This week we take a look at the card for this Sunday’s TLC pay-per-view and make our predictions. We also talk to August, who happened to be sitting next to the gentleman who was escorted out of the WWE Live event at the Ocean Center in Daytona Beach this past weekend.

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Orlando for a combined weight of what? Really? Nevermind.

Welcome to another edition of the top rope wrestling Podcast. I am Rick and drew is over there on the chair like you normally is. Yep, this has been for the last couple of weeks. Yeah.

edging, edging less gracefully towards looking like Jabba the Hutt every week.

So key. This week we are going to go ahead my Java

I have my cookie monster are the exact same voice only I say Wookie and then cookie. Second. I don’t know if I can do job I’m sure I could. But I have I think I’ve got a pretty good cookie the Cookie Monster. Cool key.

That’s good enough for me. Okie cookie.

Cool. Okay. Alright, so

today we are going to go ahead and go over the TLC card and yeah, do a TLC preview. We have a phone interview later with my buddy August and then happen to be sitting right next to the gentleman who dropped the Canadian F word for

homophobic homophobic slurs? Yes, we’ll do it that way. Yeah. And we’ll talk about the two announcements for the Hall of Fame. Yes, we can talk about that for sure to HLF. And yeah, so you want to go ahead and jump into the card, the TLC card. Yes. And I think they’ll end up adding them.

So we’re just going to say it’s going to be on the card. Okay? Because we’re not smart. Okay, we can do that.

Let’s see

they have a list I’m trying to go with the direction that they’re going.

The card that they have listed is Alister black vs buddy Murphy that I think is going to be the match of the night it actually should be an excellent Yeah, it should be really really good match like I love Alistair black I’ve grown to like buddy Murphy a lot. Yes, I can’t figure out which one’s the heel and which ones to face in this thing. They tell me it’s Alister black is the face which is odd but you know it’s it is what it is. So

you want to go ahead and make our pics and I’m gonna go with Alex who I think that’s a pretty Alistair has demanded someone knock on his door for months. Buddy Murphy knocked and now he’s going to get his ass handed to us by Allister. Yes. So yeah, no, I’m, I’m actually that’s gonna be a really, really good night.

Though I would have ended this whole knock on my door and pick a fight with me thing with someone knocking and it being Uber Eats, but that’s why I don’t work for the WWE correct. So, next up, they have the raw Tag Team Championship match, which is the Viking Raiders vs to be determined because it is an open challenge. Okay, I’m just going to open with I could care less about this match. I am not a huge Viking Raiders fan. I do appreciate that, that really big one high bars and yes, I’ve our civility to frickin jump around like a damn looted or when he outweighs me by about 100 pounds.

So I’m going to say the tag team to unless it’s some kind of surprise like return tag team or something like that.

And I don’t mean like an old tag team, even just like a tag team that hasn’t been on TV in a while. Unless it’s something like that that happened. But if it’s just someone like the B team or whoever the high

Team is on Raw right now I would say it’s probably going to be a retention by the

Raiders. Okay, so one person seems to agree with you that

actually it’s almost exactly where did you know unless it’s somebody like that so there’s somebody who’s been off TV for a long time. Go ahead and think of the US that’d be awesome. So but the other person and this and would be an interesting setup too is the street profits since they’ve been covered on TV so much recently Yes, but they fought them Monday and last decisively. Yes, they did. They might come to their events. Yeah. So

that was that was their pics. I think the Viking the Raiders are going to go ahead and and keep it. What’s it What did they say about the Alistair black? They? I’m why By the way, this is CBS Sports. They both picked Alistair black. Yeah. So

the SmackDown Tag Team Championship, the

New Day versus the revival. That should be a new day return I revival are pretty much done. Yeah.

Although I like the revival and so I this weekend as we’ll talk talk about later I went or not this weekend but yeah last Sunday, I went to the web event last second literally bought my tickets, two hours before the event started. And they It was a house show and it was

the revival versus New Day versus heavy machinery. And

it was a really funny match. It was a lot of humor involved. Probably too much humor, at least for my liking. It really slowed down the match. And

the new day came out as the champs if they I think they were just practicing some some problem sets they they fought.

