• Gertrude Elizabeth Vachon better known as Luna Vachon, Born January 12, 1962 in Atlanta Georgia.
  • The Vachon family is a French-Canadian family long associated with professional wrestling in Canada and the United States, headed by Maurice “Mad Dog” Vachon, his brother Paul “Butcher” Vachon – both longtime NWA and AWA veterans – and their sister Vivian.
  • They tried to dissuade her from entering the wrestling world feeling that it was too rough for women.
  • Andre The Giant also tried to dissuade her while they were on a trip to Paris together in 1974.
  • At the age of 16 she started training under her aunt Vivian and later The Fabulous Mulah
  • Her first son, Joshua, was born 1980 and her second, Van, in 1982.
  • Gertrude started her professional career wrestling for Moolah’s all-women’s promotion.  She then moved to Florida and, competing under the ring name Angelle Vachon, became a member of a four-woman wrestling troupe led by Mad Maxine. While in Florida, she shared residence with wrestlers Scott Levy (later known as Raven), and Denny Brown.
  • In 1985, she debuted in Florida Championship Wrestling, as a young, soft-spoken reporter named Trudy Herd
  • She was attacked by Kevin Sulivan during an award presentation
  • The angle had her driven mad by Sullivan’s treatment and she ended up joining Sullivan’s Army of Darkness stable under the new ring name, Luna Vachon. As part of her gimmick, she shaved one half of her head, which was the first step to her trademark Mohawk hairstyle, covered her face in bodypaint, and continuously sneered
  • She would then bounce around the indy circuit including trips to Japan, Puerto Rico and Stu Hart’s Stampede Wrestling
  • In 1992 she was hired by the WWF before disappearing. She would be found working in Florida as a waitress after the WWF hired a private investigator to find her.
  • Her first appearance was at WrestleMania 9 as a valet for Sean Michaels where she would attack Michael’s former valet, the Sensational Sherri
  • While that feud continued, Bam Bam Bigelow fell in love with her, referring to her as his “Tick” which the fans would turn into Luna-Tick
  • Together they would battle together at both SummerSlam and Wrestlemania 10.
  • The WWF then revived the Women’s title and put Luna up against Alundra Blayze. Blayze would win the title and  Luna would pick Bull Nakano to challenge for the title. She would leave shortly after that title match.
  • Luna is the first female to appear in a WWF video game, appearing in the first WWF Raw video game.
  • Luna would then move back onto the independent circuit and finally settling in ECWon the recommendation of Kevin Sullivan’s wife Nancy
  • She would be brought in as Tommy Dreamer’s Valet
  • Luna would then make a short tun in WCW in 1997. She would again wrestle Alundra Blayze, wrestling under her original name, Madusa.
  • Later in 1997 she would return to the WWE to manage Goldust and see his transition to the “Artist formerly known as goldust”
  • They would go on to battle Vader, Owen Hart and later HHH and Chyna.
  • Goldust would then go on to team with Marc Mero which would lead to a split and a feud between Luna and Marc’s valet, Sable
  • After a number of feuds she would end up back managing her husband going under the name Gangrel in the WWE
  • She would end up being suspended a number of times during this run for backstage antics including a fight with Sale and dissatisfaction with the sexualization of women’s wrestling.
  • Gangrel and Luna would move to the independent circuit after their release in 2000
  • In 2007 she would finally retire after winning the Great Lakes Championship Wrestling women’s title a few month’s before.
  • She was married 3 times, the last being David Heath (Gangrel)
  • She was diagnosed with Bipolar disorder and became a born again Christian in 2004. She was baptized by fellow wrestler Nakita Koloff
  • Around Christmas of 2009 her house was destroyed in a fire. She lost most of her wrestling memorabilia and was forced to move in with her mother
  • She was found dead at her mother’s house on August 27, 2010 of a drug overdose.
  • Her ashes were scattered at Andre the Giant’s Ranch in North Carolina
  • Her son Van appeared on Hell’s Kitchen in season’s Six and Seventeen.
  • American Wrestling Federation
    • AWF Women’s Championship (1 time)
  • Cauliflower Alley Club
    • Ladies Wrestling Award (2009)
  • Great Lakes Championship Wrestling
    • GLCW Ladies Championship (1 time)
  • Ladies Major League Wrestling
    • LMLW World Championship (1 time)
  • Powerful Women of Wrestling
    • POWW Tag Team Champion (2 times) – with Hot Rod Andie
  • Sunshine Wrestling Federation
    • SWF Ladies’ Championship (1 time)
  • Pro Wrestling Illustrated
    • PWI ranked her #306 of the top 500 singles wrestlers of the year in the PWI 500 in 1995
  • United States Wrestling Association
    • USWA Women’s Championship (1 time)
  • Wild Women of Wrestling
    • WWOW Television Championship (1 time)
  • Women Superstars Uncensored
    • WSU Hall of Fame (Class of 2011)
  • World Wrestling Entertainment
    • WWE ranked her #14 on their Top 25 Most Impactful Women’s list
    • WWE Hall of Fame (Class of 2019)
  • Other Titles
    • Universal Women’s Hardcore Championship

