We had a little issue with getting this episode out but here it is. Listen along with Rick and Drew as they watch the first segment of the Smackdown premiere on FOX!

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AI Transcript:

Orlando for a combined weight of really.

Hey guys,

welcome back to another edition of top rope wrestling podcast. I’m Rick and drew is over there on the couch. Yep.

And we are currently six minutes away from the historic debut. I mean, they’re making it historic. It’s really just it’s just a debut

has taken

boxes paid a crap load of money.

Yeah, to be out for smack down. And I don’t know, I don’t remember this

much fanfare when they went to UPN.

Know, there definitely was not that many when they went up and it was just a Well it started on up and so I didn’t even like it. So when I went to USA, actually sorry.

But this is the first time I remember this massive hype

about That’s what I’m saying. They’re really like Kofi and Charlotte and Roman, have been on every Fox Sports show this week in the last few weeks.

Yeah, it’s been a pretty insane amount of coverage that they’ve gotten over this.

So what we’re going to do is we’re going to see how this starts.

Yeah, we got we have it on in the background. So we’ll be watching along with you guys talking about it and talking about it. If you’re listening or if you’re watching live on Twitch, feel free to you know, tune in. We’re watching through the app, so we might be a couple seconds behind

you. You’re watching this listening and listening later

just go on the network and hit play. Yeah. And will will tell you exactly when the the kickoff show is over and when we’re on the actual show. Yes. That’s a That’s awesome.

I hope they don’t do this kickoff every week.

No, I don’t think they are. I think they’re gonna they’re supposed to be doing a post show though. Or some they might be doing a kickoff show. This is where CM Punk is supposed to be involved in some way, I think.

But I’m not 100% sure on that.

Paul Heyman is currently taking up most of my television set

and looking very old and bold.

Yes. Well, I mean, that’s he’s got that same look for ever pretty much. Yeah. long as I remember watching Paul Heyman or Paul II. What was it Paul? He dangerous Holly dangerous? Yeah, he

had hair then. Yes, he did. And then for a while he did have he was

he was starting to bald for sure. Yeah,

he had hair for a while. And then for a while he had the ponytail that he wouldn’t let go. Yeah, they’re on top.

Now he just has the god I forgot about the ponytail.

Yeah, he is now he says the middle aged man look that I will have in probably about three more years.

So it’s interesting like that. So they moved the raw announced team to smack down and is


Yes. The Rock is officially in the house. So

wearing a salmon colored pants.

Why is he walking into the bathroom? Like that’s the bathroom trailer. I mean, I’m assuming he has to go to the bathroom. Maybe it’s an odd shot. I thought it was a makeup trailer. It could be the makeup trailer. But I don’t know.

Are they done?

I think so. I think got three minutes and three seconds.

That’s enough time for a few annoying commercials. Like Marco’s pizza. Yeah, Marco’s pizza made fresh

isn’t Marco’s pizza the pizza that like you? You buy it and you bring it home and cook it or whatever is

it? I thought that was a short No,

no, I like I think that You go to their shop and you pick out all the toppings and stuff that you want. They make the pizza and then you put it on

in the oven. Oh no,

maybe not. Maybe I’m thinking of something else. Yeah, you cook it yourself at home. But I’m not thinking of Marcos. I’m thinking of one of the other ones.

Marcos not one of our sponsors. No, try their pizza.

I I’ve had their pizza it was okay for being you know, a chain. UCF commercials

gonna pretend whatever commercial comes on as a sponsor.

I would be love. I would love to be sponsored by UCF football. I will be actually funny enough. The game kicks off here in just a minute to Wow.

So you’re not have season tickets this year?

I do. But it’s not a home game. It’s not a game. But I have missed two

home games. So this camping adventure because of my camping

adventure that I’ve been on.

And one of them is the was the biggest home game of the season. So you know, that’s how dedicated I am to my other interests.

Fair ones, make your money where this is

all local commercials. So I’m wondering if they’re it’s interesting that they’re running local even though it’s Fox. Like,

I hope there’s an AW Come on.

stream. Ah, yeah, that’d be awesome.

So yeah, it

fair wins. They

will always have your back. Freedom to go further. Fair wins credit.

Yes. Another UCF commercial.

UCF, get your education.

I went there.

What was their slogan? You can’t finish

that. Well, you can’t finish you’re under construction forever.