Colorado O’Reilly and Bobby fish at that NXT show I went to before survivors

And holy shit those dudes are like for them being such garbage on the main roster. Those guys are so over in NXT Oh, they are like I even found myself like I’m not gonna root for them over the undisputed era but still I same time I was like holy shit like what these guys can do when they aren’t just you know,

being used poorly like I put it this way I look forward to their work in aid. Yes. You so you think they’re just gonna get cut loose all together? No, I don’t think they’re gonna cut loose. I think they’re gonna ride that contract out and then tell events to fuck themselves. Okay, I could definitely see that. I do see or, but I’m picking new day. I think you guys gonna win it too. Yeah, I don’t. So next up is the women’s Tag Team Championship between the Ruby Kabuki warriors and Becky Lynch and Charlotte flair.

It’s a TLC match. Yeah, all logic is telling me that the Kabuki warrior should win this one because they’re an actual tag team.

right but being what the WWE likes to do and pairing people together that aren’t friends but aren’t enemies they don’t like each other but you know whatever I see these two winning just so they can have a storyline together where they are forced to bond over these fucking tag titles and

I’m gonna I’m gonna pick

I’m gonna say it should be the Kabuki warriors winning but it probably will be Becky Lynch and Charlotte See I think that the stipulation that is is a TLC match means the Kabuki warriors are going to win. You think just because it gives them an out like it basically tell it allows them to

given out to not giving it to the bigger names necessarily. Yeah. And

what why am I completely blanking on her name?


they have the Kabuki warriors Oscar car. Awesome.

I had a

ridiculous no holds barred match to when she ended her reign in NXT.

It was I got to be there for it and it was just ridiculous and so I’m kind of excited to see her in a TLC match. The rest of them. I don’t think they want to put themselves in that much danger. Everyone says that osco I didn’t watch her in an ax t everyone says she’s a great wrestler. I am yet to see it on the main roster. Yeah, well, they don’t use it. Yeah, they don’t use it or the way that she should. Yeah, and she can’t like she’s not the best step promos. And I don’t think it’s just because of the English barrier because schinsky is English isn’t great, but his promos are fantastic. Like speaking of Oscar, have you ever watched her YouTube channel? I have not. So she has a YouTube channel where it’s nothing really dealing with wrestling at all. It’s like her cooking and her doing this and her doing that. It’s it’s kind of interesting. But yeah, that was uh, I just happen to stumble across that recently. She’s not listed as asked

On YouTube though, so and it’s done mostly in Japanese just like Jan Smith or so no it’s mostly it’s mostly all in Japanese to that was so let’s see they picked one of them picked Becky Lynch and Charlotte flair and the other one picked a couple years. So and next up is Rousseff vs Bobby lashley in a tables match this I have even been watching any of this or so I haven’t. I have not. Okay, I saw it from the beginning I saw I heard that there was the official divorce or whatever. It’s coming around to being so terrible that it’s almost kind of chopping it out terrible it is.

That’s a good way to put it. It’s like it’s almost something I look forward to every week to see how bad it’s going to be.

I you gotta give this one to Rousseff. Okay. Yeah, I don’t know.

two tables match. It is a tables match.

Yeah, it’s

I don’t know. I mean,


need to go back and watch this watch on just let like the Hulu highlights of just these these these segments okay and you’ll be like I’m telling you week one or two you’ll be like what the fuck? I know Rousseff key I’m like I remember the first couple weeks because I was watching the first couple weeks I’ve said last three Rousseff shirts get progressively more they got better yeah like it goes from

it goes from like a

like it starts to the Bob Ross shirt. I can’t remember what it says but I remember it being kind of goofy. Then he goes to a Johnny Cash shirt. And then last week full on like white t shirt with Donald Duck’s face on really so Okay, I’ll go I mean I’ll I’ll go with Rousseff to i don’t know i don’t

i like Rousseff character better than Lastly, lastly. Oh, absolutely. I love Rousseff lashley. I liked in TNA but they just don’t make them well. Yeah. So does he

They may I mean you we were both at that yeah for glory. He was a machine he was but they’ve just turned him into like a frickin chompin trickin

WWE I was excited when he retired because I my oh my god if they do what they did with them in TNA

he’s gonna be great. Yeah, he’s gonna be like taking on Brock Lesnar and what they definitely winning. They didn’t. Yeah.

