gonna goof on it we go find it that’s the whole thing right? Yeah need it to be the most serious world out there and guys like that that out there was rabies on that show. No rabies was not rabies is right I don’t gimmick his he’s homeless. So rabies got a BS yeah he’s been around Florida forever It’s been around Florida for

and we’ve had some very like I can’t say gets crazier every time but every time our post show interviewed seems to get a little crazier

I get more and more awkward each time so

you bring so you bring the boys over

yeah we yeah after the show will or during the show sometimes we said like the the first one we had Troy Hollywood sat in and actually was at the

Yeah, that was the first show the reason we brought the

first one that we broadcast from there. Troy Hollywood came over and sat with us and

that on commentary. We didn’t realize he is working. It’s over. Yeah, he was working on an angle in the ring he had to do

we got work. A

little bit but it was good. Yeah, but he gave it he gave a solid interview so

and then we had I’m trying to remember who it was. Beast leastly was the next one.

That’s where they started getting weird because he was he seemed like he was kind of uncomfortable talking like, like, biography of his life so we just like took it the other way and went how much weird shit can we all just say? Yes.

Okay, I’m way too much fun and then

we did a chuckle chuckles

the clown who went during of honor

yeah well he was he had a tryout with Ring of Honor I don’t know if he got the gig or not he

posted Ring of Honor.

Work yeah mean is

so he actually missed the last show because of his tryout with

24 Is he 54? Like I don’t know.

I don’t know why there we were trying to

figure that out to know you can with the with the gear on the gimmick or whatever. I’m like, is this dude old? Or is he not all right, like I don’t understand is he he’s in his 20s or 40s. I can’t tell. But he gets in the ring and he can go

Yeah, and then go and then last time We had we got our podcast literally taken over. It became podcast because we did the ugly ducklings. And they were on and there were only two of them at the show this time, but they literally took over and they’re like one of the podcast and they did. It was a great it was there. They’re all great interviews, but it was Yeah, it’s so like, it just gets weirder and weirder every time.

There’s no structure is it’s just chaos. Now, a funny story I’ve got about you don’t doing something with a smile is that you know, the whole running thing. So I’m sitting there and off other wild Samoan runs to be x w out of Mineola. It’s five minutes from my house. Yeah, at the day, it’s five minutes from Claremont. It’s five minutes from where I lived. So remember, Roxy DeVoe or Roxy and TNA. Yeah. I worked with her in w fa, which we’ll get to in a little bit up in New Hampshire for like three years, and she gets on with TNA. But we’re down in Florida like holy crap. Fantastic. Whenever we move back to New Hampshire after she got released or whatever it was, and for Those of you at home she’s want to get her head shaved in TNA if they’ll refresh people’s memories possibly. So she’s I moved back down here she goes get a hold of pops they call off a pops and he just show up and tell them I sent you an email them and say and use my name is reference. Alright, cool. So I get there. The first I just went to a show and talked to him and said, Oh, but I’m friends with with Nicki rosinski or Roxy. And he’s like, All right, great. is they all have you split time with the other ring announcer I go all the respect pops. I think that looks hokey a ship. But it’s two ring announcers. It makes no sense to me. Why would there be two? Right, but just especially

prevalent for an indie show for a small show

like that? He draws pretty well. He draws a buck 50 is a pain in the boys. That’s a whole separate animal. 15 bucks times 150 do the math is over in his pocket. Plus the money he gets from his training, training school right guys rolling and not paying that nickel. He’s like, All right. I’ll have you to play by play. Next show come on down. Perfect. play by play before the first match I go out there. Well Haku was sitting at the table bang Haku whatever. Yeah, we’ll call him Haku for the sake of the story so I walk out there and and how cool is sitting in my seat? I’ve read enough books and heard enough stories and talk with them to know better


