This week we take a look back at the Full Gear pay-per-view and talk about what a thing of beauty it was. Drew also fantasy books the fiend and gives a look at how the WWE will screw the pooch on how he loses the title and what should and could be.

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from Orlando for Really?

That sounded interesting. I don’t know what happened there. Did you? Was it clicking in your ears? Or was it just my headphones?

Oh, it might have been i don’t i didn’t during the music Ah, Okay, got it.

So, welcome to top rope wrestling Podcast. I am Rick and drew is over there in the chair. wearing clothes, not just as underwear. Yes, I

feel like the audience would need to rewind 15 minutes and have a sit record to get that joke.

Probably. We were talking about it earlier. I was just kind of go for you know, inside. Yeah, I was trying to get a laugh out of it didn’t work though. That guy

I left more with a job, Bob.

Totally I am totally.

So today we are going to do the greatest day

I’ve ever know. It is. Yes.

I know. So we’re.

Today we are going to talk about AW, we’re going to go over the AW full gear matches

despite the fact that neither of us watched it. Not watched it. Oh you watch when you watch it on, huh? Did you watch it somewhere or did you watch it? I watched

it here. Here. Yeah, I got it from br

Yeah, so I will go over that.

So we’ll go ahead and we’ll go over that. And then

we’re going to fantasy book somebody. We’re going to get to that in just a minute continuation of last week. Yes. So to start off with let it let’s go over with the card did you actually watch it or no?

Oh no, I all I watched with some clips on on Twitter and then the stills from from dynamite but I wish I had given them my $40 Yeah,

it was really good. So I one thing I did not do was I did not watch the I did not watch the pre show. I was out and about so I did not get to watch the pre show. Did anyone Russell in the pre show? Yes, there was. Where did my thing go? I just had it there it is. So during the the buy in, it was Dr. Baker. versus a priestly, okay, or be priestly,

whatever think I’d picked her to win.

Baker beat priestly. There you go. Yep. As we expected, actually said it was a pretty strong match. The greatest is is be

Baker. One bye

bye tap out with a medical law.

So, since that seems to be the move that she is going with since she is a dentist, she goes

the Baker Act

or something. Yes, exactly. Something along those lines. I

agree for the baker’s dozen or something.

Let’s see it’s the the CBS folks say that it was a very strong opener that served as a fitting conclusion to the rivalry.

Okay, so they must be wrestling on AW dark because I’m not aware of this rivalry.

Yeah, I haven’t seen it but so the first match of the pay per view was the younger young bucks versus the proud and powerful of Santana Ortiz

Santana Ortiz one I believe you would be

yes, you would be correct. Yeah

cuz the Bucs and Cody and omega currently refused to put themselves over.


Well and so

there was a whole rock and roll Express thing that went on during the middle of match. I don’t know if you were Yes.

Okay. So because they had attacked the rock and roll Express on dynamite the week before


Which funny enough Mark was actually hanging out the day before with the guys from the rock and roll Express so I saw I saw some behind the scenes photos of them doing different things. After the match San Diego borrow hit the ring to continue to beat down to the box before Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson emerged from the crowd to help out the fight off the inner circle must have

must have been before 430 because that will be what they have dinner.

Yes, there are other old I got I got the repertory. So and then And it was it was a really good match actually so they graded it isn’t a and they said it was a phenomenal way to kick it off. Which season Santana dominated their fair share the match when the time came they sold the opposition sold for the opposition so the brawl this week that they had actually didn’t get to watch this week so I’m interested I you I watched the pay per view you watch the show I gotta watch Oh yeah, I’m gonna watch it but you can you can go ahead and talk about that. Yeah,

they will they in the fight again. Ortiz and Santana and and the Bucs can have another fight. But it seems like the Bucs are finally starting to brawl a little bit more as opposed to just flipping and kicking and flip.

So they’re actually yeah, high spots and stuff. They’re like they’re actually brawling. Yeah, they’re actually doing doing the good fight thing versus the flipping thing.

Yeah, it’s good to add another dimension to your

repertoire hundred percent.