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AI Transcript:

For Lando, for a combined weight of


good evening and welcome to another edition of top rope wrestling Podcast. I am Rick and drew is over there in his new chair. Yep, I am sitting here live in a chair. So let’s back support with back support so he can actually sit up properly. Yes, it’s good for him needs that extra support. So today, we are going to do

We’re going to go off the top rope with another wrestler feel bad for the person waiting for the landing. Yeah. So we’re going off the top rope wet but normally I normally I clear these withdrew before I do I tell them what we’re going to who we’re going to be covering. This one’s brand new. Okay and it’s we’re going with a Halloween theme and is our first female off the top rope who want to take a guess as to what might be Halloween themed off the top rope. Alright, so I’m going to go with who it’s not first say rosemary. Okay. And then I’m going to say what probably is and say sensational Sherri No, oh, no, it’s not. So let’s go get let’s get into it. All right.

And would you want to start with her real name and see if you can guess because there’s I mean, literally right after I give him the real name. You’ll probably know who it is sure, why not? Gretchen Elizabeth vasan?

Luna Yes, better known as Luna mon Shawn. Bye

I was born January 12 1962, in Atlanta, Georgia.

She was adopted into the March on family.

It’s a French, French Canadian family long associated with professional wrestling in Canada and the United States. Headed by Maurice Mad Dog watch on

his brother Paul, the butcher, Vaughn john and longtime, both longtime NWA and NWA wrestlers. Okay, and their sister Vivian.

So that is the match on family. Okay.

And then all of those people involved there tried to dissuade her dissuade Gertrude from entering the Wrestling World. They felt it was too rough for women. Even though Vivian was a wrestler, but they felt that it was too rough for she shouldn’t get it.

Another person who also tried to dissuade her was under the giant who she went on a trip to Paris with in 1974

because he was a family friend of theirs, okay, so I don’t turtles out then any Hanky Panky happen

In between them. I don’t think so. But you know, I mean, you never know. So at the age let’s see that would have made her

we made her 12 at the time, so I’m gonna go no Hanky Panky.

So at the age of 16, she started the train under her aunt Vivian. Okay. Later moving on to be in part of the fabulous moolah is okay, wrestling that school school that from the hack I can’t remember anymore in the dark side of the ring. Yeah. Yeah, sorry. Sorry. for season two of that. Yeah, I know. It’s so good. So good. Yeah, that’s, I could I wonder how she felt about it. You know, unfortunately, I will get to it. She’s no longer with us. But. And then so she has two children. Her first son Joshua was born in 1980. And her second son van, which we’ll get to later,

was born in 1982. So they’re around our age, did a van go to college, and stay

College for many, many years. No has not been wild. Alright, jacket that that story is based on Bert kreischer. Okay. In case you’re wondering, that story is based around Bert kreischer and his stay at Florida State University. All right. So in case you ever wondering how that story got to be Currey started her Professional wrestling career career with Lula’s all women’s promotion. She then moved to Florida and compete a competing under the ring name. Angel Vaughn Shawn,

becoming a member of a four woman wrestling troupe led by mad Maxine. While in Florida she shared residents this will come back later with wrestler Scott Levy, Raven, and Danny Brown.

In 1985, she debuted with FCW Florida Championship Wrestling as a young soft spoken reporter named Trudy heard

so she was a reporter she was on air. Oh, that was she wasn’t a wrestler. She wasn’t wrestling portraying a reporter.

Right she was actually doing

interviews with sir gimmick now let’s choose actually interviewing. But it was all a setup because she was attacked by Kevin Sullivan during an awards presentation. Okay. Kevin TV there that angle with Kevin Sullivan had her driven mad by Solomon’s treatment and she ended up joining Solomon’s Army of Darkness stable under the new re new ring name Linda von Sean. Okay.

As part of her gimmick she shaved one half of her head. This is in the 80s are we up to the I know we are in the ad Stoker,

which was the first step of her trademark Mohawks hairstyle. She covered her face and body body paint and then continuously sneered at things. What she did right up to the end, correct. So and then she would bounce around the indie circuit with trips to Japan, Puerto Rico, and Stu Hart, Stampede Wrestling, which a lot of people went through back in the day especially if you’re Canadian wrestler.

