This week we go over the Saudi situation and how it created an angle that should have happened anyways. We also talk about the MLW taping as well as the card for Full Gear.

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good evening and welcome to another edition of the top rope wrestling Podcast. I am Rick and drew is over there on the chair. I am here and yes you are here. I was very existential have you and we exist. You are here. I am here. So I’m today I think

We’re going we said we don’t tend to Monday morning quarterback but with the mess shit that we find ourselves saying more often. Yes we do. We haven’t Monday morning quarterback anymore. I do I do. I do want to stop real quick and I want to dedicate this episode to my dog. Okay passed away this week. So Skittles, this one’s for you. Oh, it’s sad. It was he was. I had him 14, almost 15 years and he was almost 16 years old. That’s insane. Oliver don’t listen any of this.

He’s just asleep over there on the floor.


we’re going to talk a little bit about what was going on in with the smack down world because that was pretty insane. Yes. For those of you guys that don’t know. We I mean, you guys are probably wrestling fans. So you probably I mean, you know, you’re you dug this podcast up. You’re probably a wrestling fan. Yes. You got to be one. So they had the matches over in Saudi this weekend on Tuesday. Right?

It was on it was Tuesday and all the wrestlers got over there there was a scare that Hogan might not get over there ended up having to find a private get well I was with Hogan i didn’t i never didn’t get any of the info on any of this stuff. Okay, so I know that Hogan was literally like his plane that he was going to take didn’t get cleared for customs or something like that. So we had the call of friends taking the fucking haka mania express or something. I have no idea that would have been awesome though. So he ended up having to take a private jet that one of his friends owns and did that instead. So

so he got there that ended up being fine. The matches were fine. Everything went well. I guess I didn’t actually watch the Saudi stuff. It wasn’t bad. Hey, it was it was bad. It was bad.

The women’s match I mean, I know is groundbreaking and everything is groundbreaking, but not good. Okay. I’m the

AJ Styles.

Berto, I cannot remember that dude’s last name.

I’m Berto. Everybody knows him as a bird. Yeah, that was pretty good match.

The team match was not good. The Tyson fury vs.

Bronze Stroman was not good. I we didn’t have the theme come away with the belt. Yeah, that was good. That was the highlight of it. It was like a considering Hell in a Cell such a disaster. This was pretty damn good of a match. Yeah, I didn’t go too crazy with the Falls Count Anywhere. Like, I don’t know if it’s because they were in a different country or whatnot. They didn’t go like in the concession areas or anything. And

maybe that was because they were in a big arena or it could I mean, like I said they might they might just not have been comfortable. Right. That’s the wrestlers

out of the area of the main area.

But it was a good match.


Other than that, that that that whole show could have just not happened. It wasn’t needed. I don’t think any of the Saudi shows have really been needed but they just signed on to do more. There’s a 10 year contract well they they just added more like they’re doing two matches a year now through like 2030 something got to put up with this gentleman 50s so but they but that really wasn’t the whole thing that went on what happened was the real interesting stuff how afterward Yeah, so the plane got grounded in Saudi all the wrestlers were on board the plane at the time

had already cleared customs are ready to go minus Brock Lesnar. Well minus a couple of people because a couple of them like Brock Brock owns his own plane and took his own plane. Yeah, and I think Cogan and flair were gone before any of this happened then Vince Yeah, I want to say that 11 talent made it out before any of this happened.

But the ones that were on the panel

plane, the charter plane was supposed to be taking them back to the US. were stopped because of what? Well, okay. So it was reported as a fuel leak initially right. And then Dave Meltzer came across and said that it was because of money issues with the Saudi people because apparently they hadn’t paid up. they owed the WWE like $500 million or something stupid. So I don’t understand why that would keep the wrestlers there, because the Saudi prince had grounded them up here is what the rumor was because he didn’t pay his bills. Because they were doing it as a

Yeah, I guess to spite the McMahons because I guess they were only making about 50 million per event.

