This week we take a dive into the rosters of both NXT and AEW as they get ready to (not ) go head to head on Wednesday nights. We pick our top 6 from each roster and how they compare but also dive into some of the other wrestlers in the promotions.

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good evening and welcome to another edition of the top rope wrestling podcast. I’m Rick and drew is over there on the couch kinda getting. ready are you really I don’t think anybody heard what you said now let me let me keep you up just a little bit I’m here yeah there you go guy

so we are

we’re going to be doing a little comparison here I recently the news came out that AEW and NXT we’re going to be not competing against each other

going head to not head head


However they’re going to decide that they want to to phrase it but they they will be going live on Wednesday nights both of them are they

both going on at the same time?

I believe they are. One on TNT and the other on Fox or no on USA sorry. Yes USA originally it was it was always announced I was gonna be Fs one and then they decided that they were going to do Fox or they were going to do USA instead for the NXT brand Which is going to interesting right actually I believe one of our episodes we put out said that there was supposed to be at FS1 so right yeah whatever we occasionally get the news wrong but you know we can only tell you what we learn what we know

report so much

correct. So what we’re going to do is we’re going to take a look at the to basically go head to head with the rosters of each

see which one has see which

one has the star power Yeah, I or or more interesting more financial man. Yeah, so how do you want to start this you want to go tag teams you want to start with women you want to start with the men’s roster.

Let’s start with the

Yeah, let’s start with the women’s right the women’s roster.


Are you on the Wikipedia? I am on

the the wrestling Wikipedia. Okay, so you say the Wrestling Wikipedia the wrestling Yes. Wrestling Wikipedia. What the hell happened there? There we go. And I have the AEW Okay, actual AEW page up. Okay. So let’s go we have Alia we’re going to go NXT first. Okay, is this Billy I don’t know who’s Can you pull a picture? Yes. I will do some of them. I may have seen before but just don’t know my name or this is a Leah. No clue. No clue. And then we have Bianca Bellaire. Okay, I think she’s fun.

Yeah, she has fun. She’s the one with the ponytail.

Yeah, the kind of does the scorpion thing with the ponytail whipping around people. Candace Luray Can you believe that scar ganas wife? I believe you are correct. Okay. Let’s double check. Yes, Candace Gargan. Oh. And then we have Dakota KIH. I don’t really think I’ve ever don’t think I ever. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her in a match before. She’s one of the Australian people that they brought over. She I don’t know. I don’t know enough about her.

reserve judgment for later.

Yes. Deanna Prado

I’ve seen her a couple times. But I can’t tell you one. Match. That was something that stuck out in my mind. No clue. Probably the big kiss name. I guess right now. Her? Yeah. I Oh, sure. IIOSEO. Sure. Yeah, sure. A

champ is probably the bigger

Yeah, probably.

But uh, she she’s been definitely she’s been getting a push in an NXT. Yeah, the women’s division. So

you know, she’s she’s pretty decent.

Jasmine Duke, Casey, cotton, cotton zero because I always pronounce that wrong. If you want to see Casey Canton zero, okay. She’s been around for a little while. I believe she’s one of those ones that they just kind of stumbled on. I don’t think she had more wrestling experience going into it. I think they just kind of stumbled on her. Mia, UM, Marina should fear or we were on Twitch, right? No, we’re not live streaming to the

cool. All right. I’m gonna grab that chair so I can look at the screen. Okay,

you got it.

We’ll just cut this out.

Now we’re not I didn’t set the cameras up today. So

I mean, I guess I could have put them up on the big screen but whatever. No big deal. So Marina should fear let’s get

back to us. Here we go. Alright, that’s better.

Marina fear.

Which I don’t know if I’ve always she was one of the former MMA

girls. She’s won a Shana Baylor’s little homie.

Yes, that is exactly who she is. Speaking of. We have Shannon Miller who is the NFC champion. Ty Nora Conti

no clue.

Yeah, I don’t really know that. A lot of these people haven’t been around I guess she’s been around since 2017 I’m not a whole lot of she holds she’s another MMA person holds a black belt in judo and black belt in jujitsu and then we have Vanessa born and Zilina are the last ones seems like we’re missing at least two people. Well, I don’t know if they’re considered well, because they’re they move around. So I don’t know if this is supposed to be their Current roster. Okay. Maybe Oh, man. You know what I’m betting one of them hasn’t debuted yet. But what about the Asian chick that wears like the she’s like from so Kathy. Where’s the the mask over her face coming to the rain? Oh, um, she just fought for the belt?

