This week, in celebration of Halloween we watch the Texas Death match between Vader and Cactus Jack. Get our live reactions and our post match reactions to what some believe was among the best matches in Halloween Havoc History.

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around for Lando for a combined way to really grow

Hello and welcome to another edition of the top rope wrestling Podcast. I am Rick and drew is over there laughing in the corner for some reason.

Thank you.

So I’ll leave Well, technically it’s a day after home.

Yes, it is the day after All Hallows Eve it is All Saints Day in case anyone happens to be religious. That is the official name of the day after Halloween is

yes. said okay, I’m Catholic. It’s Catholic.

It’s a Catholic thing.

I don’t know Lutherans took it too But yeah, it’s it’s All Hallows Eve is the is Halloween and then

we’re going to celebrate all saints.

Okay, but we’re not going to celebrate All Saints Day. We are going to celebrate Halloween by watching Halloween havoc 1993 Okay, and we’re going to be watching the match that was picked by the wheel. So first off, we are going to start off by watching the wheel spin Vader gets to spin the wheel.

Okay, we should introduce the match. We’re going to watch.

Well, okay, so the match is cactus jack versus big with vs. Vader. Okay. And the the deal is you have to they had to spin a wheel to determine the type of match. It’s Going to be so now we are going to learn what type

of match. This is going to be by spinning the wheel.

So if you want to start your WWE Network at 102 57 yes on Halloween habit 1900 93 you will see Eric Bischoff pre NWO looking like a jackass with a cowboy hat on

Yes, I believe he was going more for the Confederate Army look okay, at least I believe it may be in Union Army but I believe that it was a look that he’s going for there.

So let’s press play

and turn the volume just a little bit

if you happen to hear some bleed over it’s we’re just watching the WB network in the background. We are not trying to broadcast the WWE Network we are not. So they have a wheel and we have a buried

wire or a barbed wire match the late Oh gosh, the double late the late Vader and the late Harley Race. Yes,

I believe Vader died last year and Harley Race died this year.

Let’s see we have a lumberjack match. We have I’m trying to cage match

I’m trying to see all the other ones.

First Blood match deck, Texas. bullring match

is Vader screaming at the wheel? I don’t know. So there is a knife that is the selector now I want to know how they rigged this

I’m sure it’s pretty easy I mean you just put a magnet or something to slow down the spinning.

Yeah but I mean to get it on because obviously they are not doing an impromptu Texas deathmatch.

I guess maybe there’s someone behind their stopping it?

Yep, Well, okay, and Texas Tech deathmatch was the selection.

And Vader is telling us that it is over.

Cactus jack vs Vader in a Texas deathmatch. So

we’re going to stop here. We are going to stop here and we’re going to move on to the Texas deathmatch, though this is stunning Steve Austin coming out

it is stunning Steve Austin so we are going to go with the death match. Now. Which is it starts at 230 31. Or you can just click on the deathmatch.

We had the wheel fall out of the Texas deathmatch was that the only white matter they use the wheel for I can’t remember.

I don’t know they might use it for all of them I would assume so I was excited. I would assume this pay per view is very gimmicky.


Okay, so basically we’re fighting to the 10 count.

All right, so it’s the last man standing match, basically, yes. So we have such items as a headstone as rip Vader, a noose, a noose, a pumpkin that has a not so nice look on his face.

And the Vader and Harley Race are now entering the

late Vader and the late Harley Race are coming out


he has the WCW World Heavyweight Champion but he is not carrying the belt with him.

He also isn’t wearing the mask you remember when you used to wear that big mask and he leave it at the top of the ramp and it starts smoking.


I think this is far more comfortable for him. I’m going to guess.

Get the ambulance because cactus jack is going back because he’s going back to the hospital, right?

Yeah, this is pre everyone in the world loves Mick Foley.

Oh yeah. This was like, No, I can’t say original cactus jack because original cactus jack was Japan. Right?

Yeah. And I think this was

original. You had a cape distraught him over.

And there’s a young, probably early 30s, late 20s. Mick Foley. Yes. With all his teeth.

And his ears. Does he

have all those years at this point?

Yeah, I think Yeah, he might have lost the year. I think

you may have seen WRUCW

No, he lost the year in Germany.

He lost the teeth in The Helen Cell match right?

So he there wrestling on the runway up to the ramp. I’ve never understood the ramp that goes all the way to the ring that was never a thing that I really know

shit Vader took his mask off which really ever seen him do that. Oh,

and he ducked just got the the shot to the ring post. I actually

I didn’t even look this up. I wonder how long this match is. Hopefully it’s a

two hour and 51 minute pay per view. We started at the two hour and 30 minute mark so I guess

it’s it’s 15 1520 minute match.