I don’t know.

So that was a

that was an interesting. So they were grounded. And then, of course, everybody started to freak out because they didn’t know what to do because there were no wrestlers available. For

smack down correct

ended up they didn’t get to leave until like the following day. Yeah. They flew a number of wrestlers to do an invasion angle, which from RXT which worked out because this is the first show at Survivor Series is going to feature in XT as part right so it actually worked out really, really well and I and I actually didn’t get a chance to watch the show. But I heard that it was an amazing show Daniel Bryan and Adam Cole put on a frickin clinic. Well I like I Adam Cole’s that’s an interesting matchup I didn’t get to I didn’t get to watch it but the only thing they did I get I fall for this fucking thing every time with with Shawn Michaels. So before Adam Cole walked up,

Daniel Bryan’s in the back talking to Triple H and Shawn Michaels about how he would like a match he was trying to challenge. Triple H and Triple H says something online so I didn’t bring my gear and I know someone who did

Shawn Michaels starts on zip his windbreaker and take it off. Right right. The crowd starts cheering This is in the back. Triple H looks at him he goes put your jacket back on it’s cold in here he’s like oh yeah you’re right and then Cole walks right up

which was just as good of a substitute as though I really do you want to see because that that Saudi triple A dx match that brought Shawn Michaels back right was such a catastrophe I’d like to see Shawn Michaels have one last Real Men Real mad yeah mom and I’m they’re all coming back all the classic people are coming back for the Saudi things because they’re paying them ridiculous amounts of money to do that. How long until Hogan flair actually do it? Oh, God, I don’t know. Like I don’t I want to know what they’re paying him just to show up because they’re not paying him a little bit of money. Like they have to be paying a good page. Here’s the thing. I don’t think those Saudi people care about what Hulk Hogan did cuz he got the biggest pop he’s got Yeah. Well, I mean that he’s he is America to them still, you know, that’s just the way I don’t think they get new

Like we get news here I don’t think maybe necessarily know and or care what Hulk Hogan did yeah.

But yeah they cheered the shit out of them so but the the invasion angle ended up carrying over and I think it’s been done really well so far. Well they usually fuck it up every year. Yes they do they normally make a mess of it and but you know they’ve been doing a better job or I’m interested like

I’m interested to see or to hear later on down the road like how much input as far as the XT part of it that

the Triple H has so I’ve read conflicting things one I had to that’s why when said the Triple H booked most of the show, the other one said that was a complete McMahon show, right? Yeah, I’ve heard both ways. I also have heard conflicting things about McMahon leaving sadi which was, you know, the wrestlers point of view, I guess was the

Guys an asshole. He left a stranded here where Corey graves went on his podcast and

said something along the lines of that’s what Vince does. Like. He didn’t take off early like, but he does right every time. Right? Yeah, like he like if they’re in New York and the show’s over, he gets on his plane goes right. So he wants to go far from you. Yeah, but he wasn’t, but he wasn’t doing it. Yeah. It wasn’t anything that he wouldn’t normally do. Yeah. So I mean, I understand why these wrestlers were upset, they got stranded, and they feel like their boss left them hanging and yeah, but the thing is, like, I was reading a bunch of like, a bunch of the Twitter stuff. And most of the wrestlers came out after the fact after they got out of study, and we’re like, Yeah, he didn’t do anything. Like it wasn’t. It wasn’t Vince’s fault. And it wasn’t anybody’s fault. It was literally a plane issue. You know, and none of them most of them. I’m sure that there’s a couple of them that hold a grudge, but they’re the guys who held grudges beforehand, it was these are the guys that are all going to jump to AWS is there.

Contracts right now and they’re just looking for excuses to leave. Yeah.

Yeah, it’s there. They’re definitely those guys that are just waiting out their time and, and whatever supposedly weren’t just signed a 10 year contract Really? Or a five year contracts. I don’t like I don’t see Orton leaving anyway. So yeah, early trolling. Yeah, I guess I’d seen those but I don’t. That’s one of those ones right I don’t. He is he’s been WWE from the beginning. So as far as I would like to see what he could do, writing his own stories.

