This week, Rick and Drew talk about music almost as much as wrestling. We take a deep dive into who is listening to what while traveling between shows. Of course this is all conjecture but entertaining to say the least.

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AI Transcript:

Good evening and welcome to another edition of the top rope wrestling podcast. I’m Rick and drew is over there in his new chair.

I am I enjoy this chair. I cannot hear me. Let’s see. Oh, there I am. So

your child is my, my son Graham is also around the chair and wants to be introduced. So he’s hanging out with us today this evening.

So we have us a child and a dog.

Yes. So we’ll see how loud it gets in here today.


So let’s see. I know you’re you actually have something that you want to go over today. Something that this

episode I just want to preempt it with is going to be complete fucking nonsense, complete nonsense complete nonsense, which is what I love.

So I’m interested to see what it is you gave me a brief preview but it was just an email with a bunch of music types, so I think I guessed it but we’ll see.

So what I want to do tonight in a move of complete ridiculousness is

we’re going to play match the wrestler and this can be legend this can be AW guy, this can be NXT guy UCWWCWN, Bruno San Martino, I don’t any wrestler, okay, we’re going to pick a genre of music and we want to narrow it down to who we think listens to this music now some of them will be okay. So

they listen to it that doesn’t necessarily the one that reminds you of it,

like they encompass that they encompass like, if you look at that person, you’ll be like, Yeah, okay. So because like I like my first one. The very top one to me is I don’t know who you’ll come up with. To me. It’s very obvious who suits the first one. And I’m going to pull this up. We don’t know how long my phone is going to last. For a try it so wrestlers, you think of grunge there is really only one name that comes to mind Bo, who encompasses grunge to you

so I am I’ve been sick for the last week so this has been This is fun. But I’m God grunge see my first thought and but unfortunately could fit for a lot of different things.

But a raven was my first thought. That is that is what I was saying. Okay. I mean, of course Yeah, there’s other wrestlers that you could

write because like you you have, well, this person could encompass a number of them over with the going through the list. But when sting did the CRO character could have gotten into that grunge category. Yeah, but but i don’t i don’t think sting I don’t think of sting as grunge.

Yeah, I think of him is like, like

listening to some frickin Eddie money or something like that rest in peace. Yes. Eddie money Eddie money. Yes.

Not not sting. Not sting is very, very much a last thing is going to make an appearance at star cast though. Oh, nice in his red white and blue outfit. Whoo. Yes, sir. First thing,

I guess Oh, yeah.

Hopefully one day soon we’ll make an appearance at star cast.

Well, I think we’re gonna have to pay to get into star cast for making an appearance.

I’m okay with that. We might have to stay for a few here.

That’s why we can do them.

Alright, so all right 80s new wave and this is stuff like the cars like right like like some 80s Bowie like just the talking heads shit like that and I have no one in mind for this you

have no one in mind for this one I just put the genre out like

who would you picture

listening to at the wave?

Yeah, um

and Prince wouldn’t fall into that category that’s Prince Amy he had some songs but probably not new wave you term New Wave

you want to think like talking heads stuff like that? Oh,

let’s see who I’m trying to think of wrestlers that really fit into that new wave category back I’m thinking like at like 80s wrestlers because that’s when it would have been popular. God that’s a hard one. Because you don’t think of new wave and wrestling like that’s just

two things that really goes after it. Yes. Have to get a picture of a dude your head be like yeah, right and I can see that guy. That

God like I could see like a valve Venus maybe but that’s not really new way I mean

yeah, I know you see

there’s a lot of guys there that look like they listened to like 70s rock

yes God that

80s New Wave

trying to think of any like anyone

going like

God this is such a hard I should have looked this over beforehand but

I’ll tell you the number 17 I have someone specifically in my

Okay, is that the only one I mean I’m assuming for number nine you also do have somebody specifically Ali

god 80s new wave

like I’m trying to think of somebody who has like that gimmick that is very or just looks like a Kinda right like

what’s but I could see the police I’ll throw the police in there. Yeah, like that type of

renderer and stuff like that.

I’m trying to I’m trying to think of even like a modern wrestler that would fit like that I’d be like,

because anytime I when I think of 80s wrestlers I’m thinking of dudes with wallets and any dude with a mullet I can’t picture like,

like if you chopped What about like

Ultimate Warrior? Ultimate Warrior listen to new wave.

Now he’s definitely Rocky


so like, all right, like if you cut Brutus the barber beefcake hair Yeah, I could see it through him and he I could totally see that dude.

Got a

like Bret Hart.

Whoo. Yeah.

