This week we talk about what wrestling has become as 2019 comes to a close. There may be some person things thrown in there as well.

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from Orlando for the combined weight of what? Really? Nevermind.

Hello and welcome to another edition of the top rope wrestling Podcast. I am Rick Andrew is over there in his chair. I’m hearing sure it’s not the top rope radio. I’m sure it’s not the proper ad. I’ve done that a couple times in the past couple weeks but you know, it happens whatever we’re top rope wrestling podcast. Yes, I made sure I had to concentrate on it. This Trying to make sure that I got it right.

I really like we recently did an interview and

really expected you to drop a Hacksaw Jim Duggan during during the interview.


we’re just kind of we’re just kind of BS and today we’re talking about wrestling and things that have been going on recently and nothing it’s a wrestling

podcast it is Russell talk about wrestling.

I am occasionally we talk about pop culture and wrestling and, you know, match people up to music and movies and yeah, you know, whatever. So I heard you had a fanboy moment recently.

So you shouldn’t be settling for shameful shameful moment I had. So I went to

a little while back I went to the NXT been waiting to bring this up for a while. But I went to the NXT prior to Survivor Series, and this was a strategic move. I bought tickets about whenever I I can’t even remember anymore whenever they went to Saudi Arabia and came back Yes, they didn’t have enough people for smackdowns right everyone the next day and called it the invasion. Correct. And I was like, I think it was the following Monday. I was like, You know what, when it gets to that NXT before Survivor Series, some WWE guys are showing up, they’re like it’s going to happen. So I took a chance and I bought some tickets to it, hoping that that would happen and Damn it if I didn’t get a damn good show. Becky Lynch showed up I got to see her wrestle like pretty much you know, you’ve you’ve been in full sail Oh yeah. Small right in front of your face.

There’s no way of getting away from

Yeah, like there’s no mistaking who it it’s not like not like you could put me in the top of the Amway center and fucking put someone out there that looks close enough to Hulk Hogan I’ll be Oh, yeah, yes, that’s him.

Yeah, exactly. You know, you know you’re getting yourself in.

Yeah, but Long story short, the last segment and the energy was high in the building that day and I had worked all day and I was just riding high.

Not not induced by anything, just just

a natural high. And so I’m

watching and

there’s one man on this podcast that I always claim. I don’t hate him. I just don’t like him. Don’t think his character suits him and I don’t see what the hype is with him. He’s a very good wrestler, but I just don’t see why people love him so much right good guy has a bad guy. He’s awesome. Well, that man Seth Rollins comes out. To which normally I would just sit there and I think he came out to to score off against Adam Cole. Normally I’m cheering for Adam Cole against anyone because I love that dude. Right? But just something about the fact that he is like a mega star.

Made you mark out

and he’s right there like two feet in front of me about the Russell so he starts stopping his foot doing the burn it down and I am shamelessly chanting burn it down just shamelessly chanting like to the point where I lost my voice screaming burn it down

at full sail like at my job, right? So


yeah, you were had a mark moment you

did you were in love with a Seth Rollins at that point in time

I said, Dude, I went with his like really into wrestling too. So we were doing all the chance together. It’s tough. And it was. It was fun.

So my wrestling story’s a little different. At least today’s I have been absent from wrestling like I literally have not I have watched. I watched most of this week’s NXT I haven’t had a chance to watch any a W’s. Yeah, I just like I’ve been so busy with everything going On with work and travel and everything else, I just I should have been watching it when I was on the road but I didn’t because we were watching movies instead will back

over Thanksgiving. I was behind a week and I ended up watching to AWS on a Saturday back to back.

How that go over.

I mean, it’s a lot to watch. Yeah, it’s a lot It was during a week where like that started let’s say it started with raw, right then I went to the NXT taping, then I watched Smackdown on Friday. Then Saturday I watched takeover right then Sunday I watched Survivor Series

I will say I have not watched Survivor Series or take over and take over was supposed to be badass.

I hope her was fucking funny. I heard it was amazing, which I did want to tell you talk to you about someone. Okay, who was in the crowd that you constantly bring up on this frickin program? Okay, which so

well, I was at the I think I heard About this yeah

about this. So it took me a minute to realize what was going on. Like why this was any significant right? Just like I hear that fucking name all the time. Like what’s the big deal? So apparently it happened by accident. Have you seen the spot?

