This week we sit down to talk about the first week of the Wednesday Night wars as well as the premier of Raw earlier in the week.

We then preview the upcoming Hell in a Cell Pay-Per-View event happening this Sunday.

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Hey guys, welcome to another edition of the top rope wrestling podcast. I’m Rick and drew is over there on the couch. Let me in. So we It’s been a while since we’ve done a live show cuz I was doing other things yeah
I mean, I could tell you what they were but they were kind of boring. I was camping. I did a lot of camping over the last month. I have not slept in my bed at my house for over a month. Straight. Yes. I mean, over a weekend. Okay, sorry not and but over a weekend I have not slept in my bed. So sleeping on the floor. I know. I’ve been sleeping in camps and tents. And the first weekend was a hotel but everything else I’ve been intense on cots or on the ground sounds like a nightmare.
It was it was not fun. So, you know, I mean, it was fun because I got to learn a lot, but it was not not.
I can imagine it being a nightmare for you. So yeah, I’m not an outdoorsy person. I used to camp when I was a kid. I enjoyed it, but it’s
not your thing anymore. Yeah, I don’t have any kids to frickin take camping and 40 year old man hanging out in the woods is just creepy. Well, I mean, unless you’re homeless. Yeah, well, even that could be a little creepy. So it’s been a while we got a lot to catch up on. We have let’s see we have I’m just gonna be
Morrow Rinaldo and start making pop culture references from now. I say that because you said it’s been a while and I was gonna make a stain or effort. Oh, okay, well, thanks day and it’s been a while since we’ve been live. So.
Okay, so, enough of that. So we’re going to go ahead. And I mean, the big thing right now is the first week the while everybody everything premiered raw premiered smack down is getting ready to premiere. And AW. premiered this week it did and AW went head to head with an XT and XT lost the fuck out of that battle. It was like 500,000 view extra views which by the way, the I could go off on it forever, but ratings are a crock of shit anyway. So I mean, it’s it’s a guesstimate at best and on how many people are watching. Right? So I mean, is there just judging Nielsen families? Right, right. So if one person tunes out I think one person takes away
50,000 people. So you know, it’s not really a good way of doing it, you know, but whatever. It’s really the only way that they have right now. But that’s why I like podcasts and streaming is so much has gotten so much better, because are so much more attention is because they can actually tell you how many people started and ended in whatever. Yeah, so
it’s not quite actual viewership, but it’s a lot closer than Nielsen is right? Because we can’t tell like, through all the platforms, how many people listen to us get close, though. I mean, I we don’t have that many listeners, I can tell you that much, obviously. But I can tell you like who came from what or not who, but I can tell you how many people came from iTunes. How many people came from? Yeah, whatever. So
let’s say and then we also have hell in the cell going on on Sunday. Right? So we should probably preview we’re going to preview hell in the cell. Let’s talk a little have Have you watched both NXD and as of this morning, I have watched NXE. So I was to understand that and I
I guess the technically they weren’t lying, that the replay of XT would be available the next day on the network. What they don’t tell you is it’s not till 10pm 10 fucking pm. So I’m sitting at work all day where I can easily you know, because I have that type of job right and XT all day. And it was refreshing by phone every couple of hours. I didn’t realize it didn’t start until 10. Well, what’s funny as I was sitting there waiting for it to show up on my, because I can watch it through the network, but I can also watch it through USA, USA streaming. And that didn’t show up. I didn’t show it was on earlier than 10. But it was not on as early as I was hoping. So what I like about Hulu is they will tell you the exact time when it’s like if you click on a show in the new episode, it’ll say Episode Two, right, available at 5am. Yeah, so and I was trying to watch through the USA or the xfinity app one of the two but uh, and I so I have only watched the first two matches of XT
I know I know some things that happened so I really only want to see the first in the last match everything else was. Well No No. Did you see the shade of beige color match? No. Okay, so you want to see the first match what you said what you said you saw, right? The shade of beige color match and then the last match history prophets match. Those are the good ones of the night. Not anything wrong with Johnny Gar Ghana versus the guy he fought that I don’t know. Johnny wrestling was somewhere it just wasn’t you know, it just didn’t hold my attention. Etosha rod fought some mask lady Yes, that was that was the second match of the night yeah that one so that was that was okay i mean it didn’t again didn’t hold my attention Shana Baylor holds my attention because she’s a badass. Yes.