In 1992, she was hired by the W

WF before disappearing, she literally disappeared not like from the roster. She disappeared. The WWE could not find her. Her family could not find her.

So she, the web actually would hire a private investigator to locate her. And she found her working as a waitress in Florida. But she was under contract she was under contract with the WWE this entire time Did she not? No. No, she knew she was just I think escaping. Okay. Well, we’ll get kind of back into her personal issues later. Alright, so they probably had a lot to do with her personal either personal issues.

Her first appearance was at wrestle mania nine as a valet for Shawn Michaels, where she would attack sensational Sherri

which led to a whole thing where she would battle against Sherry. And then while that feud was going on, bam, bam, Bigelow as a KK move, fell in love with her and they became

came together, okay back in the day, and he would refer to her as his tick. So the fans would then begin starting to chant, Luna tick,

tick, so that was it. Together they battled. Those two would gather battle together about summer slam and rustle mania 10.

And then the WWF would revive the women’s title and put Luna against the longer Blaze.

Medusa correct. Yeah, so we’ll get it will actually get back into Medusa and then blaze would win the title. And then Luna would pick, boom, boom Macondo to challenge for the title. And then she end up leaving web web off at that point. Luna did learned Okay, Bull actually, I think when I ended up winning the title, I don’t know if you wanted at that match that they had set up. I think later on she ended up winning the title.

And then this was a kind of an interesting little thing. During her time the WWF she was actually the first female wrestler to appear in a WWF

Video game. Wow. All right. She was in the WWE Raw video game.

So I thought that was kind of interesting.

And then, let’s see, Luna would then move back to the indie circuit before finally setting in ECW on the recommendation of Kevin celebrants wife, Nancy. So he was the one that got him put into WWE or CW cool. And she would be brought in as Tommy Dreamer is valet

it’s an interesting pairing. Yes.

Then Linda would make a short run in the

www CWI in 1997, where she would again wrestle against a longer blaze wrestling under Medusa.

Also, when she was with a sorry I skipped something. I don’t I didn’t put it in here. So when she was in the CW,

under Tommy with us, Tommy Dreamer his valet, they would actually do a

he would he before actually she was introduced Tommy Dreamer was like

It was she was battling with Raven and was on the

I’m going to bring somebody from your past yakin and so Luna was the person that from his past that he brought because they were former roommates and oh and Florida Championship Wrestling so

so in later and so that her WCW was really short and then she returned back to the WWE in

1997 and to manage the gold dust and see his transition to the artist formerly known as gold. Yes, I remember that. Yep.

They’d go on to be battle Vader Owen Hart and later Triple H and China.

In a mixed tag match. Gold Dust would then go on to team with Mark marrow which would lead to the split and a feud between marrow me between Luna and marks valet at the time, which was stable. Yes. So they had the women stable thing. It would be kind of based on real life because

Luna hated the sexualization of so. And that was actually a real life thing it would cause issues in the back.

Yeah, Pritchard told the story on the podcast about I think it was either she got in a fight with sable or Sunday, but I think it was sunny. She had a real Oh yeah. Oh, she got into a real fight with sable. Like that’s that was a list of thing and one of those stories as it would shock me if she got into multiple fights because yeah,

that actually,

after a number of feuds, she’d end up back managing her husband going under the name gang girl. Yeah, who she had managed, I guess previously and some smaller things. But what’s his name? David, Keith, there’s some David or something. It’s I think it’s Daisy Heath isn’t there Heath is his last name.

So then she would end up being suspended a number of times during the run because of backstage endings, including a fight with sable and

the dissatisfaction with the sexualization of women and

girl would move on to the Independent circuit after their release in 2000 and 2007 she finally retired after winning the Great Lakes championships women’s title a few months beforehand.

Let’s see she was married three times. The last being David Heath which is getting girl. She was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and became a born again Christian in 2004. where her and gang girl David Heath were actually baptized. Do you want to take a guess and who baptized because you? I don’t think you’ll ever get it, but I will say it as a wrestler that baptize them stink. No.

It was okay. Let me go for another one.

I don’t think you’ll ever get this one. Alright, go ahead. It’s Nikki Nicole off. Okay, all right, so

around Christmas of 2009 her house was destroyed in the fire. She lost most of her wrestling memory. Memory rebellion was forced to move in with her mother

And it’s kind of interesting because guys like, gang grow out of the picture. Yeah, gang. I was I was out of the picture at this point. I think they divorced in 2007. Okay.