I would like to see what he could do in AW where he’d have a little bit more freedom to operate. Yeah, I could see that.

He’d have to change his move to like the OKR something right, the OKR

but, uh, yeah, um, yeah, I I like the whole Saudi thing, the whole Indian

thing it ended up for the better for the WWE I mean I can’t that show wasn’t going to be good I mean it was it was headline alright so they’ll do it they’re going to do tonight show is going to be what last week show us this fucking Roman Reigns vs Baron Corbin match that no one wants one it’s in London right? Aren’t they overseas or something? Or is that their raw is wrong? Somebody in I thought somebody was overseas this not currently, but they’re going to do also the announced team was very good. I think it was Byron Saxon Renee young and Michael Phillips. filled in. Or no, I’m sorry.

God, Who is that guy from NXT Pat McAfee Pat McAfee was the third mic on on smack down.

They did a pretty good job even though Renee young got kicked in the face. Like legitimately.

That’s Did you see that? No, I didn’t see that video. You need to look that one. I’ll definitely take a look at that one. I’m just looking. I’m looking at the

Looks like they are in their Roz taping on Friday or today in England. It’s taping Yeah.

So we can I can actually pull up what happened if you want me to go over raw for next week, so you don’t have to watch it. I like to. I do too. I like to be tortured with that every Monday. But this week, they’re going to have the fiend do his interview, which I’m guessing is going to be Bray Wyatt doing the interview is Bray Wyatt, not the which

leads me to wonder.

I know WWE doesn’t pay attention to storylines and stuff like that they don’t really like. It’s not necessarily storyline. It’s just continuity and stuff like that. But I would think it would be cool

because the fiend and Bray Wyatt are split personality. If Bray Wyatt wasn’t self aware that he was the champion and came out without belt and then but when the scene has the belt is out. He has the belt

They’re they’re aware of each other, aren’t they? I mean, but see in my mind, him and the fiend aren’t the same person and Bray Wyatt mine, right? Like he kind of like invades his mind. Yeah so in his mind he’s not the champion the fiend is the champion he’s not a wrestler anymore The fiend is a wrestler right?

Like that movie split where the dude just goes away and other personalities come out and they’re all aware of them selves But yeah, I think I’m interested to see what they end up doing with it and like how I hope that he keeps the belt for a while like I I like the theme so I but I definitely don’t you don’t think it’s gonna happen

not going to keep the universal belt they are determined to ruin that I know they are they keep doing things that either moving him around making this person moved to this area or this person leaving do to Brock Lesnar just up and quit the other day. Yeah, well, that was stupid. That was

The worst like

he moved over to fight malaria. Yeah, he left and no one’s gonna stop. Yeah, yeah so fucking lawyers and contractual obligation right but i mean they’re all under contract with the WWE It doesn’t matter what show they’re on I mean he’s contract a fox No he’s not he’s contracted to the web the web doesn’t own his contract Vince McMahon does. So

yeah, I I’m excited like I’m excited to see where they end up going and how things end up doing like there’s a lot coming up that they could either really really screw up or do really well. I’m they’re probably going to I haven’t seen this week’s AW, I usually I’ve been now watching on Saturdays because of the Orlando Magic games seem to always be conflicting with

with AW, so I now record the West Coast feed because it’s from 11 the one as watch it Saturday morning. I watch I watch at

WE live and then I normally watch NXT the next day. I haven’t gotten a chance to watch on XT this week either. It’s been this week’s been a mess for me. I’ve been having a lot of stuff with work and everything else going on. Here’s the thing, and I don’t know if they will drop any more tickets to it. But the NXT before Survivor Series, we should go to speaking of tapings and things going on. I was considering going over tomorrow to guilt nightclub. What the hell is that they’re doing and MLW taping. Oh, yeah. Interesting. So

yeah, the MLW is taping a guilt starting at like three o’clock tomorrow afternoon. Interesting. It’s a nightclub. Yeah, they it’s apparently it’s like you know how they have the old ECW Arena. It’s kind of like that same thing. That’s where they started like that was their first ever place that they did tapings for for TV. So

so they went ahead, they’re going to be back there. I’m gonna see if I can pull that up.