And Pete done fought some gentlemen.
And then it was only like it was only like six matches. Okay. For some reason my my master sliders are giving me some
crackling noise that’s not good some dirty it is dirty so your sliders my master sliders are crackling so um but yeah I watched AW live because I wasn’t sure whether replay was going to be available so was it I don’t know I haven’t actually gone and looked but I did watch that lot well so I know that they replayed it immediately afterwards right so I watched I watched it from start to finish from eight to 10 as it aired
it was a good show I mean they definitely have some stuff to clean up I wish they went younger on their announced team oh god no no you like you know CO I fucking love Tony shirvani and Jim Ross OC I don’t think I really like sex. I liked Excalibur but I didn’t listening to those two call matches again was like a warm fucking blanket over me see, and I think that’s what they were going for. But for me, it just didn’t do it like it was. I know it was old references. It was not like I don’t know, it just didn’t do it for me, but it was I had the same reaction with the K
On on Raw The king was was not good and they I think another like they put Jim Ross with Tony shirvani who are two guys of of
stuff the king who’s like a 67 year old man with this guy. I don’t even know if either of them are 30 yet yeah.
And that’s that’s tough that’s that’s like two generations between Yes. And it was funny because like you could catch the king doing saying things that he should like or he wanted to say things but it wasn’t it he he’d stop himself in the middle of it because he’s like, that’s not really PC I can get in trouble for this. And I honestly think that he’s just a felon until they find somebody that’s going to go in there I think so I think that’s even been said. But I also wouldn’t go if you got two guys calling raw that are that are under 30 you need to go with the third person who’s a little bit older just to kind of rain. Yeah, but you don’t have to go with somebody quite that on the fucking senior citizen there but
No, but you could like Booker T would have been somebody that they could have brought in or somebody in that later that race someone needs to be able to rein them in if they get to like, you don’t want to alienate certain parts of your audience because you’re sitting there using slang that that older people don’t understand. Or you know, right. I’m trying to figure out like, who who would, who do you think should be the third mic up there? Like
I’m trying to go through and like who was you know, who’d been actually probably pretty good at it. JVL Yeah, you need someone who can be argumentative because these other two seem pretty generic. Yes, like they’re not going to be controversial in the least bit. So you do need someone who’s going to kind of maybe be a little bit of an asshole here and there or do they move somebody over from like from the like Nigel from an XT or like or Byron Saxon status is still up in the air as to what he’ll be doing because apparently he’s not going to be doing smack down it’s going to be Corey, Michael and someone else. Yes, because it’s not gonna be Renee young they moved her to a
shirt show Yeah. Which is a speaking of separate separate shows. CM Punk is also doing a separate show that when they when they released the little KER thing well now when they released the PR like thing on it, Triple H made sure to point out that he was not a WWE employee that he was hired by Fox to run a show that is done by Fox. Oh, wow. I was like well, that’s an interesting little snippet there. You know. I think eventually either AW, or
WWE is going to make a push for that guy. You think so? Yeah. Back in the ring or because you said that you guys want to wrestle anymore but me toss enough money at someone they’ll do weird things. That’s true. I did not see any of the CPE CM Punk era i the only thing I ever saw of CM Punk was the pipe bomb. And that was just because it made like MSN news the next day so I watched it. But that was during the time where I wasn’t watching Wrestling that CM
punk was wrestling yes I’m in I’m in the same boat as you I didn’t really watch during the CM Punk era. So I would like to see him just like I love the fact that Daniel Bryan came back because I didn’t I wasn’t watching Wrestling when Daniel Bryan was doing his thing and now I get to see him Russell and see why everyone liked him. Yeah, I mean, he’s a good wrestler. I don’t necessarily get it I like I don’t his gimmicks not my thing, but Daniel Bryan or CM Punk Daniel Bryan Okay, I don’t know enough about it. Like I didn’t watch it. I could go back and watch it right edge punk guy. Yeah. So he’s, he’s he’s like, the only guy not drinking it a less than Jake show. So, but going with NXT we had two big people come back to NXT. On the broadcast. The second one was Tommaso Chapo. Yes. Okay. That came right. Last night. He did come back at the last second. The big one was, of course, which was right at the beginning. Awesome. Yeah, they’re actually going to do something with fen bauuer. Other than make him a joke. Yeah. Well, I’m interested to see what
They if they end up bringing some other people back because apparently, I don’t know I’m, you’re getting too close. I don’t really need this. Okay, well you can hear me right? Yes, I can hear you just fine.