So next up is Roman Reigns vs King korban and the TLC match. Okay. That’s got to be Roman Reigns. I don’t see any reason why King Corbin would win that. Really? Yeah, I see. I can see. Because I’m really trying to get stuff korbut like, air, the cool King Corbin thing. So I’m trying to if i think that i think because it’s a TLC match, they can make korban win the match without hurting rains at all. So that’s the only way Corbin went. Yeah, I mean, well, that’s

Nothing wrong and I mean

I’m gonna I’m gonna go with korban on it just I because they but they’re really trying to get him over I mean not that he’s not over but he’s there trying to get them to get be that he’ll now I got I gotcha alright so I’m gonna stick with rain so we have opposite views on this man we do we actually have a lot of opposite views on this this whole thing so and then the last match that they have listed is the non title match between Bray Wyatt and them is the fuck is the point in this match it’s not for the title and it’s not going to be the theme yeah I don’t know I’m gonna fight as the children’s character I guess so and fight them is for not the title on a pay per view

Yeah, I don’t get it. I don’t know about them is wins I like them is i mean

i Bray Wyatt Scott a win. If he doesn’t Daniel Bryan’s gonna enter shenanigans. And or Daniel Bryan illenore. feared frickin the pheenoh get like a countdown.

loss or something but


I don’t know which way to go on this one like I can see both of them winning at one way or another you know I

I can’t see any logical scenario where they put them is over him so that’s why I would think them is my win yeah I just because it’s he’s since he’s wrestling as you know that character I like the under children’s thing children’s character I could see is like throughout the matches him fighting with himself and like the like the trying the theme trying to come out or something I don’t I don’t think they’re going to do that at a TLC December pay per view I know I’m trying to dig that deep in for that the fact that they don’t the fact that the championship is not on the line makes me think that the MS is going to win. Maybe Yeah, that’s that’s really that’s what makes me think there’s going to be shenanigans in the middle when Yeah, like Daniel Bryan’s gonna come out and debut this

haircut or whatever debut this, Eric? Oh, you didn’t see no, I didn’t see how the fucking the fucking fene pulls him under the ring and rips all his hair. Oh, then he disappeared for a week. So yeah, I

it was an interesting it should be an interesting one which was the match that you oh I think they’re going to end up adding kale vs Seth Rollins after this week, I think they had read they read they cleared Seth Rollins to wrestle so they can add that and if they add that match Seth Rollins versus Kevin Owens, obviously southpaw heel Seth Rollins with the AOP is going to win that match. That’s true.

I forgot that they did that. That with the AOP. Yeah, Seth Rollins in the AOP. Because I, so if you guys get a chance, I don’t know if it’s out yet. There’s a podcast that I did last week last Saturday. called

shipmates. It’s on the radio

shows site or whatever, it’s I think it might be a Patreon. So you have to sign up for it if that if that’s the case, if not, I’ll get some some clips from it. If it’s getting released that we had, it was an interesting story. But they.

So when I was talking, I would talk to them. And I was like, I’m a casual watcher these days, and they thought it was ridiculous or not ridiculous, but they thought it was funny that I host a wrestling show based around something that I watch casually. And I explained it to them, and they’re like, Oh, well, that makes a lot of sense, especially that we talked about a lot of indie wrestling and other things. So

he told my watch.

I told him that I told him the year like the I will catch up with everything before it so yeah, so we Yeah, we definitely. And it’s it’s an interesting mix. So

what else were we going to cover? I know we had some other things. The hall of Yes, the hall Hall of Fame. The Hall of Fame announcements this week. We’re

Was n who was announced this the end who and superstar David peace test.

I did you see Stuber. I watched Stuber last Sunday Did you really yes it is for good is it so bad that it’s good like it’s always like the Luna and fuck areas like the the lava and Rousseff thing is so like unbelievably terrible that it’s almost charm.

I watched that and the long shot last weekend.

The sharlee. sterile Yes, that’s right. Yeah. Stuber was far better. Really? Yeah. That’s interesting. Yeah, I actually I like Seth Rogen most the time, so I do too. I love Seth Rogen. Sami Zayn twin brother. Yes.

And loves Charlize Theron. She’s definitely my on my list of hobbies. Yes, I don’t disagree with that.

So, so let’s talk about

It do and who

don’t know why Xbox going in with the

exact same thing. Six was not a major did not play a major role. Other of us if you had, I don’t know why you don’t just put the original three and but if you had to put a fourth end, there is the original manager, Ted DiBiase. Correct. There is the more popular manager Eric Bischoff. Right there is the first defector to the end who

the giant, Big Show. Yes, Big Show. Back in the day. One of those guys. I was reading a story there’s popular members of the NBA in who such as buff Bagwell and Scott Steiner. somebody the other day said that Dennis Rodman was more deserving to be as part of who really is. So yes, I have to agree that that was just the head shaker but when you’re talking about degeneration x Yes, put x Pok. Yeah, obviously put the 123 kid in.