Where we got some outside stuff coming and we got a chair. Right now. Bader is kind of sticking with the fists.

Everyone looks very 90s Harley Race has a slight mullet and a mustache.

He’s got like the perm. The mullet going on the ref has a must is that Jesse Ventura’s chillin behind them? I believe so. Yes, I like him and he’s got the ponytail. That was what the the bald head and the ponytail look.

not creepy at all. Is that Mike today the other guy

sounds like him.

This open for Tony shirvani.

Tony shirvani was an interesting everyone just the crowd everyone looks so 90s. So speaking of Tony will

have Tony shirvani. Have you seen the flu shot chip shot to the head unprotected? Yeah, they don’t do that anymore. Now

they even stopped doing that ne W.

I think we we got a

WMAW and Tony shirvani. Have you seen the photo of the broad or the meme of the broadcast booth where it’s too. It’s the two old men from the Muppets.

So one of the things I wanted to bring up in last week’s episode, but we were doing an off the top rope was just a little nugget in AW last week where they took a nice shot at double WE but it was a subtle one. It wasn’t the big one where they call them out. Right and it was your boy Excalibur who a wrestler did a falcon arrow and went to Penn him and the guy kicked out he goes, Oh no, no one ever kicks out of a falcon arrow whichever one kicks out of Seth Rollins, right and arrow. It’s like one of his moves. He does every match. pitfall is getting his ass beat. And it looks like it looks like Vader’s really punching him. This is when they like they would

date. Well, Vader was known to be stiff anyway. Like,

yeah, but also that’s when people’s punches look good.

Yeah, now they definitely pull a lot. Uh huh.

But I think it was also like they just didn’t care like they would take that shot they would especially for pay per views. They didn’t care care if they came away bruised and battered fully being fully

like to see some Texas death here.

So we had the this the SU plaques onto the runway that led that goes all the way to the ring.

Mick Foley’s busted open already shocking

think that’s a legit or Is that it? Was that a work?

I don’t know. I didn’t see when it started.

I didn’t either.

That lady taking the photographs in a bathing suit.

I was wondering, I’m glad

I wasn’t the only person

I just can’t stop looking at how 90s this crowd is it makes me very much. I was like 14 when this match happened 19 9302 and 12


Charlie races good. Oh, and and Mick Foley takes the shot to Charlie race.

Harley Harley right Why do I say Charlie? I have no idea I

I must have something I don’t know. It’s the drugs and I’m on.

Again this two weeks in a row.

Yeah some props and have some issues having some issues

if it goes to week four we’re gonna have to

well I got the doctor this time to the doctor prescribed me more drug

that that those punches didn’t look that great now

they’re going into the fog where the fog machine is

dealt with the grave. Oh it’s the grave.

Yeah so oh yeah that is the RMB Mater grave.

Bang Bang, bang bang

Do you think the Jessie J song BANG BANG is a tribute to Mick Foley? I doubt it.

He is definitely bloody. You will not see that amount of blood these days on a WWE or not On purpose now

you might see on an AW pay per view. You’re not going to see it on their

broadcast. I mean, when Naya Jacks pop blue Vader’s busted open to that looks like a blade job.

Yeah, that’s definitely a blade job but um

when Naya Jacks popped Becky Lynch in the mouth by x or whatever she had to break her nose. Oh, yeah, that was he was bleeding profusely Yes.

I thought it was a death match. I didn’t think you could get a cover.

I have no idea the rules of this death match. So it must be a false god. Apparently Danny McBride is the referee.

There’s a 32nd and rest period.

AW is definitely stolen a lot of things from old school WCW as far as I think

that’s one minute TV timeout. I think that’s there’s

actually no double BW used to be the following matches scheduled for one fall with a 20 minute timeline? Yes.

Okay, so you pin and then they have tend to get up afterwards. I think that’s how it works.

I don’t know you pin

on there’s a 32nd break and then they have 10 seconds to get up.

Just to put this in perspective, Kurt Cobain was alive with this man. Yes, he was.

He was alive and on top of the charts.

She have to pin them and then they

have 30 seconds to rest and then they have 10 seconds to get up after the 32nd arrest.

So how the hell are you ever gonna win this match?

knock them out cold I guess for a minute.

Eight, Seven I think I see a members only jacket.

I don’t even know who’s the heel and who’s the face.

I think they’re both kind of in that realm. Like where they could be either or.

