Drew Rages as we go over the draft that the WWE held over the last week. We also discuss AEW and their successes and failures as well as Eric Bischoff being fired from the WWE.

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The combined weight of really

top rope

Good evening and welcome to another edition of top rope wrestling podcast. I’m Rick and drew is over there on the couch. I am here and accounted for.

So I think we’re going to talk a little bit about the draft tonight. Yeah, and maybe some firings or some going on in the WWE World. Some firings. Yeah. It’s a firing Maybe some promotion some promotion a specific or just anyone who watches or keeps track of what’s going on should understand what we’re know what we’re going to talk about. Yeah. I’m actually excited about the promotion. So I’m I might be in the minority there but

we’ll see I think the promotions been doing that job anyway for the last couple months. You’re probably not wrong. Although I

don’t know it sounds. It didn’t sound like he was still more in the office. Yeah. Then he was actually out on the road. For those that don’t know what we’re talking about. Eric Bischoff was fired. He went Bye, bye. Yeah, he went Bye bye. Well, I can’t say he was fired. He is just no longer with the company. Oh, no, it said they said Vince McMahon fired Oh, did he say because I haven’t heard I haven’t kept

up with it completely. But my sources or the internet as everyone else calls it?

He said fired.

Got it. So we and then

Bruce Prichard has taken over as The I don’t know, what is the official title the not the President or rap director, producer, whatever. He’s the head guy for smack or for raw now. So that’s a hurdle for smack down.

That’s something to wrestle with.

Yes. Bruce Prichard was pretty sure he so he’s now the head of smack down. Okay. Right. Yeah. And and Paul Heyman has still ever with raw, but now separated from Brock Lesnar because Brock Lesnar is on the smack down, right. Well,

I’m pretty sure Paul Heyman will now be on both shows he won’t be on Robin right. It’ll be on air talent on smack down and an on site because he now has to be at both shows.

But I mean, it’s a Monday Friday, so it’s not really that big of a deal. And I’m assuming with his current job with raw he is at the office but are working most days I mean, pretty, pretty big, pretty big spot to fill. So what drew really wanted to talk about I really didn’t get a chance to watch like I looked over the results but I didn’t actually watch it but drew sent me a message he’s like we have to talk about this cluster fuck of a draft. Yes.

So I don’t know Do you want to like pull up who’s where now?

Yeah, I can

I can kind of fill you in while you’re doing that on what happened?

Yes, I like so I wasn’t watching this past week for them or I was a week ago. We can have whatever I will I wasn’t watching. Wednesday is now my wrestling day. I tend to watch AW, and then watch NFC afterwards and every I record MXD so you know, that’s my wrestling day and I because I enjoy both those promotions are both I guess one

I’ve been watching AW on like, Thursday. Well,

yeah, I’ve been watching it the day after a lot of mostly I actually I was last night I watched AW live and I watched NXT the next day

and XT since they’ve went live I don’t think I’ve made it through a full episode. I think that show is Just better at an hour.

I’m with you actually on that one. They seem like they’re like kind of throwing things out there and seeing what sticks and yeah, if I have to watch another match between those two big dudes that they keep put throwing out there I’m completely blanking

bald like

guys that the the one guy he’s a former NFL lineman and the other ones

It wasn’t an MMA fighter,

the Imperials or whatever now the

Imperial for from XT your UK? No, just the big dude. Like they’re just too big news. They’ve stuck out they’ve had like four matches now. Oh, I haven’t seen their Well, it’s always towards the end of the match or end of the thing. So

I usually don’t make it that far. Got it. They’ll still throw something out in the beginning and it just just doesn’t capture my interest.

Yeah, it’s, uh, I’m trying to let me pull up the

do. Yeah. So they I’m completely blanking on.

The guys names it’s just two big dudes and they’re actually they’re going up for the championship this week, the Orford, not not the championship, the American or us championship, whatever the chant the North America North American championship. So let’s see. I’m just pulling it up right now. And

why am I where is this match? I know I watched it. I know I watched it.

But while you’re looking,

Keith Lee and Dominic. Oh, please. Yeah,

they’re good matches. It’s just they’ve had them go four times the same, same, same matches,

so obnoxious. I thought one and two of that. I saw the first one live, I was there for it.

All right. That was when you were those TV tapings. Yeah.

So the draft consisted of

how First of all, let me

You want me to start with who were known.