so I get up there it’s me it’s him Simon Says who was an awesome dude I love Simon says work I worked with him that actually eventually worked with him then that show we he we clicked perfect he was such a good heel and it was he so fast he so witty so good doing doing he’ll he’ll co yeah he’ll commentary good. So I go I just want to know like what’s going on? Like, I’m supposed to be doing play by play this out the other and they just shit. Ricky Santana was there and he goes, so we’re gonna talk to Rick or Ricky. What’s going on? He was all hot cars do tacos doing a run in the first match just whatever just Tanga Tanga yes dog is gonna run into this match just just chill until first match is over perfect sounds good I wasn’t a dick I wasn’t rude I was very respectful cuz I was terrified Don’t blame me so I’m like alright cool so I hang out first match he does this thing I take the seat and off we go rest of the show no problem at

all well intermission oh he does he come back themselves tell him you took

your intermission I walk into the locker room. There’s Tonga, waiting for me and he starts going off. Who the fuck do you think you are? Blah blah blah blah blah come out there and be disrespectful to me. So I’m like, you know what? He’s not gonna kill me in front all these people. Does everyone have witnesses? So I’m like, I go Tanga. I don’t know what you’re talking about. I was nothing but respectful when I came out and talk to you is that now he’s back guarantee screaming in my face. I’m six four. He’s 510 Doesn’t matter he would rip my throat out. So he’s like blah blah blah I go I’m sorry, go I goes How long you been in the business? Can I go 16 years? Like bullshit you’ve probably done like 10 shows ago actually. I’ve done about 400 and I’m so now i’m i’m a little bit of pedal in the front of my one of my drawers.

Why am I melting off the tongue right now? Now, during all of this, Scott halls in the locker room for some reason. Just he was just there. It hammered drunk. Shocking. Yeah, big surprise. Right.

I’d say the one I ran into him a Publix novita one time he was

in so I look over my wife Scott all here. He’s

because he’s waiting for the second retarget snaps and kills me. waiting for it to happen. Everyone in the locker room is dead silent. That’s just us do talking. Like what? Why is it happening right now. So we finally we both just Sick yelling at each other and is walked away. I finished the show. And alpha pulls me aside. Yeah, when I couldn’t use anymore

because I got pissed. Yeah,

yeah. I’m like, Yeah, I didn’t do anything wrong.

I followed your direction. I did what I was told

and I was super respectful and I tried to come out of the gate apologizing to him, but he was

better than a hotdog guy.

So you lost a gig and probably ruined a pretty good pair of underwear.

Over this whole thing

was bad. I couldn’t believe it. I mean, I’m sure he’s just a salty guy. Same time. Like why is Haku yovan You

know, he was nose off one time. I’m like, I’m not. I’m not going here.

I think he I think he was like the Tories for being the guy that everyone in the locker room was afraid. Oh, yeah,

that’s precisely and all of that flash before my eyes. Oh, this is bad. And so that was the first and only time I worked That was a while it was it was interesting. It was interesting. It is coming up pretty well. I mean, I mean in Simon Dude, I thought we did a great job because going back and forth with him was just fantastic. Yeah. So quick so fast and just feeding off of of,

and you know, I mean he knows the business.

If enough my last name especially pink them, yeah, paint cams. I would smell and he goes, What’s your last name? I wrote it down and it was all this is gonna be fun. All right, let’s go. And then down the line. I think it was 2008 like 11 or 12 good friend of mine, Adam salmons. And I we did, we rebooted Wi Fi which is up in Hampshire and called the Wi Fi Florida and bought a couple of matches while we had Simon says on him and Francisco qiat. So we’re, we’re on the show. They’re, they’re a great tag team. And actually, we are simultaneously killed on my ship. He didn’t give me before he showed me End of the the post right through the top of middle rope. Well as he was coming back, somebody bumped him, boom straight into the corner. First he had a trivia show to host that same night. And he wouldn’t did it. We were wildly concussed. Good and goes he was a tribute show as he after he was done.

I was gonna say we’ve done we did this trivia once

twice. Was it that guy? Yeah. Okay.

Yeah, we we did this trivia at SummerSlam. Last year nice years ago.

