This week, watch along with us as we take on what might be the greatest match in Wrestlemania history. Get our take on Hollywood Hulk Hogan versus The Rock.

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good evening and welcome to another edition of the top rope wrestling Podcast. I am Rick and drew is over at the other microphone and not on the couch. Nope. And it’s fader time. It’s Vader time trying to come up with something else other than Yep. So yeah, that’s on your nerves.

Doesn’t get on my nerves. Okay, so we’re going to try something new tonight. Okay, and or today, and we’re going to do a watch along. But the fun part is Drew has no idea what match we’re going to watch. All right. And I’m interested to see what his thoughts are on my choice of matches. I’m gonna, I will randomly pick matches whenever we do a watch along. All right, and

do you want me to tell you what it is? Or should we just start it push play? Okay, but maybe we should tell people so that they can watch along with us because they’re not gonna be able to hear the match while it’s going on. We’re going to be talking about it, can’t we? Oh, yeah. But this way that they can press play.

They can cue it up. I will tell you what it is. All right. This is from rustle mania. 18. Okay.

And it is. Oh, he’s got a weird look on his face. Is he trying to guess what match? It is? No, I don’t. I’ve tried to remember what Russell a team has. Well, this one

Is the rock vs Hollywood Hulk Hogan? Oh shit. This is one of my favorite matches of all time. It is one of the best matches of all times. So I literally turned on the rock during this man Did you really? So this was a this is rustle mania a team

and I just gotta pull it up real fast and hopefully set the scene for you. Okay, go right ahead. It is loading currently. And there we go. We have the intro and we’re not talking about the promos. I watched this at my friend Josh his house was like a bunch of dudes.

Okay, this is when Huggins definitely past his prime. Oh, totally past his prime here. Hogan is currently walking out of the ring. So when he first came back, yeah, pretty much they did the NWA story for a little while. And then

like I said, in the middle of this match, I was just like, it’s when the crowd just starts chanting for Hogan. I was like, son of a bitch man. I kind of think I like Hogan again.

Well, I mean, Hogan was one of those ones where even when he was bad like this was the NW the Hollywood Hulk Hogan was a bad decision just overall that that well okay for the WCW was a great decision. Being him back at him back as Hollywood Hulk Hogan, the WWF fans wanted Hulk Hogan. They didn’t want Hollywood Hulk Hogan. I was glad I got to see him one last time, I guess but I mean, it was just I don’t know, it was definitely not what WWE fans wanted. He did a signing last year at his little beach club in Orlando. Yes, with the NWO and it was billed as the NWO reunion or whatever. And I was like, holy shit. I’m going to go drop some money on this because I thought he was going to do the Hollywood Oh, and get up and do the beard. No, but he had the other red yellow on Yeah, well, no, he had the NWO shirt on guys didn’t do the beard. Well, I mean, the beards a little. I mean, you definitely have to spend some time on on doing it, I would assume Yeah. So

Hulk is walking to the ring. We have the giant XH sign behind him for rustle mania 18 or rustle mania x eight because that’s not really a team because it’s neither after this is over rewind like a second or two before this because the promo build up to this match is fantastic. Okay, like the promo the rock cut on Hulk Hogan where he said I almost played the promo where he said like something like you promised me I was supposed to say my prayers and eat my vitamins. Yes, it was. Well okay, so just back I know you watch this a couple of times. I actually haven’t watched this probably since it originally aired Oh, I probably haven’t watched it if it’s 20 years old. I haven’t watched it in like 16 years. So that’s not quite 20 years old, but it is it’s fucking leathery skin is he definitely has some some leather that was interesting. Did you have that happened to me?

So yeah, that was my right. Yeah, my right

Cut out to whatever will just listen. So now the rock is doing his entrance. Here’s the thing. When I first got the network I started watching old Ross. At

this, I missed this guy. Okay. All right. This is how the rock is supposed to look. Yes. All right. He has hair. He’s not ridiculously jacked like he is now. He mean he looks absurdly muscular now. Yes, he has hair. He doesn’t have all those tattoos. He says the one Brahma bull.

Speaking of the rock, did you hear that his daughter is considering getting into the game? The wrestling game? Yes. Oh, no, I didn’t. I was just I happened to read something about it the other day. That it is on her mind. I think. I don’t think she’s old enough to start yet. She’s she might be 17

it’s back down. Okay, well, yeah, that was very strange. But um, yeah. It was a

So now they’re facing off the hook is trying to stare down the rock while the rock

the rock thing and this is how the rock this is this is the rock looking normal me nothing he doesn’t look normal now and become adjusted to how he looks now right? But when you gave you close your eyes and say the rock I’m going to picture this guy this is the rock that you’re featuring and I also want you to notice something else when they go face to face. How fucking tall Hulk Hogan really is. Yes he is not a small he is definitely not a small guy. Cuz rocks what six three? Yeah, Hogan six, seven.