And so

thing, growl

and then

what because she lost a lot of her wrestling memorabilia. Mick Foley actually got a bunch of guys together to send her things that they had her wrestling memorabilia. That’s cool. So I thought that was kind of cool that they would kind of get together and do all that. And then on August 27 2010, she was found dead at her mother’s house of a drug overdose. Shockingly. Yeah.

Apparently, it was a long running thing with the bipolar disorder. Not shocking.

Unfortunately, this I find interesting her ashes were scattered at the former ranch of Andre the Giant in North Carolina. So that came full circle it came full circle. So Andre broader

into the business. Well, to kind of dissuaded her from joining the business, but yeah, and then in the end she wanted to have her ashes thrown at Andres ranch correct. So and then this one I also found interesting.

Her son van Lew, I said we would get to later appeared on Hell’s Kitchen and season six and 17 Oh, cool. So he is A, B, B or C level celebrity chef, I would assume because most of those guys go on and do little whenever he brought her up. I don’t know it’s a it’s an interesting thing that he’s now in the limelight but not I mean, not anywhere close to what she would have been considered back in the day. Because any wrestling fan you could go Luda, and oh, yeah, you know. The other thing I found interesting was she hated her gimmick later on in life because of the whole born again, Christian thing, right? She hated that. She played a

devil worshipping blah, blah, blah, you know? I mean, they weren’t necessarily devil worshipping vampires. They were vampires. Yeah, whatever. So you want to go over some of her accomplishments.

Now, I’m going to say Women’s Champion in two of the Big Three. You would be incorrect. She’s never WCW Women’s Champion. She was never a WWE Women’s Champion or a WCW Women’s Champion.

So she was the AW the American Wrestling Federation Women’s Champion. She won the ladies wrestling award from cauliflower cauliflower alley club. She was a great Great Lakes Championship Wrestling ladies champion, the ladies Major League Wrestling World Champion,

the powerful women of wrestling tag team champion twice the sunshine Wrestling Federation ladies champion wants the she was ranked number 306 of the top 500

singles wrestlers in the

profession Pro Wrestling Illustrated in 1995 she was the US women’s or us Wrestling Association

Women’s Champion, the wild women of wrestling TV champion, the women’s she is a women’s superstar uncensored Hall of Fame class of night of 2011. The WWE ranked her number 14 on the top 25 most impactful women’s list, and she

she was also she’s in the class of 2019 WWE Hall of Fame. Okay, and she was also won the universal women’s Hardcore Championship. So she never won a WCW or a WWE belt. I was shocked when I found that out I was like really never pointing that that fucking like Sonny could be a 15 time champion. And and Luna who’s who’s a real wrestler. The problem she was she was right about that was when we were when Vince was all about the sexualisation of wrestling. He didn’t care he didn’t care about the wrestlers. Yeah, he cared about what they look like. So if you’re the bigger boobs you had the the more likely you are to get a belt


you had some athletes in there Don’t get me wrong but you didn’t have a lot of wrestlers and Luna one of the few actual wrestlers back in during that time so that pretty much covers Luna I can go and what are what do you remember?

Like what what are your What are your memories of Luna? Well once you by the minute you said Luna automatically I thought gang girl Yes, but rude. Yeah once you brought it up I remembered that she was

gold us manager after Marlena yep took off.

Yeah, I mean my initial I it was funny because I actually was going to do this on gang girl. And then I was as I was reading through some bio stuff on gang. I was like, we haven’t done a woman yet. Yeah, Luna fits that Halloween II category with the vampires and everything and and I found it obviously she’s a Hall of Famer, you know, so she apparently made enough of an

pressure on the folks in the WWE in her time in WWE and WCW that she deserved a spot, even though she’s never won a championship in either of those groups, which to me was just shocking in itself. Like I was like, I don’t understand why at least WCW didn’t give her a shot at the title they weren’t it was only in WCW for like five months. So it was a very very short run in that you see that? I mean, all their wrestlers were most of their people were models to because they had the Stacey key blur and yeah,

that look that you just gave no one can see it on for it’s just like they’re just they’re they’re quality guys. Just what I think back I enjoyed the women’s wrestling back in the 90s. But what I think back of it compared to now, quality was just not there. No, no, it’s so much better now because they’re actual wrestlers. They’re not they’re not models who learn to wrestle. Right, exactly. I mean, there are a couple out there that are still that way but not, not to the level. I mean, though, what they’re doing is they’re finding athletes, not necessarily models that can go out. You got a lot of those MMA fighters that are coming in now. You have the

Couple of CrossFit people that have come in What’s that one? What’s that one girl I like from

in XT. Oh gosh, she’s Australian. That you’re talking about with the long hair with the braids. Yeah. What’s her name? That’s not Ruby right but no Ruby Riot is red a Reno Reno something Oh, now I’m completely blanking. I she bought me She fought Shana Baylor. Last time I turned on the TV. Yeah.