Because it’s actually looks like it the lineup was pretty good too.

What’s his face is going to be Wrestling EW Damn it has that level and what’s his face? Ross Yeah Don’t you love when I let’s just say it’s got the best fetish or the you know what it is? Yeah the thing the thing with the stuff Yeah.

Anyway I have a feeling if they dropped some tickets for an XT the one before Survivor Series AJ Styles and the OC showed up last week I have a feeling they’ll be a full on Raw smack down invasion of that and XT right so i think if there’s tickets dropped that week, I’m just going to grab to $10 tickets and if you can go we go If not, I’ll grab somebody else to go. So the the lineup tomorrow for blood and thunder which is what they’re taping, because I guess they’re doing some shows and then they’re also doing

like a network special.

They’re not doing a pay per view but a network special. Okay. called blood and thunder. It’s Tom Waller versus Davey Smith Davey Boy Smith Jr. Okay. I know one of those those you don’t know who Tom Waller is filthy tombola he he was a MMA or MMA fighter for years Jimmy havoc vs max Warner so Jimmy havoc will not be appearing at AW Full Metal okay or full isn’t full metals at all all metal all full full all for one year. First Year Yeah, metal metal Metal Gear full Gear Solid Snake. So,

whatever it is, so that’s happening this week and we should probably go over that card too since we’re, you know, got time.

And then you got Timothy Thatcher versus Loki. Loki sounds familiar. He looks familiar to

this dude which 1am I looking at one of the right right here.

Like a dude

Hart vs. Myron Reed KZ de Zang versus the spider lady

creepy and Carol Kwan vs Marshall Von Erich Yeah, so I guess I’m going to guess this the guy playing a Von Erich is another one Eric’s dead all the Von it all the Von Erich brothers but one are dead but I’m sure there’s grandchildren or

children of Milan Eric’s. I wonder if he’s an actual Von Erich. That’s what I’m their last name will rarely actually was not Von Erich.

So he is the son of Kevin Von Erich. So he is an actual Von Erich Kevin Von Erich is the one that’s still alive, I believe. So.

Yeah, Kevin Von Erich is still alive.


and then they had the fictional fictional ones, but yeah, they’re the third generation there are.

There’s David Michael Ross Von Erich, better known as Ross

Eric Marshall Von Erich Kevin Marshall add can or Atkinson also known as Marshall lon Eric Lacey Von Erich and Lacey dawn Atkinson

also known as Lacey Von Erich.

So they’re too lazy on Eric’s.

Oh, but yeah, so that’s that’s the lineup for tomorrow and it starts at three and they had the tickets for like 20 bucks so I was considering going and checking it outside you’re gonna go

give me a ring I will do I don’t believe I’m doing anything tomorrow so I may go with you. Okay, I will definitely

actually so the bells at 4pm doors at three.

I think tickets are still available for anyone who wants to check it out.

reserved seating is 30 general is a standing room only general is 20. So

I’m assuming you’d be fine with standing Yes, I’m I’m fine with standing at one of those events.

So, now there’s that but let’s go over the EW card.

EW full gear. I need to find a place showing it like that. I’ve that was my question. I haven’t seen anywhere that showing it. You know, I miss back in the day when when house would show everything. Yeah, I think they’re just not sure if AW is going to pull, I guess. I don’t know. Yeah.