And that’s even with all the back injuries.

And Hogan fucking tears up like 18 times this man. Yes, he does not. Not Hogan what a heel does? No but he wasn’t he knew that. He wasn’t like they brought him out even though he? He wasn’t he’ll he’ll Hogan at the time. Yeah, I mean, he was still at the NWA. They were doing shit.

Yeah, but it wasn’t like it

they definitely got some creative camera angles to make the rock look a little bit bigger. Yeah, they do the punching angle that you like so much

the shake no no no from the other week when you said it was driving me nuts because they were switching can ya know that yeah that’s I’m talking about where it was she was switching cameras and it was shaking all the damn time was driving me nuts

so they are facing off in the middle of the ring. And the ref isn’t an odd stance to like, the other two are are are they’re kind of normal fighting stance but the ref would look like he was almost no fighting stance.

Now let’s see how much Hogan sells for the rock.

How long do you figure till the bandana comes off?

Oh, probably first.

First two minutes to

Three minutes I think I spent like I said, it’s been a very, very long time. I don’t I don’t remember much about this match. So your guess is as good as mine. What I’m Cogan Hogan’s guys flexing, he’s How long before taking his vitamins, the weight belts coming off in the next minute

is it or is it going to support his back for the rest of the match?

Now he likes to whip people with that belt. Yeah, so I remember

I didn’t watch many WCW

not Monday night rose, but I definitely watched watched enough to see him beat some people up with that belt.

And yeah, it’s, it’s interesting to see because this crowd is into it like yours. This is Toronto. Yeah. But I mean, not only is it Toronto, but they’re just truly into it. Like I think they could have done this match anywhere. Yeah, with a, you know, any rustle mania in a large city and people

We’re going to go ape shit for it.

He’s doing his classic Cogan. I don’t know if this was the first match, like actual like I know he had been back for a couple months, but I don’t know if this is the first time he actually wrestled. So I’m pretty sure he wasn’t wrestling on Raw when he first came back. Well, I want to say that this was a this was this this was a rematch between the two. I think they had a I don’t wanna I thought they had one on Raw. No, this is this

is the first time they squared off

I think the crowd turns on the rock.

Yeah, I think that

it’s, it’s fake heel versus face. Yeah. So it’s, it’s almost face versus face, in the in the eyes of the,

of the group. And this is pre

racist remark Cogan?


and pre


pre Bubba the love sponge Yes.

I kind of still on the air. He is coming back on the air in Orlando like next week like in Orlando market or he’s moved here no in the Orlando market he’s only in one other market currently Tampa. No, he’s not on air in Tampa he’s not even on air. No he’s he is on bandana has come off. The bandana is officially off. We are rocking a scarlet. We are less than two minutes into the match. He is rocking a six scholar.

But yeah, he

he’s coming back to Orlando radio. And he I think he’s somewhere in North Carolina or South Carolina. He doesn’t live in Tampa. No he lives in Tampa he just broadcast that’s the only place that’s carrying him on air currently. Everything else they do through Twitch and through other stuff. Yeah. The Baba army

How much can that guy have left to say? Unfortunately far more than people are people want to hear so whatever you above a fan now okay

i do know one of his employees now though so

and Hollywood is walking around the ring. Hollywood Hogan Not to be confused with Troy Hollywood. Yeah.

Big difference there

they are back in the ring now and Rocky is taking shots on Hogan

and Hogan selling them that’s for sure.

Let’s see. Yeah, a little bit he just got kicked in the face and he’s definitely stiff. Like it’s not

it’s not rustle mania three Hogan, that’s for sure.

Rock Bottom Oh, no.

The hook stops the rock bottom.

And it’s it’s really

I don’t know

it’s interesting to watch these matches after years and years of not not watching them yeah and I think we’re going to continue this series where I’ll just pick a random yeah episode or a random match and drew will have no idea. It could be a great match it could be you know, Hurricane Helms

or something I never seen I mean yeah, go to a pay per view from that 10 year gap. I wasn’t watching and just find something that might be it because I was probably in that same gap.

Someone is pulling about massive Bret the Hitman Hart sign.

