This week we interview comic book writer John Crowther. He has written a series of authorized wrestling biographical comic books based around the lives of some of the greatest wrestlers to even live. We talk about the process, how he got into writing and what is to come.

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Good evening and welcome to another edition of the top rope Radio Podcast, a top rope wrestling podcast. Are you doing that? I don’t know. I apparently want to be back doing radio again. Yes. So I’m here I’m Rick and drew is over there in the chair and today on the phone, we have JOHN Crowder, comic book writer, and wrestling historian, among other things,

let me just let me pull him up real fast and we’ll uh,

we’ll go ahead wrestling.

We will definitely talk some wrestling with him.

JOHN, how you doing? Good, good. Thanks for having me on.

Absolutely. Um, can you just give us a quick bio of, of what what you do so that everyone else can know?

Yeah, absolutely. So you probably already I don’t know if you said my name or not, but i’m john Crowder, and I am a freelance comic book writer. I’ve written several series for Antarctic press. I just just found out today I’ve actually now can say I’m a freelance writer for heavy metal. I’ve got a story coming out in their their upcoming holiday issue, and I’m probably known by most people as a writer of a bunch of authorized biographical wrestling comic books for a bunch of the old wrestling superstars WCW and WWE from back in like the 80s 90s These I guess I’ve got a couple of go back as far as like the 60s and that’s, that’s where squared circle comics.

Nice. What uh, what got you into it? How’d you get started with writing about are doing comics by wrestling?

Well, I had, I talked to you before when we first met, I had just finished a series called Rochelle was a superhero comic about a cockroach girl for Antarctic press. And I kind of learned quickly that a lot of wrestlers are also comic book fans, because I had a mutual friend with a gentleman named Nikolai volkoff. And most people I’m sure for pure wrestling fans. And he apparently had had seen the Rochelle book and he really liked it. So he asked if this guy could put the two of us together. So I had a phone conversation with him. And he told me he said, you know, because I’ve always wanted to do a comic on my life. And I’ve had several people approached me on it, but whenever we talk about it, it never gets done. So I told Nicole, I can promise you if I tell you I’m going to do something, I’m going to get it done. So we got to work on his and that’s the first one that came out and then he started introducing me to people he introduced me to Bruno sammartino at WrestleMania in Orlando and it just kind of you know kept kept spiraling from there keep like I don’t know spiral is a good where I guess kind of growing from there kind of went up and started meeting other guys and maybe editor introduced me to someone else and just kept going.

So when when did your When did your love of wrestling start?

Oh God, I would say probably in the mid 70s. I was probably about five years old or so. And I would hang out at my great grandfather’s house and he was a huge wrestling fan and I can remember you know, barely being able to walk but I can remember laying on the floor sitting on the floor and my great grandpa edge screaming at TV sense taken is shaking his fist and this and that, you know, you know, kids see that and you kind of jump in and and like it to and yeah, I just loved it. So I think Ever since then, as far as I can remember.

I remember my grandmother as a child yelling at some guy to rip his head off. And yeah, my grandmother was a massive wrestling fan. It was strange but funny. Yeah,

I was like grandpa edge. I mean, he was a huge fan of wahoo McDaniel. I remember that. Yeah. And just really, really kind of sucked me in and then I loved it then any you know, anytime I could catch it on TV, of course, it was different wrestling than it was back in the territorial days. Right. So that’s when they had Championship Wrestling from Florida. And, you know, so I would I would watch that religiously. And then later on in life, I guess I was probably a teenager was when they started having the get was Saturday night main event. Yep, yep.


really seeing the WWE on TV?

Yeah, and then they had superstars of wrestling on Saturday morning. Yes.

But the nice thing about that was back in the FC w days you could go to you know, almost every small Arena in the area would have a wrestling event like every Saturday,

so Oh my god yeah. How shows all Over the state of Florida It was fantastic. I mean armories high schools, it shows were everywhere and and I was talking to guys before I mean, that was when the a lot of the wrestling magazines were more prevalent because obviously there wasn’t internet back then. So you could you have I’d have friends that lived in other states and they’d be telling me about their wrestling you know, heroes they liked and but you wouldn’t see him wrestle. He’s only read about them in magazines. And it kind of made it fun because you could like, you know, track who was ranked in the A wha and WWF. And NWA was just a really fun time for wrestling.