So AW returns we have on the bot as part of the buy in show. You’re still doing this buying gimmick? Yes. They’re still doing the violin. is Dr. Britain Baker vs beat Presley recently. Okay, I’m going to go with Dr. Baker. Baker on that. Oh, he’s the dentist. Okay. All right. I’m funny enough. She’s actually a dentist here in Orlando. Yeah. That went in Winter Park. Yeah, you were telling me that I think one of the AW shows we Yes. So next up is actually probably a pretty decent

Match Josie nella vs. Shawn’s the chairman Sean spears. Okay, that should be interesting. I’m Joey Chanel is I mean pretty hardcore and I have a feeling that uh, that he’s gonna take a couple chairs to himself and you for some reason have a blind love for Shawn spears. I don’t like I miss his all like I liked his WWE he dies but it’s not the same it’s just not the same and he doesn’t look the same. He put on some some meat over his his muscle like he was ripped and XD and now he’s got some she’s got a mohawk now, right? Yeah, he shaved off his all of his hair. I mean, he always had the short like, thing going on. Like Yeah, the ponytail thing. Yeah, but he didn’t have like the shaved and then

he’s just painting Royce. Yes, another another. What should probably be a really good match is a Hackman page versus pack. Oh, yeah, that’ll be a good one. I like I like hang man page. I I don’t know if he’s my favorite person in AW.

But I really do like Hang Hang man page. Yeah I do too. I think he’s really good. And I like the I mean the gimmick is a cowboy gimme gimmick I mean it’s Red Dead Redemption that’s what’s the background and stories or whatever, but he’s a good wrestler i mean he’s put he’s gonna putting on a show and says POC for that matter I mean, he’s definitely put up some fight the bastard yes the bastard and then you have the AW Women’s Championship between Rio and me Sakura.

Don’t know.

Rio is the little Asian lady that stomps on people’s chests like oh one

and then let’s see we have the AW Tag Team

Championship, which is su vs. Lucci brothers versus private party. I’m going to go with the defense from the Lucia brothers. The defense. Su has the title.

Did the finals not take place two weeks ago.

Now I don’t think so. Did they take place on this last day? EW I think they did

one route your brother’s one. Okay then I’m going to say to let your brothers win at least they have se listed as a champion here Okay, so

then you have the young bucks vs Santana and Ortiz

young bucks will probably win that one yeah I unless there’s interference because that’s the way that that things been going Moxley vs Kenny omega in the unsanctioned lights out last out match.

Kenny omega really needs that win, but I’m gonna say they’re, they’re not going to do a unsanctioned match and not have Moxley win. Yeah, so they’ll further damage Kenny omega but the thing like I don’t I don’t think I’ve ever watched an Omega like hardcore match like, I watched Jericho vs a mega the first one Jericho vs a mega one. It was pretty damn hard.


and then the final match is Jericho vs. Cody and the Jericho being the champions and Cody. He’s not the champion.

chomping on

get up the bubbly. So we got a and and Cody at the got a really good spot at the on the last AW. Like one of the best spots I’ve seen in a while especially, you know, live in the ring. It was great. But he basically came out and said if he loses he won’t wrestle for he won’t wrestle for the championship ever again.

So so he’s set himself up to win, obviously, I mean, unless the only thing I can think of is if like he comes back because there was interference. I’m not gonna blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. But I think he’s pretty much set himself up to win. Yeah, or maybe he doesn’t want to because he’s the guy. He doesn’t ever watch him doesn’t want to put himself over as the champ

could be as I think, Papa Papa roads was known for putting enough oh yeah putting other people over know himself. Oh, over as the champ. Yeah, Jared had a reputation for that Bobby’s a lot. Yeah, I was gonna say there are a lot of those that did that. That’s one thing I’ll give McMahon. He won. He won the WWE Title One time for 24 hours. Yes, I think it was just to put it on himself. Just to say he did it. Yeah, but that man for as much glory is that that guy tries to get

does not like paga up that that area of the WWE he never has.

Um, I mean, he hugged up the top heel spot for years. Right. But he never was like, in championship pictures or anything, right?

Yeah. I mean, I

it was Yeah, he definitely kept himself out of champion chip. I think.