I’m gonna pull it up real fast because I know that it’s gonna it’ll bother me if I don’t.

And I know that there are people that are running or that are yelling at the the screen right or that they’re like,

doo doo doo doo to ours.

YE Rhea, try XT Uk she might still be listed under that.

Sorry I just pulled up on the web

current superstars

and XT.

Bianca Bellaire. No, no, wait. Whoa.

Rhea Ripley.

That’s who it is. Ok. That’s though I was thinking Oh, you’re thinking of Bianca Baylor that that makes sense with the hair. Yeah. Sorry. Ripley actually wrestled Bianca Bellaire in the last, yeah, no.

Bellaire is not

Australia she’s not she is actually. Montez Ford from the street profits is her husband Really? Yeah. I she was a bit I guess he was apparently a CrossFit like athletes. Okay, before getting into wrestling by the way So, but that rear Ripley she looks like she can just beat the fucking shit out of someone. Yes, I believe you are correct. But I mean like all those guys, her Shana basically looks like she could destroy somebody and

so I they definitely more Luna would have been better off now saying now yeah 100% if she was if she would have been better than Duke I mean there’s a lot of those guys if she would have been better honestly she was born in like 1987 yeah instead of 1962 Yeah.

So I mean I’m sure part of her toughness came from that fabulous moolah situation and yeah, so she always seemed like a tough character to me. She may not have been underneath the skin underneath the whole thing but she always seem that way to me.

And gang morale of course when I don’t think they’d have made her a vampire now they made it made her more like a punk rock type. Yeah, or like along the Ruby Riot kinda yeah that she went to look, she probably wouldn’t have looked back on it. So unfavorably, yes. And I mean, I don’t think she looked back at wrestling and favorite It was just that gimmick That’s what I’m saying. I wouldn’t gave her that. That frickin vampire gimmick that again? Oh, like more of a tough like.

Like, I know it’s funny because a lot of people talk about true heels and they don’t consider them true heels but they also couldn’t care less that they were heels. Yeah, like people boot them but they never you know. That was when heels wear heels though. Right now. They’re not now they’re trying to be another one now. Yeah. The other that gray area of heel they want. They want to be the Wolverine.

They try to be cool. They don’t want to get real heat.

Yeah, yeah, I back that. I mean, I’m trying to think of like

JF probably the only like, he’s a face now. Yeah, I guess I mean he’s with the face. I don’t know they’re screwing that one up. They had well they haven’t

they haven’t really he hasn’t really spoke since he turned quote unquote face he might not be a face he might just be being loyal to his friend that’s true.

I mean, he still is the American nightmare that he’s that is threatened so

but um yeah, I’m 100% with you I think that she would be better utilized nowadays than she was back when she was actually wrestling unfortunately and I think she could have kept that look probably been given the better gimmick than a vampire. Yeah, or that gimmick fit though at the time because you had guys like Undertaker and gang around the rest of the brood. I mean,

I mean, obviously Edge and Christian I went on to do other things, but they were part of that whole brood thing and

the Hardys for a while Yeah, I mean, they all kind of fell into that. I got the gimmick at that time was a Yeah, was not an obscene thing. Yeah, that was because

That’s like that was back when like,

like Marilyn Manson and type O negative and those type of bands were really popular orgy. Yeah, there were a lot of those goth look, you’d have all those like Gotti type people hanging out at school and stuff, right and they were from they were all from Tampa which had like probably the biggest golf thing going on. I mean, just still to this day, there are golf clubs in Tampa. Like you can go to a golf club and I mean, that’s where I the first time I saw Marilyn Manson was at a golf club in Tampa. So first time I saw Marilyn Manson was with you. That was not too long ago actually, like five years ago. And it was kind of by accident that I saw Marilyn Manson. So

But yeah, I guess that’s all I have anything you got? Um, no, just Yeah, she was um, she was unfortunately a

good real female wrestler and a time where

models and then and non wrestlers were wrestling where the

Vince McMahon look was a thing Yeah. Because he nowadays he doesn’t get the get to have his look as often but he does he does

yes but he is not a thing of it’s not as prominent as it was back yeah but like I said she she was just one of those people unfortunately was just

born at the wrong time

or came came of age to do that at the wrong time. Yes. You want to go ahead and plug some of our our yes social media. Go to Instagram. Type in top rope wrestling podcast

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So peace out. We already made that awkward. Yeah, we’re out

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