We watch along as The undertaker makes his debut as part of the Million Dollar Team at survivor series 1990. We also watch as the Gobbedly Gooker makes his debut a little later in the show.

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AI Transcript:

For Lando, for the combined weight of really

the top rope

Good evening and welcome to another edition of the top rope Radio Podcast. I top rope radio top rope wrestling podcast. I don’t know why I did that because I was talking about it earlier. The top rope wrestling Podcast. I am Rick Andrews over there in the chair.

gobble gobble.

Yes, it is. It is the Thanksgiving week. Turkey day next week

next Friday is turkey Thursday.

Thursday Friday is Black Friday. We are

actually turkey days. I have my face. It’s Batman Christmas. Oh yeah. I love I love things. I mean, I love Christmas bad Christmas is my favorite holiday but Thanksgiving. I’m a Halloween guy.

But you know, a lot of people are Halloween.

I am a I’m

a Christmas or Christmas person

around Christmas. And Thanksgiving is my second favorite holiday holiday because like I said, it’s Batman Christmas.

Are you excited to to do me or do wrestling Christmas on May I may have my Mills Misbehavin. Oh yeah, absolutely.

By the way, if you guys want to join us December 15. At orange studio, we’re going to dress up our booth this time Christmas


Yes, we’re we’re planning on putting a Christmas tree up, I believe. Oh, yeah.

So I’m not even gonna put my tree up at work this year. I’m saving it. You’re saving it for that. I might bring it into work like the next day. But usually I put it up after Thanksgiving it work.

I won’t say it’ll survive the So I might grab that off our table and beat somebody else up. So

it’ll be a fine sacrifice.

It’ll be worth the sacrifice on that one. So today because in honor of Turkey day, and and the upcoming Survivor Series on Saturday or Sunday, I meant to say Sunday and it was a Sunday,

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday,

Sunday Sunday. We are going to we’re going to go back and watch a Survivor Series from the past.

Yes, this one will be interesting.

Yes. So

most people probably know what’s going to happen but we are watching Survivor Series 1990. And we are starting at the 24 minute and 16 second mark. Yeah, they are getting ready to interview the team team million dollar multi million dollar dollar $18 million team. So we’ll just get started on that. And we’ll see who their special their secret partner is spoilers

he made his debut then and still hasn’t fucking left

yet well he did leave me Breaking Bad but you know whatever so 1990

they’re doing promo Jimmy hearts Jimmy Hart Scott doesn’t shut up so that’s not abnormal. Yeah by any means. What the fuck just happened. Okay, so we just lost our we lost our feed. I think I’ve asked to set it down on the thing so just give us a second we will go ahead and get up and running. We are yes we are jumping in full. Steam full steam ahead now.

We will survive in my five

All right, so what are these people has been on AW TV within the last two weeks.

It is the least expected of them all.

Who was on EW first Oh yeah, that’s right. He was a Jericho promo that you’re right

boy the best parts of that was the whole promo was brilliant but I mean him when he says the line about the Jericho his potential is like Olive Garden breadsticks endless

obviously someone wrote that line right?

Yeah, but it was that

that is the damage. He did deliver it very well.

One of my favorite heels of all time the Million Dollar Man Ted DVR CD or DVD

you can see how many times he cut like you just look at his forehead and amount of small scars.

Redis faces Yes.

Rhythm and Blues. A fucking suck.

Those guys.

Oh Piper’s on the mic.

And here comes speaking of the 50,000 times we’ve talked about the American Dream Dusty Rhodes rose in the last week.

Here comes the dream himself.

He is the team captain team captain

for Team roads team. Coco beware.

Oh god.

That Coco beware like two years ago, did you? Yeah, he was at Hogan shop.

Oh, the Hart foundation. We got Drew’s bound to the screen I fucking I loved Bret

the Hitman Hart this would this would have been the time where where I was absolutely in love with Bret the Hitman Hart.

I told I told you that story where I got his glasses and Daytona

like never was big a handful fan Really? I mean,

Jimmy Anvil, night heart.

He was cool. I the two times Brett was absolutely awesome was this era Bret Hart and the heel Bret Hart with the Hart foundation stable? Yes. What it was like the entire family.

Yep. And Steve would show up occasionally. Yeah.