I like that. Pick

because I was like going between Bret Hart maybe Rick Rude but how records definitely a rocker rocker? Yeah.

Yeah, I’m trying to think

Bret Hart would be my Yeah, I can see that my choice there.

I could see. I could see a Ric Flair. Maybe but, but no.

Yeah, I could see it. But

yeah, I definitely have somebody in mind for for number 17 also, so

it cannot be the same person. Okay. I say it, you’re gonna be like, okay, I can see that but I wouldn’t have thought of them. Okay, number three. So number three, little easier, just metal.

There’s so many like, and

I mean, you got guys like the Headbangers back in the day you got? Well, the Headbangers are going to fall into more of a to me. Oh, I didn’t put it on there. Oh, yeah, yeah, I did, like 11

Okay. Yeah, I guess so. Try like

metal bands. I mean, to me, nothing encompasses metal more than Chris Jericho.

Yeah, no metal band here. You’re not wrong there. Yeah

he does nothing but quote like metal stuff like that

but he puts a lot of 80s yeah he does he does so

he does by Graham by he’s bored with this he is he’s like this is not what is where the kids listen to now the Baby shark.

Well he’s a big fan of Perry grip. I don’t know if you know who Perry grip is nerve murder? Yes, yeah,

he’s a big fan of Perry grip. Oh, that’s cool. So does children so he

does children’s songs and they’re actually fairly amazing. I laugh at him every time and I like nerf herder. So it wasn’t Yeah,

I actually saw her for back in the day.

OK, so number four

is soft rock easy listening. I’m thinking stuff like, like your boy Rick roll. What’s his name?

Oh, Rick roll the guy. Oh, you’re talking about Rick Astley. Yeah ghastly

extent like, like the take these broken wings guys I mean yeah

and get don’t like Genesis

yeah the Adult Contemporary Gabriel

guy like IRS Oh yeah, that seems like is kinda yeah like up his alley DVRCCDVRCI is going to go later on and so but like I can see the Easy Listening there I think there’s a couple of guys that do that easy listening thing

I think would be Oh yeah,

yeah. Okay. Kevin Owens

an adult alternative type of like a Spin Doctors fan

Yeah, I can also see somebody like, like Brutus barber beefcake lyst

Easy Listening so Adult Contemporary so five

I’m actually going to break up into two because I didn’t realize when I put it down it was just generic and I was on my lunch break but it’s actually definitely two different styles. Oh definitely. So I put 60s and 70s rock but 60s rock a picture more like hippie dudes right? And then like 70s rock I’m picture more like your guys.

Let’s see I have a good for the 70s rock. I’ve got one the 60s rock I’m

60s rock I’m just gonna 70s rock I’m just gonna rip them off. You got your freakin you got your

number for number one came to me was Free Birds. Yeah, the Free Birds. Yeah, they’re just like valve Venus. He looks like he listens to some Boston while he’s cruising down.

Pretty much all those guys like, like Kurt Henning. Mr. Perfect. See, I

could see Kurt having me more than Easy Listening Really? Like I could. I could see the set 70s rock

flair. ICV and like an easy listening guy, the guy

nowadays probably he probably doesn’t listen a whole lot of music. So 60s that’s where you get your hippies


And there were a lot of hippie wrestlers but not I’m like I don’t think of anything. I don’t think of them

as a person as beer that dude came are the one man gang yes that’s a frickin that’s a hippie guy to me.

Yeah, I could see that.

Like oh 670s rock tugboat for sure.


Duggan Duggan I can see rocket 70 is

yes definitely 70 stuff.

Let’s see.

Wrestling hippies I’m just going through the California hippies superstar Billy Graham.

Beautiful Bobby. That is Yeah, dude love. I don’t see Mick Foley as being a hippie

like a Hogan’s definitely 70s rocker guy.

Yeah, I could see Mick Foley being a 70s rock person but not a 60s rock even though he did the dude love thing. Yeah.

I’m just going through

Okay, yeah,

yeah. Alright, so let’s move on to gangsta rap. I mean,

the Godfather is the first one that comes to mind and basically almost all the guys from the nation of domination. Okay? Are were the first guys to kind of pop into my head and gangsta rap for gangsta rap I guess

you don’t think maybe.

Stevie Ray Booker T. Yeah,

yeah, okay. Yeah that I could definitely see

I actually I don’t see I don’t look at Booker T as a gangsta rap guy look at Booker T is like RMB

like a man and

dreads he’s kind of want to bang around. I think he’s more metal. Yeah,

so I don’t know. I could definitely see like a like a reggae Rastafari and maybe

a lot of these like,

yeah, a lot of the I just go looking at the list. A lot of them are ones that could go either way. Yeah, and some of them are hard like some of them are much much harder than others to pick out.