So I know battler and I’m assuming tchotchke has
been cleared. Well no but they have both of them are I know battler for is going like he literally has the same contract that he had when he was considered, you know, main roster Ross back down. He has the same contract. So he’s earning the same amount of money, which means he’s probably earning significantly more than a lot of the people that are on the on the XT roster. Well, I think their contracts had to be renegotiated because they’re now on TV weekly. Yeah, their contract, their contracts were negotiated. But uh, I seems a little bit. I’m gonna turn those down just a little bit and see if that helps. Yeah, maybe. So.
Yeah, it’s a
it’s an interesting it’ll be interesting to see how things work out. Yeah.
The fuck was I gonna say? I don’t know. We’re going to talk about smack down tonight we’re gonna talk about raw we’re gonna talk about NXT what we’re still talking about NXT money, contracts bauuer nothing I’m done with
completely had an old man moment. I do not know what the fuck I was gonna say. Yo, I mean, I’m excited to be back. I am going I’m interested to see if they bring anyone else back. Yeah. Oh, there we go. That’s what Okay, I’m thinking when they do this big draft in two weeks, that they’re going to shift some people from an XT to main roster from main roster to NXE I think it’s going to move between the three brands very well, maybe not a draft to NXT but they’ll pull some guys and push some guys right. And and I think they’d be stupid not to leave that undisputed era there. Yeah, undisputed arrows. Great. Yeah, I think that they’ll hopefully get left alone. It’d be interesting to see them move. Some of the guys that don’t get that push
On the main roster back to NXT I mean, you could see when valor walked in like everybody went frickin nuts in that place. It was wonderful. I also after watching the production value of AW which shocked me
I cannot imagine that Full Sail is going to keep that for very long. Yeah. I they could keep it in Orlando and just move it somewhere else in Orlando. Yeah, they can move it to like the CFE arena or somewhere CFE arena they can move it to the the venue to be honest the at UCF, the smaller the smaller arena because they’ve shot there before and it it doesn’t hold as many as CFE. But CFE holds. I mean with a wrestling event probably 12,000 people because 10,000 for basketball. I mean, selfishly, I would like it to stay at full sail because it keeps me employed and be I can get $5 tickets. Yeah, that’s nice when they’re available. Yeah, cuz they sold out for only 10 bucks regular like, yeah, give me and you just went up there and I didn’t say like a full sail.
Right. But you saw that you have to get them on. They’re available though. That’s the problem there. They sell out in a heartbeat. I looked actually. And if we wanted to, I believe we could get tickets in December. Well, I mean, so I’ve always done to go to live wrestling. Speaking of live wrestling, we’re going to be out at
in next Sunday. Yes, next next Sunday. We are Sunday the 13th. We’re going to be live again from mayhem at Mills. 767 Yes, ma’am. And mill seven Halloween Horror fights. Yes, Halloween Horror fights. I got some good light matches lined up in the summer, and they’re still locking down the card so you guys can come and join us. I hope to see you all there. Me to hope to have you know, we have more. We have far more than that. I’m happy to say so are you going to be on a regular basis? So I’ll say this. I mean, I don’t watch anything live because I have to be able to fast forward and I work late. Yes, I am going to be an AWDVRO
Which means I watch that on Wednesday right and then I will watch the replay and then XT that’s that’s my plan to that’s how that’s exactly how I was going to do it. I am I’m really enjoying the AW product like
and it’s funny because my friend who isn’t a wrestling fan decided that he was going to give it a shot. And he didn’t like it. So I was like, I can see that it’s like I said when we did RAW vs NXT breakdown. You look at these rosters and if you’re a casual fan, literally the only person you know on the NXT or AW roster is Jericho. Right? And if you weren’t a Jericho fan and the Attitude Era, you’re going to be like one fuck my watching this. Yeah. And he he didn’t have a problem with that he was he had a more problem with like little production things and he didn’t like the broadcast team. He wasn’t a big fan of that. But it was more I think.