Let me start with a question for you. Okay? What do you picture like like if you close your eyes and you picture a draft of wrestling What do you picture it being like

I mean I

me personally like if I was going to set it up it would be something along the lines of like the NBA Draft or whatever you know bring this person you know

so there would be select trash

yeah this team person right one

by one would you have like like I don’t know maybe God way How do I put this? Would you have like I wouldn’t have like everyone sitting out in a suit and they be drafted one by one because it’s that that gets a little ridiculous. But I would have when you got drafted that person come out

right and say something or whatever or you know, okay, you might like On a hat even like how everybody like to have a line of smack down hats and raw hats,

you might even also like afterwards in the back at the very least, interview these guys and let like Hey, what do you think about the fact that you’re going to smack down or raw? Right you right? Yeah, yeah, the none of this out of that.

They just basically announced who was going where so this is,

this is what happened. So it started on smack down, right and Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins had a fucking match to decide who picks first.

Ok, ok.

Now there’s no general manager for our smack down anymore. So they weren’t doing the pics basically. There were two war rooms. Okay. One for Fox Sports that it was for Monday or USA MBC. Yes. These were pre taped, probably months in advance, because I don’t know a month but yeah, these are the worst reactions to anything like. So if you put in like your pick in the NBA Draft And you know you’re going to get it right you celebrate afterwards like you’re surprised you got the pic you put in

general I mean sometimes you know that you’re surprised that the one you put in No not at all the one you’ve said like we’ll

take him yeah that’s nice stop that. Yeah All right. So these they were cutting to these war they’re calling them the war rooms all right Fox Sports War Room featured a fucking robot in it like a robot

like the one from their NFL coverage

that exact robot Okay, he was in the war room but what would happen is they’d be like all right smack down chooses fucking I don’t know Charlotte flare and they’d cut to this war room where they’re celebrating like they are astonished that their pic got picked.

Yeah, that’s not a draft at that point. It’s kind of a these are the like, here’s a list of the people you like who are you going to get

so wrong? got three pics to smack downs to which I understood Because there are longer show right but the pics were announced by Stephanie McMahon one like in groups of five like she didn’t come out and say oh with the first pic we select Seth Rollins and then like there was maybe like a clock countdown and a match in between or something. It was just like all right, Ross. Ross selects Seth Rollins to smack down selects Brock Lesnar. Did she do them in sets of five and that was around and she just announced them all at once. And then they never fucking cut to any kind of reactions from these people. So it was just it was just it was just five pics in a row. shots in between of the war room these people high firing like assholes and fucking no reactions from the wrestlers. They never once went to any wrestler and like, hey, you’re going to smack down. What are your thoughts on that? Nothing.

Well, and it’s interesting because they did

They did a snake draft to right because they denounced a raw person in round one at the beginning and they their amounts of smack down person in round two at the beginning no I guess it wasn’t really a

no because to get five UN right reroll is it always had to be wrong on top Now

where was I lost my train of thought Oh, so here I don’t know it’s just so stupid like it just a bait no fucking sense. And

God I’m gonna have to talk about something else to get my train of thought back. So,

yeah, do you want to just go through we’ll go through around one of the draft Sharon, and I’ll

be filling in the blanks here.

I can be Stephanie McMahon. Me going really off the top five.

Oh, that was it. That was it. There. Here we go. There was a pool of wrestlers that could only be selected on certain nights.

Yes, I saw that. This guy has to be around for round five draft pick.

So Seth Rollins really isn’t the number one He is the number 80th pick because he was the first pick on Monday right but that was cool too and then they were drafting people like fucking Luca house party went ahead of like, like the MS and Naka Mora and

made no fucking sense.

So we’ll go through round one. Oh you have the I have it in draft order.

Good. Do you have broken down from Monday to

I don’t know which days are which

whose number one pick on that one.

Oh wait, no it does smack down right Nevermind. I do have they are in order. So cool. Round One of the smack down draft which happened on October 11. Yes. First pic going to raw was Becky Lynch. Yep. Route pic number two smack down Roman Reigns. Then Rob gets the OC AJ Styles Luke Gallows and Currey Jason

Yeah, three people in one pic.

And then smack down goes and picks the theme right Wyatt moving from raw to smack down Okay,

I’m going to pause right here okay all right because this is not only have they ruined this fucking fiend characters and telling itself Did you even want DV heard about I heard I heard about a fucking stoppage and a fucking hell in the Cell match but yes fucking stupid Seth Rollins lost his mind because Bray Wyatt with no cell and happens is move alright so since then since that debacle the scene has on draft night come out from under the ring like an asshole right drag Seth Rollins under lead them up the mandible clawed him all right, and that’s how raw got the first pic.


that was a that was a DQ. All right. And also, this is another way I feel like they’ve ruined the theme. The theme to me is not someone that’s going to adhere to a show, right? He’s not gonna be like, hey, you’re going to smack down. All right, so I’m just is going to wreak havoc on smack down,

right? He’s one guy who’s going to wreak havoc wherever he feels necessary.