So Next up was actually my favorite match of the night which was Hackman page vs POC. Okay which they did a part three to do they that was a really really good match between the two of them

Pac Man one right yes page

one that one um they it was it was a good back and forth I mean they went there was some big moves but it was a lot of brawling a lot of I can’t say it was legit throws and but it looked it came across this really came across really really well. So I definitely I would agree with they gave it her a I would give it a it was my favorite match of the night. It was built up really well throughout the weeks before and everything start chanting cowboy shit. No, I didn’t hear any cowboy shits. Although that was pretty funny during the during the

dynamite episode. It continues this week. Oh does it

they keep they keep it the calculation. I don’t remember this. Being a cowboy ship but I also I kind of had the sound

down very This is a very raucous crowd this week I wasn’t very i into it.

And this is a match that I really really wanted to like. And I thought it kind of fell a little bit flat was the next one which was Joey Janell and Sean Spears obviously I like Sean Spears a lot and don’t know is really good but it just was not not what I do it for you know it really didn’t Yeah, um, spears beach nella not really shocking on that one. There was a lot of interference that went on with Tali and those guys and I don’t know, it just was not it was. It was okay.

Some don’t.

Don’t light the world on fire.

Yeah. And I am it happens it’s okay.

And then next up was the AW Tag Team Championship, which SCU private party and Lucha brothers, which was a lot of fluffy fluffy.

Alright, so I saw See I don’t mind certain Flipboard

Oh, no, I don’t mind. Let me put the either Just like a fight. Yeah, but um, it’s funny because my wife really enjoys flipping flipping movies.

Yeah, she probably loves ricochet.

Yes, she does.

So I just saw the stills of this and I didn’t understand at some point Christopher Daniels was Pentagon Jr.

Yeah, so basically Pentagon Junior, another one ran in. Like there were two Pentagon juniors in the ring, and it takes it off. And it’s Chris Daniels.

Okay. All right. So I was just watching that and then they were together. It makes sense because they were together this week. It made it look like like from the stills that made it look like like Christopher Daniels was Pentagon Jr. Fighting against guys. But no, no, that wasn’t No, that was.

Yeah, it was a it was I mean, it was it was a good match. I enjoyed it. Lots of lots of action. Lots of

too I like the dude the one dude in SC you

could go not not.

Not the older guy. The two

old guys are fine, but I like the

younger guy. I got him either be a service


Yeah, Scorpio Scott is gone. I like and I like Ray Phoenix and Pentagon Junior. So that’s bracket match. Was there a third team involved? I have a party. There. Okay. Yes, they’re too Fluffy fluffy for me too, but they’re starting to grow on me.

Yeah, they are. I am. They I like their shtick. Kind of like that the party stick. I mean,

I didn’t like that one. Dude, where’s like the tale? Yes. So,

no, it was it was well, it was well put together match I had I have no complaints about it. Really. It wasn’t my favorite match. But I mean, they gave it a b minus. So you know, pretty average little bit above average match.

Lots of high risk moves, you know?

Then Next up was real vs. Your Favorite Female wrestler me secure Okay, it’s a it’s a Freddie Mercury

the lady who just mercury

she says that her inspiration is Queen and Freddie Mercury there her favorite band it’s great

i mean like I love less than Jake but I’m not gonna come to the ring with like dreadlocks and cargo actually I would come to the ring with

locks and cargo pants. Yeah, that doesn’t sound outside

while shooting toilet paper into the gap Yeah. So it was build this student versus teacher because

Tucker was

Rio’s teacher and it was it was a decent match.

It wasn’t a lot of back and forth between the two of them like Rio to be out for a while secured BF for a while.

It was you know,

real with those stops, she loves That stomped to the chest every match that she does has 50 stomps to the chest because she’s so small anybody can take her stomped to the chest. So real one kept retain the title. It was fast paced it was it went boom boom boom boom boom which is expected between those kind of you know those two wrestlers so they gave it a B plus and it was good Cody vs Jericho whoo

this when you I’m not even gonna ruin for you the fallout of this I want you to just watch it and see

well I mean I obviously know that JF angle and I

kind of predicted the I mean for this for this Monday like our for when you watch this week, so I said, I don’t want to even ruin like the joy of that segment. Okay,

well, I won’t I won’t do it.

But it was a great match. I mean, that was it was one it was a brawl. I mean, they weren’t flying and jumping all over the place. Got got bloody a little bit and

MJF threw in the towel. Hello and then

yeah VF throw the towel in the middle of match through

and somebody of his own. Yeah. So with kick to the sack

yep MJF turned his turn to

the heel that he should be which we all knew that was coming.