So number seven I really only had one name of mine and that was jazz. Not the wrestler jazz the type

means right jazz is the type of music man. Oh yeah, you could definitely see walking into his office and like Coltrane’s playing or something like that.


Yeah, I could I could definitely see that or like Vincent Linda just walking in you know them dancing to some jazz music and I could definitely see that

that’s not a so far stretch eight we have country and I have two specifics for this one one’s pretty obvious and one I think when I say his name, you’ll agree but Stone Cold probably Yeah. And then Jake the Snake.

Okay, yeah, I mean he’s from Texas and

looks like an old like

my first thought was JBL

Yeah, well Jake, the snake I see more as like not like a like, like Garth Brooks type of like more Like a Western

like Johnny Johnny Cash and that kind of stuff yeah I my first thought was like what I

like to call good country.

Yeah, I’m with you on that one. I thought first I was like JVL there’s so many countries such a big one

perfect to I picture like being a country music type of guy. Yeah

there’s a lot there are quite a few wrestlers to fit into that country. I can see hacksaw. Oh, yeah. Some country or at least like classic or the the southern rock. Yeah, you know, which is Kennard? Yes.

So yeah, I can definitely see those. Alright, so we have Scott punk and that Sam is going to get the only name that comes to mind with that one. So here we go here to here. This should be a fun 180s hair metal. This is your poisons your Def Leppard your Oh, you have so many wingers.

I mean, you have Ultimate Warrior, you have the rock and roll Express you have. I mean, there’s so many that would fit

but also, you have Marty Jannati right? Part of the rock and

roll Express so you know,

so I definitely see that that’s another one that you can have just a little almost. There were so many 80s wrestlers that came through that had that same but some Oh also de dos Ziegler. Yes if you’re on modern definitely a big 80s metal fan right well he kind of fits that rock and roll Express look and feel and I mean, he goes he’s big on Shawn Michaels and Shawn Michaels.

Shawn Michaels being more of a

I could see him listening the country but the character that he play is more rock and roll. So yeah, this one’s a little hard for me but that’s just because I didn’t live I i’m not i was not a wrestling watcher during those

2000s Well, this is

once I tell you the title, so rap metal basically you’re Linkin Park, you live biscuits, corn, stuff like that.

Somebody like Triple H, do you think would be a rapper Brock Lesnar, triple A

is more of like a traditional metal guy or traditional metal guys favorite bands, Motorhead.

Okay, yeah, yeah and which does his theme song so

but didn’t he wasn’t he also the one that helped Vince pick out limp biscuit to do the intro for like the 40,000 Yeah, so I mean he definitely has an influence there

I would think guys like I’m

drawing a blank This is where like a Kevin Owens comes in. Yeah, I can see Kevin Owens like listen to some corn

2000 rap metal.

Also from punk I’m going to throw Darby Allen in there

now for punk. Yeah, totally.

I’m trying to think of who would like

I’m like I’m trying to go through Intro music and things like that because I mean, they all have some influence in their Intro music. But rap rock, trying to think of like, because this would have been right around like, like

End of WCW so I’m trying to think of the younger guys and WCW at the end and then like, beginning of like

oh Gerrit would be a country guy Jeff Jeff Jarrett

would definitely be a country guy. Going back badass Billy Gunn

Yeah, I’m just trying to think of all those guys so because there were some people who had who had rap rock intros back in the day Yeah, like x

pack, I could see being into that stuff.

Yeah, because it’s got the Yeah, I could definitely see that. I can also see him being in the gangster rap back in the day. Oh, definitely. So um, I would go

I don’t know why but gangsta rap I the hurricane. Yeah, hurricane. Oh, you know what? I got two good ones for this. This in 2000s. New metal

the Hardys

Yeah, that was that’s actually a perfect fit there. So, but I also think being from South Carolina. I don’t not see them. Listening to country yeah


well Dirty South crunk rap so this would be like your little little john yeah


new a new age or I mean well why am I completely

the new a new

host name that group do HL know

why am I completely but I am oh my god they’re still a new day new day you don’t think

you’re listening to bad I think they’re I think they’re more Drake guys think so actually honestly to them I would say more of like video game soundtrack okay yeah I can see that

Kenny omega IC being a

80s hair bad guy too

Yes can see that

I can’t think of them on the spot two people down I can there are two two categories out to

start going back to your bro your brains working backwards.