Well, they are in Canada as you spotted as you pointed out, yes.

Someone also with a very sweet these nuts

these not signed yet.

They got lucky with that camera change. It was like he missed that kick by eight inches.

Well, this is also back when they probably still gave a shit. Yeah.

The thing is, though, like, This match is flowing really well, like I understand like the rock and Hogan in his prime were probably two of the best when it came to the flow of the match. They knew when to slow it down. They knew when to speed it up. They knew what you know, they played the crowd really well. I’m sure that they work together a couple of times but

is apparently still the Attitude Era judging by the shirts at the bottom.

I think it was just post attitude or I mean, if you look at the ring crew, they all have WWE attitude shirts. They do have attitude shirts,

I see I thought I

saw in 2000 and 2002 yeah 2003 I think

oh 2002 because I was still I know what job I was okay

you got Hogan is God chicken to do on the inside? Yeah. Lots of Hogan love in the signage.

Classic Hogan. Rick of the back

you know,

I can’t there are a lot of moves in wrestling that I just don’t understand because i that i don’t think that would hurt. Like, I mean, if he has nails right but even then it’s not


called him a young legend and less than a year he will have left the WWE for Hollywood. Yes. Well, I mean, that’s what happens when you become the Scorpion King. Yeah.

Logan’s bite near which by the way a scorpion like the rock is decent the Scorpion King that is a horrible movie terrible terrible movie and the effects are bad it’s just not good.

Then what after that he went on to do Walking Tall run down right down his first big movie. Okay, and then and then walking tall. Yes. Then he did. kind of disappeared, right? That’s the furious Fast Five is what really brought him

in front of the public eye. Yeah, like he was doing shit like the tooth fairy and the iron game, game plan and fucking race to Witch Mountain. Just gonna say race to Witch Mountain. Be cool was one of his better movies, but he also popped into the web, WWE occasionally, he pop in and do a match here match their plugins.

Gary’s tape off a very fake choke. Yeah, that was a bad joke

with the tape from his hand. Oh, I was gonna say is the belt coming off but no belt is not off yet.

It’s uh, let’s see Hogan with the fists. Oh, Rob blocked.

So, the big right hand. Well, he has he has to get the drop on Hogan because then Hogan’s got a Hulk up and come back. Yes.

Oh, Rocco’s over the top rope.

Rock is a great performer like it’s like.

It’s amazing to look back and see the guys that were great performers. Because the Hulk Hogan obviously ended up doing Hollywood and TV and stuff like that never made a boatload of money or any like major anything but you know, he was able to transition a little bit but you got

Guys like the rock that have gone totally mainstream. You’ve got Battista, who was in around the same time. Yeah, you’ve got

this they just use this use iPads now. Yeah, exactly. I mean, I guess john cena was after this, but he’s another guy that’s just transition. But he was a he was a great performer in the ring. I’m not a john cena fan, but at least not as far as his wrestling career was concerned. Right. But I mean, he you I have respect for him. I mean, he had great matches. And maybe well, maybe we’ll go maybe I’ll hunt for like john cnet’s top badge to see it. See universe is the rock one and two. Yeah, one of them was a year build up.

Hogan if you watch him is not a good wrestler. No, he’s a good personality former. Yes. Like you said he knows where to milk a match where to start where to stop. But he really his moves are so basic. Yes. You have elbow. You have punches you

holding back breaking the back yeah thumb to the eye Whatever happened to the full Nelson it went the same way as the Atomic Drop Oh ref is down

shares come nope Here comes the belt yeah oh this has got to be the belt


hope this is this is when the the big right hands come in because you know that’s a standard hope move

see gonna do is a little rock flip up so now they’re both down on the ground

rock is breathing harder than whole can see him it is wide wide camera angle. Keep running his hands over his bald head like he has hair there because he loves the hair. He He’s reminiscing on the days when he had hair but when he was 12


tribute you think that’s a tribute right there? You

guys are in there

it’s not Montreal but no rocks bleeding

rock is busted open you don’t see that very often anymore

Well, that was me I apologize. I had to readjust. I was falling out of my chair rah rah not breaking the whole know and hope is tapping out but there is no ref there fusilli tapping out he is begging for mercy

mostly because at this point he’s a 53 year old man fighting a 30 year old man correct and trying not to drop everything. Oh, look at look at how well he sold that sharpshooter he’s getting right back up. Oh but his knees injured. Don’t you see that he can’t quite get back up because his knee is injured.

They are chanting rocky sucks.