I haven’t seen the spot. Well, yeah, yeah, I know. Yeah,

I’ve seen the spot Adam Cole takes a little tumble. Oh, yeah. Matt takeover Matt. And they probably

one of the most

badass I’ve ever seen. They pan over to the crowd. And Mauro Rinaldo mentions like, Oh, that’s his girlfriend, Dr. Baker. Okay. Dr. Britt make Dr. Britt Baker, as I okay. So what and then the next day I’m reading like, you know, oh, they didn’t mean to have the camera on or this that and the other thing I’m like, does it fucking matter? It’s his girlfriend. She’s a wrestler. So then it dawned on me I’m watching because I’m watching the denix t, which in my head registers is entity wrestling. I’m just like, Look, it’s a big deal without like, Oh wait, this WWE, she’s at W

Yep. So what apparently basically what they, at least what I was reading was they, the cameraman didn’t know and the TD didn’t know the technical director didn’t know so they switch the camera to a girl to a lady who was basically crying in the crowd. And when they went they had to recognize her at that point in time like it was one of those ones where

Morrow said it right away

right? It was just like I but they all knew that she was there and I guess trying to keep her off camera or whatever. And then the camera man’s there TD switches to her and Morrow has to say something Yeah, you know, so they could have just said I don’t know I don’t even know exactly how it was called but

yeah, they could have said his girl said that’s it that’s all they didn’t say your name. Okay. Just said it. Oh, that’s Adam Cole’s girlfriend looking looking concerned.

Yeah. which just happens to be Brittany and then they got the camera offer

right with the director was probably like, get that fucking camera.

I’ve been on the other side of that.

Call that for been in the video. Control robot directors losing their fucking mind.

Not not only Well, yeah, so I had I’ve been on the other side of the camera. So apparently, if you don’t pan or if you don’t, if you don’t push fast enough to somebody’s face, when you’re after you’re told not to move the camera and keep it centered on something, you know, whatever, I guess it’s up to what the producer wants, not what they tell you.

My internship is where I spent the most time like in in like a big control studio. Right. And the director there nicest guy in the world for say I’d have to work 16 hours a day. nicest guy in the world for 15 hours a day. has to direct the show, motherfucker.

You know, you know, the guy who went off on me so his name starts with an R. Actually same first name as I have. Yeah, it’s Rick.

You know, it was?

Yeah, so

yeah, he went a hockey guy. Yes. So he went off on me. Never Very nice guy normally, but uh, well, but yeah, he was he was always nice to me but yeah the second that he wanted something that I wasn’t going fast enough for it was Yeah.

So you know

we got I wasn’t I was not finished telling you about all the wrestling I want Oh yes, sorry we had he just made it to Friday smack down after act so I’m gonna review it once again. We have Monday Night Raw the Wednesday NXT taping I went to I recorded the A w Friday night Smackdown takeover Survivor Series, Monday Night Raw. Two days minus wrestling because I just couldn’t fucking take it anymore. And then I watched Smackdown on Friday, and I watched the two episodes of a W that Saturday, completing like a frickin 18 hours of watching Wrestling in like 12 days.

That’s ridiculous and like, I’ll normally What I’ll do is I’ll put it on in the background while I’m working like I’ll have it on and I’ll, I’ll glance over at it or whatever on my second monitor second or third monitor. And so I’m like, Okay, I’ll go ahead and do that. And I just, I honestly have been so busy. I can’t even do that.

Well, raw has been, and I say Unfortunately, not really, unfortunately. Because I like to fast for I don’t like to sit there on a Monday night when I have to be up at six in the morning. Watch three hours of wrestling.

raus ridiculous in three hours, by the way. I

know it’s been exceptionally good the last two weeks, so I haven’t been out with the fast forward as much, which is kind of annoying, right? And smack down the fucking one on Friday night that I could just watch the whole thing even if it sucks, right has done exactly that the last few weeks has sucked just just blown. And I watched a little bit of last. I watched a little bit of this week’s NXT because

I was flipping between that in the magic game.