Oh yeah, I mean that pretty much everybody knew that he was going to turn heel. It was just how he was going to do it. Like what were the what was it going to happen? How is that going to happen? Because it was bound to happen. I did he he’s not officially part of the inner circle either. He’s just he’s just MJF Yeah,

he should be he shouldn’t be part of anything.

I’ve noticed something about the three roads is dusty. Dustin and

I are going to talk about their voice got like the list? No, no. Okay. Because I know you had mentioned that you went back and

dusty doesn’t have a dusty has a huge list. doesn’t have a list. But no, they all have some variation of a dropping punch. So I can’t remember what oh dusty. To do but Dustin like kind of falls to his knees and then it goes out Cody I love his because he falls all the way to the ground and then punches the guy in the face and I know dusty does some Vinnie

I think he went to his knees and then came out like yeah

I’ve heard Cody or dusty might or Dustin might do dusty yeah but I love Dustin’s

all right he’s where he’s all the way on the ground and takes a shot up

yeah and then so how far did he get before he

had the towel throat before he got rocky for

Oh no, it was it was a good chunk like that that match was 25 minutes in 20 say it was a it was a good long match

Yeah, I don’t have the times listed here.

I’m sure I could look it up but was he in a submission move when it happened or Yeah, he


He put he was in the lion tamer okay when that when it happened if I remember correctly. Yes. So

that’s what it says it put them into a lion tamer.

Yeah could you look for the hearken Radha but Jericho counter and applied the lion tamer Cody fought his way the ropes forcing a break. Frustrated, Edwards shoved Jericho right into a roll up, Jericho countered and replied the lion tamer while MJF was screaming from rain. ringside, he threw in the white towel bringing the conclusion about in a less than satisfying manner,

and had rocky done that Apollo would be alive today.

Yes, yes, he would. So

so in that way, JF is actually a face.

Yes, because he saved Cody

saved Cody. He had a flashback to before he was born when Rocky Horror game. No, it was because he was born because I was only like eight when the movie came out.

Yeah, flashback and so that he

said this is gonna happen twice in professional sports.

And then the last match which was unsanctioned

I loved Ruth was not a fan of what

I saw that it was like cringe worthy good oh it was

it was amazing like I mean they took some legit shots with barbed wire and tax they took some not legit shots with barbed wire and

glass yeah what was the thing he su Plex them on that look like there was white traps and then there was another thing outside of it okay so

that was down it when they went down the entry were in

which they did that stupid entry ramp again I hate that I whatever the entry route goes right to the ring it was supposed to be barbed wire it was like this netting It was like this. Basically a ring made out of barbed wire that they that he soo flex them onto. The problem was they got caught up in it like they couldn’t get out themselves. They had other people coming, but it wasn’t barbed wire because none of them were majorly like there’s

no cuts on it.

Yeah, exactly. If they would have been to flexing the barbed wire they would have been all kinds of angles so they were pretend like yes Right, like so I’m 90% sure the bat and the broom had real barbed wire, or at least not as modified barbed wire, because there were some cuts to the back that happened on every show. Oh, yeah,

they showed omega this week. And then

they had the, the thumb tax went into people. So and then the glass in the middle of the ring, although the glass I think was tempered glass, which, if it’s broken, doesn’t get sharp edges. So, but it looks like it sticks into you. So

Well, that was like I told you on one of these episodes about a movie I worked on a long time ago, where a guy had to break a bottle over another guy’s head, right? What came in was sugar. Yes. Like it’s just this

wasn’t sugar glass. But this was this was tempered glass like what’s on my desk, because if you you can hit this from this angle, it’s not supposed to break, but if you hit it from this side, it’ll shatter. But when it shatters, it won’t. It doesn’t leave sharp edges. So you could go and literally just pick it up with your hand. I mean, obviously there are going to be some sharper pieces but not to the level of like me going and dropping a glass from the