So, who are some of the other books that you’ve done? biographies on?

Okay, well, the first one obviously, was Nikolais. We followed that up with the first of a three part series for the killer bees. It was Brian Blair’s book. In fact, we’re going to probably be wrapping his up you know, sometime here early in 2020. And then we did Hacksaw Jim Duggan, first book Second one is going to be coming out. I would guess sometime in January. We did a one shot for Lanny poffo. For anybody listening who doesn’t recognize the name. He was the macho man’s

younger brother the genius.

Yep. The genius or leaping lane. Yes. Yeah. There’s another moniker he went by. We did one for Bobby Fulton, who was pretty well known in the NWA territories as one half of the fantastics. We did a one shot for jack swagger, who’s now an MMA fighter going by his real name of Jake Hager. Yeah, which did pretty well.

And AWS. He’s back he’s back.

Yeah, that’s right. That’s right. He’s an AWS kind of like the muscle

Yeah, AWS like the Kevin Nash

now. Yeah, yeah.

I guess.

And then they got we signed some of the glow girls, if you remember glow from back in the 80s. We signed some of the glow girls and the first one of those we did was from Patricia some Merlin to was California where Sonny the California girl, and her one shot came out we’re going to do Hollywood’s next. And we just wrapped up a large one shot for Rocky Johnson, father of Dwayne The Rock jobs, right, great book. I mean, if I could recommend if I had to pick other than Nikolai is a decline will always have a special place for him. But if I could pick one other matter would have to be I think Rocky’s is really well written. Oh, and I’d be negligent Not to mention Bruno sammartino. Right. Who got the first issue done. second issue is written and the art I think is probably about 80% done right now. Should be coming out pretty soon.

When you did Bruno’s did. Did you start it before or after he had passed away?

Oh, it was it was all completely written. And the scripts were all approved by brina before he died.

Okay, so he you got to basically like when you’re doing research for it, did he kind of sit and tell you his story or did you kind of look at

Oh, yeah, yes, that’s kind of how it works with all these Guys, I do telephone interviews with them unless they live locally, right? So I spent hours on the phone with Bruno. And in fact that he’s one of the last save voice messages on my phone. I couldn’t bring myself to delete it. But uh, yeah, so he’s great guy. I mean, one of the night it’s almost like you meet this you when I met him, it was almost like I had known him for years. Yeah, such a warm, individual and funny story I like on Bruno. The first time I ever talked to him on the phone. I met him in Orlando, then but he pulled a regular Russell wrestler rib on me. A phone rang about four o’clock in the morning. And I had saved his name into my phone. So I look over my cell phone rang. It says Bruno sammartino. So no way in hell, I’m going to miss the call. So I grabbed the phone. I’m like, Hello, bro. He’s like, hey, john is Bruno. He’s like Nicholas says I can call you anytime. is now okay. I said yeah, I guess. Okay, good night. He hangs up.

Yeah, what do you do? It was a fun room he just I guess he solidified he could call me at anytime that he wanted to so

fun guy. Yeah, one guy.

So what do you how do you like when you’re doing the when you’re when you’re actually writing the scripts and everything? How do you decide like what you’re going to put in because it’s got the the books aren’t like, you know 300 page novels. So how do you decide what you’re going to keep in and what you’re going to kind of take I, I get

a lot of input from the wrestlers. I mean, also that some of the questions I have are pretty standard between all of them, you know, I’ll ask them to them. What were the standout matches of their career? And then obviously, when I’m when I’m writing, there are some that stand out to fans. So I try and focus mostly on the ones that you know, if it’s a premier match, like say, if I were doing a Ricky Steamboat, there’s no way I would ever miss steamboats matches against like flair and macho. Man Ryan, he’s obviously have to be in there. But then I also want to grab any matches that to them are important matches because to fans what we may see as the most important match in the career maybe isn’t necessarily the most important match in that particular wrestlers career, right? So for instance, when I started talking with Bobby Fulton, the match he really wanted to have in there was a match he had when he was only 17 years old first time he ever stepped foot in the ring. Right? You know, and no fans probably unless you were sitting in that Ohio parking lot. You know, 50 years ago, you are 40 years ago, you didn’t do anything about this match or even the guy he fought but to him that was like a really important step in his career just because of how it how it evolved and, and such. But that’s how I do it. I mean, it’s, it’s the things that I saw and I know that fans are looking for plus direct input from the wrestlers on what they want in there.