I’m not saying they shouldn’t have put him on a specific show, but do not draft him. Like let him find his way on some show and wreak havoc there. Yeah, I could see I instead of Hey, with the fifth pick, we’re taking the cookie cuz that was she was also doing this. Like it was a man Becky Lynch. And then she had some little zinger for every fucking Oh, God. So it was like smack downs about to get dark with the feeling Fuck you.

Oh, and what’s funny, I had such a thing for her and when I was in like high school, like,

Yeah, super hot back in the day and,

and then she got the boob job, like the boob job was what ruined it for me,

which Jericho took the opportunity to mention any chance to see me?

So, the number five pick was Drew McIntyre going to rock Okay,

a round number two. We have

Randy Orton moving from smack down to raw. Sasha Banks going from raw to smack down, ricochet staying on Raw. Bronze Stroman moving from raw to smack down Ken and Bobby Lastly, who probably would not be a second round draft pick. Moving to LA

By the way, all these people pick the head of Seth Rollins, technically,

yeah, this is a stupid pool, but even not including the pool. There are other people below him that I would have picked for like the below some of these people that I would have picked first. Yeah, so will you get to the tropics? Ridiculous. So round number three we have Alexa Bliss staying on Raw. Oh, she got traded.

Oh, did she get to that for future fucking pic consideration? What the fuck is that?

Oh, all the things.

You’re gonna have to like you can’t put the AI like

This week of what they think the show is about, you’re gonna have to you’re gonna have to put drew goes into a fit of fucking rage over the draft.

So we’re Lacey Evans moves from raw to smack down. Uh huh. Kevin Owens moved from smack down to raw. The revival to people move from raw to smack down. Scott Lawson dash Wilder or Scott Dawson when I say Lawson I looked at it and Okay, so and then with the final pick in round three and Natalia stays on Raw. Round number four, which is the final round of smack down Oh, there wasn’t an extra hour right so we have which a house party going oh,

by the way, they cut to the war room. They went absolutely fucking nuts because they acquired loot your house party.

They must be trying to assign them to a new contract or something. So Lucia house party moves from raw to smack down. Nicki cross days on Raw,

heavy machine She was also in that Alexa Bliss.

Oh she so a heavy machinery stays on smack down and the street profits move from XT up to rock Yes. So which is not shocking they have been on TV more than any other tag team and not because of what they’re doing in the ring because I don’t even think I’ve seen them Russell on Raw or smack down

you know what they are? They’re literally they’re like fucking like Sigourney Weaver’s character and Galaxy they’re telling you a shit you already know like her job was to repeat the computer tell you

coming up Montez and fucking Angela Dawkins are just telling you what has happened on Raw

and what is to come. And next up we got the entire time and

I love these guys. They’re very talented should be wrestling not telling me what has already happened.

And then we have our supplementary draft picks. Okay, these

are ones that came in after the fact yes,

these were after the fact. Eight additional pics were announced on the website on October the 13th. And actually For Apollo Cruz who was slated to be part of night to fool all wrestlers had initially gone undrafted during round one Okay, so Apollo cruise the beat team both stay on smack down okay drew drew a Glock goes from 205 live to smack down can explains why he lost the belt EC three goes and Eric Young both stay on Raw okay he Slater moves from raw to smack down right Sin Cara moves from smack down to raw hasn’t been on TV in over a year right and then to Mina goes from raw to smack down

has been on TV in like six months,

right? So shocking. So we care

about those pics.

Okay, so we are now in raw. Okay, we are watching raw on October 14. There were six rounds done on Raw six, six rounds. Okay.

The NBA draft is two rounds. Yeah, they go through 60 players.

Yes. All right. I had something Yeah. Because there’s 3032 teams of 64 players, okay, so six rounds, six rounds overall.

Okay, all right.


the number one draft pick, Becky Lynch defeated smack down every time Charlotte flare who replaced Sasha Banks to earn the first draft pick that night.

Yeah. And that was actually pretty good match.

I’m not talking actually they generally they generally do a good job, actually was supposed to be Sasha Banks, but she was not medically cleared to compete. So with the first draft or first pick in the raw draft, was Seth Rollins. Going staying on Raw, yep. And then number two Brock Lesnar with Paul Heyman, moving to smack moving the smack down. Then you have Charlotte flare moving from smack down to raw. Okay. Then you have the new day.