And hope Oh Hollywood the low blow shot to the old ball sack

and a rock bottom.

Don’t understand why he felt the need to do a rock bottom.

Try to steal the thunder. Oh and the rock kicks out from his own finishing move. Shocking. Now the rocks gonna do a leg drop or something.

Here we go, here comes the belt the belt is now off and being

waving the belt above his head and boom, big slap to the back. The ref is still down at this point.

The ref took less of a shot than the Hawks sharpshooter.

And the ref has been down for about five minutes where Hulk sold that sharpshooter for about 35 seconds.

Now he’s gonna punch him in the face with the belt. I don’t think that would hurt that much. gave him a DDT

And the rock is still selling the belt

Well that’s because the rock is the rock

is he not a reasonable amount of muscular right there? No he is he looks normal Yeah, I don’t know not I mean obviously I I would kill the look like that I would understand what I’m saying is I would understand if he looked like this and movies and then look the way he does now when he was wrestling, right I don’t understand why he feels the need to bulk up and he looks like he’s put on extra 200 pounds of muscle

Well, I mean, it might just be like his personality like because he’s constantly working out. It’s not like he’s writing up because if you want like, what he eats and what he how he works out, it’s he had his my my thing about like, guys like me and you can’t look like the rock. Are we probably cool

We could do you know why the rocks Eva look like the rock because he has all the time. Yes. 24 hours a day to work out where I have to go to work. Exactly.

And hawks hulking up, I’ll bet we could be closer to the rock if we actually did work out at all. Yeah, I occasionally work out but

the Hulk is given the delivering the right hands after hooking up.

I’m still waiting the big boot and followed up by the leg drop.

Because Hogan ain’t gonna freakin job for no one.

Oh, and the rock kicks out.

I honestly don’t even remember who wins this money that you I just, I’m just assuming a whole goodwill job for him.

Oh, and the big boot again.

We’re going to do another leg drop a second big boot.

Oh and the rock rolls out

and Hogan looks as if he has injured his leg

but it’s fine now

is this to rock band that is the second rock bottom. Hogan is so strong that he can withstand to rock bottoms. But we haven’t got one of them we haven’t gotten a People’s Elbow yet well that’s the direction it’s heading. It is

no cover or we’re going to go for another rock bottom before up the up another rock bottom.

And now we should be getting the People’s Elbow I would hope

to hear booing the shit out of him.

Now the other going nuts because he’s getting ready to do it and they want his damn elbow pads fucking easily lead sheep

Oh people’s up with this is bounce back up and do it again or does he pick them 10 1230 the rock the rock with the win over Hogan? What’s that he 10 minutes it’s supposed to be an 18 minute match. I mean Hogan celebrates for about 45 minutes after it was this the main event I know there are there are three more matches after this one because I know Stone Cold fought Nash or not Nash

oh yeah and then someone fought Nash and I can’t for the life of me remember who it was

it was a but yes that was that was an 18 minute match and

we want to if we can watch the end of it yeah we you know watch Cogan celebrate for 45 minutes well Hogan loss though why we celebrate he gets up he gets up and celebrates. Cool hidden Mickey

rocks gonna weigh I think they’re gonna like chest

chest to chest and then shake hands. The Rocco gracefully leave and leave Hogan to his. I yeah I speak about Hogan like I don’t like them. Right But you

say you stood in line to see him before. You had you had multiple conversations with Jimmy mouth of the house mouth of the South Park. I have

watched wrestling at three with him. Well watch one match at a rustle mania three.

Let’s see the main event for this one. By the way, it was Triple H vs Chris Jericho

for the undisputed championship.

Yes for the undisputed WWE Championship.

So the rock was 30 here, Hogan was probably 112

What do we got going on? It’s gonna shake his hand. He’s still selling. He looks like a saddle man. He’s still selling the the side injury elbow. Hey, whoever that is for that Hogan vs rock

cartoon drawn

sign. Hogan extends his hand and a gesture. He still has that hanging up in his house.

That kid probably draws he prayed through that thing away five minutes later drew another one.

We got much sweat is coming off from Hogan.

It’s amazing that leather skin like that can actually produce that much water. And Hogan is now gesturing for the rock Get the fuck out of the ring so he can celebrate.

Oh, and now

Hogan given the thumbs

What’s up to the rock and this is where the celebration comes six sigma. Single. Get out. Get out of my ring. It’s It’s so good. It’s time for glory. Even though we lost

go America. See now he should rip off the pants and have the the

the underwear underneath the speedo?