And you said a nickel I had Tad requested to meet up with you How’d you meet some of the other wrestlers that you did like, say x or someone like that?

A lot of it’s word of mouth hacksaw. I guess the guys in the squared circle, they live up in Alabama. And I think he was doing a show and an Alabama and they took him a copy of Nikolai and he said he liked it. He wanted to talk to me. So that’s kind of how that one got rolling down here. There’s a lot of guys that live in Florida. Like Ryan Blair’s down here and Randy’s down here. JK Eggers down here. So a lot of that happened because I you know, I’m good friends with Brian Blair. Right and I attended and still attend a lot of the legends luncheons. So, you know, he introduced me to a lot of people. One of the funny ones I remember Rocky Johnson how I got introduced to Rocky. That was actually a legend, legends lunch and talking to Brian. And I hear Hey, come over here. So I turn around, of course, it’s rocky sitting at a table. And I’d never met him and I saw him you know, I come walking over like Yeah, he’s like, Right comic books off I said, Yeah, I guess I’ll come you don’t want to write mine. I’m not famous enough for you. That’s kind of breaking the water with breaking the ice with Rocky and from there, you know, we hit it off now we’re great friends we do. We do shows, you know, probably at least once or twice a month and, and talk, you know, least weekly. Great guy. And you know I’ve made some really nice friendships out of it.

Yeah, I think the last con that I saw you at you were in between either Rocky and the guy from the Godfather or gang girl and the guy from the Godfather. I can’t remember the order.

Oh, yeah, yeah, that probably was Daytona. Yeah.

Yeah, I had gang grow with me. And I had Rocky and I had Paulie from the Godfather. Yeah. Do you break the guns leave the canola? Yes.

There was. There was a large debate between me and my friend that were there. As to whether he was the canola guy or not.

Yeah, he’s an old guy.

What is it like to go through life known as the cannoli?

He’s He’s embraced it. I mean, he’s got bumper stickers. He’s got t shirts. He’s really embraced the whole cannoli. The whole can only concept you’ll be in he’ll be in Deland. Actually, yeah. I’ll be doing a show. That’s my next one just to kick off the new year, January 12. I’ll be in Deland with Bugsy McGraw and and Mr. cannoli will be there with us.

I plan to go up in and meet him this time. I didn’t get

it was good. He’s a really nice guy. His wife Lori is a sweetheart.

Yeah, I was I was at that Deland one doing some interviews with with Bill Black and yes, didn’t get a chance to go up. So I had to make time to go. Go get a autograph from Gangrel because I really won’t you know, obviously.

Yeah, and we can actually I should have neglected to mention we do have a Gangrel book. That’s one of the reasons he was there with me. We got again girl book coming out in 2020 as well and and I just made a call Cuz we’re starting on the script here soon on the Warlord’s one shot. Okay, cool. That was remember yeah from the powers of pain

so gang girls he

is his story kind of like through the Attitude Era or is it just like his whole backs? Yeah, well it part of that is this whole backstory about it he was part of the black arts training up in up in Canada at the heart dungeon. It goes into all of it. I mean, him a lot of his time he was wrestling in Puerto Rico, and his marriage to Luna. It touch it, you know, really, it’s a good it’s probably about a 35 page book. So we try and touch as many aspects of this career as we can. It doesn’t go as much into the WWE because again, like I said, I talked to these guys and find out what to them stands out the most in their career. Right. So we definitely have a little bit of WWE in there. But if you’re looking for a WWE book, you’re not going to get it and

it’s cool though. Yeah, but it’s nice to know Like his backstory because most people all they know about him is gang grow.

Yeah, exactly.

Yeah we I like we do we do series where we’ll deep dive into like we’ll do our own research unfortunate like we don’t have the connections to get everybody on things like that so, but we do we’ll go and we do deep dives. We call it off the top rope with whatever and like Yeah, we did. We haven’t done Gangrel yet but we did. Luna Luna Yeah, so we got a lot of, we got a lot of his backstory through her. So that was those.