Three, three, again, three guys, three guys. That’s a guy that’s Lisa. Lisa. They’ve been together as a stable for a long time. The OC is a tag team and a singles wrestler. Yes that all gotten edited together which I understand they wanted to keep them together they could have done two different it’s rigged it’s not like this is he NBA Draft they just had two separate pics of smack down gets gallows and Anderson smack down gets AJ Styles

well and you have three group or you have two different groups with have that have three wrestlers. My thought would be you’re either going to keep them on the same like you should probably keep on the same show to buy each other but they Yeah,

or maybe they just wanted to stables one on each. Maybe but as they don’t have a lot of stables anymore.

No they don’t. Which is funny because AWS big on stables right now like they keep announcing new stables. So okay, so and we’re on the last pic in round one of raw on Friday and Selena Vega move from smack down to rock,

which automatically told me that Alster black was going to rock they don’t separate their cup. Right. So next up round to the Kabuki warriors move from smack down to raw, but they’ll be able to move on both shows because they’re the tag team champions. Yet when they lose the belts their exclusive to raw. Yes or that’s how they explained got it. Okay, that’s good to know because I was not aware so champions can move between them just the tag because there’s only one set of women’s tag.

Okay, got it. So there’s always the women’s wherever

the women’s Tag Team Championship can move I believe between NXT Ryan smacked.

Got it. Okay. So we have the where was I at? Can we hear Daniel Bryan moves or stays on smack down? Yep. Rousseff moves from smack down to raw. Oh, the line when?

When Daniel Bryan was drafted was smack down. It’s about to get more eco friendly.

Damn it. Thank you, Stephanie, man. So then we have Bailey who stays on smack down. Alister black goes from smack down to rock. Yep. And moving into round three,

round three of six of six.

Cedric Alexander moves or stays on Raw shins, k Nakamura and Sami Zayn

go together to smack down. Okay.

Where they were all talents. I know they were one of each. So I guess Zane was a raw talent.

Yes, one one of each. Zane is now considered the manager.

Yeah, it’s been that way for Yeah,

but I it’s been that way for a little while, but it’s, I don’t know,

I could I think he’s in a holding pattern till they find something for him. Got it.

I guess that makes sense.

There’s really, I mean, as much as I don’t like him. There’s really not a lot of people that can match with with him on the mic. So

yeah, you’re you’re not raw. He’s very good on the mic. Humberto? Carrillo goes from 205 live to raw Yeah, I’ll he goes from our stays on smack down. Erick Rowan goes from smack down to rock Round number four for buddy Murphy goes from smack down to raw dot zero Ziegler and Robert rude who were on opposing there was raw. They were both on Raw and smack down, but they were the tag team. They were the tag team champions. have both moved to smack down together, right? I hate that they call him Robert rude. I think I miss Bobby rude but you know, that’s that could be me. I mean, Robert rude just doesn’t roll off the tongue as

well does not and if you ever want a really good laugh, they won’t do it because he’s not on. He’s not on Raw anymore. The fucking announcer

Oh, yeah. calls him Bobby. And then

No, no. He just puts the emphasis in the wrong part of Robert. And it really fucking just annoys me. I was

watching. Maybe it wasn’t the lead. It was one of the guys when they were doing the announcing called him Bobby. Oh, yeah, he goes by Robert now. I mean, there’s a ring announcer Oh the ring announcer he

room. That’s how one would say it. He goes Rob burns. rude. God puts the emphasis like at the wrong spot

jitter Mahal smack down goes to raw after the above the Miss. Yes, Carmela stays on smack down trapped above them is our truth goes from smack down to raw. I could see that everyone loves our truth. Yes. Samoa Joe stays on Raw should have gone higher. The Miss stays on Raw. Wait, wait, hold on. Nope. Goes to smack down. Sorry. Okay. from raw. Akira house has to Zola Yeah. goes from 205 live to raw. Good for him. King Corbin goes from raw to smack down. Don’t know why he was drafted so late. Shelton Benjamin goes from smack down to raw. Reva stereo stays on Raw. Sure. We’re by the way we’re in round six now shorty Gable Gus he’s on smack that’s the thing now is it? Yeah, that’s his that’s his name. That’s his actual name. Oh, yeah. Because he’s such a small yeah yeah I’ve been watching yeah yes like five eight God forbid but he’s

he’s tiny

yes I mean you look at some of those guys in AW like what’s his face so

Darby Darby Allen but I’m no I’m talking about the do they were tossing around there was a jungle boy What the hell is his name he got Marco Marco. Marco stun Yeah, yeah

that was a boy I know

that was a boy

I did enjoy that match though that was actually a pretty good match. I i understand that it was a last minute filling because Lucious RS couldn’t wrestle which I was really really looking forward to source because I like Lou to source a lot

dying for orange Cassie to make his fucking date. Oh,

I know. Did you see by the way so I’m watching AW, did you see the kid right by like left right him or sorry? Yeah, right then go watch YouTube.