Cash zone or well I we don’t know when this is going to end So but for this previous week they had catches Oh no, that was a good Yeah, he was on that was I didn’t I haven’t been watching NXT Europe and I didn’t really even realize that he was over on NXT Europe. So yeah, that was an interesting yeah. Interesting thing for me just because I like I said I’m a cash I am a I’m a very casual wrestling watcher watcher. Yeah, in my youth. I was not but there’s just far too much wrestling. Oh, yeah. Speaking of far too much Wrestling NWA and Did you see the whole Jim cornette thing?

I tried to listen to what he said. I couldn’t quite gather what he was saying. What nice.

No, no, it was it was fairly racist.

I’m trying to think of the it didn’t come across as the he was trying to be racist. It was just racist. Like, you know how you like your grandpa says something that you like, yeah, yeah, that’s what happened there.

And I’m just trying to find that What the

what his remarks exactly where I know it’s driving me crazy. And again, we know this isn’t gonna air for a while. So this will be old news by then is that WWE is doing that how show the Sunday and I am too lazy to go to it, but it is the best chance I will get to see the feed.

Right? Okay, so he said Trevor Murdoch is mad, bad and dangerous. He’s the only man I know that can strap a bucket of fried chicken on his back and ride his motor scooter across Ethiopia.

And who is this? He’s talking about?

Trevor Murdoch, who is an African American gentleman. Okay, so

that’s not cool.

So, yeah, actually, no, he’s not he’s a white dude. But whatever.

Still still like,

yeah, so that’s Trevor Murdoch. He

that guys as white as it gets.

But still, I mean, not cool.

No, that’s just not something you say now, and I understand that it was a joke, but it was not was not good. It’s

just stop funny.

Um, so yeah, he’s he’s gone now and they’ve replaced him. I’m not a cornet fan, so that’s no big deal to me.

Yeah, I’m not either and I do enjoy, though. I do enjoy. Bruce Prichard making fun of Jim. Yes,

y’all. Yes, yes. That’s wonderful. Um, by the way, they have replaced also in making raw decent the last two weeks. They have replaced deal man who was fucking awful. With Samoa Joe who is delightful. That’s

great. I actually haven’t watched one of the episodes with him doing it. He is and apparently it happened by accident like they had to take deal off for to to sell a an injury or Yeah, I think

that’s when they realized they didn’t need to bring him back. Right.

So they brought in and they brought in Samoa Joe just to fill the mic spot because they didn’t want to leave. Yeah, the third mic and apparently He destroyed it. Yeah, he’s Oh, he’s

well, he’s healing an injury. I’d rather him come back and Russell right, because he’s one of the best guys on the mic.

Yeah, like as a bad guy, but it makes it like, go to the mic and find the best but as

a commentator, like as a heel, commentator, he, he takes what Corey graves tries so hard to do and makes it easy.

I think that’s just because of his personality. I don’t think it’s anything particular. Yeah. Yeah. So the that’s been that’s an interesting move. And he is healing an injury but I could like kind of how has ended up there and

guess date? I mean, it probably will happen.

How I know Joe wants to wrestle. That’s the thing. There’s a difference.

I would think that maybe he could

do both.

Lawler used to wrestle. Yeah. Oh, yeah. Like he wasn’t every week on Raw but I mean, it’s kind of hard to get into an hour. While you’re a commentator that doesn’t revolve around your commentator, but I would much rather have Joe wrestling. Yeah, but he’s just so good as a commentator,

I I’d like to see it go both ways. I mean, could they honestly put him on both shows and like, make him wrestle on one and like wrestle on SmackDown and commentate on Raw? That would be nice. I don’t know if he pulled that schedule, but

I mean, he gets he gets other wrestlers over. He does what a commentator supposed to do. And that other guy that Joseph is so new to it. Yeah. That he doesn’t know how to do

what it takes yet and then the king is old school. Yeah,

he’s he’s the king is good. He gets I think he gets shit on because he’s old and Olds not in nowadays.

Yeah, I mean, like, I get it. And then but at the same time, I can see where like, I get Both sides like I enjoy the king occasionally. I enjoyed the king more when he could be the horndog that he actually is. Yeah. And he drops comments once in a while and they just they fucking ignore.

They do

really do like they don’t even fucking it’s not even like a king or something like that they just, they flat out ignore him.

Yeah, I don’t get it. I mean, I mean, I get that they’re ignoring him. Because it’s a comment that probably shouldn’t have been said. But at the same time, that’s what made him him. So I don’t know. It’s I

mean, the guys had sex charges brought against him so you never know.