Right and it’s going to be sharp as hell. So that was awesome. I mean, at one point, omega shoved glass in the Moxley his mouth and made them shut Oh, it was it was definitely cringe worthy, but it was really well done. Everybody sold everything really well. Moxley ended up with the win after throwing No, that’s what that wasn’t when they threw him through. So he threw him through one of the assignments on the side of the after they got out of the barbed wire. He taught they had the sign on site and he tossed him through it and it shattered all over the place. And that was pretty cool. And then Moxley jumped through the like piece and I think he hit his head on like as he was going through So um let’s see. Moxie delivered the paradigm shift to win so that was in the ring. They got an A plus

I it was very

sadistic I mean it was masochism, the best I mean, there were

I will tell you this they’re not it’s not a hardcore match or anything but next week they’ve advertised Moxley vs. Darby Allen I could be good Yeah, yeah. This is hopefully stage one of what leads to a hardcore match

another another

unsanctioned battle lights out we no longer live as he going to have a pay per view match where we can worth part of the win loss record. I mean, so But no, it was an overall was a great show. Couple of slow spots, but nothing that you were like nothing dead yet. Let me turn this off kinda. So

let’s get it that’s

I can manage to get through. Most WWE pay per views without faster forwarding I cannot get through a robber smack down without fast forwarding. Yeah, I’m Uh,

I’ve been watching raw live because I’m home on Monday night. So it’s not too bad live, but at the same time I’ve like I’ll be playing with my phone or I won’t, I won’t be paying attention to it.

I’m always home now because I work new hours, but what I do is I’ll watch TV until about 830 let it record let a half hour build up that way so you can fast

forward through that’s actually not a bad idea. I can go and you know, watch an episode of demand DeLorean and yeah, speaking of new shows that have come out today. I haven’t watched it yet but I’m going to probably this weekend. Do you ever watch the toys that made us flex? So the WWE wrestling toys episode is on this is in the season, I

will watch that watch the GI Joe on that

all the things that you didn’t have as a kid or you did have

Yeah, it just made me miss being a child. Yes.

So yeah, they have this this week’s release actually today on the 15th they released the WWE RWF Kids thing. Apparently it was one of the hardest episodes they’ve had to record. Not because it was hard to give the like people to talk about it. They had to go and not only did they have to get permission and get disclosure signed by the people who manufacture the toys that get them from the web, and then they had to get them from the initial wrestlers. They were allowed to use their likeness on their on the show. The political is a dead wrestler, then they had to go to the family of that wrestler. So apparently it was a big pain in the ass to go to do this episode. But you know,

you gotta You know, sometimes you gotta do that kind of thing. Yeah. So

you had You said you had something that you wanted to talk about. You wanted to a fantasy book. Somebody?

Yeah. Said I, you told me who it was. I’m not going to say I’ll let you do the analysis.

So last week, I talked we were talking about the Yes. And we’re talking about him doing an interview, which didn’t happen. I think it’ll happen this week on smack down. Because you were right. They were in the UK last week I realized that yes, because he was supposed they were supposed to interview Bray Wyatt, but he got caught up in Saudi Arabia. And then I guess with the UK, they want to interview them there. So I’m hoping they bring him out this weekend and an interview. But the whole like thing is is how do you with time get that belt off him without ruining the fee?

Right. And

what I thought of was goes back to what I was saying last week of is Bray Wyatt aware that he is the champion, or does he think the champion and when it’s Bray Wyatt, he’s like he gets he does refer the fiend is V. Right? So he doesn’t, I don’t. Again, this is to

test to its depth for WWE to go

this is this is your writers like mine, too. Yeah, necessarily.

Yeah. So

like I said the Bray Wyatt doesn’t isn’t aware that he is the champion. He still separates himself from the feed. So to beat the fiend I would think you would have to eat because the fiends untenable, right, the 45 curb stops typical prove that. So he’s not really beatable, but Bray Wyatt is so you have to have a wrestler that in mid match can coax Bray Wyatt out of the fiend, okay and beat Bray Wyatt. Okay. Now again this is too much for WWE to do it would

it would take too much thought that it was Yeah,

it would take too much effort. They’ll just have someone finally beat the feed. right but i would think like, do you get someone like Bray Wyatt are Daniel Bryan’s gonna be the next one to fight them but it’s too early to have him lose that belt? Yes, but someone like Bray Wyatt or someone that was there Somebody Yeah, somebody was in the white family like Randy Orton, a guy who can play psychological mind games someone like that, who, during the match can somehow talk Bray Wyatt out of the fiend to where he even takes the mask off. And then the guy can beat Bray Wyatt Yeah,

that’s it, that’d be an interesting I wonder if they could do something I going along that like you would you would have that match going on and then things start showing up on the board like old like or bright like Bray Wyatt stuff showing up on the video boards, you know, kind of as a takeover kind of, you know,

just something that would coax Bray Wyatt out of the theme. Yeah. To where he like he takes the helmet off or the mask off. He’s Bray Wyatt and this version of Bray Wyatt as we know is more friendly,

sensitive, sensitive.