I don’t

I understand where he needs to go in with the NW he was put Virgil and as part of the NW, I mean, he was a more prominent member then yeah, then x Pok was or six pack or, or 123. And he was just six back then in w 123, or whatever.

So yeah, no, I agree. And then Dave Bautista obviously deserving. Oh, yeah. And it’s funny, like, he had a great wrestling career, but he has had a much better acting career than me as a wrestling career. So and that’s pretty much why they’re inducting him and when I realized that he was actually a good actor was when I saw him act in a movie that wasn’t Guardians of the Galaxy. Because pretty much guardians was the first movie of his I saw, right which and he doesn’t, he acts pretty stiff in that movie, and I’m like, Oh my God, this guy’s fucking terrible. And then I saw him in another movie. And I’m like, Oh, that’s just how he plays. Drax. Yes. Well, Mikey Drax is written. Yeah, and I’m just like, oh, he’s he’s actually a really good actor. So yeah, that was a I’m excited for

Hall of Fame. Mike. I’m excited to see the rest of the announcements for the Hall of Fame. See who else ends up getting in? Because they normally want to do six or so. Yeah, six to 10. So we’re gonna have some really old ones and then some some words like the NW Oh, and then they’ll have some celebrity some, like just some random celebrity that happened to be there, Seth Green or someone like that. Yeah. So um, well, uh, as we mentioned earlier in the show, I got to go to the WWE wrestling event and we have an interview that I’m going to We’ll be right back with, with my buddy August, who happened to be sitting next to the gentleman who rolled out all of the

poor language, I guess the poor life choices, bad choices that he definitely made some bad choices. It was some

some homosexual or homophobic comments. It was were made that night so we’ll be right back.

Just talking bad about Canadians with the Canadian ever do, they’re nice people. Okay, so he when he was at the event and so when he when Sami Zayn was coming out, he was laying into everybody about how trashy everybody from the south is and how great Canada is. That that’s, that’s where the Canadian thing came from. But this it just set this guy off. It was very strange.


So we’ll be right back with that. So I went to I got I had the chance to go to the WWE event this weekend in Daytona Beach. And so there was a little incident that went down and I have somebody on the phone right now. August. He’s a friend of mine. I’ve known for a couple years now right August. Yeah, how you guys doing? I appreciate you guys having me on. So August. I don’t know if you guys know the story, but there was a gentleman who was escorted out of the show in Daytona because he attacked Sami Zayn, calling him

Let’s see a homophobic slur. It was a homophobic slur also an anti Canadian one very anti Canadian. Well, he came out and was arguing. He was basically calling everybody in Daytona trash, which is not necessarily wrong.

But August kind of tell us what happened. I you since you were sitting literally right next to the guy. Yeah, I was sitting, I was sitting right next to the guy. And, you know, it’s interesting as I watched it all unfold on like social media The next day, I kind of started playing it back in my mind, you know, so he was pretty quiet for the most part for

the Masters beforehand.

And then

and then, and then he, you know, whatever reason, so yeah, you know, Sammy comes out in character does his whole shtick, you know, his whole he’ll stick, which was great. And so he gets, you know, Sammy gets near the steps of the cage, and this guy just starts yelling, you know, hey, you’re a Canadian. And then the

Canadian F word and cost savings attention and it was you know I’m sitting there with my kids so I kind of was like all right let’s you know maybe this just like a one off thing. And so Sammy The first time you said it to me walk past him and was like, Yeah, whatever. And then the guy just kept going and I think the second or third time that he said it, that’s when Sammy kind of turned in was like, all right, dude, what are we doing here? And was pretty fired up and immediately you know what, after the guy was like, you’re, you know, you’re a homophobic moron. And the guy just kept going and like I said, it was kind of surprising because he was pretty quiet for the most part first couple matches

that he got right in his face. He was fired up. And you know, at first I kind of thought it was stick between you know, the guy and you know, you know how, you know, there could be fans that want to get in the face the wrestler there’s how to play along be a part of the show, right.