No, um, yeah, I know you’re talking about I can’t.

Did we miss one?

And then also, what about the one we always see it every NXT we go to that I said looks like she was a cowboy that Yeah, well, that they so this isn’t there. I don’t believe this is their TV roster.


Yeah, because there are a couple This is the one you were talking about. Yes. We’re going to consolidate

and Rachel you’re

the other one is like starts with an M

there’s Lacey lane.

MJ Jenkins just the elbow on continue with Debbie. Laura van. SO so that is the women’s roster right there. And then the women’s roster for AW

with Ali.

Ali. Ali. I know that

awesome Kong right. Be precisely. Randy Rhoads Britt Baker, who happens to also be a dentist here in the Winter Park area. Really? Yes. He grew Kairos Cheetah Kylie Ray, the library and little bits I fucking hate them my brain. Neither rose, Penelope Ford and city Gibbs What do you give the lean too because Alright, so the strongest people they have RO well are the names that they have are Ali Kong and brandy Randy Rhoads

vs Shana Baylor

like if I was putting them in a legit fight against each other I would take the NXT people like but if you’re like what if I’m looking at the actual like name recognition your your Joe Schmo and you’re going to turn the TV on to watch one of these two women’s divisions

I’d still give the nod to NXT Yeah,

yeah, I may I know it’s that one’s really hard that one’s almost a toss up because awesome Kong in the indie you know in Indy wrestling is a big name so it’s I don’t know that’s a hard one.

Okay, so let’s go with the

we could do the broadcast team but I don’t think know anybody cares about Tony Giovanni and Jim Ross. Yeah, vs. I mean, obviously they have NXT has 30 sorry. AEW, has the more seasoned Yeah, I guess the best way to put it on more or knowledge pretty Yeah, but I’m just saying like you there these guys have been around wrestling for the voice of WCW and the voice of the WWE yeah RWFIO probably is a better option. And to tell you the truth Excalibur is pretty darn good in the mic.

Yeah. Um

so you know it’s not bad they haven’t pretty decent lineup, Alex Martinez is pretty horrible. But you know, and then the let’s see other honored talent backstage personnel.

So that’s, you know,

it’s not a bad lineup. Yeah, I don’t like I don’t know if the NXT. Broadcast team referees coaches. I don’t believe they have their tag teams listed as tag teams. So obviously though, we know stable wise, you have the young guns. Who are we talking about? EDAWC of the young bucks young bucks Yeah, no, I see the younger I have the ability gun to the mind apparently. Yeah, I just saw his picture so Kalin sensor Yeah. The to the leeches. Yeah. The brothers are the only two brothers. Yeah.

Are they the Lutra brothers?

I’m completely I am the worst aren’t gone. Yeah. Lucia brothers. Okay. Yeah. Phoenix and Pentagon.

And then

I mean, not really a team but jungle boy and loose Horace. Yes. I’m not the young bucks, which are brothers. So cow, and best friends. Okay. And what’s the other There is one other one that I’m completely someone is going to have to step up from those three tag teams and take the titles. Right, but I don’t think they’ve introduced tag team titles yet. And I don’t think it’s really necessary yet. I think that they’re supposed to be doing it soon, though. I want to say that it might be this night. I don’t think that it’s coming up for the the one that’s going to be passed by the time this is released. Right? Um, but uh, yeah, I’m, I’m gonna assume probably for the TV. They are they’re gonna want more titles. So they’re gonna they’re gonna have to do a tag team

in a mid card title. Yeah,

some kind of mid card title. But uh, so that’s and then on the NXT side of things. You have a bronco, which is reason Fandango. Okay. Danny birch and only Logan. Okay. You have the Forgotten sons of Blake Cutler and rycker. undisputed era undisputed era which is Cole Fisher O’Reilly and strong the street profit street profits. Yep. And Mawson’s about Sabbath teli I’m gonna say and talk to NXT absolutely wins that yes, I believe that they have a better stable although I built the young bucks I would probably put up on top of almost every buddy maybe not the undisputed era. But yeah, because the to the wrestlers a tag team in the undisputed era aren’t the no they’re not they’re not the star power. Yeah, they’re not they’re definitely not. So there’s that and then let’s go with the the men the main event. I mean, that’s the gentleman there. They’re the ones that are going to be headlining Yeah, most of the events so you have Adam Cole Yep. Angelo Dawkins. Bobby, this is an NXT Bob

Dawkins is a singles are not a singles wrestler.