But yeah, when hit was when it was the hearts vs D x. That was great. Some Howard Finkel and pre screwing over Brett Earl Hebner. Yes. Have think the things not doing so well. health wise I think the things wheelchair bound I’ve met Mr. Hart a few times and watched rustle mania with him.

We you have his card, don’t you? Yeah, you need to reach out to him. Because I bet you he would come on he was on. He was on a local radio show earlier this week. I’ll reach out to him


the next day after we interview

yes after the after December six Yeah.

forgot where we are date was today. Yes.

Right We got Undertaker and Virgil. Brutal whose claim to fame now

you just you just said The Undertaker and Virgil. Who’s the undertaker? I don’t know. We haven’t met him yet. This

I don’t know.

Ted DVRC and Virgil,

Mark, Mark that Fred

know. will cut that out.

Ted DVR she’s about to introduce someone.

Bring out Bruce Prichard.

Oh, that’s right it is here. I forgot I love brother Love is the guy who brings out

Death Valley.

This is the first look that we ever got at the undertaker. Because I don’t know if you I wasn’t watching WCW back then to have seen me mark Callaway. No no, this is my first look at this man. He’s in his 20s here. Yeah, this goes back to my thing when we watched her last Mick Foley. This is a man who looks like he’s about 37 years old.

But he’s in his 20s Yeah.

I think the earlier he’s like 26

Same with brother love, but I mean, I guess the brother love character supposed to be older? Yeah, but uh, yeah, I mean he’s

in his 30s Izzy I’m pretty sure cuz Isn’t he like 60 something now?

Now he’s actually only in his 50s Is he

really? He definitely had a hard life. Yeah,

you’ve heard some of the Russell at the man. Oh yeah. Did he share a party and

he was born in 1963 He is 56 years old.

So 1990 he was like 27 Yeah,

he he made his debut and I look at

that. Oh, you missed it. That guy was so 90s

Undertaker rocking the ginger mullet,

the ginger mala and the eyeliner or the the yeah lush under the eyes.

Piper brilliant as an announcer

he’s gonna he’s gonna fucking murder Coco beware. Yes.

I watched this match probably last year, but I cannot remember. I remember how I remember how what becomes of the undertaker, right? I don’t remember anyone else and it’s

like, I don’t remember if Brett

goes out quickly or

what’s interesting is he’s a big dude. He’s not like Uber muscular. Like he’s he’s got a

little bit above average arms, but

nothing. He looks like he’s bigger now at like 53 years old.

Oh, I’m sure he probably he probably he probably has. I mean, you’re I guess when he’s making his debut. He wasn’t at that point in his life where he was living wrestling. You know, he was not working. Constantly

I mean, granted now again much like I say with Hogan he takes his shirt off and his boobs drag on the floor but right? Yeah, nice try Coco.

So OPO is up in the air you’re going to have the

first tombstone

and tombstone to Coco beware and Coco is is

you are a job or tonight Coco be

yes. And he did the arms crossed across this chest.

The signature pin of the undertaker

you like the undertaker Oliver Are you a fan?

He’s gonna stare at me.

Bret Hart’s back in the ring.

He is no selling the shit out of Bret Hart’s moves.


Greg the frickin dip shit Valentine’s about to come in

Greg the hammer on time

I just didn’t like I don’t mind Greg Valentine I just didn’t like this rhythm and blues character. I gotcha and I don’t think he liked it either. Oh dusty

so the combined age of like

it’s amazing

like the age differences here between all the all of these wrestlers This is a very transition

yeah this is a full spectrum because you got dusty and and Greg Valentine that are on their way out there like in their Twilight. You got the taker that’s new you got bread Hart that’s kind of in the middle of his career now but he established yeah

he’s the Hart foundation is established not necessarily Bret Hart as a individual wrestler

DB Aussies about where Bret Hart and gamble are. Yeah, Coco beware I mean I have no clue. This could have been his first year wrestling for all I know

Yeah. I don’t know when Coco beware made his

perhaps we should do an off the top rope with Coco beware maybe

hockey doing what Honky Tonk does

gorilla monsoon is on the other MC you know who who is not there. What’s your name Sapphire? OZ valet? Yeah.