They brought him in the ring. Oh, did they brought him in the ring and Cody Rhodes let them pen. Okay, that

was the guy that was the kid. Oh yeah. I heard about the Match I didn’t haven’t gotten back and watched it. But he was dressed like Orange County sitting right there. And it wasn’t his dad or somebody right next one was MJF like had the everything going on. That was awesome. So back to it where we’re at. Titus O’Neil stays on Raw. Elias stays on smack down like Elias and live. Morgan moves from smack down to raw. She was drafted dead


Yes. And the supplementary pics according to the WWE Raw website.

Let’s see.

Sarah went from raw to smack down Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder stayed on Raw. Dana Brooke went from raw to smack down Drake Maverick one from 205 live to smack down. Firing desire. Randy Rhoads and Sony developed when I stayed on smack down the iconic Billy Billy K and Payton Royce went from smack down to Raw, Luke Harper stayed on smack down. Mojo Rollins stayed on Raw no way Jose, who have not seen in a long time went to stays on Raw and Sarah Logan stays on Raw.

So there’s some that that status is up in the air because I guess because they’re injured so we don’t know where Seamus went. You don’t know where Ruby Riot went. I have a whole list of those.

We don’t know where Jeff Hardy Oh, you got I actually have that list. All right. So we do have that trade that you were talking about Alexa Bliss and Nicki cross was from rato smack down. What

were the terms of that trade?

The terms of traded the smack down exchange for your future considerations feature? What

what feature consider it?

I don’t maybe they get to pick one of these people.

Okay. All right. That would have been nice. Explain. What the fuck is a future consideration? Yeah,

so Aiden English was not neither draft full. And he is currently into a five live Yeah, he’s a commentator right. Currently, Leo rush was not neither and his subsequent statuses on XD

Yep. Alicia Fox, but she was fired.

She actually retired. Okay, so Fox his last match was in April, and she’s been moved the alumni alumni section now of the WWE

already Alp.

They were signed as free agents after the draft by raw. I did not realize this I wonder how long they pined over those contracts. And let’s see going on we have the ascension, Connor and Victor on TV and here since their last appearance was rustle mania. OK, so the clones haven’t seen them in a year. last appearance was February. Amber Moon is in active duty in ankle injury, Jeff Hardy

and active duty leg injury. It’s not saying where they’re going. You just said no,

it just says that they’re up in the okay. these are these are the free agents as they’re calling them here. Lena or Lana and her Russa have been inactive for a couple of months. Well, we’re back right so

she she’s been in that she’s in that storyline with flashlight. Right?

She, she it has not been confirmed that she’s moving to LA though.

Well, I mean, they don’t split couples up so she’s going to rock.

Yeah, so Laurie Solomon is inactive seen him in forever. I’m Rick analysis.

They’re gonna put her wherever Mike Bennett is right.

So, which he asked her his release, so we’ll it’ll be interesting to see that ghost.

AW, he is they are wasting those two there. Yes, they are. I mean, you saw him at when we went to Bound for Glory.

Yeah, he’s good, right. He’s an excellent wrestler. Maurice, he’s a good heel. Yes. Maurice, Matt. Matt Hardy or Maurice is an active duty paternity leave. Matt Hardy was not neither draft sees a free agent. Yep. Mickie James is a commentator and active Due to a leg injury, she’s been doing commentary for main event during her recovery, but afterwards,


so her last appearance was that money in the bank.

Yeah, her and the thinker on the outset of the DU.

Yeah. Nyah Jax, who is inactive due to a knee injury?

page and accurate due to neck

neck surgery. She’s retired

Ruby Riot due to a shoulder injury. Shame is due to a concussion. And then he says because of Jimmy’s DU I

use those two to DY

do he do he do he? They know what’s funny is they don’t mention anything about Jeff’s Dewey. So I don’t know that Jeff’s coming back. Jeff Scott. What twice now that he’s been Yes.

Run? Yeah. Or this run like this run? Yeah.

Like since he’s been on leave because of the injury. So yeah, I don’t think he’s coming back. Probably not I just have this feeling, you know,

is one I could see ending up in AW, yes, I could definitely see which I don’t think they’re going to do. What? What? TNA and WCW did and just take anyone that leaves WWE? Oh no, he’s a big enough name.