Vader was always a heel though. Yeah.

Vader was a legit heel to he didn’t care if somebody hated them. Yeah.

Should he gotten all that trouble over in the Middle East? Yeah, doing that interview and smacking that dude around. And that was a work, but they didn’t tell the guy right?

We want tables doo doo doo doo doo.

And they’re bringing out the tables.

Is that table? That would

right it’s just plywood with with table on it.

That looks like one of those badass church tables that’s been around for too long.

It looks like the table at Thanksgiving that you put the food on. That’s like not being eaten.


So like that’s where they put the cranberry sauce they

have no like, like, covering over top of it.

Like where they staged the soda? Yeah

there’s a little girl with a bang bang sign right in front

and oh did did not rake I bet he just got a gut full of splinters. There’s certain amount of times he can pin him. Like if he pins him three times Is it over? I don’t know.

But either way that

the board I mean that should have cracked pretty easily I think he was trying he flopped on it.

It was just medium density fiberboard

and if you’re watching along you know what we’re talking about if you’re not then you’re totally confused.

Yeah, I mean that’s like the the shelves and stuff that they use that a lot of events. It’s just MDF,

which should allow you to go through it pretty easily.

Someone with a stinger with sting makeup on, but not the crow sting.

Oh, oh, he missed.

He’s gonna get sad on

Oh, and he does not. He moves out of the way. They are both a bloody mess right now. I think Vader’s is definitely a blade. Yeah, I still can’t tell on Foley’s full he’s really good at bleeding anyway, like so even if he did. He’s gonna take a nap Kevin,

do you see the stank guy now?


Oh God Oh it’s like

it’s a red wine boosting

yeah well that’s the only thing back that right that’s there was no Kairos thing yet the crow wasn’t even a movie yet

there’s the guy gentlemen wearing the American flag shirt behind them

the American flag Polo

This is when k fe was like a thing so these people are actually scared yeah see there’s some dad explaining newest kid

you remember the kid who is sitting behind us at the AW match that was freaking out when they when they did the on

the check to check it catches flip them off it’s great

well wasn’t when they did the unprotected shot when they did the the the match with Locksley Chanel and Ella.

Yeah, they’re showing some of that on the

yes on this week. Yeah.

Well not this week’s but well yes two weeks a taser

all it it’s

pretty wonderful with the term going on.

Why it’s a no dq match.

He gives a shit he walked over with a chair two seconds ago right?

Vader time. Oh, it’s Vader time

and Vader is climbing to the second rope

and top rope.

Get that balance and fully my god

we got a three count

They hit his nose on accident.

So I don’t like the 32nd break. I mean, if they did 30 seconds and then a 10 count afterwards that would make sense but

there’s no way to logically win this match if you always get 30 seconds and then 10 seconds to get up.

That was not 30 seconds nor 10 seconds so

that was not

gonna pay off this fucking taser or what?

You know what’s weird? Is how old people looked back then.


Like Vader is probably no more than like 32 here and I think cactus jack is still in his 20s and they look like 45 year old men

so we can look up.

But they look like 45 year old men and here I am. 41 and I do not look as old as these guys, look.

This was 93 1900 93

so he was 38 Vader was Phaedra was

I thought it was only like 60 when he died. No, he was.

Well, no, he was 63 when he died,

okay, how old was the Mick Foley

No no jesse ventura he will go on to Russell another 15 years

he was 28

yeah and looks like he’s 48

yes he’s always looked the same though like he still looks the same

yeah most part he just doesn’t move as well anymore not the

move that back then you just got into your like full grown man look earlier and years that then yeah then we did I

still I know the EW did this for one of their pay per views but I just don’t like the ring there the runway to the ring to actually being at the ring level.

I think they did it at rustle mania a few times.

Yes, they have.

I don’t know. It’s just one Those things that

you think they should have to step up into the ring Yeah,

I kind of like that like the going up the stairs or jumping up or, you know, somebody running into the ring and falling underneath and sliding, you know

10 seconds

How was that? Why were they fighting during this 32nd recipe?

I don’t know why

30 seconds start taking four seconds.

We should have actually timed it because I’m pretty sure

bolt of electricity. That is the most overdramatic bunch of horseshit. What? Oh, he didn’t see cactus. jack it up. Vader distracted the referee. Oh and then Charlie got it as just kind of bullshit Yeah, you said the slick the fourth most

well that was what the article I was reading was so there’s the fourth best Halloween havoc match I’m kind of with you on that that was not a not a bullshit I mean as far

as the ending is concerned definitely that was a that was not a

way maybe it’ll be business will pick up here okay she’s doing a

Harley Race to Scott yeah

I can’t even think of it. It’s on Johnny’s move. Yes. hammerlock DDT

and cactus jack is now headed back to the ring.