Yeah. So don’t know awesome. doing great work with him. I loved him. I like everything he did. He’s good. Good in the ring. Good. I’m gonna knock your socks off of the ring. But he’s he’s very passable. Very, very solid in the ring. I would I would have no problem putting him in any spot in the card.

Yeah, he’s just he’s a bright guy overall, like he knows this shit. So you

don’t have to be Finn Balor You don’t have to be Kofi. You don’t have to be these crazy workers to be a good worker. Right? It’s all about crowd work. You can you can go minutes and not touch. Do you have a guy?

As long as you’re working the crowd? Bobby Heenan?

Yeah Bobby Heenan, for example, in the 70s. He worked consistently but he worked a fair amount of times. In he wouldn’t do jack shit for the first 12 minutes of that match.

Yeah. Well, I mean, look at guys like the king. I mean, he hasn’t he’s another guy. Not a great work like not a great worker, but he will work the crowd gets over. I mean, he’s always over, you

know, or he’ll didn’t matter. Yeah, that’s it. I mean, and he is the goat my opinion of anything else is ever. Yeah, I mean, just the best personality in the history of the business. And I’ll fight anybody know that he is just the best personality. He could work. He could bump he could talk you do commentary. He get heat by just looking at you. so damn good. Well,

he came out he looked cocky. Like that was just like he does that was just him, you know? And they didn’t know that it was he was cocky and that’s it always went over really well. So

he was out. Absolutely. Outstanding so

I’ll briefly touch on Wi Fi

and then we can make a move along because I got to tell some of these stories because it was the greatest experience three and a half years my greatest three and a half year. This is when you are booking

it or

this is when I can see Bradley will he got signed by web and 97 or 98 then he went to Memphis and actually train help train Kurt Angle. First person to beat Kurt Angle, beaten for the Power Pro title.

Lawler managed to start cornet managing for a little bit

and just they strapped the rocket ship and his kids back he was 612 40 in move like Van Dam, but smoother night it was basically event they call him the new Rob Van Dam, for the most part,

not highest so much.

Later on in life, unfortunately Yes, but

That’s it’s a bad ending to this story, but it was it was so talented. Such a great minds to great book or hit the shit we do on indie show was nobody was doing. Nobody was doing this stuff on indie shows breakaway steel cages, people getting thrown through just just stuff like that. So we started in March of 2003 and march 8 2003. I remember dates, I don’t know, but I just do. And Littleton Opera House in Littleton New Hampshire we sold it out brand new people. small little Opera House is gorgeous George Russell in that building under the giant wrestled in that building in northern New Hampshire, like two and a half miles north of the massport way up there in the mountains. And the amount of teeth showed these guys work. So we would we did that and that was at boom, off to the races. We do between four and six shows a month, straight for like three and a half years. double shot weekends. Sometimes we had little to New Hampshire Newport, New Hampshire, Lawrence, Massachusetts. Derry, New Hampshire, Dover, New Hampshire. Those were our five main towns. And sometimes with the Newport, Vermont, which is six miles from Canadian border and ever do flies, and it passed us all off that he’s still keep booking. Three and a half hour ride home and the snow was fun. But we just keep just run, just run, just run, just run just run all the time. And we’d have different angles for different cities, just like the olden days. Yeah, just like it was because you only saw what was there.

You didn’t see anything else.