What else we what else is kind of cool or exciting. That’s that. I mean, we got Royal Rumble in January. Tables, Ladders and Chairs next week. Yeah. Which means I guess we will do a preview show for that. Yeah, I didn’t think about that. We will do TLC

could talk a little bit about like, maybe we’re trying to do something for our one year anniversary in January. Yes. of the podcast. We’ve been friends for far longer than

Oh, absolutely longer than one year. Two years ago. Yeah, like that the almost 13 years. Yeah. So, um, well we could do. What we’re trying to do is we’re going to get some some callers and some listeners as well as some previous guests to come on and say something and we’ll record a bunch of stuff if you guys want to leave us a voicemail. The email or the voicemail is 951 top rope. Okay, so it’s pretty easy to reach its 951-867-7673 if you leave us a voicemail, we can cut it down and we’ll we’ll use you in our one year and our one year anniversary anniversary Palooza.

Yeah, and I’m determined. I don’t know how I don’t know if I can come through. I’ve determined to get someone from the Wrestling World. To grant us an interview for that episode

somebody just anybody from the wrestling like a wrestler

or a someone that is recognizable in the Wrestling World.

Okay, that’s your goal.

Yes. I have someone in mind, I don’t know I’ve looked into it. So I don’t know if it’s as easy as I thought it would be. Okay, because of agents and stuff.

Yeah, that’s something you always have to go through, at least with the major wrestlers. Although you might be able to find somebody who’s now in the indie world that was a big name at one point that yeah,

that you can reach out directly to so hopefully I can get a so hopefully I can come through on that.

Running a Duke the dumpster

hopefully I don’t lose. Hopefully I don’t lose that feud. So

we will definitely get some good interviews and stuff and that Mike is just trying to attack you, isn’t it?

Yeah, I’m trying to I’m trying to sit comfortably with this mic. And you can’t figure it out. Yeah, I can’t. It’s it’s

what have you put the to your side and I think we’re good right now. Okay. So

It’s more show more so my out of shape this than the microphone so

we’ll be doing or we’ve got all kinds of stuff What do we want to call our one year? I don’t remember one that was

our get our first broadcast or our first episode. In case anyone wants to go all the way back and see was on January something, I believe.

I know we started I know that I think we did an episode then I had a concert and then we really picked up.

Let’s see, our first episode was titled The beginning of the end. And it was put out there on

January 18 2019.

So that whatever that week is,

yes, January 18. Hopefully we’ll be going to NXT the following week. Oh, that would be cool. So

let’s see. I’m just trying to pull January

it will be January 17. Okay, so they before. Cool. So that that will be our one year anniversary. That’s kind of exciting. Maybe you realized how long we had talked about doing this before we actually did it two years. Yes. By the way, for those that don’t know me, Andrew had a podcast before it was even known as podcasting. We had a an online radio show in 2007 2008. I

think we started is that when we started? No, because we, you started you started where we worked in July of 2007. June. Alright, we probably started talking about it before Well, before the end of the year. Yeah. So I would say yeah, I’d say it started into I wish I could get my hands on some of those old rmds

Oh, there’s a couple there’s a couple pieces and parts floating around YouTube. Not not full episodes, but there are definitely some

me I’m talking I’m talking ones from like the deltona house.

Oh yeah. I’m pretty sure that there’s at least One or two things rolling around possibly

us the stephney thing is from from my from the Avalon house yes from over there

so but I our first promo I can pull up our first promo if you’d like to hear it, please do.

This has nothing to do with wrestling know

everything to do with

everything to do with us. See if I can find it real fast.

The only thing I remember about that first episode is that

we’re fucking so excited to drink this Tiger Woods Gatorade.

Yes, and

I forget what else we were doing like two or three hours then right? Yeah, we were we were doing a lot. We had a pretty live chat room because all of our like everyone we knew tuned in. And I was, say the least not as comfortable on on the mic as I am nowadays. So listening to me talk on those was pretty funny because I’d be

the voice would get hyped. Then.

Yes. Oh no, it was totally, totally Yeah, it was.

It was, I wish I wish get at least that first episode

I’m trying to find

seven years ago. Let’s see, this is our first promo 11 years ago.