No, but he’s, he’s on their male Ross right. So I’m just going to run through all of the males on the roster. Bobby fish says urban Benanti. Danny birch, Dominic jacket which I always was trying to pronounce that one wrong. Fabian Aigner, a Turner Ochsner. Whatever. Fandango? Jackson rycker Johnny Gargan No. caches Oh no. Keith Lee Connery, US cushy de Tyler Riley. mentor. I’ll show he’ll shot. I’ll show Hill. Montez Ford oni Logan. Rick bug is Roderick Strong Shane thorn. Steve Cutler tomato tchotchke Tyler Breeze velvet team dream and Wesley Blake. Okay. So that’s pretty good roster. I mean, if I’m gonna pick a couple of people off their velvet team dream Oh, I’ll tell you what it comes down to. Basically we’re just we’ll go through it at the end. But yeah, comes down to basically six guys from NXT versus six guys from AEW,

yeah. Okay, I can see that.

And then we’ll go over to the AEW side.

And with the AEW we have Adam page. Hang man. And Jellicoe. I believe these are an alphabetical order. So yeah. Brandon Cutler, Chris Jericho. Christopher Daniels, Chuck Taylor, Sema, Cody Darby Allen, Dustin Rhodes, Phoenix, Frankie Canarian jack Evans, Jimmy havoc, Joe Legionella. Jon Moxley, jungle boy Kenny omega Kip savy and Lucas Horace Marcos done. Matt Jackson MJF Michael knock as our next year Jackson, orange cast the POC, penta l zero M A Peter Avalon the librarian private party. So private parties listed as a whatever semi Guevara scorpions or Scorpio sky Sean Spears Sonny kiss, the dark order was the other one that couldn’t remember and trend of best friends just trend just trend of best friends. Okay,

who’s choose his best friend,

his best friend is going to be a completely blanking Chuck Taylor Okay, that’s what they grew up together actually, like legit friends like best friends like I believe they’ve known each other since they were 12 years old or something like that. I read the story on one time. And I didn’t realize orange Cassidy was part of the yes AEW I’m looking forward then to going to an event. So

obviously silver picking six and six.

I actually so six and six on the AEW roster for me is like it’s hard to pick my favorite six I understand like the six biggest names because you’ve got Moxley you’ve got Jericho. You’ve got Adam page you’ve got Cody and omega omega omega and the Bucs yeah so i mean but there I mean you got guys like Dustin Rhodes either he’s not gonna be wrestling a whole lot right? I love MJF he is I he’s my favorite heel and he takes cheap he and I don’t care like he is the king of cheap and it doesn’t matter it’s just fun

I mean that Darby Allen guys fun to watch

yeah Darby. It’s always Jimmy havoc like the everybody loves fun. Yeah, I haven’t been able to find one that guy that I’m like, you know what?

You know, I

doesn’t belong. They built a good roster for what they have. Yeah. And they definitely went on the second six. Like if you were to pick the first 16 minutes the in the second six for or the end the second six for my next D and then the first six or eight AEW on the second six. And then the overall roster is better on the AEW side. Okay, so my six from NXT are the six that we I guess we can both kind of go through the roster. Obviously Adam Cole has to be on the top of the list.

WTN dream?

Uh, let’s see.

Johnny wrestling? Yes. Yeah. Okay.

trying to think of where we’re ever going to go with the other one.

chump is always I mean, he’s,

he’s, he’s good. That’s the problem. He’s out.

Yeah, he is out currently. He might be out for a wild. Oh, that’s true. I got I’m trying to like, What are you? What are you like? Are you a cashless? Oh, no, no, no, no. So Alright, basically, this thing comes down to All right, so you have Johnny wrestling? Yes. You have a teen dream. Right. You have Adam cool. Right. And I loop him in with with the rest of the Yeah, I’m just got the street profits. Okay. Matt riddle. Okay. And I am missing one other person. Uh, let’s see. I said Gargan. All right. He didn’t say Ghana. I said God guard Ghana above teen dream.


street prophets.

Matt riddle. I feel like I’m missing one more person.


Keith Lee. Roger strong.

I like I’m trying to

I feel like I’m missing one other big name that they have. I’m trying to I mean, we went through the list. So you got Adam Cole Angela Dawkins. Bobby fish.