Yes. And, you know, he’s like sitting there like, Oh my god, what have I done or whatever and then just like it’s pin gets RK or something.

I could definitely. I know that. I could see where that would go I don’t think that that’s how it’s going to happen. But I

would definitely see that going to get fucking taken FU saw you know, I think I think it’ll be a a

I think it would make sense if they did somebody that from the from the family that was like a Luke Harper he can’t win the title but he can be on the side right fighting for the title.

Yeah, I could definitely see I can see where that’s going and then they could kind of incorporate that part of it into the other two parts and tell me that would not like like that would win some fans back.

Yeah. Oh, yeah. Totally will whole storyline like that?

Well, because the that was a great storyline, just

like that was one of the few storylines that like I would. I was very casual at that point in time. But if I saw, you know, then walking out with all the lights on, I’m like, Oh, that’s really cool. You know, and I would stop it. I would watch it at that point. So I could Yeah, I could see that. That’d be that could definitely be something that would go along with. Now we just got to get that information to WWE. They don’t screw it up, somehow.

I’ll start I’ll pull Triple H decided

on Wednesday when

I’m gonna I’m gonna walk backstage Are you yes I’m going to are you just gonna like because they don’t hold the Badger yeah there’s no backstage area there’s no locker right they just hang out back there and long as I got my little badge on they’ll let you walk wherever yeah yes walk by security me lay. So work here

you can either we’re just we’re all black so you look like one of the stage and just YK

Triple H let me

let’s talk about let’s talk about this fiend situation that we got going on.

I got a couple ideas only take a mild cut

just put me on the writing stack Yeah,

give me a job and and and stay out of my way. Keep pop events out of my way. And I will write you guys back into prominence. I will I will put a WI

which I would not want to do. No,

but you could like you can easily do

like people there. There are good Enough storylines with people who are complaining about not being in who are not getting enough

time yeah so so

what else we got going is our will get summer summer slam in two weeks

Survivor Series Survivor Series God I always do that I want to say

yeah so December six we will have an interview okay with

a look that up

my nose first name is john is can’t remember his last you don’t remember what his last name is like

that nonsense aside

yeah well a Kroger Kroger john Kroger will have he’s a comic book writer. But what he does is he does comic books about That are biographies of wrestlers. So he did one he did Hacksaw Jim Duggan. He did Nicola Volkov, he did the genius he did. Rocky Johnson, the rocks, dad. And yeah, I met him quite a few years ago, at a comic convention in Daytona. When we were just me, and you were just battling the idea of the podcast around, and

we’re almost on a year.

Yeah, we are practically there.

Yeah, we only got like two months or a month and a half.

So what’s this kind of year old year celebration?

Yes. We’ll do a Best of Show and not recording hang out.

Yeah, so I met him and then I been following him on Facebook. And then when I saw him a couple weeks ago, I’ve seen him many times since I just haven’t talked to him. When I saw a couple weeks ago, I’m like, thinking to myself Why the hell have we interviewed this guy? We do a wrestling podcast right?

And it only makes sense and

I wouldn’t see why we wouldn’t we all like comic books we all like wrestling. Correct. Nothing wrong with either found out a little other interesting information about this man. Okay, well, I was approaching him to do the thing. He sent me a bio. And he did work for AC comics, which is the Bill Black documentary. Right? So I might be able to use this guy in that documentary a little bit too. So. Plus, it’s just a weirdly small world.

Yeah. So it is a very small world but

I mean, I in the comic book world, everybody seems to be connected one way or the other. Yeah.

Especially around here. Yeah.