This is a walk

our indie radio, our listeners think we’re better than most Latino stations

broadcasting live every Sunday at

8pm forward slash m k tuva. were terrible. So you don’t have to be.

That was so nice. Nice. That’s awful.

Why would we put such things out there? Oh, the first episode we have on here is from 962 thousand 12. So it’s seven years ago. So that would have been that house.

That would have been the second incarnation of r&d. Yes, that was I’ve been after I started working at Disney.

Yes. Well, I’m sorry. We have the 10 year old crank call. That was Yeah, it’s. Yeah. And we do have some other. I’m trying to think we’ve got we have some. We definitely have some episodes on here. Holy but Jesus. We also have me playing in high school my own 36. Yeah. How about that? I may have my Mills from three months ago, is on here.

So maybe we can get some people at mayhem on Mills to do like, record a little thing for us.

Maybe we get some of the guys that have been on the show before and he happy one year. Well, now we can get dark. chuckles he’s dark. chuckles he’s a heel now, I guess. Oh, he he got buried alive at the last mayhem and came back evil. Okay, so, David, they’ve been running some promos. That was

my favorite interview that we’ve ever done.

I like that one. But I think I like What’s this face even better? The guy right? We did before the other crazy guy he sleep basically. And I love the fact that he joined in on the other chuckles interview though that was Yeah. So um, what do we got coming up? We have. This won’t be out in time so we won’t have mayhem on Mills. We enjoyed mayhem. We did enjoy mayhem. I know we always enjoy mayhem. I Mills. We missed the last one. We were sad about it. So that kind of stuck, which was Halloween themed. It was Halloween themed and I could have done some really cool shit. Yes, because I have lots of Halloween ship. It was outdoors though. This one’s back indoors. I like it. I do too. We will. Or if you want we’re going to have the video up so you guys can watch the video on our twitch channel. I’ll see if I can throw it to YouTube after we’re done to so that you guys can watch all of Mayhem and Mills. We will have some live video I have new camera mounts and stuff that we can do stuff with. So that’ll be good.

We don’t have the thing that has to stick to something. No, we have we have a clip.

Oh, awesome with a gooseneck. And if those two

I’m not gonna, I’m not gonna say crazies on the air.

Okay, you just said crazies on the air. I know.

I know. Cut that out if those two Mark Fred if those two cuckoos are there, this time, we’re interviewing them. Okay, all right, if they’re going to use our frickin podcasts as a personal charging station, they’re gonna get on the mic and we’re gonna find out all about them. We can do that. We can definitely definitely do that. And I want to find out why the female had a Seth Rollins screensaver on her phone. Cuz she loves her some Seth Rollins, who has like, like most people’s screensaver on their phone is like them in their significant other or their children or their pet. Or, or in my I have my kid or in my case who’s not married and has no kids. Just a picture that I took it a lesson on, sir.

Well, that is your love.

You’ve seen them more than any woman you’ve ever

spent more nights with them that I have with any woman.


yeah, I think that’s all I got anything you want. You want to go out and plug our social media?

Yeah, go to top rope wrestling podcast and that would be our Instagram at Instagram. You can go to our Facebook page, which is top rope wrestling and

have a wrestling podcast or top pro wrestling. join our group chat.

Yeah, if you guys start chatting like the page will join in.

Yeah. Or will say some shit. Yeah, I always talk when people start jacking. Maybe we can start doing if one of us can watch live. We can start doing threads Monday. Oh,

that’s one thing where we’re going to go into our like year thing. So I guess starting with the new season, I should have my microphone at home so we could actually do pay per view rapid

pups yes

and I actually get out of work early now so we can do pay per view wrap ups on a different enemies an hour Yes, absolutely.

So then also on Twitter we have top rope wrestlin without the G because it’s too long and then we have the website which is top rope wrestling calm where you can find all of our links and all of our podcasts and or you can go

to iTunes or Google Play or

yeah any anywhere you can find pod we Heart Radio. We are not on the I Heart Radio podcasts. I Heart Radio as of yet. I mean, we probably could be you know how we go about doing that? I’m sure I can figure it out. Cool.

So I will look into that.

And yeah, I think that’s all we got.

That’s that’s that’s pretty much all I got. So peace guys. Get gotta get out. Enjoy your tater tots. They were delicious.

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