Like, with WWE, they put like when they do the intros, the intros are bigger, you know, so you have more sound coming through in the intros. You have more
You know, hype, I guess and that the the announced team knows to step away a little bit during the announce or during during the intros where they were talking over them quite a bit in the AW, yeah. So, um, but I, I highly enjoyed it. He might give it another shot. It was just interesting to get the view of somebody who was not or hasn’t been a wrestling fan for a very long time. Yeah. So
I think that pretty much covers that part of it. You want to go to hell in the cell now? Yeah, I mean, there’s only three matches. So yes.
Short pay per view. I’m thinking they’re going to round that card out tonight. Hopefully, I mean, usually there’s like a three hour pay per view is like, like 10 matches, something like that. We have right now have three.
Let’s see. Yeah, right now we only have three is never been this close to a pay per view that I can remember where there was not at least half of the card right?
So, we’ll start off with tag team match. So Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan vs Erick Rowan and Luke Harper All right, unless this turns out to be that Daniel Bryan was the mastermind and he has been getting his ass beat for three weeks trying to screw over Roman reigns in the end. This is going to probably be a not a squash match but it’ll be a Roman and Daniel Bryan victory. Okay, yeah, unless it’s a screw job. Part of me wants to say it’s a screw job. But just the only reason that I would say that it would be a screwed or that they would win is if it is a screw job. So far fetched and ridiculous if someone like Rowan has put you eating the shit out of Daniel Bryan for three weeks? Yeah, I got yeah makes total WWE sensor to be a screw job. Right? Like I don’t have any like if it happens, there will be I’ll be like, this is stupid, but it doesn’t surprise No, it doesn’t shock you at all. Yeah.
Okay, so I know I’m in agreement there. It’s
I’ve missed
A couple of weeks of raw here and there but I actually I have been watching on the regular so I can I can actually give an opinion on this Yeah. So
and it helps that my kid is into wrestling right now. It’s awesome
so there’s that and then next up is the with the raw Women’s Championship between Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks Helen Ansel Of course I got it’ll probably be a good match I just couldn’t care less about this man me either.
I would say that he was going to probably retain unless they plan on moving her to smack down See I was I keep thinking that because like
the i don’t know i i want to say that the man gimmick is kind of run its course Yeah, and much so and that’s why I think that they’re going to do it on or they’re gonna put on banks and maybe because let Becky go away for a couple couple or go to go to the other side. You know, whatever they move when they move everybody around.
Yeah, it’s just I don’t know. I don’t see
Like, with banks come back with what that was a money in the bank right when she walked out and kind of brought no summer this summer slam out whatever.
I don’t know, I just I foresee them taking the belt off of her and going from there.
Yeah, I mean, that’d be nice. She’s had it since rustle mania. It might be time
to do that over
and then
go lay down. Yep, my dog has decided to join us and I haven’t seen his dog in a couple of weeks. So my dog is very excited to see him now. And apparently turned on Netflix. Very excited to see me as well. So, um, and then the last match on that card currently, probably the only one you’re interested in at all. Yes. I’m, mine’s an easy choice on this one. But uh
let’s see we have the universal championship with Seth Rollins vs. Bray Wyatt.
And I assume you’re
Picking the theme I am picking the theme because that’s a lot of work without a win. All right, I am going to disagree but for different reasons. I do not believe they will. They’re ignorant if they beat the theme in his second match. So in that sense he can’t lose, but I don’t think they want Rollins to lose the championship yet. So I think there’s just going to be some kind of goofball finish.
Okay. I don’t know what it is. Maybe someone wanted he fucked up bronze Stroman, right, a couple weeks ago on Raw Yeah, maybe Braun comes in like Kane style and fucking destroys both of them or something. I think are the TV is going crazy. I think that they were controlling each other’s TVs since we had the same TV set in the bedroom and in this room, and it’s kind of going nuts Ruth trying to watch.
I think she is trying to watch the show. But uh, so we’ll figure that out in a little bit.