Yeah, it’s it is interesting. Just to see the different they they were a good tag team. I mean Jimmy Hart was just the muscle that’s all he ever was but

Honky Tonk do she’s gone now comes I don’t know I don’t know if he’s the greatest heel of all time or if Mr. Perfect is in my mind.

See I’m still a Jake the Snake Roberts guy like

chicks think Roberts was a good guy through most of his career.

He was a he’s an on the

face like a stone cold. Yeah,

I can see that.

This guy this guy was pure fucking evil all the time. And nobody Yeah, everybody hated him. I don’t think he was ever a face. I mean, perfect flipped back and forth a couple of times, but he was mostly a heel. But I don’t think D Biasi ever was a face

I do not need to see that flag flying. I’m sorry dusty. I need to go back and watch some like old school Dusty Rhodes matches like when he was in his Because I don’t think I don’t remember the last one I’ve watched and I I don’t even know if they have any available in, in the

in the archives.

Yeah, they might look at the old ABAWALAWA look

at NWA stuff

yeah NWA stuff the WCW stuff there’s

they have some Florida Championship Wrestling stuff,

too right? There’s you’ll find some dusty on there.

If you just search Dusty Rhodes in there, it should bring up

a wonderful

I kind of inch now that now that Cody Rhodes is is what he is. I’m kind of interested to go back and watch that ronnie had to start us which was terrible. Yes.

Look at Bret Hart’s punch like it is so obviously stopping right

Well a lot of these guys made really obvious moves that nobody paid

attention to because you’re so caught up in it.

Yeah, and as a kid that was real you know, that’s what that’s what I was doing.

I was very excited. The day I finally watched Roman Reigns close enough to figure out how he makes it sound like he’s really punching someone in the face. And all he does is just slap himself Yeah,

but he does it so quickly. You don’t see that

and a lot of those guys he does a lot like the super kick guy like a lot of the guys who with the super kick where you just don’t notice it going on.

But I finally saw him he was fighting Someone in the crowd at a at a raw and I just watched him really really closely when he went to punch and he slaps his

chest or he slaps here where he has skin.

I was just informed I may have clogged the toilet downstairs. You did apparently

Yeah stop.


lay off the Taco Bell man

that’s fine. Graham decided to come and join us so my son How you doing?

Good you watching the show with the animals today


we got a

it is Brett versus the Million Dollar Man at this point that he Biasi

and I want to succeed Rose was just

do his punch that we were talking about in a previous episode.

That Oliver that was all over okay.

I’m trying to figure out

takers beaten the piss out of dusty. Yes he is. He figured out SD is here in his 40s Oh, at least yeah cuz he had TF Dustin back by 1993 obviously Dustin was born in like the 60s but

night dusty The

dream is the dream. Yeah The dream is asleep.

Woke up

this bridge All right, so I can never tell it brother love this Pritchard have black hair or brown hair. Does he have gray hair?

I thought he had brown hair, but

but it always looks kind of gray.

It does when they pan in it looks Brown.

I think it’s just shiny.

Take them out. So, Graham, you know who the undertaker

You don’t know the undertaker you know who the undertaker is God you’ve wrestled as the undertaker on WWE before

he’s the big guy they got rid of the undertaker gotta count out for


I was just looking because we were we mentioned it earlier. Dark Side of the ring Season Two has some interesting The Undertaker one of the undertaker is not one of them. It’s Bruce

Prichard or Dusty Rhodes.

Bruce Prichard was in the first season a couple of times, but I think he’s doing

a dark side of Brooklyn. Right.

So things that they’re going to be covering are the death of Dino Bravo.

Okay. Oh, that’s a good one. Cigarette cigarette mafia.

Oh, Greg, the hammer. Valentine just got kicked out for some reason.

And then they’re doing the brawl for all tournament.

Yeah, they Vince was talking about that on his podcast last year.

Was he Yeah.

The Atomic Drop is a lost art. No one does though.

Yes. Nobody really does fun move it is and the reverse or the inverted Atomic Drop or the copy on your

this to the library. Jeff Hardy still does the inverted Atomic Drop, but no one does the other one right. Where you’re sticking your knee up their ass.

Right, right. Making tailbone hurting your tailbone. You’re asking them? Yes, yes, you are. We just had a Rick of the eyes from Ted de Biasi,

when people still do that a little bit, but not often. A lot of these moves that they did back then people just don’t do anymore. I don’t think anyone would accept that as

as a viable way of beating somebody. Yeah.