He’s a big enough name and well, I you know what I probably would depend on how the other wrestlers felt about him in the back. Yeah, like I think that’s probably the biggest thing because I don’t that I have a feeling that they’re big on chemistry in that group of people. So if you have somebody that you disagree with or not or that you haven’t gotten along with in the past, you’re they’re kind of clicking. I mean, I guess it sounds a little quickie, but it’s not meant that way

of feeling if Mike Bennett asked for his release, he’s probably pretty confident he can get it. Oh, yeah. WY and

I think he should like I don’t see anything wrong with it. And

Luke Harper, I think was asking for his release because I think he has some friends at AWI.

A lot of these guys have friends today. WN and a lot of the guys that are under us could be used a lot better in AW. And having watched AW now for a couple of weeks, the product is getting better like their cameras. They still have some audio issues and some I there’s still issues with production. There’s still some issues with the wrestling

issues with the stories. Yeah, well, I’m there. They’re not telling them.

Right. And the problem with that is the fact that the stories are being written by the wrestlers. They don’t really have writers.

Yeah, I mean, they cut one. There’s been one decent promo and the whole three episodes and it was Geragos promo

to introduce the inner circle and now Yes,

that one actually was really good. Yeah,

that was actually really good. But they’re really not like they’re doing weird shit like I think because omega the Bucs and Cody Rhodes and those guys are part owners or whatever. They’re trying not to give themselves all the championships and shit but you’re also the fucking guys that are going to put the company over Because of your name, so you can’t go out in the first round of a tag team tournament. And you can’t have Kenny omega losing every week in not knowing anything about him, right like he’s yet to

actually, Romo. Yeah, and he and he’s good on the MC it’s not

Yeah, it’s definitely been an interesting thing. journey on their side for sure. It’s

but what I’ll say is, is you have shit like, like Darby Allen wrestling with his fucking arms behind his back. And then WWE puts a war room with a fucking robot.

Yeah, yeah, exactly. That Darby Allen spot with him with his hands tied by like, I’m like, how do you not throw a shoulder out? Like he was planning something like that had to hurt like that really, really had to

like the stuff he

I didn’t like how they tapped him out at the end because I’m like, like, everything else was like, he’d hold he can hold up to the pain he can live and he taps out in not like it was a very short time back. Yeah. So I mean, if you would have held them there for a while, like, I would More believe it

also found it weird that like Darby Allen’s what 100 pounds Yes. And jack swagger had to come in and make say

jack swagger So did you catch

Jim Ross talking about their accidentally calling him jack into the Jake? Oh no I missed. Oh yeah he’s like jack I mean Jake

so you now have to admit this little tandem of announcing they’ve gotten it’s gotten way better

it has gotten better I still like Jim Ross still bothers me on this like I just love it like he seems lost half the time like some old slippers man I loved him on WWE but it like there’s just something that

I think those those some of the stuff I think he does on purpose

though because like I make it sound like he’s going live like he doesn’t know what’s going to happen or stuff like he said a couple weeks ago.

He asked the question to Excalibur and Excalibur is really Good about filling in the blanks for shit.

Yes, but what I love when he jumps it like he’s my absolute. He’s my favorite guy on there announcing right now.

But he said something like

asking about a rule like why didn’t this guy get disqualified? Oh yeah, that’s caliber explained it to him and he’s like well, I’m just asking the question, but I think that’s Jim Ross playing dumb so you can explain to the audience what’s happened so I don’t think

he’s done that they use referee. referees described discretion

as I’m like what’s the word I’m looking for?

But I think that’s one of the things Jim Ross is really good at is he’s he’s getting the rules and stuff explained by just playing a little bit.

I can understand that. I know that there’s just something out there. It might be that because it might be that I understand that Jim Ross is smarter than that. He knows the rules. Yeah. And maybe i think that i because maybe it’s because I understand the rules and I can figure out you know, okay, there’s a 20 minute time limit or yeah There’s a TV you know, whatever. The one thing I don’t understand is I know they’re doing the don’t go to commercial split screen whatever. Yeah, but they they’re doing it at the beginning of some of the matches. So the split screen is just some dude like two guys like staring around at the screen you know doing a couple of poses and shit during

they definitely commercial. Yeah, they definitely a shift they need to work on.