And he, yeah, you’ll learn all about how he became grand girl, you know, he was the he was the Vampire Warrior before he was ever gang Grail. I mean, he was wrestling with the Vampire Warrior down and down in Puerto Rico. So that’s

kind of always been this

thing is the vampire that’s kind of well for a long time for a long time. It was it was something you’ll see it in the book because I know you’ll buy the book.

And he kind of they called it it was like it a

like a baloney party is what these wrestlers car but it was like it a balloon. party when he came up with the concept of so you can read the book, you can learn what a baloney party is yes. And how Gangrel came up with the idea of being a Vampire Warrior.

So if you had a,

like a dream person to do, like, who is the guy, the person that you would love to sit down with and either write a book or or a series of books, if it’s somebody that’s been around for so long?

I just signed him. His name’s Terry Funk. Nice, I think Yeah, I really excited about it. Yeah, I have to say, over the years, I mean, I’ve had a few favorite wrestlers over the years. You know, I enjoyed blackjack Mulligan as a kid. You know, I grew up on Dusty Rhodes just because he was here in Florida. But if there was one wrestler I really loved from year to year, I mean from and really through promotions and everything it was it was Terry Funk. You know, that guy is he has reinvented himself. So Many times, you know, if you looked at his younger years when he was a world champion, up to his hardcore years, the guy really has. He’s really changed along with the industry and kept himself relevant. All those years. I was literally talking to him on the phone yesterday. And he was laughing and he says, you know, people still ask me why I’m not wrestling. And here’s a guy who’s who’s literally pushing 80 years old. Oh, yeah. And, and, and I think it’s a combination of his, you know, his reputation and what he used to bring to the ring and probably a little bit of lack of interest. And what’s the product that’s out there now that people actually still would love to see Terry Funk step back in the ring?

Well, I mean, he’s, he’s one of those men of lore to you know, like he was he’s the original hardcore, like, I know that there were other people doing hardcore before him, but he’s, when it comes when hardcore comes to mind. He’s the first guy that I think of, yeah, you know, at the beginning,

and like I brought up to M yesterday when you think of wrestlers who crossed over into the movie market, I would say that Terry Funk was probably the first one who ever did it in a successful movie. Not to say that there weren’t other wrestlers that crossed over and like no holds barred and stuff like that. But he was in he was in like Roadhouse. I mean, the guy was in movies that actually you know, actually made some bank it wasn’t just you know, movies that some you know, wrestling fans were going into and dropping little money or were were wrestlers are dressed up in tutus dancing around and such like that. He was actually you know, playing some pretty cool roles and some pretty good movies. So when you

when you got that phone call from Terry since he was like one of your favorites was that was there?

Well, no, well, what happened with that one, I actually called him first. Okay. I was given his phone number by another wrestler and who had spoken with him and said, just give Terry a call. And again, when I called him. I mean, I think probably by that time, I’ve talked to so many guys that I don’t take a lot to faze me. So when he answered it was just kind of like, I mean, I don’t want to say I wasn’t impressed, but I hear his voice and that’s the neatest thing is hearing these guys voices. Sony, like holy shit. This is the guy that I used to hear on TV, you know, but I think part of it is attributed to them. I think they’re so used to meeting with fans and talking to people that they make it really easy. They make it really comfortable. Yeah. So he just talked to me like he was an old friend. I mean, there wasn’t any, you know, no attitude and nothing like that. So it made it really easy for me and easy to flow with the conversation. And he’s like, you know, then this is a testament to Brian Blair. He says a Brian Blair says, You’re a good guy. You must be a good guy. Let’s do it. Well, guys,

I’m sure he appreciates the fact that you are, you know, some of his history before you actually sit down with him.

You know, that’s definitely Yeah, Yeah, I think so. And you know, honestly, I’ve heard that from some of the people who’ve read my wrestling book. So they say, you know, they’ve read some of the WWE books. Boom. And some of the other books, books that have been out in the past and they say the one thing they can tell when they read mine is that it’s mines written. My books are written by a wrestling fan, not by a comic book writer. Yeah. Is and that was probably one of the best compliments I ever got on the wrestling books. And it’s true because I’m a wrestling fan. First, I loved wrestling. You know, before I ever became a writer of comic books, diehard, I just loved stuff, you know. So to me, it’s exciting to be able to rehash some of the old matches and for myself to even dig in and kind of learn a little bit about a little bit more about these guys.