You had some people that would would travel. But rarely, we wouldn’t have the same card on every show, right? We would have individual things so he did things. The way they made sense, okay. would be okay, let’s just sort of for example, mofo, Steve Bradley versus Eddie Edwards, Eddie Edwards, TNA Edwards Ring of Honor champion, and he was he was he was our champion for a good year. So let’s just say those two just had a regular match for the title. And Eddie Edwards is a champion. They do the match. Boom, boom, boom, boom. Mo focus is qualified. Okay, he’ll do and he’ll things. Eddie keys title. Cool. Well after the match Bradley does something dastardly de Eddie Edwards, Boston with a chair gets color, whatever it is. Okay well next month we’re going to do a No Disqualification match. Okay, cool. Boom, everything goes down the heels, buddies come out, beat him down, whatever. somehow miraculously, the face keeps the title. Alright, cool. Well, now we had a bunch of other crap happen. So now I have to do something else. So the third time, barbed wire match, steel cage match, things like that. You know what I mean? It was just progress in progress. It was actual storytelling. And it was the same two to 300 people that came to every single show. That’s how you get people hooked in. No one realizes that anymore. It seems it’s just put a bunch of dudes together and grab show. Yeah, all right. Let’s have some matches. No, people don’t want to just come and see matches. Right? They want to know why they’re there again. Yeah, but why are okay, why are we here again? Oh, because Jeep I’ll drove it over through a table last month. Well, now they’re in a barbed wire match. So now we get to see this. Yeah, this is the blow off.

Well, actually, it’s funny. Not going back. Yeah. But going back to Mohammed Mills, they actually do stories like good. It’s not, not all of the matches have a story, but they will set up a match the main or at least a couple of matches along the way. Like, for example, there was a stolen teddy bear at the last you know, the last one and that setup

you have to go to

making it happen.

What’s the next one called future future shocker?

Yeah, it’s but it’s all like 50 sci fi based whatever, I don’t even know. absolutely incredible. Yeah.

I don’t I

don’t know. I don’t ask this. But I do need to get a new banner before next time because we change logos.

Okay. They’re hot dog. I’ll be pleased. Yeah.

Well, yeah if he if he needs a win will tell him It got destroyed when he threw the thing up.

He’s like, Yeah, I got

I got I got on her so you even though it’s hanging above his head right now.

The hot dog guys not listen and maybe he is hatless.

Maybe he saw the banner is like, I’ll get those

one star. One star now.

We have one guy who gave us what a three star review or something like that. Yeah, he said the podcast is great. But you need a more original name. I’m like, but this one wasn’t taken.

Wasn’t it taken?

But you said our podcast was good.

There was it’s there are similar ones there’s top rope nation, there’s top but there was no top rope wrestling podcast.

I have kept trying to get my brain to to come up with a name for a podcast. I think they’re all they’ve all been done.

Yeah, I think most of them have been but I think there was a top pro wrestling podcast at one point. time yeah but it hasn’t had a new episode and four year three or four years so yours yeah very good and we own we own top rope wrestling calm so yeah top rope wrestling calm and top dash dash the hell

was that not taken I have no idea because the Steve Bradley open up wrestling school after get released for wb after they left him a Puerto Rico for a year and a half forgot about them. That’s a whole different story. Do I gotta like right here like what the hell you guys doing? He’s working for chicken unions and IWA, and Savio, Vega, and all those guys. He started a few riots down there and shit. The wrestling shows in Puerto Rico are nuts. People die. They do. Yes, sadly. And then you get brought back and it finally means his knee was so bad and they released him so he started his own school, start his own promotion. Now, this guy was so damn smart. He would this this is going to get offensive real quick. So he would put up a sign in the locker room where he’d say before the show and thing alright guys No swearing in the ring. Just don’t know cursing tonight. Okay guys, no cursing and everything. Alright cool sirens coming going. I’m gonna kick your butt. mofo Steve rallies music hits, gets in the ring, grabs the mic out of my hand. Fuck you little 10 first words out of his mouth. He didn’t want the shot taken off of

it. Yeah, he wanted he wanted to be that guy

taken off it. And it’s brilliant. Because if everyone the whole rest of the night swearing, it doesn’t make any sense when he drops to fuck you little tin means nothing right? So he drops the fuck you little thin planes just goes nuts just me throwing shit in the rain. He knew how to rile up people so damn badly in everyone loved him, but they pop when he came out because they knew they’re about to be entertained as hell. But then he stopped picking on people individually in the crowd. And it I’m talking ruthless shit. like old school, Bubba Ray Dudley had a riot inducing shit. And it was so just so good and so perfectly done and it made sense. Everything we did made sense. We had a tag team called Night breed. They’re vampires Gallo and Seth Rogen. And they were there were vampires. One guy was a Puerto Rican guys was really dark, which didn’t make much sense. Vampire it’s all good. He was everywhere. And another guy was a thinner guy pasty white. Perfect. You look a vampire. Put you guys together, whatever the contacts and the fangs and the whole deal.