Then so do that what do you else do you see them adding to this like are Do you have any any thoughts on what might be added I mean it’s gonna be one of the four belts are not being defended that night might get defended so you have AJ Styles us champion he’s been fighting Cedric Alexander lately so they could add like a finish the feud match on that one Ziegler and Bobby rude which is the most ridiculous team I’ve ever seen yeah
have the tag team titles they could probably defend it on the pre show and I don’t know right now who the smack down champions are I think it’s the revival yes they could fit in there or did they just do the revival just lose know the new day just lost their titles or whatever the last pay per view was
sorry, I’m just I’m pulling up the I kept trying to remember what the pay per view was that so smacked out we got
Bailey is the current women the
smack down champion Kofi Kingston chinachem wars the Intercontinental and the revival is the they might do something with Nakamura and Ali. Okay
I could get behind that. Yeah I could definitely see that
yeah so I think that’s all of what we got this week yeah.
the smack down one that we do we’re going to can that one we can Okay. Okay. So here this one and we’re airing this one tonight and then or what we’re going to put this one out tonight and then we will have to record one because I will be out next week but then we are on Sunday. You can tune in live on OBS. Yeah, I mean on on Twitch Twitch. Twitch. com forward slash top rope wrestling. Also will be putting something out with these two like interviews and then like a cool column at
Yeah, absolutely. Did you ever contact your friend about fetching people? She’s actually out of town, unfortunately, but I might be able to pull somebody else so I’m going to ask her. We just need someone with boobs. Yes, I will do my best. Okay? So because these boobs they get know your, your moves. Don’t Don’t do it for people you don’t think.
So. Thank you guys for tuning in. And we will see you again. Next week in three weeks. Well, we’re going to see you on there are two Sundays from now. Alright, so not this Sunday, but the following Sunday, Sunday the 13th. We will be live on Twitch and then that then we will be putting out some some interviews and stuff that following week and we’re going to still record live so always keep an eye on Twitch because that’s our best way to find out when we’re recording. And
that’s it. That’s it. You want to plug our social media. Yes
it is top rope wrestling podcast at Instagram is top rope.
wrestling at Twitter at two on Twitter. Yep. All right, and we are top rope wrestling podcast com where you can go see everything just top rope wrestling. com top rope wrestling, our top wrestling podcast on Facebook, you can search for us. So like us, we get a lot of us on Facebook. We do weird. I love you guys. You’re fit you Facebook people. Yes. So share and share you know, share our stuff out and please go and rate us on iTunes. Yes. And listen to us on iTunes because that’s the way that we move up the rankings on iTunes show on we we’d like to get up there at least a little bit. And I mean, we do this we at least put something out weekly. We might not record weekly show we tried to trust me in the history of us podcasting. This is the best we’ve ever done. Absolutely. Although our first podcast for a while there we were. We were pretty good about I mean, we’ve been right. We were about to come up on a year in January and I think we’ve missed one week. Have we missed a week? Yeah, we really got no we did. Okay, um, but yeah, I don’t think we did that in either of our other incarnation. No, absolutely not.
I think we’re more coherent on this podcast like we don’t just well I don’t drink on this one I don’t weirdly about nothing. Yeah, although I miss talking weirdly about enough. Oh yeah, we could always do another podcast about that I would never say no to a fifth to giving our new radio car yet again. So I still own that, that a domain too. So we have that. I forgot to tell you. Yes. So I went and saw slipknot and VOB which I could give two fucking shits about Slipknot but I like Bobby it’s great. I like Bruce is not like Moby. Really. Yeah. Um, I did not realize this until they were doing their closing song which is called still counting, which was the r&d radio Song. Yes, yes. Oh, you didn’t realize that that was I realized it was them that did it. Oh, really? Yeah. So you’re going through all their songs. I know. I’m happy and they’re like, we got one left and they play still counting and I’m like, I know the song but I don’t remember where song and then they’re starting with the whole thing. And I’m like, oh my god.
Yeah, that’s that was though. I
forgot why I heard that song originally, but I love that song because I know we used it because I used to call our listener apple. Right? So that’s that’s what we went for. So what? Well thanks, guys for tuning in again and we will see you all you’ll listen to it eventually. Eventually Yes, yeah. And yeah so
keep on keeping on keep on keepin on. We gotta we really do need to go with Amanda yeah it’s getting worse