You actually see me in that last shot. I mean, if you look really, really close,

so we’re fucking fairway.

I think they’re just running the same commercials over and over until we get the countdown to be finished. So what are you looking forward anything Like really looking forward anything

looking forward to seeing how they screw this Brock Lesnar matchup

you think they’re gonna screw it? Yeah,

there’s no way all right Brock Lesnar as they’re promoting has not wrestled on a raw or smack down since like 2003. So you don’t think he’s gonna happen to I don’t think Kofi is going to lose that belt and they can’t beat Brock again this year by another guy. Seth Rollins. sighs Yeah, that’s true. So either Brock walks out of there with that belt or something screwy is going to happen

and dyeing your hair.

So, yes, I’m going to have the UCF game on while I’m sitting here on my phone while we’re watching because reasons

because they normally like the score fast, so you know,

we’re starting Okay, we are Push Play and you will see the now forever someday. Final prediction What do you think they open with? I’m gonna say a McMahon.

I’m gonna say either I’m a man or the rock. Okay.

Michael Cole. Well, I mean

I gotta do the intro.

Oh, I am so good. Just fucking

I do like this. I like this stage setup better than I like the and they

are starting with one Vincent Kennedy McMahon. Sure shocking born one day before me many years earlier, many many years. Oh, and Stephanie. Yeah, see, I can I can call I could write this fucking show. So you’re seeing Vince McMahon. He hasn’t been on in quite a while so it’s good to see he is still breathing.

Fans are

do you think that she’s taller than vents because of the heels or that she’s taller than vent.

Now it’s got to be the heels. I think they’re about probably about the same height

and still doing the Vince McMahon voice

Was that it?

Oh, they were just welcoming us to smack down. So thank you for tuning in. We’ve done the first thing we’ve done the first segment now that we got to do the one more actual smack down intro.

Yeah. Yeah, Kofi.

Please, we believe they’re using that much money on these people. They’re probably be brought over in the draft. Well, maybe not.

Well, I mean, in the moon

smack down is supposed to be the number one.

But they’re not going to have Seth and Kofi on The same show

enrollment yeah they’re not gonna have that many

stack it that hard no I

cannot believe fucking Undertaker’s in this intro come on and the rock. Yeah, come on man. He’s got

and Shawn Michaels

they just threw people on there they were like who can we get in front of a green screen to do something? Yeah.

And Pyro is back. I don’t know if you noticed that yes,

they were done and they did it and they quietly brought it back this week. I like it. I like the Pyro adds to the hype. Yeah, you want to be a spectacle?

Some nerd.

kitten and Ultimate Warrior mask.

Sold out staple center,

Los Angeles, California.

I have stayed. I have stayed a block away from there. I walked past to quite a few times. I’ve been to it. I’ve never been in the staple center

I’ve ever been in the staple center. I’ve walked around the outside of it. Yeah.

It’s interesting because ESPN, like second they’re there. They’re West Coast studios there.

Around the new smack down the first wrestler to come out will be Becky Lynch, the man

are they going to do this match to start?

It looks like it. Do that the the four way women’s match to start off or the tag team

will be calling the four way women’s match. Yes.

Nice pretty new graphics.

Now looks like they spend some time on the graphics.

bunch of people went from your current my former employer to WWE back For the day when I used to work there remember that yes like a bunch of people moved to Connecticut to work for WWE

we had a bunch of it I mean a bunch of people moved up to Connecticut door for NBC Sports do so.

I mean I remember there was like an exodus of people that like one person got hot Oh, they’re doing a to all this this is what it needed a two person Yeah,

just always do the two person Yes, I found it interesting that raw they moved the announce booth to the back.

It’s been that way for

I apparently have not been paying attention to as to where the announcement is.

But I definitely like this better. I like a two man announce team a heel in the face. Yeah, you’re gonna talk. Alright, so Okay, so Becky’s talking to start off with like, he’s gonna talk about how much of the man she is.

It’s not the first episode of smack dab

is the first episode well the first episode of new Friday night smack down they keep saying Friday night smack down

there they’re trying to polish a turd


all right now so whether we’ll be using swearing on smack down

yeah well I didn’t see that there we go assets TV 14 or TV

now they’re never gonna go away from PG which at least AW had the balls to do

yes they are TV 14

anything was they didn’t push the TV 14 they said some stuff on there but yeah,

but it wasn’t that bad and there weren’t any there wasn’t anything bloody or anything else. Yeah,

it’s just they have they have that room to operate. And now we have the most obnoxious human being on the main roster but he Harmon he has grown on me.