Yeah, but I’m enjoying i like i like enjoying it and

like I said, I liked I’m gonna I got a little phone crazy during the tag match with omega and POC in those guys. So I actually didn’t erase it. I’m going to go back and watch. It was a good match when it broke down like when the barbed wire ship came out is when I started looking up and I realized it was a good match because I mean I had one eye on the TV when I in the phone I just wasn’t paying too much attention until the barbed wire came out. So at the end of AWS like all right, I’m gonna go back go back and watch this match but I did enjoy that match. I’m pretty much enjoying any match hang man page does I don’t know why I like I just like that. dangerous

and it’s funny because I was I played Red Dead Redemption for a while and like, all of his intro stuff is very Red Dead Redemption. I’m like, Oh, yeah, okay. And I enjoy I enjoy him. He’s, he is he has the classic wrestler look like he looks like a guy who would be in WWE or guy you know

and I liked that Darby Allen vs Jericho match. I thought it was good. Yeah. And

I like both Darby Allen and the dude that he beat Jimmy, Jimmy havoc. Yeah. Because they kind of bring the crazy you know, if they put on fun matches, and I’m waiting for the next pay per view because I feel like they’re going to do at least something more hardcore. Like I keep teasing all this hardcore stuff

on there. I didn’t realize the barbed wire on that bat and that that broom were real. Oh, yes, POC was fucking bleeding. We picked it out of his hand. But I like I mean, there’s certain stuff I like.

And then there’s shit. I just am I

yeah, there’s all it but there’s there’s gonna always going to be that like even Even raw in the best like in the Attitude Era, you know? There were always the ones you’d be like cringe worthy

shit but I didn’t like

Like I was saying I didn’t like that the Bucs put over that private party team or is that yeah that’s probably a party in the first opening round of a tag team turn that’s your fucking bread and Brad Chais tag team just like omega and Moxley and Cody growth they shouldn’t feel bad about putting themselves over it’s their fucking Yang like

it’s their company you know it’s

there the star these other guys you can help make them the stars but right now you guys are the stars and you should be winning. Yes. And they should be elevating guys that we don’t know like, caveman page right and stuff like that. But still at the same time. The buck should have those tag team titles or go very deep and they’re the only people that should be losing two are fucking Pentagon and fucking Yeah, what’s his name Ray, Phoenix and Yeah those are the only two people that I see that that should have any business beating them and they and the matches that they those two groups that those guys have put on have been amazing so I mean I yeah I with you on that you know and some of the tight like I don’t the best friends thing and you know whatever but but I mean the only like with with Cody or with the Jericho is titled The only people that have any business beating him would be Moxley or omega or Cody Rhodes or yeah I’ll throw hang man page in there cuz I like him but I mean really he’s not elevated and I mean the other guys you know should I beating that like it shouldn’t be those other guys should be like like when the Attitude Era ended and all those big stars like the rock and Austin moved on and those guys like Jericho came up afterwards right should be were like hang man page and Darby Allen and fucking

yeah don’t worry I get treated treat them like men you know their mid Carter’s right now I will. Absolutely and they let them earn their way because it does seem like they’re just throwing okay. We have to have a championship match let’s do Darby Darby Allen in there. And it was a wonderful match it was a great i love it but is that necessarily

Why should not be fighting Chris Jericho? Yeah Chris Jericho is fucking way out of that dudes

right? Even even dad Bob Chris Jericho is

that league yeah weird face paint yes

that baby laughter like the Joker like yeah that was a that was I mean I know why he did it to make fun of I’m assuming you make fun of Darby but yeah it was I but they’ve been putting on a good show I can’t I get complaints that I have are minimal compared to what they’re actually putting.

I just want more stories like I don’t need shit going on backstage necessarily, but at least need a couple of those Chris Jericho like promos from that last week. Yes,

I could see that. And I think so I think they have the exact opposite problem and XD I think XT needs to be an hour. I think that they’re trying to show too much into two hours and AWA with AW but the thing is I don’t think it needs to be longer than two hours I just think they’re trying to throw 50 matches out you

know or as many matches as they can also and I think people everyone would hate this but me but I’m a fan of when you don’t know someone like these people most people that are watching the hardcore fans know Kenny omega right, but Joe Schmo that’s like I’ve heard so much about AW in the wrestling school don’t know who Kenny omega correct. They need to know about him. Like right now I don’t know Kenny omega is move sets I haven’t seen enough of his matches. So like some fucking enhancement talent in there with him let him fucking go through his whole move set beaten a job or up and then cutting a fucking promo so we know who the hell he is and what he does.