Well, and I mean, not just around here like

a lot of the guys are one of the guys that I know that’s big in the comic book world has written for almost everybody, you know, it’s like, and he’s worked with this guy doing this or this person doing that and I mean, he’s sat on a panel with with Stanley at Comic Con he sat on the panel with

Kevin Smith, you know, it’s I mean, Perez is local George Perez.

Yes. So

Jimmy’s not local, but he’s, his brother is so yeah.

But see one of the heart he’s one is his brother, one of the Harley Quinn duo.

Yes. Okay. All right. Yeah. I can’t think of their names but it’s a Jimmy. Jimmy Paul. Me it Yeah. And Amy I can’t remember her. Yeah, sorry. So yes, that that’s who I was talking about was but we’re going to have okay. We’re going to have Jim on the show December six. Sup tune in then and next week. Next week. We are doing a watch along. Right survivor

Survivor Series 1990. We want to do something Thanksgiving themed.

Yeah, so we’re doing Survivor Series. 1990. Yeah. If you know you’re wrestling you know what match we’re going to watch. Yes.

So you should know like if I equate this to if someone’s listening to this podcast, they are desperate for wrestling talk

yes oh yeah totally that’s like they have scoured the internet and listen

to everything else yes

one of our one of our 50 people who wrestled listen on the regular they they know they’re wrestling yeah because we don’t know

but yeah so you if you’re listening to this you know what we’re watching

OM so the six and then the on the 15th everybody come to him on may have my Mills back in the orange the orange

you haven’t titled it but I’m going to call it

no they did they did title it

doesn’t say for our podcasts I’m going to call it slam this no it’s a I mean for us right our podcasts work because Mary slam it whoo whoo Hold on. We can do better than Mary slam.

Yes, we can definitely do better than Mary slimmer

wrestlers for the rest of us.

JACK your halls.

Wasn’t there a deck your halls.

pay per view. I think there was

Let’s see, uh

it’s misbehaving as their official

like mistletoe, I guess in the Misbehavin.

But that is at 3pm on December 15, at Orange Studios on Mills Yeah,

right across from I will not eat zingers mac and cheese the night before, that would be a good idea so that I don’t get sick again. We might have some stuff to hand out to people who want some stuff. I will hopefully we’re going to do our intern idea.

We’re going to try and get somebody else if I if unless what you guys want so if you guys want to be a runner, feel free to hit us

up the killing the handout stuff and wrangle wrestlers for an interview. So because we’re I mean, eventually we’re going to go to tape stuff until the end of the year.

Yeah, I mean, we’re gonna Yeah, well, we’re going to record a bunch of stuff.

And hopefully we’ll get a couple interviews at mayhem on Mills weekend.

Yes. And then we after that, we’ll talk about it then yeah, we got some we got some time we got a couple months so and hopefully we have some more comfortable way of doing things here in the near future. So, let’s get out of here. Let me let me kick on some exit music here. And

you got somebody you want to plug the social media stuff. Yes.

top rope wrestling podcast at Instagram, which I will start using again. You You promise

Yeah, I did post to Facebook design and Twitter. So all right, last time, Facebook join our group and just look up top wrestling

podcasts on Facebook. Yeah, its top

wrestling podcast on Facebook top rope wrestling on Twitter.

I let you handle the Twitter

Yeah, cuz I screw it up. And then the website is just top rope wrestling, calm and no podcasts. No nothing. It’s just top rope wrestling. com. You can also go to top dash rope dash wrestling. com but you don’t want to know that top rope wrestling calm and We’re out of here. Yeah. So anything else you want to plug before we let everybody go?

Anything you got coming up any YouTube stuff?

Yeah. I mean, I did some interviews for my documentary but we’re a long ways away from me. jamming that down everyone’s

throat Okay, well, we’ll OI if you guys

first go help is the P the band that does our music. Go visit them KA up. You can find them on Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud, wherever they’re, they’re available. They got some shows coming up here in the actually they have one tonight I think, or tomorrow. And then if you want to, I would really love if you would go and support the Kickstarter for a game called party tales. It’s a lot of fun. If you just search party tales like TAILS like animal tales. It’s a it’s a drinking card game but you don’t actually have to drink to play it. So it’s a lot of fun. Check it out.

Keep on keep on keepin on.

Drink milk

eat beer.

A Merry

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