Well, Gallo. Yes. Drew about a Gangrel experience.

This I want to hear this. Definitely. Was this recent? Yeah. So w didn’t Yeah,

no, no, no, it was that a comic book convention?

Oh, okay. Gotcha, gotcha. Alright, so I definitely, definitely want to just finish this one up, and I’ll be done talking about myself. I promise. So did a thing where he went out for like six months he couldn’t be didn’t want to work anymore whatever will night brain was over like a million bucks they’re they’re more human than human. They came out to Rob Zombie’s Yeah, and then an awesome entrance video and then we shut the lights off and would smoke and drink nd shit that wasn’t done right. Well, Southern was working solo getting this aspect I think it was bye bye Steve Bradley and Alex arion kicking his ass kicking his lights go out. Music hits read on the stairs in the Opera House bread light smoke coffin, standing up. Just sitting there. music played for good minute minute and a half. With a red light shining on this coffin was what the fuck is going on? Yellow kicks the fucking door open on this coffin and you could have sworn that Hogan walked in there and like 87 the roof, the roof come off the damn place and it was it was the most instead that to this day will be the most insane thing I’ve ever been a part of an indie show. Biggest pop, Gallo kicks the door open on this coffin and pops the shit out of that building. And it was just stuff like that that we did on a monthly basis. It was all just sold good. And then I moved to Florida and I came down here and I mean an end of this to the story ends kind of shitty received Bradley passed away like 11 years ago of a heroin overdose. And it was just it. He went it was the wrestler progression. It was the paint. Yeah. It was not the painkillers and it was this and then it just turned into into heroin. And then that was it.

Yeah, I’m always happy to see when they get clean. Like there are guys do you manage I mean, Scott Hall for example. You actually doing really well for

him? Oh, he’s a functional human. Yeah. Go figure.

He hasn’t been that in 30 years. Exactly. Exactly.

It sucks. I mean, he was one of my one of my closest friends. I mean, we’ve been friends since we were 16 broken the business together. And it was it just sucked because it sucked the most for me. Not the most for me. Obviously those families closer right, but like it sucks what made it suck. The most for me was that when he was struggling with the addiction and sorry that I was down here, so you can

Yeah, I

tried to get ahold of him when I moved up. I think I maybe saw him once and then I get a phone call from Alex, Iran, his best friend said, Hey, have you seen Steve? And I knew at that point, I was like, Well, that’s it. Let’s go find him. In German shit, they found him in a car across the street from across High School. So it’s just that son of a bitch and it just sucks it’s that it’s that progression that happens way too much in this business. And it sucks. And then I look and I go maybe I’m kind of glad I didn’t ever work. Yeah, yeah, maybe I’m glad it didn’t go that path because I probably need a box to just use the you might look at the net you never know how it’s gonna I don’t know it’s Yeah, no, I mean, you got you got injured like once and just something happened you know you get on those painkillers and it they say gateway drug painkillers are weed isn’t Yeah, they’re gonna get you started on that on the path to to do a bad place but And then when I tried to run the Wi Fi stuff down here was basically kind of just to remember his memory and everything he created up there and I we did two shows first one broke even second one last our ass because Bubba Ray Dudley was using his got a lot of fun at school a lot us a lot of their guys you stigma used Mikey who now works as somebody pero Yeah, he was there he was doing a gimmick where he was a five year old. And I figured out my throat every time he came out but I booked him and then those guys and so apparently all those guys that were 3d guys, yeah, we’re telling people outside the building the show was canceled.