I went through that or do like the old school like where you intro a new wrestler like right now they’re they every time they have a new guy that they signed, they throw them in their immediate Yeah. Or he sneaks into a match or whatever Razor

Ramon had weeks of vignettes. Yeah, he was even introduced and they should understand because this is a new promotion they don’t they didn’t have people already established in there so they couldn’t just build a guy up for six weeks but the thing is they have you can do it while he’s wrestling right

or there are people that are there that are established that I you know, you can throw any either the roads out there you can throw Chris Jericho and even I mean, guys like hang man page, or, you know, they’d

have like title or more about him

I went to, and you know, I think they, they could do some cool vignettes and things like that with him. But I think those are the guys you could introduce while they’re wrestling, where you had those other guys that they could bring in slowly and you know, whatever. Because there’s all those guys that participated in the battle royale and the first one. I had no idea who Orange County or Orange County was at the time, no clue, but you know what, I hated it. Like I was like, What the fuck is this guy? And then he kept going and I’m like, Okay, this is kind of funny. And then I watched his next match. I’m like, oh, Hey this is actually pretty good and then I went and went on YouTube and started watching him and then like the gang growl thing popped up with him and

once I realized that he does those weird like, like he almost does an impersonation of like kept dynamite from Napoleon Dynamite when he’s doing the like when he fights Dietrich whatever his name is for the death karate. Yeah, there were but um Yeah, I just would like to see more stuff like like Kenny omega i think he’s a big gamer and stuff like yes, let’s find out about him like show some fucking him in the bucks in the back pocket video games when we when

we went and saw him in a fighter fighter fast. That was really because they came out and they did the whole street fighter thing and like I was also Mike I might and more of that would be great because you know what, now I know that he gets it you know, but they’re

also like him in the boxer stable. So show them in the back playing fucking video games and talking. Yes, like you don’t even have to do a vignette of like, Kenny omega and you know, with some big dreams Run out like like they did for Cody Rhodes this week right which that was good but you don’t need that for Kenny omega you can have him talking while he’s doing shit like like playing games and they’re talking about remember back in Japan well just bring you up to date a little bit on what he’s all about right

and I don’t know if they’re trying not to mention like where they came from because they haven’t really done a whole lot of that like but

and I feel like Moxley they gotta break out the big guns like that promo that he put on YouTube where he’s breaking out of the prison or whatever they need to fucking show that and you stuff like that to establish like these fucking on engaged

yes do I’m not gonna say theme but do something along the the crazy line you know? I don’t know. I’m sure that they can come up with something that would be creative.

Oh, I read something that said that fox doesn’t like the Firefly funhouse. Therefore, that’s why it’s going to use Seth Rollins got it burned down. Oh, is it they don’t use it anymore. So we’re not going to see like Bray Wyatt anymore. We’re just going to see the scene which I don’t like because I like his bipolar character. Is schizo front and Karen

i agree i that i thought that was part of the best part of the theme.


excuse me Sorry about that had to sneeze off Michael

So yeah, I think that we pretty much covered the draft we covered

this week’s AWAW

we told you we wouldn’t Monday morning quarterback and we’re not Monday morning quarterback we’re just it’s a brand new

frustrating fucking draft.

That was a Friday. Yes. And drew message literally He’s like, are you watching this draft? And I was like No, actually I’m not right now he’s like, I need to talk about this.

Yeah, I’ve been telling you for a week is that I’m going to just rip it apart. So every other podcasts I’ve been listening to no one has been favorable towards this draft. So

it was stupid. I mean, ridiculous. It was completely they could just they don’t need a draft. They could just reassign people and be like, these are the new rosters Good luck.

You know, if they had done a draft you select the people individually you haven’t come up and then you have someone for Charlie Caruso standing in the back and as soon as they come into the back you get a little interview with them make it feel like a draft

you know it’d be interesting what they could do and it’d be really stupid simple to fake is do like I think they did it at once where they did lotto pics they can do that where you know a name you know, they have names in a bar or the balls with the things and they pop up and this is who you get, you know, so it’s randomly assigned and then you could have the war room celebrate Yeah, that would make sense the war room is celebrating because they because the Magic Ball pick them yeah, like the magic celebrated when they got the first pic when you know when they got to draft draft

celebrating like they’re celebrating like they got the first pick. And these were pics they put in that they were guaranteed to get because they submitted them right. Because the other guy took the

other brand,

you know the other team together? Yeah, just so ridiculous.

Yeah, but yeah, okay.

Well, thank you guys for tuning in. You want to go over some of our social

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Talk wrestling and I think I know some places we can put ads out. Oh, yeah, I do too. We only really need them on game day.

Yeah. So thank you guys for tuning in and we’ll see you next week. Yes, we’ll be doing next week, whatnot. So we really need to come up with an exit. Party.

Party People party on guard party on.

Booth. There. It is.

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