How’d you get into actually comic book writing? Because I don’t like as a kid, everybody wants to be the guy who draws the comics, you know, or you know, and the guy who makes the comics, but most people don’t think about being the writer of the comics. So

I loved comics. I mean, I can remember being a kid and walk into my parents office, I would always stop at one of those little rec centers where they had the spinner racks and and I would pick up you know, my mom would give me like five bucks and that’s when comics were Like 75 cents or 50 cents a pop, I could get quite a few. And I couldn’t draw for shit. So I had to, if I had to do anything I would have to write because I’m not an artist. I mean, I can scribble out some little cockroaches here and there, but you know, nothing that’s going to do anything. And, and I always love to write, I mean, I wrote, from as long as I can remember, I was writing stuff, but I just never, you know, I don’t know if it was a lack of courage or self confidence to try and put anything out there until like five years ago. And five years ago, I did my first book and everything I’ve written since since been published. I think it’s been a I’ve been blessed, you know, with a lot of luck. meeting a lot of the right people working with a lot of very talented artists. And it’s worked out for me.

So Rochelle was your first book that was?

Yeah, it was my first and kind of a neat story on that I had. My artist on that is a gentleman named del Barris and he’s been an artist on a lot of my books he did. He did the Nicholai book the killer bees. Quite a few stuff for me. And I had been a fan of his he had broken into the industry back in the 70s working on savage sort of Conan. And then he did a lot of cover art for DC and the Blue Beetle. And then he got into animation. And he was one of the animators for Stanley on his Spider Man TV series, and on transformers, the movie and some other stuff. So I just wrote him a letter and told him I had this idea about a cockroach. You know, and I’ve never had a problem with writing people. I mean, what’s the worst thing that can happen? They don’t write back, you know? Yeah. So I wrote on this letter, and like three months later, I got this big package in the mail with some original art in it and his business card and a note and said, I love the idea. Give me a call or come out of retirement and do it. So then I was kind of stuck because I had no idea how to write a comic book script. I’d never done it before. Yeah, so I I remembered Christ. He’s on Infinite Earths. The first one was a big favorite of mine. Yeah. So I looked up Marv Wolfman and shot him an email and explained who I was what my predicament was. And he sent me a, like a photocopy of one of his scripts. So that showed me how like the basis of how to write a script, just by kind of studying how he had died, how he’d laid it out. And I wrote the first one. Dell drew it he was friends with Bill Black, actually, who you’re doing a documentary on over at AC comics. And Bill liked it. showed it to mark Heikki, who is at least I think he’s still the editor over there having this Yeah,

he actually

was that he actually runs it now. Bill, Bill retired.

Yes. Yeah. Yeah, I thought Mark was running cuz he was running at this time. And he wrote me and said, Hey, we like it. We’ll run it for free. As a flip book on them for so. Rochelle. It was actually at that point, it was called Rochelle, that teen teenage cockroach and it ran is flipbook on some force number 170.

Oh, cool.

Yeah. And and then Joe India, I learned this to that the comic book industry kind of follows itself. And I’ve, I’ve realized that now the more I’ve been in it, but Joe done with Antarctic, he saw it on the back of film force. And they reached out to me and asked if I’d be interested in bringing it over to Antarctic press. And of course, I was Yeah, yeah, of course. I’ll do that. Because Because film for us was done in black and white then I bills just now bringing it back or the hotkeys are just now bringing it back in color. Yeah. But at the time, it was just in black and white. So you know, I was thinking comics, I don’t always want to black and white comics, like I like to get in color. So. So we made the jump over and a whole bunch of sites. I remember science fiction. com was one, comics heating a bunch of stuff picked us as the top new indie comic back in 2015. We had really good sales. We were the first From what I recall, we were the first like, non AP guy that wasn’t like a look at this is this word the wrong way my daughter last one say but wasn’t like a furry character. I know furries can have a weird connotation but but I get