You would know this is this get up a his have something to do with Game of Thrones.

I mean I yes, it doesn’t really look. I mean it’s kind of Game of Thrones II but it’s not really

it’s not the traditional King of the Ring look.

No it’s not the the bling.

Yeah, and I know he’s pretty metal like in real life. Yeah. I figured this might be like Game of Thrones inspired or maybe it’s just like metal inspired.

I mean, it could be kind of Game of Thrones, but not I mean, it’s nothing specific. And here we go.

So the rock is already coming out.

Right so the rock rocks gonna have an early night.

He might come out a couple of times you think? Yeah, I mean, they’re probably paying them enough. I looked at it. At first I thought it was going to Star Trek uniform.

would not be the first time he’s worn something on Star Trek. right no

cuz he did the episode of smack or of a voyager suite million

dollar belt. Yes

it is.

The Rock is wearing a tracksuit

yes with the Brahma bull on it

which he had covered up

yes the tattoo the Brahma bull. Well he got it got the tribal on it now

Yeah, well no he got it covered up just recently Oh Did he the tribal he did when he was still like right when he did that on the other arm the the Brahma bull was on the right arm I believe but he’s got it covered up now

that’s interesting. I wonder why did he say or just didn’t? Is that the end of his wrestling to signify the end of his wrestling? I see.

He got a smile.

I’m going back and forth here because I have the UCF game on and UCF summary score. So

we found out from stuff where you don’t score till you score.

Rock feeling is classic rock pose.

Do you think he gets more time to work out now or when he was in wrestling?

I think he has plenty more time to work out now.

Because he doesn’t have to do a show every night.

Yeah, he doesn’t have to do how shows he’s not driving up and down the road anymore. What’s the over under on Baron? Corbin getting the rock bottom?

Oh, it’s pretty high.

See you think do you think the rock didn’t just come to talk? He came to work.

Oh, no. Yeah, I mean,

he’s not gonna do a match, but he’s gonna at least

Oh yeah, he’s hitting somebody with something. It might be a People’s Elbow rock bottom of the People’s Elbow. I don’t know.

Well, I think he’s gonna get him in the corner slap raised I think he’ll do the classic rock moves. Yeah, we’re getting ready for a dino RD here. What do you smell it the rocks cooking moment here in a second finally the rock is come back and he’s gonna tell Baron Corbin It doesn’t matter.

By the way for anyone keeping track UCF just scored a field goal unfortunately.

He’s gonna throw every term in here doesn’t go except maybe the food bank pie he probably wanted the food bank.

On your candy on your candy.

Become a show. It’s an institution over 1000 episodes

And millions

I love the rock

it’s it’s interesting to see him in a ring now compared like, as big as he is. Yeah. But he could still step into that ring and throw down. Yeah, how old is he now? 40

He is 47 seven. God. Yep. Home. Stay at


Come on, we all know what you’re gonna say.

He’s got the smile.

Doing the breathe.

Doing the breath. Oh, bring the mic down.

Hey, just suck up the chat.

Yep, there’s the home.

I told you I could write the show. Well, it’s not like the best writers on the planet. That’s true.

Oh, thank you for doing that Baron. It’s just gonna make it even better.

He really is good at what he does. He is.

Oh, he’s getting ready to get his ass whooped.

Oh god, this is not gonna end well for him now.

I’m happy that they’re not having Becky talk mean

King of the Ring.

Oh, the virgin jokes.

Someone in the somewhere in the censorship button back there shooting their hands?

I don’t think so.

They’re they’re keeping it they’re keeping it PG enough


superior to all of you

only have one OD Classic

ribbit on the local sports team

I mean if you want to get instant heat somewhere although if you do that here in Orlando probably only have two people react anyway yeah

might have a tragic chant going on.

Oh no they definitely rip on the soccer team before I know CSE

not that there any better than Damn it

Okay, Becky m began with the rock line.

Money in the Bank you want King of the Ring? you’re retired Kurt Angle Look, you’re a badass

he’s a badass. Are you

trying to say he’s a he’s a super

tough, dude.

That’s exactly what the rock is saying. You are super tough, dude. And you know what?