It’s like the DDT, the DDT so watered down. It’s just like a movie doing the middle of the match.

Maybe somebody should bring out a bucket and throw a salt into somebody’s eyes

and an homage No mortgage to

look at this stuff straight Biasi that no one does.

Like look he’s begging hard selling Yeah,

begging for mercy no heels do that anymore.

They act like they’re good. They’re cool with getting kicked in the balls. No one is cool with getting kicked out balls

Why are they too tired? There were three other people or six other people in this mass office left I think so they’re down to the last three

what’s what these weird jumpsuits the the the

ring crews wearing? Like the cameramen they’re like painters fallen jumpsuits on I I don’t know.

Is brawl for all available to watch on WWE Network?

Yes, but you have to watch raw over the course of like six weeks. Oh, but you can just we can skip to the bra for all right. I know.

Let’s find out when it started. It’d be nice to be able to get all of them together. Yeah.

God I remember so little about the brawl for all

I remember Mark was part of it

yeah I remember I remember he was the one I thought was gonna win


and maybe that’s what I’ll do we’ll reach out we’ll do a brawl for all special and see if I can’t get them all together or and we’ll see if we get mark to talk about it. Yeah

we could do at least a watch along with them with him of his match

but apparently they’re also doing Ben wha for the season.

Someone needs to talk about this I mean WWE won’t talk about Ben wall

I remember Jericho did a Ben was special on his talk is Jericho podcast

look at this look at the selling Yeah.

But what I never understood like by selling it

jumps up nice fucking level.

He’s gonna hit for a job. Oh yeah. See that coming a mile?

And the crowd goes

insane. And here comes the wind. Oh, no.

He’s got to do his. Alright, so he’s gonna do his elbow off the top rope he’s got to do is he’s got to do his Russian leg sweep. That’s one of my favorite bread moves.

Here gets the scab be it.

crossbody rolled over.

He’s got him. No, no did it take that was

he can you read that back? 10 seconds. Yes. I think he said fuck what

We’re going backwards

here you can watch where he’s fucking with a watch

because he jumps right up right? As soon as he turns his back yeah he’s fucking with him

see that was almost the same three seconds as they kind of the other one that’s why I was

all right here Virgil’s gonna take one on the chin

and he rolls them up and no

kicks out. Fucking My Name Is Earl sitting in the crowd over there.

Got backbreaker in gonna go up into the elbow now.

This is one of my favorite Brett loose too but I like is just the fall off of the elbow is his brush like sleep is awesome.

And DBS, he kicks out.

Earl Hebner looks really young here too.

Maybe they should go back to the blue shirts and the bow ties.

That’d be cool. All right, here we go to Yep.

That’s awesome.

Bret, the Hitman Hart was reacting accordingly.

fav Yeah, that was that was actually really good like, not that he didn’t know he was going to lose but

yeah, it’s just weird that it’s like it was such a family show back then. Then you just let him out that

Yeah, like fuck. What’s interesting is there are no video boards. There are no nothing. They’re literally walking down a path. Yeah.

Yeah, that’s weird because,

I mean, even we were whining at fighter fest that they didn’t have like, another video. Yeah, enough video for us to sit there and watch everything.

Imagine sitting all the way in the back of that arena. Why? I

mean, I went to a couple house shows in this era at the Orlando

Oh yeah, I did too.

Yeah, I’ve sat way in the back. It’s it’s challenging to watch.

You know what I didn’t do

today? Know what I’m gonna do when I get home. Watch watch tomorrow night.

So, uh, I didn’t look at I didn’t buy rustle mania tickets today.

Yeah, I just thought about that. Are they sold out? Or last week? I guess oh my god

you’re gonna have you’re gonna have to shut this off because I will just keep going.

So that was the that was the match and the The Undertaker’s beginning of his rise to dominance. Yeah, two main events. That’s

two World Champion. Multi time world champion.

Multi time retirement the streak the wrestle mania streak.

Yes, I’m

shopping to Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns.

retiring and then coming back,

thinking that you were at a wrestle mania and got to see an amazing moment where both bill Goldberg and Undertaker retired only to have that taken away from Yes.