Dirty South

crunk rap, trying to think of who like the super duper outlandish people were back in the day.

Yeah, see, and this would have been popped like this music would have been popular really when I wasn’t watching.

I mean,

punk CM Punk and CM Punk. Yeah, yeah.

I mean, john cena somewhere in the rap category, but I don’t see him in that rap category necessarily.

JOHN cnet’s. See more in the gangster rap category. Yeah,

I could. Yeah.

Or is he more in the 80s hip hop, like 80s 90s hip hop category going into the gangster rap?

Now he’s more gangster gangster. Yeah, the doctor a thug. nomics.

Yeah, okay, yeah, that makes sense. Okay, where should we still need to come up with something Chrome.

I’m gonna go you know what I’m gonna throw away. You’re doing out there okay, or

I mean it would be

yeah i mean i don’t see it necessarily but it would be funny like that would that would be a music yeah see him to listen to to that God it’s funny because I don’t know because like that from crap also like ludicrous falls into that same category and like


just because Montana’s is a little loud like little john was I could throw the street profits in there

okay yeah I can see the street profits

so that was something to disco which the disco inferno

yes absolutely but I can also see like Rick Rude being a disco guy I could Fandango? Yeah

flare I could see him at like a studio 54 back in the day

that that’s an interesting one that I would not have put

so there’s actually our truth for crunk. Yes. Our truth i can i can most definitely see our truth with the the crunk the the one that popped up when I did a brief little search quick that apparently I don’t know how it was put together or what it does but apparently there’s a psycho Sid Vicious crunk rap with somebody but somebody made so I don’t think that he would necessarily fit into that category now. I don’t even know what he probably the rock I would assume like metal 70s

rock all those guys. Yeah, it’s our 70s rock.

But yeah, our truth Definitely that so I can see him being into the discount like to disco.

Fandango? Yeah, any of those guys that were around in the late 70s

Yeah, I mean Mark probably fits into that mark marrow.

Yeah, I mean, like I said, I think flair would probably not as bad but

I mean anybody who used to wear those Blinky things in the 80s and probably in 70s disco


if you were sequence in the 80s you’re probably 70s disco

Yeah, let’s put it that way. So what about Coco? Beware you think he’s a disco guy? Haha, I think the Birdman

could be

although I put it more into that like reggae funk category I think can

are so big band and swing music so this is like your Sinatra is your Dean Martin right. Perry Como

or I mean even if you’re going into the you know, you can go a little bit more recent with big bad Voodoo daddy. Yes. And those guys who play that shit yeah.

Oh, jazz that’s another like frickin IRS type of thing.

Yeah, but

I’m trying to think like

that who has like that New York personality because that’s like a

fencer so I’ve been through those national

but I don’t see I also don’t see him listening to that to jazz he’s when he’s he’s a rocker

Jim cornet. I can see that

this should be an interesting one. Boy Bands

You know, there was least one in that locker room.

Oh, yeah, totally. There was there were definitely

one person in that locker of those listening boy. You can see which by the way we buy.

Yeah, which by the way, we’re being assholes because we’re not including the one I’m in at all

no or not. And I I will say there are probably definitely some women like I could see Bailey being a boy band, like somebody who literally like a boy band groupie, at one point in her life, like that’s just

and yeah, we’re not including him.

So I would put all right, I would put not Trish Lita in the punk category. Yes, I would put I

would put Trish in the boy band category back in the day. Like I know a lot of moms like that were into that boy band thing. And she would have been that that mom at that point. I mean, a mom but she’s JD in their older demographic. Like I could see.

I can see Miss Elizabeth being into like, into like Hades. Yeah, like, new wave pop.

Definitely the new wave.

What about Sherry?

metal, metal? Yeah.

So we boy bands, I gotta throw at least one dude in here. So


what I’m going to go with oh two for rap for gangsta rap Brian Christopher and Scotty to hottie yeah and Ricky she

yeah they were all in that all you think I think Ricky she was more of a I think that was more of a play on his part like that and I don’t think that was his actual lifestyle

boy bands

boy bands is a hard one

to think of those those those guys that were just like proper prim and proper

see if we were going 123 kid not Xbox you could throw them in that’s true

without a Scott Hall Razor Ramon

that guy falls into 70s rock, say with Nash.

I’m gonna say You know what? I’m gonna say the Big Show.