Oh, that is Tony Hsieh. Oh, that’s Tony Giovanni dressed as

He still has hair. Tony Sharon. Yes,

he was head of hair. He still does have a full head of hair.

And Jim Ross still has a hat

check out that moment on the guy and right above his right shoulder. Like with the mustache the porn stash and everything. Yeah. I wonder whose house that is?

Maybe it’s Ron’s house.

I doubt it threatens house

whose house say was

in cheese cheesy like

that was like I was never like WCW was always the cheesy one to me and I never got into the cheese. Really? Yeah,

I don’t know. I like late 90s WCW. I liked

CI like the metro era, like when they start doing Nitro and

once the NWO came around that’s when I like Goddess EW.

So what are your thoughts on on the match? Again? I thought the ending was bullshit.

I didn’t care for the rules

yeah I didn’t explain

what was going on

and they may have during the rest of the pay per view like gone through this is how they’re going to do it but I don’t know it really didn’t. Overall army. I mean, they The fight was good. Yeah. And she and I mean, the whole the whole thing was decent. It was just not and

it wasn’t the story wasn’t told. Well,

like compare that to say it here in a laugh compare that to say that loot your brothers versus private party match. Where does nothing but flying and jumping and flipping and acrobatics? Yes. Looks like a fight between two people that had a problem with the correct versus a acrobatic gymnastics display

yeah which is funny because I’ve started watching Ruth and started watching AW with me on Wednesdays and she likes she likes the high flying she couldn’t care less about like the hardcore stuff in the beating but she enjoys the high flying

but that’s a good chunk of the fan base likes that though I just have I like a fight to be a fight

right one that would look like two guys that would be the shit on me. Yeah. And you don’t get a lot of that anymore because you have those I mean and I don’t not care for my actually like him a lot but guys like Marcos done where you’re like yeah,

I can kick his ass. Yeah, exactly. But I enjoy the character and I

like I like how they’re using it and whatever. It sucks. That Luca source had to be out for that match because I was really looking forward to Lucha source and I really liked Luke to source so

hopefully he gets better soon.

And they had us Marcos done and Marcos done and jungle boy are two small small wrestlers

little guy

I mean jungle Boy small and then you look at Marcos next to jungle boy You’re like a okay

sorry and I think that’s all we got for this week. Anything you want to plug coming up I mean we got a hopefully everybody got a chance to go play everyone enjoyed their check out

cafe hope Yeah.

And hopefully they got to check out cafe last week last Saturday they do our music so support cafe you can it’s KA up you can find them on almost anywhere you find music just search them it’s really good stuff. Did you take the kid trick or treating?

Yes Actually we went out to Disney

cool. We went to

Disney Springs No,

we went to one of my friends is camping out at Fort wilderness. Okay, so we went around and

and and true retreated out there.

We we actually stayed out there last year this year where we didn’t get in in time but they got it in time. So they put us on the reservation.

That’s cool, which was nice of them. I

What do you What did you do for Halloween? Do you just sit home handle candy?

kids in my neighborhood and I know I

worked and then came home and watch the horror movie.

Yeah, I worked. I had to go to work afterwards. So, but Tune in next week we’ll have a whole brand new show.

I don’t know what we’re going to have, but we’re going to have something.

We may have a guest come in, I’ve invited somebody so

and we are for Thanksgiving, doing a gobbledygook.

Okay, we can do a gobbledygook for Thanksgiving.

One of one of the one of the fucking Survivor Series will watch a Survivor Series match where the godly goober goober goober goober will watch a match? We’re on that summer slam he made an appearance will do but we will I want to do a traditional summer slam I want to do a five on five elimination. Oh yeah, we can definitely do back in the day.

Yeah. Oh, That that’s the best summer slam I wish they

would go back to that that Survivor Series

yeah Survivor Series I know which man I’m

kind of like that team event that they’re doing out in


yeah they did yesterday yeah

yeah sorry

that I haven’t watched yet so me either because I have a job

Yes me too. So if you guys have any or you want to go ahead and plug our social media


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Yeah, we have a group that you guys can join to reverse. And if we got enough people participating, we can start doing live like

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right of the pay per view. So that’ll be fun. And then, yeah, I think we got the, we may have a guest in soon.

Trying to get some more interviews

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There’s just on your TV. Oh, maybe

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