But, you know, Sammy was fired up like he was in his face, and Sammy looked like he was

Ready for that guy to just do one false move, and he was going to pull him over the railing.

So it was interesting a savvy immediately turns to you know, they’ve always got the WWE security guy right there. He turns that guy is like this guy needs to go. And so the security guy actually was pretty nice and came over. I was like, dude, just sit out and be quiet. You’re good. And the guy didn’t back down. He just kept going. So it was it was really interesting, because the guy had an opportunity to probably just sit down and let it go. And and he didn’t. And then it just kind of escalated from there. Yeah, it was. I didn’t notice it. But I did notice like Sammy was hanging on that one side of the ring. And you can I mean, I was up a little bit higher, obviously. August was like ringside. And I was up. We were up in the first level. And but yeah, it looked like Sammy was supposed to be more involved in the match. But he was.

He was Yeah, yeah. So that’s a good point. So I thought that was really interesting. So Sammy,

Me, you know, goes with security, obviously the rest involved because the rest, you know, he’s keeping an eye on the superstars, right. So he’s doing his job, making sure they’re safe as well as security guy. Was it on it? So, you know, so they kind of brushed me away. And

you know, so I thought it was kind of over. And the next thing you know, like the ocean center security guy came over was like, dude, you’re out. So to your point, it was kind of funny. So Sam, you’re still involved in the match. And he’s throwing, I think he’s trying to throw like a table in at the time. And he’s like, trying to push it into schinsky. But he’s also looking like directly at where that guy was sitting. So he was watching it as it unfolded. You know, he was he was keeping an eye on what was going on because I think Sandy was fired up. He wanted that guy gone. And so that’s what I thought was really interesting as as they’re trying to, you know, he’s played all the character during the match. He’s still keeping an eye on this guy’s feet. And then so, you know, security guys like Dude, you’re done. He’s like, no

Not, you know, the ocean center guys like Yeah, no, you’re absolutely done. Let’s go. And so finally the guy was like, all right, he laughed, and then No, you know, no sooner, you know, 30 seconds A minute later say because we’re running bodies like Oh, look at that and you see, you know,

everybody around it kind of chuckled like, you know, so he was definitely keeping an eye on it even though like, like I said he he was pushing, I think he was pushing the table and for the match, like he was still looking over at that seat to see if security was taking care of the guy. He was definitely invested in it. Did the guy’s family look like embarrassed that they leave with them or? No, so it’s really odd that I saw some of those headlines on Twitter the next day. I thought he was sitting with my two older gentlemen. And

they didn’t seem to give a crap that he was like escorted, I thought like they would be fired up. So I don’t know if they were with him or not. Okay. And then he was this and then one of those guys, same guy that I’ve seen people mentioned, Bailey went over the railing or went over like the

guardrail later on that night, and he kind of touched her arm. And she flipped out was like don’t touch my arm. So I don’t know if those guys were with him or not. But yeah, it was pretty funny because like, when the ocean center guy came over, it was like, dude, you’re out. He was like, no, not. And then he’s like, he’s like, no, you’re absolutely out of here. And then finally, he was like, all right, I guess I’m out of here, but I want and I don’t know what he said to the guy, then the OSHA guy to really care that point. He’s like, you just you gotta go. Like, that was really awesome. That was pretty quiet. And then for whatever reason, Sami Zayn set him off. And he was

he was off to the races with the Canadian, you know, Canadian F word. And it was it was pretty crazy. And then, you know, like I mentioned on Twitter, you know, my 11 year old daughter is on the drive home. She’s like, so what’s that F word meet and I’m like, you know, trying to explain her. Yeah, that whole thing. That was that was kind of a shocker to me. I didn’t expect to have that conversation without a wrestling because of a wrestling match. Yeah, right. Absolutely. So she had no idea what the

met and then I kind of explained to her The good thing that that, you know, Sammy was picking up for and all that stuff. So yeah, it was, you know, kind of, I guess somehow a learning experience for her but she she never heard the word before and this guy just kept screaming it. Yeah, I mean it was definitely there were kids all around that area like I was like, it was directly across from where we’re sitting and you could see you know, there were definitely there were kids behind him to write like it was you guys next to them and the guys behind them and yeah, it was not Yeah, absolutely. And again, I was really surprised it like how fired up to me was like Sammy was in his face and it didn’t look like it was heel kick. It was looked like Sammy had taken off the heel mask and was like, you’re you’re in a hole for doing this dude and he was in his face and he was ready for that guy to make one false move. Then he would have probably just pummeled the guy and I don’t know if maybe the guy was playing a lot. I don’t know maybe the guy for some reason he had a you know a the cocktail is here. So who knows. I