the point across

Yeah, but you know like an Arctic was doing like all these like furry type stories kind of things you know? And Rochelle and I kind of use that though when I I told him that we need to keep it going. I said well, she’s not a furry, but she’s kind of like, like an insect turned into a person, you know, kind of like the same type concept but it you know, but it did well, and we came back we did a second run in 2018. Gotta still again and that lot, a lot of great reviews. And then I got so busy with the wrestling comics and some other stuff that it’s kind of been on hold. I don’t know if you’ve heard of exciting comics. That Antarctic press brought back that it’s done really well. I was a writer on the first two issues of that. horror comics, which is doing really well for them. I think we had issue two we had 12,000 pre orders on. Oh, wow. And that one’s doing really strong and issue three is going to come out next year. It’s just a short mini series. So we’ve had a bunch and then I’ve kind of picked up doing a lot of like joining in on on anthologies. I had a really nice short story I worked on with Rick Magyar that appeared in an anthology for unlikely heroes, studios and a title book titled elsewhere. And get it I’ve got another one coming out in their second issue, and just kind of staying busy, you know, and, and kind of plugging along with these wrestling books.

So are you able to, are you able to do like between the comic conventions and the books and everything is, this pretty much turned into like your full time gig?

No, I’m a lawyer.

So you have all this. So you have all this spare time to do all this other stuff, right?

Yeah, I mean, I don’t get a lot of sleep Trust me. I’m a tire guy. But yeah, I’m a sole practitioner, I run my own practice over in over near DeLand, Florida and I do get tired. But that’s the nice part too. I mean, I think, you know, no knock on art or writers, you know, but that’s what I am. But, you know, usually I can kick out a script a lot faster than an artist can kick at it. And our page Oh, yeah, no, so that’s that’s a luxury of being a writer is I can I probably right now if I sat down and thought it I could tell you an exact number, but I’ve probably got about eight stories being drawn simultaneously right now.

So do you know when you do a when you do like, say like the Nikolai volkoff book, you know, you had a particular artists that did that for you, but like, you can you send it in the squared circle and they they get the artists to do it, or do you have a guy that you directly work with? Or?

Um, well, I’ve gotten pretty close with the guys at squared circle. So you know, when I initially approached them. They are actually it’s a small company called inverse press is actually who they are. And I had back them on a Kickstarter project couple of them actually. And and they were very, you know, just very professional got their books out really fast, very kind. I mean, I just really liked what they were doing. So I actually approached them about doing Nikolai and they liked it. We I was already with Dell at the time. delet already drawn the first issue and they created the squared circle comics as an imprint of inverse press. They typically actually do horror comics and and then we just kind of grew from there. They they knew. They knew the artists who worked on actually I forgot one of the books. They knew the artists who actually worked on hacksaw and Bruno and on rock and roll Express. So they brought him in for those. Dallas so busy because he was doing Rochelle he was doing Nicholai, but he also does Still does animation work? So I pick him and bring him on, you know, projects here and there. He does the killer bees. He did Rocky Johnson, and hopefully I can get him in to do Terry Funk for me. And then we’ve kind of used it, you know, I don’t know if you know, you know, Javier Lugo?

Yes, I do. Yeah.

Okay. Well, Javier, he does some work for film for snakes. He came on and did the bobby Fulton book. And then there was a young guy, guy, I don’t know why it’s a guy over in like the Lakeland area who came in and did the jack swagger book and the Lanny poffo book, and he did great work. So, you know, we kind of have a small little pool of artists that we use, and we’re always open, if anybody’s listening and they’re an artist and want to get involved. We’re always open to, you know, reviewing other portfolios and seeing if someone’s a good fit to bring in we’ve got so many happening that, you know, that it’d be silly not to be open.

Yeah, I was telling Victor at that Deland caucus, he’s sitting next to bill and so I was talking to him, and I was telling him about a picture he had drawn commissioned he did for me a Wolverine, like, a couple of years prior. And yeah, he pulls it right out of his his little book. He’s like, was it this one? I’m like, Oh, yeah, that’s it. He’s like, Yeah, I’d base all my Wolverine drawings on this one. I’m like, Oh, cool.

Oh, that’s fantastic. Yeah.

Yeah, he’s a, he’s a great artist. He was telling us about a run of books he did. And he also worked on transformers, I think something like

that. Okay. You find that the as big as the comic book industry is, it’s still pretty small to allow these guys. It actually kind of reminds me of like wrestling like you go to a con. And all these artists know each other or work for similar editors, and such. And it’s like getting together with the wrestlers. They’ve crossed paths somewhere, whether it be in WCW, or in the NWA territory out in New Japan, or something like that. They all know each other.