Just because

just a screw with my my promotion. envelopes were already stuffed. before the show started. They had no reason to do that. I should have not paid him. I should have done a typical I kid that was bad. I’m sorry.

Yeah. But that’s not you as a person. That’s the

Exactly, exactly. It’s like the thing is, okay, I paid everybody 25 bucks. Yeah, everyone knew that before they showed up at the building. The pay for this evening is $25 if you want to come work for $25 you’re more than welcome to if you don’t want to work for $25 don’t show up you can stay home just let me know you’re not coming. That’s fine. I have no problem with that. It’s setting the expectation for promoters So okay, let’s just say that all right, we didn’t negotiate a price for me to come out all right, and then so end of the night everyone’s doing that awkward stand around waiting to get paid thing, which I hate more than anything in the world. We’re gonna throw the last one that they give a shit about happens in MMA and boxing same thing and it’s just it just sucks so bad. Now I’m going to sit here and hold my dick for two hours after the show’s over. Everything’s the rings packed up everybody’s gone. And I stopped my paid yet. And I get like the couple bucks up to the guys minute promoters pocket

here 750

Exactly, it’s just I actually haven’t paid $7 for a show before. When I was I was one of my probably the first one of the first 10 shows it was cost a kid my house is down to a $7 pizza. God damn it. I need to stop doing this. Now

we’re like we do we do what we do because we enjoy it. Yeah. And it helps us promote like, because if we don’t you don’t get your name out in front of wrestling fans. No one’s gonna listen. No one is randomly going to stumble across top row wrestling podcast. He started listening. We discovered this. You look at our numbers. We’re gonna shit. But we enjoy ourselves. You know, we have a good time. And we asked when people come on the show. We like hey, can you of course tweet out that you did it. And we will tweet out on ours.

Yeah, whatever. Exactly. We’ll get one extra person from that listening regularly.

Yeah, absolutely. And I mean mayhem is probably been our biggest draw and not necessarily because we’re there at the location because most of the people are there to drink and what you

don’t have to do regardless of microphone in my hand. I’m gonna drink

oh yeah I did that was the first time the first time i was i was i walked over and I got that was handing get them drinks

so that my drink bringing out saying ended badly though I ended up wrestling it was bad really bad yeah I ended up working in battle royal and being one of the last three guys in the ring I don’t know and it took this spectacular bump over the top and not to show I didn’t die when there’s dollar 16 ounce straps at the bottom we’re gonna

have like nine of them yeah if I were if they had dollar me dollar drops I’m

just so I’m shit pile that information I go hey let me be in the battle royal couple of bad couple

of shows ago they were sponsored by Natty light seltzer, whatever, that it’s horrible. But it was like $2 a can or 250 account and I was like, I want to try this because just like I’m a white cloth guy. That’s it tastes like medicine like Natty I whatever

book this guy

I will I will give you one thing you have hated that man since it’s good to stick with your belief talked about wrestling like I flip flopped on people. Yeah,

Elias I liked him when he was not doing this and he was the drifter, Elias Samson. I would like to meet him wrestle once.

He’s not a bad worker. Now he’s not. Yeah, and I like I enjoyed when he did the WrestleMania thing where he played four different songs or four different instruments, whatever. I was like, I might and then it went. I don’t know. I just stopped

trying to get him over the face though.

Yeah, stop. But um, yeah, so But yeah, I started drinking those cases. There. There were $2 Yeah.

It was cheap. Yeah, exactly. Just about so yeah, so that’s pretty much where my career his career I put that in airports Of course. I mean, it’s

but you have been paid to be a ring

announcer You are a professional ring announcer a professional ring announcer exactly and and now just doing the pro boxing and stuff like that undisputed. promotions I work for now actually just did a show at UCF. couple months ago about a month and a half ago, Drew about 1000 people is an awesome card it for amateur fights and 12 Pro fights as a WBC championship fight on it I mean it was it was a big car I mean it was a size card for a great great card and they’re an amazing company to work for and then listen to this go follow them on Facebook undisputed promotions and Instagram I think it’s at undisputed just search on Twitter but it comes up in my face on the on the thing to in there, but I’m love work for Anthony with that. And there’s a handful of MMA companies that I work for as well and and it’s just It’s nice having that rotation like I just got this just shows this day This shows this day and it’s fun. I do about one every six weeks or so maybe even a little bit maybe once every eight weeks.