And they’re both back wrestling. Yeah.

So essentially you saw no one retire,

right? You thought it was a wonderful mom where he left his gloves and jacket and everything up on the mat, but

now he realized we would have we would have seen the debut of the Hardys. Yes. the retirement of Goldberg and the undertaker. Yes. And they’ve taken two of the three things away from us.

Yes. And it was the return of the Hardys but now they’re gone again. Yeah. And one of them probably not coming back anytime in the near future. Yeah, I don’t think so.

I actually Sorry, I kind of hope they just

get rid of both. EW. Yeah,

I would like to see broken Matt Hardy.

I would like to see Matt Hardy go. I don’t Jeff can kind of stay off in the For a while, I think in my

he doesn’t have a while left. He’s like 43

I understand this, but I think he could like, let him let him recover. Let him do whatever he needs to do to get to get to where he needs to be. But yeah, I feel bad for the dude but at the same time he brought a lot of that on himself.


a lot a lot better than

our choice for watching in Halloween.

Yes, much better. Although we needed one with the with the gobbler

Keep watching.

Oh, is there enough? flip through I think he comes out this the debut. Oh, this is the debut of the gobbler. Yeah.

Yeah, we can watch that see.

Goblin. Oh,

there he is. So uh, so history hatches? Yeah, so

fast forward to

Oh, what the heck has happened son of a gun. I hit the wrong button is that the original green eggs and ham or did they know they have a new series Netflix has a new green eggs and ham series. For this

rehashing old shit

yeah, so we’re going to go ahead and we’re going to fast forward to one hour one hour and 56 minutes and

this is the debut of the gobbledygook or this thing on the Google

that’s what the thing

teased for weeks.

Think mean jeans gonna dance with them?

Yes, I believe you are correct.

Look at that hair. There is something special

is my favorite part of when we do these things as well as watching the crowd

the people.

They decided to use the rattlers question mark.

And we can’t even say these people are so 90s because it’s 1990 it’s pretty much their 80s right.

Oh no, it’s like that late 80s big hair.

bullets. Yeah. Oh, here comes the pre broke egg.

Ha mean Jing with the puns

Graham just got Big Eyed when they said Is it a dinosaur? I saw that you like dinosaurs

to particular dinosaur that you like

the carnivores Goblin.

Goblin. Goblin goober? goober. goober?

It is an audible boo in the crowd.


I think they were expecting someone to debut right.

And they got a guy dressed in a Turkey.


that’s like paper machine. feat by the way.

Look out of their paper machine.

This is it. Do you think this is a man or a woman in this costume?

I believe it’s a man.


copy goober.

goober. Yeah, it’s the Goblin. It was

Hector Guerrero inside of the gobbledygook or get golf balls for Is he a member of the Guerrero family?

He is a member of the Guerrero family.

These fans do not like this. No, they do not.

Oh, and they’re dancing now. Yeah.


what sounds like that Production Music We used to have like CDs full of the Gulf. Uh huh.


he is the brother of Chapo Mondo and Eddie now cool. And his nephew Java, Junior.

Szabo, Jr. was the one I know. Or the one we know correct.

He was a former NWA World Champion.

And look what he’s reduced to. Yes, Yes, he was. In a WA tag team champion. This is Eddie Guerrero his brother.


Okay. Must be an older Brock is this is

this is 1990

JIRA. Piper said no, I was like crowds going nuts. They love him.

Food as building

so he’s 13 years older than Eddie

Like we can square dance song it is

like how much do they have to pay him like to embarrass himself to like I guess it’s not really embarrassing himself because he doesn’t yeah nobody knows who it is

running the ropes

the official mascot of Survivor Series hyper that was one of your worst that is

wearing a fucking full on tracksuit. Yes, it does.

It does obviously look like that.

Oh, he did it on purpose. Oh, I

mean, Gene taking a fall.

Took a bump.

This thing is getting no reaction.

Yeah, none whatsoever. Everybody’s like the guy. The guy there with the broken arms. He’s got his mouth open. It’s pretty ridiculous.

Oh, do you think mean gene is here? You think he’s

50s? Late 40s early 50s Yeah.

poor poor man.

This is horrible. This is terrible.

Like there was a lot of good that went on in this area.