This is, this is an exclusive show.

Right? So we’re gonna do something we’re gonna make you feel good, because you’re a super tough two and three seconds. These people are going to be chatting something that they

I wonder how long this is gonna stick

I miss rock I like I missed people like the rock on the microphone.


Like they’re very like Stone Cold used to be great on them like rock was great great

on the wire when back in that day was pretty good even ones that were shitty back then would probably be really good now.

Well I mean they gave Cain a microphone for God’s sakes i mean

i mean i used to fast forward through a valve Venus Project Well after its first year, but I’d kill

it. Yeah, Venus was amazing on the MC

Venus godfather.

The brood Oh, he’s gonna be somewhere he’s gonna be in Daytona. Is he at a comic con?

No, we gotta see a rock bottom.

Oh wow. No rock bottom. No elbow pad the throw either.

He did drop in People’s Elbow here goes here, guys.

Oh, here’s the rock bottom. Yep, there it goes.

So I mean, the rock is out there. He’s doing his thing. Yep. Now we got it. If you smell

Which is where all right did he come out to give Baron the robe? Or did he come out to give Becky the robe?

It’s gotta be Becky. I’m guessing.

See? That’s weird because she doesn’t need it. No, he doesn’t really need it either. But it’s just weird that he had they had the rock interact with those two particular people.

Did they promise him to get that they get him out of there by you know,

seven o’clock? Seven o’clock it’s like 4:30pm he can still make a dinner at fucking 530 Yeah.

Increase probably just on break from whatever movies filming

you’re probably you’re not wrong.

So that was the first segment of the first smack down. We had that technically we’re both right. Because the Man’s came out and then

came out right afterwards so and we have a Shane McMahon match we have a ladder match with Kevin KO and Shane McMahon. So

loser leaves

the building. Yeah.

I couldn’t care any less if I had to about this match.

There’s a lot of matches. I mean, I don’t know.

So that’s gonna kick off the first match. We want to stick through the first match.

We have to do. We’re 25 minutes.

Cut this one.

Okay, well, we can. We won’t we won’t preview any matches for you guys. But thanks for tuning in for at least the beginning of smack down. Yeah. And we will, will continue to

this has been a top rope

rest watch your watch along because it was a live watch a long party, but do do come and join us on Sunday. That will be this Sunday can releasing this next week? Yes. So this Sunday the 13th at mayhem mayhem on Mills. It’s going to be at wills pub in the parking lot

in Orlando in Orlando listening somewhere else. Yes. And only if you’re outside of the Orlando area or the state get come anyway.

Yes, absolutely. It’s gonna be a blast out there. And we always have a good time, or try to interview some people. Yes, we’re gonna we’ll try and get some people I’m going to

try and get we might be able to do better this time because it’s not inside with getting people to interview or feel like it’s distracting.

Yes, that very well. Could be and it all depends on where they have a set apart. 10

So yeah, if they have a setup in the back we can definitely

Yeah, so we’ll we’ll be out there. Come say hi to us. We’ll have our banner up and underneath our 10th assign different swag to give away

Yeah, cuz no one takes. No maybe

I can maybe I can do a couple shirts or something to throw out to the crowd. That’d be cool. Well, we’ll see what we can do. So if you guys have any if you guys want to reach out to us on social media,

top rope wrestling podcast on Instagram, and

top rope wrestling pod, your top rope wrestling podcast on Facebook top rope wrestling, calm on the inner webs, you can find links to all of our stuff. Also go on its top rope wrestling without the G on Twitter. And you can also please subscribe to us on iTunes. If you have iTunes or on Google Play, whichever you have give us some kind of rating. Yeah, so review would be wonderful as well. I mean, I’d love a five star rating, but it doesn’t really matter. It’s just the number of ratings. So I went back and listened to our very first our r&d very first top rope wrestling podcast last week. Did you?

Yeah, it was it was interesting. It was wasn’t bad, but we’ve definitely improved by leaps

and bounds. Well, that’s good. I’m glad that we’ve improved. We’re going somewhere

just like our interviews. I mean granted the last two interviews we’ve done have gone like taking a detour to the ridiculous but that’s that was the type of people right exactly. So

but thanks for joining us again let me we got some

we’re will go ahead and, and work our way out. I we really need to come up with something. Yeah, it’s we just don’t know how to say goodbye. Keep on rockin

keep on keepin on

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