Nope. And here comes Scott Hall and Kevin Nash.

Oh, both both have heads full gray hair right now. Yes. And Hogan magically still blonde. They are beating the crap out of Hogan in the middle of the crap out of a 53 year old man. Is this where the rock comes and saves him? I don’t remember. I honestly forgot that that there was the post Matty NWA. Nobody jumped up. Here comes the rock. taken out Kevin Nash.

Scott Hall

Nash just went over the top rope. And there goes Scott Hall over the top row.

So that was the end of the NWO. I guess even though he formed like five times before I quit watching. Yeah, I don’t know.

Apparently at one point Shawn Michaels was in the end Who? So I was reading something and I don’t remember what match it was it may have been this match actually. You know how he’s grabbing his rib there? Yeah, apparently, he did break his rib before this match. Oh, wow. Like a couple weeks beforehand. I think that it was this match. I want to double check.

But I was reading somewhere during one of the matches. We fell off the

jet ski

know apparently he did it during a match somewhere else.

Oh no, I can’t remember what it was. There’s one match we showed up with a black guy, but I think this was like go America Hulk Hogan okay in the 90s he showed up with like a black guy and he claimed he claimed he fucking fell off his jet ski and the jet ski came back and hit him. I think I remember that.

I want that poster.

Why is it Hogan pointing at that poster?

No, no,

don’t go Hogan. Not yet.

You get your ass back in this ring. I’m speaking as the rock or you’re speaking as the rock.

Oh, he wants you got to do that. He wants to flex on him. He wants to flex with him and he wants to do the do the here.

He wants the whole the whole whole key. I think

This is where Hogan starts crying probably.

And they probably exit to I am a real American. I am a real man Ricky.

There we go.


See though

so sorry. So now now does does Hogan or does the rock do it? He wants something he will not leave that fucking ring.

Hulk is hooking up and

More posing. This is the rock telling Hogan that he needs to go pose.

It doesn’t look like Hogan really wants to be there doing it. Oh no, he doesn’t look like he’s just fucking sucking that right up.

Great match though. I mean, it. The wrestling part of it was, but the flow, the style, everything was really good like it’s just an enjoyable match back when wrestling was fun. Yes. It’s very serious business now.

Hogan was definitely in better shape there than he is now. Yeah

He doesn’t rip the shirt anymore. No, definitely not. I’ve noticed when he popped out at rustle mania this year he did not tear the shirt. No he did not. And the robbery union he did not tear the shirt either. I do really blame him though. I mean, I wouldn’t tear my shirt off his frickin tits are sagging. There you go there is pointed, pointing at the rocker Rama shirt. Yeah, go back and pointed the real art.

I’m assuming right now. Pokemon probably has to wear a bra.

I mean, yeah, they keep them up. Yeah.

But that was a very enjoyable match. I’m glad that we got to sit down and watch it. Do you want to give the final what your what your thoughts are on that match before we before we sign off for the night I will make Dave Meltzer sick and say that’s a five star match to be. I would give it four and a half stars. It was a I was thoroughly entertained and that’s what

I look for in a match. Yes, I am. But that there were just a couple of little flaws that gave it to give it four and a half for me. But it’s it’s a

20 almost 20 years later it is still a wonderful match. Yes. So well, thank you guys for joining us tonight. Yeah, and or whenever you happen to be listening to it, I always say that like tonight, but you guys listen to it anytime. And honestly, like, you know, when you’re at home, just remember to try asking how tall is Hugh Jackman? How tall is Hugh Jackman that’s what you’re


I have no idea.

But uh, so you want to check us out on our social medias? Get em is top rope wrestling podcast that Instagram. top rope wrestling at Twitter wrestling. Wrestling is just without the G we ran out of characters. And Facebook’s top rope wrestling podcast.

Cast, top rope wrestling. com you can find all of our links to everything as well as in if you subscribe to us on iTunes you’ll be able to see all the links to all of our social media on every one of our episodes because that’s what we do. And I think I finally discovered after all these weeks are footer sign off to me. What’s that? Try saying install YouTube.

You think that’s gonna work or Yeah, try saying play Westworld. Yeah, that’s because that’s what my TV says. We’re gonna we’re gonna go to those just gonna read the TV for the TV. Okay, but that’s gonna be our sign off. try searching for comic book movies. But more importantly, search for our podcast on iTunes and Google Play and wherever you can find podcasts. Really, we’re on Stitcher and Spotify, everywhere, everywhere.


Not yet, but we should be

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