Kids like kids like 48 now yeah

yeah, I think I really overselling it Piper.

I believe you are.

Oh, there’s a booth. There was a very large, audible blue.

Is neon smoker still hanging this? I believe so.

I don’t know if he I believe he is laughing. We had a we had a guy drop by and say CM Punk baby

or baby

speaking of CM Punk, he’s his randomly work his way back down to TV, but not from the WWE Network. So this is like, why is this so long? It’s terrible.

I mean, I would have been 12 maybe 11 when the Senate was 12 when this I was nine when this happened, so I wasn’t. I can’t imagine I’d have been into it as a 12 year old now, and I wouldn’t. I mean,

I’m gonna guess this is one of those ideas that should have never made it off the Yeah, off the ground and


keto. This happened after a very like, cocaine induced night. They all thought it would be

cool. Yes.

anything good happen at the survivors here at a tag

I realize the song was this long

did you you had to do square dancing in school? No, I did not my sister did. We never did square dancing. Really?

Yeah. I had to do this to like seventh, eighth and ninth grade. I had to do stupid square dancing and I hated

we never had to do some square dancing. My sister had to do an elementary school but we never did it. So that was a

that was that steroids fast. God.

Yes, there was definitely some Royds in that in that group of people. So I think brings our watch along to an end. Now that we have gotten the Goblin grew out of our system and the debut of the undertaker, we got the under we got Undertaker debut on one side and the gobbledygook of debut on the other side.

Both very eventful things just for different reasons. Yes,

one for pure comedy sake and one you are one of the best wrestlers of all time and you are going to have to be a good father and show Graham The Undertaker he had knows over the years he knows who the undertaker is. He has seen the undertaker

he is not he does not know the undertaker until he wakes you up at three in the morning because he had a nightmare about the undertaker, the Prince of Darkness Undertaker, the

mid 90s I never that one never scared me and actually undertake your

work. You also weren’t six years old,

but an undertaker never really scared me. But Papa Sean go on the other hand I was definitely afraid of for a very long time. I

know you weren’t scared of the undertaker. He’s scared to you.

Yes, he sold us. He’s like,

you know Taekwondo? Yeah.

He said he said the dead man. Don’t mess with Graham.

So thank you guys for joining us. I think we’re going to get out of here now. Yep. If you guys have I want to plug the social media. We’ll go ahead and guess we’ll do that and then we’ll probably a couple other thing go into

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give us a review good, bad or otherwise that will help us help us in the ratings. Remember December six we have an interview coming up with john Kroger, comic book writer, wrestling comic book writer should be a very good interview he he’s done biographies in comic book form on Nicholai Volkov, the genius Hacksaw Jim Duggan, the killer bees And

Rocky Johnson rock father, so that’ll be awesome. If you guys want. The music you guys are hearing is Cal PK up you can find them on Soundcloud on Facebook all over the place they play all over Central Florida. And I believe you can also book them, you know, you want to bring them out to your area. They’re there a good group of guys. And then also there’s some good eggs. Yes, there’s some good eggs and then we’re, it’s running out of time. Got a couple it’ll have a couple more days left. But you guys can check out the party tails. A PARTYTAILS like animal tales, Kickstarter, just search party tales. It’s a great fun game drink or to drink. I mean, you do drink while playing it. But you don’t have to. So it’s a it’s a good party game. And for some reason, my things freaking out so your audio is going in now. But uh, I think that’s all we got

today. May him Oh man. I’m Mills. Good. Call December 5. As the orange haven misbehaving at the orange studio studios in Orlando, if you’re in the area check it out right on Millsap will be down there handing stuff out talking to rustlers. Yeah, if you guys want to

we got some ideas for some some stuff we’re going to throw out to the crowd. So

and if you can’t be there live, watch us.

Yes, we will be live on Twitch doing a broadcast.

So similar to the one you just saw.

Yes. If you’re watching on Twitch,

well, you’re talking about the one that we just watched along with,

does talk about the what they just viewed. And we can only do this with the help of viewers like yourselves. Okay, PBS. All right. We don’t have any tote bags to give out yet. But you know what, if you donate to us, I will get you a tote

day I’ll figure out until Yeah.

Have a good night. Enjoy the rest of your Masterpiece Theater coming up next.

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