Listen to voicera is

big enough to be We’re not care yeah no one’s gonna fuck with them now we know the undertaker probably didn’t but no one’s going to fuck with the undertaker if he did right

Kane would be another one that no one’s gonna

just know I’m gonna go with I’m gonna say the Big Show liked at least one song by instinct or the Backstreet Boys. Okay I can see that perhaps 98 he grew up Brittany

can we throw the emails can we throw the girls in there too? Yeah Spears

cuz white man’s and the girls were

listening to Backstreet Boys it’s gonna be a natural progression. Yes So okay, so 80s 90s 2000s pop just pop me is hot music in general Yeah, so that would that’s where I throw like your Brittany’s and those people.

And that can be any like, and I

see I could see I know Marty. Jenna It was hard in the rock thing. I can see Marty Jannati being a pop person also.

Brutus the barber beefcake

Are you gonna go with 70s rock with

hard rock or Me

Whoo hoo hoo hoo wrestled with Cyndi Lauper back in the day.

That was Captain Lou Albano

Yeah, I don’t see him doing pop

I’m trying to think of who I’m sure that people are screaming at their phone right now. Oh yeah, yeah going you know, and it’s just my brain it’s yeah literally I’m like seven different drugs right now which is wonderful but not good for recording

so allergy suck By the way, in case anyone’s wondering

say we probably should just pulled up the WWE roster and then just went from there. But

the thing is, like over the years, like we want to go all the way back and

yeah, so I’m trying to think of

it’s interesting to look The list of people who have composed music over the years, but WWE because like Michael Hayes from the Free Birds is in there. Yeah. And Jimmy Hart is in there. So because Jimmy Hart was Jimmy Hart’s is perfect 60s. Oh, yeah. Because he literally sang in

Why am I completely not the partner?

Why am I completely blanking on the name of the band that he was in?

You know what for some reason, once you start saying that, I picture Lawler as like a jazz guy to

join the gang. Yeah, yeah, I could definitely see that he was a member of the Gentry. That’s what it was. Okay.


yeah, it’s

I’m gonna throw my stereo into the gangster rap to where I’m a stereo.

Yeah, I can see was Yeah, I can definitely see that.

In case anyone was wondering, I won’t play it for long because we don’t have permission to play it. But I will play this. Just Because it is a topic of conversation.

This is Jimmy Hart and his band.

Really? Yes.

This fucking song This song is Jimmy Hart. He was the lead singer and the Gentry

thought this was like Ritchie Valens or something.

No, there was a couple of songs that they did that you think are somebody else’s. This is a cover of this one’s been recorded a million times.

This is I believe it was originally You

know, it was a Beatles song.

It was a Beatles song, but they weren’t the original either.

But yeah, this is the entries. So in case you’re ever wondering what in the world Jimmy Hart was up to In the 70s, that’d be it.

Alright, so I’m going to move to my last category to specific people in mind for this one, okay? yacht rock. Yes. That’d be your Christopher cross.


Yeah. So when I think of yacht rock,

Bruce Prichard

Yes, I definitely see Bruce Prichard it too, if you saw the first AWS first episode. Alright, so jack swagger for sure.

Yes, I could definitely see that. See, I was going I could definitely see the Million Dollar Man listening to rock. Yeah, yeah. Um, and then this one’s kind of off just but just because I know him is Mark marrow. Okay. I could he’s he is definitely a yacht rocker of sorts. Yeah, like some extent.

So yeah, that was

that that was our list. Did you are there anything you want to add in now that we were We’ve thought about them or no I

think they’ve all popped into mind they get what do you think of like a Mark Henry?

I say I see

like an r&b like yeah boys to man KC and Jojo that kinda I could definitely see him

rocking out to some Motown Phillies some down on bended knee, you know?

I think it’s about the young bucks.

Panic at the disco.

Yeah. Imagine Dragons. Yeah, yeah, definitely that kind of that. Newer rock

SEUSCU those are Oh, well. CRISPR Daniels is an old guy. He’s been around for probably as old as us. So he’s probably he probably listens to some like 90s alternative and the other two probably just followed suit policy with whatever he was gonna do. He probably he probably because He’s the oldest in the car gets to dominate the radio.

Yeah, unless he’s not driving. I think the driver normally gets picked the music is true. So Well, I think that’s all we have for this week.

Was that uh was that

I think that was an interesting look. We’ll have to do some more lists like maybe we’ll do some movie time. Oh

yeah that was my next thought if this one if this would get some more than four views on it will definitely do another I will do

like we could do like we could pick a TV show like us pick a couple of TV shows and like who would be the ones that watch this TV show.


so you want to go ahead and plug some of our our social media stuff I know you guys can find the links in the in all of our podcast descriptions you

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let’s get out of here. You gotta figure this out. Over butter.

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