Like whenever you whenever you do a wrestling promotion I always try and get out there I haven’t been able to because I was trying to do was the one he did the probably the last wrestling promotion. You did the one out in Clermont County. Oh yeah. So local.

Yeah. Yep. Local Pro. That was that was a good show. That was fun. Earlier he’s he’s a hell of a guy real nice dude. He’s an Eagles fan but that’s okay.

That’s something you guys got in common is the whole Boston connection like

where are you from? Um, I was born in Milford mass. Okay, this and then while I was living in Massachusetts was in Newton. Yeah. And then I lived in New Hampshire I couldn’t tell you where for six months and then show me

on the map show me the map.

Like there was a there was water and that’s okay. There’s a lot of water in New Hampshire so yeah, and then we moved down here one of those kids seven Okay,

so you born up there?

Yeah. Yeah, but he still rocks the Boston shit all the time. Yeah.

Sad this year, but it’s okay. Can’t win them all.

So when you got taco

taco and God damn it, He better be up with the big club on the 24th when they play in Orlando. I will go to that. Already. just hoping tacos I’m getting a taco mania shirt. It’s a black shirt with a green right in like holkamaniac I love taco fall so much.

He is so much better than he was even like, since he left he left VCF he’s ton better. I mean, he’s actually the skyhooks actually working and falling most of the time now i in the

blue held in the magic trying to get him. I don’t know. It’s just

magic or stupid. That’s a true statement.

What are you doing? You’ve got a hometown guy right here. And you’re guaranteed to put asses in the seats if he’s on the floor. And you don’t do it. This isn’t a basketball podcast. I’m sorry. Yeah.

We kind of we talked about

by the way this this gives me hope in life.

wonderfully attractive woman is paying attention to this. Oh.

Sorry. I feel every time I come home with my wife. My wife

How did I pull this?

myself every damn day in my life? Don’t screw this up. Never gonna do better than this again.

Well, you want to go ahead and plug any of your upcoming stuff. Upcoming stuff. I’ve

got a amateur boxing minute gilt nightclub February 15. For undisputed promotions I believe we’re getting back into the pros again sometime in March more than likely UCF so if you follow undisputed promotions, you can find it everything there. My Twitter is at Jade pink. I’m 76 is actually another one out there. It’s 1976. That’s on active. jpg comm 76 on Twitter, give me a follow if you want, or just find me on Facebook, and all that fun business. And if you or anybody you know, would like to book a ring announcer I’ll say anything in a microphone for money pretty much so let’s do it.

Okay, well, I do have someone that’s looking for someone to do a voicemail for their business. Is that what you were talking about? Yes.

All right. Yeah. We’ll talk about that off air. Apparently we got more people the details,


Absolutely. Anybody I will literally say anything to microphone for money in front of people or in private I don’t care whatever you’re into

whatever. So do you want to start with the social media? I’ll finish it because drew never remembers it all. Yes.

So we are Instagram at top rope wrestling podcast. You can find us on Facebook at top rope wrestling podcast and then this is where Rick takes over

okay on Twitter we are top pro wrestling without the G because it is too long to put top rope wrestling so top rope wrestling and top of wrestling. top rope wrestling on Twitch where you can watch us live when we record


yeah, like right now or it may and yes ma’am. I just find a hot dog guy.

That guys asked and I think

that’s all we got. Check out cafe. They’re the ones who do our music. And,

and I am pretty sure I’m trademarking Jim named Bill Nye dog. Yeah.

P sorry, hot dog guy. I got to first piece Peace out.

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