He thought maybe he was playing along with it. But it did not go well. And Sammy was not having any of it, which I applaud Sammy for, for being that way. And he, Sammy was like, tried to be cool about it first time, like shut up and sit down right. Now, like I said, the first time, the first time that Sammy heard it, and I think some of you might encounter this kind of for this social media. I did the first time Sammy kind of let it go. But then, like the second or third time that he said it, Sammy was like, all right, dude. And that’s when Sammy turned around is like, Are you serious? Like, that’s what he’s like. And that’s when he turned and got in the guy’s face and the guy just kept going. And like I said, the web security guy was very nice because he came over was like, dude, you have to set enough to sit out and you’re good. And the guy just went out and and and he will let it go. And he just kept he just kept Yeah, yeah.

So that’s pretty crazy. Well, I appreciate you taking a couple minutes out of your day to to let us know what your your point of

From what happened since you were right there I mean I don’t think we can get a better account of what happened unless we got the actual

woke up I woke up the next day not thinking really a hang of it and all of a sudden I saw it I saw trending on Twitter and I was like whoa I was like I was actually I was actually sitting right next to

it was funny because I I sent after you told me about it I sent drew a text message and what a couple hours later like four out three or four hours later you sent me a thing back set with the the Oh yeah, sorry. I see I saw it later that night on there and I was like frickin Volusia County Of course.

Yeah, yeah. That’s my buddy and I were joking like it I think he actually made a joke. He my buddy that I was with was like a Volusia County fighters or whatever the referee I think his name’s rod or whatever. He actually kind of laughed at it.

The whole thing was crazy because the referee was definitely like making sure that Sammy was not about the snap on the guy the security guy was really audit, kind of watch it all unfold. Well, that’s

Thanks again. Thanks for joining us for a couple minutes and taking that time out. Now, thanks for having me, guys. I appreciate it. Absolutely. Talk to you soon. All right, I’ll take care. Yeah. I just wanted to go ahead and thank August for coming on again with us. Yeah, it was a great interview to I’m very happy that he was there to do it. To hear the he took some time away from a barbecue he did he that’s a big deal for me because time away from a barbecue way from eating decent barbecue. Yes. To talk to us about wrestling. Yes, he’s the man. He is a massive wrestling fan to like and his his his dad, his dad, like, caught the heat. So August has a bar out back of his house and he has earned I don’t know what’s out back, but I’ve actually not been over but the he just has all these autographs from wrestlers that his dad got him. So I’m it he’s a cool, cool guy who loves wrestling. I would love to one day and I don’t know maybe into the season to

year to year or year to whatever you want to call it.

I would like to do not with any type of like people involved in the Wrestling World just people like us do like a roundtable with some of our wrestling friends like my friend Omar maybe Yeah, absolutely. Maybe a couple other people I know are you know that just like wrestling and just sit and bullshit about wrestling? Oh yeah, we could definitely do a roundtable discussion at some point we can go find a bar and set up the bar that’d be even better. Yeah, we can go ahead and set up

our little mobile recording and we can at least get four of us yeah out there to do that. So

thank you guys for tuning in. I we appreciate every listen that we get joy. Do you want to you want to go ahead and plug our social media? Yes.

If you go to Instagram and look up top rope wrestling podcast, you will find us there and you will see pictures of our new shirt. Yes, and

go to the Facebook group or just our Facebook page top pro or

Yes look up top rope wrestling on Facebook yeah top rope wrestling probably will let you take it from here okay on our website is top rope wrestling calm. You can find all of our links to our social media you can listen to right there. Also, top rope wrestling without the G on Twitter as our as our Twitter account. We try and post everything to both at all of our social media.

And oh this weekend if you are in the Orlando area Yes. Come join us at a at the mills misbehave, misbehaving? Yes their Christmas event. We will have some giveaways. So, as you mentioned, there are certain so we’ll be handing out gifts. Yes, a little wrestling Santa’s not Santa. Actually. No, but I’ll wear a Santa hat if you want me to. I’ll bring in a tree. So yeah, we’ll go Christmas it up. Last it up.

Thank you guys for joining us. But stay classy world. We’ll figure this out Sunday.

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