Since I’ve started working on the DC Comics documentary, I’ve run into so many people locally that have just worked Like, I was in a comic book shop in Daytona Beach. Yeah, middle of nowhere. And they happen to have a film force bumper sticker. So I started talking to the guy about it. He pulls out scripts he wrote for for film for two years ago, and shows me an issue he did. And I’m like, my guy. Has anyone in Florida not worked at DC Comics?

Yeah, but I’ll be honest, AC has been a good launching pad for quite a few, quite a few successful people down down the road. You know, and it’s been a and it’s been an area where artists who started off big and remain big just would come and just do a story here and there because bill such a well respected guy. I know George Perez Did, did some work for Erik Larsen. Another one mentioned up Yeah.

Yeah. And he has tons of fans. I mean, I’ve interviewed some of his super fans, and they just absolutely

about George. Bill. Bill. Oh, yeah. Yeah, Bill. Such a nice guy. Really nice guy. I always enjoy seeing it. He’ll be in Deland to be set up at a table. But I know he said he’s gonna be there.

Yeah, he’s because I like I said, I’m trying to get an interview with john Beatty. I’ve been trying to get it for a year now. So, bill to be there to kind of make sure.

Thank you sure it happened. Yeah, exactly. You need to talk to Tom Ralph and have Tom tie him down. Yeah.

To get him to agree to it. We had cliff and Bill go over there and kind of badger him into it.

That’s funny. That’s funny.

You see how easy I am?


Yes, that and it was wonderful to talk to you guys. Talk to you tonight. I appreciate you coming on.

I’ve loved it. I enjoy it. I enjoy it.

I would I’d like to just wrap up with a little just be Brian Blair story. From one of the cons was that my friend? Me and my friend Carlos were there I think it was a couple years ago is when he was there with you. Yeah. My Friend Carlos is a big fan of his. And we happen to see him later in the lobby and he’s just sitting there eating a sandwich. And my friend nudges me He’s like, let’s be Brian Blair over there eating a damn sandwich like he isn’t be Brian Blair

sleep the guy’s got he.

So I will end on that.

Well, you realize, the more you meet them, those these guys are so down to earth. Yeah, you know, you know, I think I was like that at first when I would first meet I mean, you know, it’s that way with anybody, I guess you see on TV just about, you know, then you realize, yeah, they everybody’s got him. You know?

Well, we appreciate your time. Do you have anything that you want to plug either upcoming stuff or obviously you plug the con but your social media so that people can follow you?

Yeah, you can find me on Facebook. I mean, My regular name is john Crowder. But I’ve also got a writers page is Johnny Crowder writer. You can also find me on on Instagram, you can find me on Twitter. If you go to Rochelle butene. cockroach com. That’s actually the first page I set up and it has links. I put everything on there, but it has links to all my social media. It also has like, I put a parent’s dates on there so you can keep track where we are. And we have links to the different stores where where my books are available to.

Awesome, we really appreciate your time.

Yeah, thank you. Thanks for having me. Thank you very much.

Yep. Thanks.

That was an awesome interview. I highly enjoyed that. I like because we’re Oh, that was loud.

Well, because we’re comic nerds as well as wrestling nerd. Yes, we are. We just works out.

Yes, we we both were nerds in general, it doesn’t really matter what they what they do. So we you want to go ahead and plug our stuff and we’ll get out of here. Sure.

Instagram We are top rope wrestling podcast. You can join our Facebook group just look up top rope wrestling podcasts on Facebook and like our page and join our group.

Yes, we do occasional chats in there and everything and I will

let you handle the Twitter because I always mess that up. It is top

rope wrestling with that the G on the end of it. You can find all of our links to all of our stuff at top rope wrestling, calm. We will

be out at mayhem on Mills next Sunday, Sunday.

Yeah, so a week from the Sunday so come say hello to us and enjoy. That is the 15th I believe is the date of that. Yes. So we will be out there and they’re having a Christmas special event. So we’re going to decorate our little we will decorate Yeah, we’re gonna we’re gonna Christmas eyes and maybe we’ll bring some gifts out there. So, peace Guys,

get out of here. Enjoy.

Enjoy the rest of your week. And

whenever you listen to this, so you can listen to it whenever you don’t have to listen to it.

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