I’m trying to like, obviously, I mean, his kids haven’t really gone for championship.

Gipps either. I mean, the.

The boy. Yeah. Shane Shane was cat. Shane was European champion and maybe hardcore champion. they’ve kept themselves away from the main time. Yeah. Which is probably good because they’re not wrestlers. Yeah. At least the Jarrett’s you know, we’re wrestlers and you know and i mean dusty was a wrestler.

dusty kept himself on when he was old though, and I think that was the biggest problem. Cody is not old like that. The only troubling thing about Jarrett was he was there in TNA with frickin guys who were much, much better than Oh, yeah. That he should not have been. I understand but the belt on yourself, have a nice little, you know, a couple month rain, maybe put it on yourself two or three times. But you don’t need have that championship for eight or nine months at a time. Oh, absolutely. Not never.

Yeah, and I mean, it is what it is. It’s there. There have been a lot of people who have ruined a lot of things by putting themselves

In front of others, but i don’t know i don’t see a problem with Cody being champion like that. He He’s a legitimate guy that could be a champion. He if I

if I was running a wrestling promotion, and I was going to wrestle, obviously yes at some point I would put the title on myself.

If I was Cody, I would put title on myself in a year. I would let Jericho have a nice long run. I would let omega have the title. I might let Moxley have the title. Maybe hang man cut about around. Yeah, and then a year you put the belt on you kind of like what I think you’re doing with Roman Reigns. Now since he’s come back from the cancer. They have kept him so far away from that title that no one can be he isn’t even get booed anymore, right. He’s just there. Yeah, he just they’re keeping them away and I think it’s to shove him back in the title picture eventually.

But not maybe do it the right way this time where people support him Yeah. And I I could see where that would come be beneficial for his character and I can see where it would be beneficial across the board for those guys that

people hate but you don’t want them to hate like their their heels, but they’re not meant to be heels. I guess Roman Reigns well I Roman Reigns right? Like Seth Rollins is now. Yeah, exactly. So

I think I’ve said it since the first episode of the show. I don’t like his babyface character. He was I loved his heel character because I think that’s more him for him.

I don’t think he’s like a slimeball in real life or anything I just think he might be he’ll characteristics that he displays might be somewhat of his characteristics. Maybe not exactly but, but closer to what they’re doing. Then. The rah rah. I love everyone. You know

I’m doing it for the locker room guy. Yeah, I definitely get you there. So I think that pretty much wraps up our Monday morning quarterback slash pay per view preview. Do we have a few minutes left? We got we got as many minutes as we want. I mean, we’re not at like the 45 minute No, no, no, we’re pushing right at like 30 minutes right now. So we got plenty. So I was just gonna like so.

I went to a comic convention this Sunday because I had some filming obligations I had to do there. And

I got to meet Dan girl. Yes. was pretty cool, dude. Yeah, I’ve heard he’s a very nice guy. Yeah. And looks like he could still jump in the ring tomorrow and and have a nice long career. Well, he still does wrestle like he doesn’t even own an indie. I think you might own a wrestling. Like over in Tampa. He might. He

didn’t realize the teeth for real or fake. Oh, hit the put them in.

I didn’t realize that either. I always thought that he got laid down. Yeah. But

the teeth are fake. That’s good to know. Did you do you like watch them put them in or so I went to him the first time to get a picture with them. And I was gonna buy an autographed picture and take a picture with him. But he he didn’t take credit cards. So I left the convention went did some stuff. I found an ATM. So it’s like all right, I got some cash out I still have my wristband on. So I went back is 15 minutes before they close. I was like, if he’s still there, I’ll just just take a picture with them.

So I went up and I was like, Hey, I got some cash, you know how much for a picture. He’s like, I’m all packed up and Ba ba ba and he’s like, take some money. He’s like, let me put my teeth and he grabbed him out of a thing and I’m like, Oh,

you got a picture of a gang girl with his with his teeth in so I don’t

I think it would have been better if he would if he didn’t have his teeth and realize he had normal teeth. Right? Right. Right. But I always was to understand those fangs for real I was to actually

I got a nice exclusive will the Amazon exclusive Becky Lynch pop the man with the man. Yeah, sure. I got that there too. So that was my little wrestling related Elena Alexa Bliss and XT card. I sent mark a message because I was jealous of him because he’s currently at star cast. Oh, nice. So I guess he’s making an appearance there. And

and he posted a picture of I think it was during Triple H’s or not triple or not Triple H

Jim Ross is saying that it’s dark and that’s not a star cast at Jim Ross’s

spiel thing that like his speech thing that that he was doing tonight and he posted a picture of it. I’m like, oh,

Oh, and I’m like totally jealous. So I sent him a message and hopefully we can get him on the podcast soon. That would be awesome.

I know you are going to work on someone and I am going to work on someone. Yes, I actually I’ll talk.

I’ll mention today. Like I said, I was at my son My son’s school today. And

we had because they were doing a fall festival thing. And

I’m standing there and actually I was going to get him out from the after school program. And, excuse me, I look as I’m walking, walking in or walking out either way. Big old dude comes walking by and I’m like,

I know who that is. And it was bobbing tune but bobbing tune in tune day Baba today. I can’t pronounce his last name IS Boosie, I think

But the Polish wrestler from an XT gimmick Polish are no real Polish like, was yelling at his child in Polish. Yeah, nice. He fine. Kinda Yeah, but really anything in Russian just sounds mean even if it’s even if it’s like very polite Yes. Well and yeah so but yeah he was he he was speaking to his son in Polish and

and channel is fucking with you Yes it is sorry the the UCF game is on and I am a die hard night and I’m trying to keep it on and it keeps telling me I’m getting kicked off even though I’m the only person who has my account.

So, um, but the

but I ran into him he’s supposed there I gave him all of our information, give him the card and he he’s supposed to get back with us here in the near future. Cool. So hopefully we can get him on. Yep, I’m going to try to get a comic book writer

Who does comic books that are autobiographies of particular former wrestlers interesting and talking about some history? Because I’m sure he does a ton of research. Yeah. He told me how he ended up getting started in and it was really interesting to me and I’ll let him tell that story if he comes on here, but yeah, I talked to him quite a few years ago at a convention. He’s really nice dude. And yeah, he did a comic book about the genius. I think he did Duggan. I know he did.

Rocky Johnson the rocks dad, Nikolai Volk off

I don’t know if he was with gang grow. He was next to gang grow. But I don’t know if he was with him. He did the killer bees autobiography. I think Ganga would be an interesting biography autobiography for sure. I would love to get gang girl on the show. We can reach out to him and it’s not gonna hurt

with her how’s the weather without a seat don’t matter because he only lives over in Tampa so might not be a hard, get to get them off. So we want to go ahead and start plugins.

Some social media and we’ll get out of here we get everybody’s hair.

Instagram top rope wrestling podcast, Facebook, you can join our top rope wrestling page and group by just putting top rope wrestling podcast and

yes if you if you go to top rope, top rope wrestling podcast, or forward slash top rope, Breitling podcast, you can join our group as well. And I’m going to let you do the Twitter and the page because I never get them. Okay. The top rope wrestling calm and then top rope wrestling without the G on Twitter. Give us a follow. We really need to start tweeting more but yeah, yeah, it gets a little busy. I need to get into that back into that Instagram. I haven’t been doing as much with it as a yes. So we will get that back and we’ll get the Facebook rolling again. We’ve been a little busy. And we will be out again at mayhem on Mills on December 15. If you’re in the area, yes may have on December 15. And they’re going to be back at the studio. So we’ll be

indoors. Yes, we like indoors. Yeah, cuz I’m fat and I sweat a lot. Yes. So, and

I think that’s it. You gotta get out of here do something. Yeah, we gotta really got to figure it out.

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