Danny birch, Dominic jock of itch. Fabian Aigner, Fandango Jackson rycker Johnny guard Ghana cashless. Oh no. Keith Lee Conan Reeves. Rashida Kyla Riley, months or all shall show the hill Yeah. Matt riddle, which you know, we already have Montez Ford.

Only Larkin.

Rick bug is bug is Roderick Strong. Shane Thorn Cutler Steve Cutler, tomato jump. Tyler Breeze vegetarian dream and Wesley Blake. Alright, so I guess you would count like guard so the undisputed arrow counts with my Adam Cole. Which to me they have they have the better stable than AEW has just overall stable. Yeah,

I can see that. Yeah.

The problem is is the star power of Jericho and omega and I keep wanting to call him Ambrose Moxley? Yes. Almost Trump’s and NXT big dogs. Yeah. Oh, yeah. And I don’t doubt that like, I think overall, because of the male roster, which is the primary majority of what they’re going to be doing on both sides of the thing. Yeah, I think right now. They have the better than AEW the overall better roster. Yeah. I don’t think I that’s not saying that they can’t develop a roster. The thing with NXT these, I know, there’s been talking about bringing people back or bringing them that like moving them down now that they’re gonna be on TV and look

what they did with Verizon go

right. Yeah. So I don’t know that they have that TV deal and they’re doing live tapings, or live shows every week and a half, two hours now to

fill. Yeah.

And I This doesn’t include the NXTUK dun, dun dun dun was the other. It doesn’t include the NA, I didn’t pull up the NXTUK roster and they’re going to be combining again, I believe, right? That was not the plan. I don’t know I think that I heard that that they were like that they were going to try and like they’re dropping UK and 205 and kind of combining them all into one roster. And but that does kind of take away from everything that they do on air. Yeah. So I’ve got two or five but you can you could drop UK and and do it all as one. But I would say if you were a casual person that was just like, Hey, Rick, which one do I watch and you just start naming off names. You would go to AW, primarily because of Jericho and yeah, Ambrose Yeah, well, and the thing if you don’t know Jon Moxley is Dean Ambrose, like as a casual person, you’re probably not going to know that that’s the thing, but you would still go Well, Chris Jericho is on this show. I’m gonna watch Chris Jericho, right and people know Cody and you know there are other people in there that people know and I enjoy there are a lot of guys on their their secondary their second tier that I really enjoy watching that I’ve just from going to the shows the last couple you know or not going while we went to the one show but

watching their shows, it’s it’s become a better

option. But I’m saying like from the point of view of like some schmuck, someone that just like, like one of my friends that used to watch wrestling in the Attitude Era, and stopped watching Wrestling like I did for 10 years. And they’re just like, me, too. I keep hearing about this NXT in this AEW, which one should I watch it if I was like, these guys are in NXT these guys are in AEW, I think most of them would say, Well, I know Jerry Jericho is so I’ll watch Well,

yeah, I mean, everybody’s gonna know the Y2J

Yeah, as far as like, if they’re an Attitude Era fan.

Yeah. As far as like, excitement to watch. I mean, I don’t know. And NXT might be a little bit better for me, just because yeah, like, I mean, I think they’re both like, I’m I’m probably going to record and NXT. And watch AEW, yeah, that’s probably going to be my way of going. Because I want to see the difference in production that’s on my side of things. Right. Because they are going to be different from WWE. Yeah. And I think that’s all you know, but I’m voting AW, is the better program. I think going overall, I think they’re going to get better ratings. I think both are going to stumble out of the gate a little bit because they’re new, but NXT has been doing this longer, but also has not been doing live production. Yeah. And I mean, you went to you you’ve been to one taping now but the I got I had gone to a couple of them. And there were most definitely times where they reshot stopped, they actually they they either stopped the match, or they The match ended and then they came back out, William Regal, has decided that this that’s can not be decided this way. Because this spot didn’t get right, exactly, or they bought something or whatever. So that’s something that they’re gonna have to deal with. And I think most of the guys on the roster will be able to deal with that. But the I don’t the problem that I’m going to see is NXT has been used to develop people on camera, and they’re going to be on camera immediately with TV contracts, and it’s going to be different. This is one thing for the guys on NXT that are the stars of NXT Yeah, the guys that are in development, what do they get? They’re not gonna they’re gonna have to do more house shows. That’s really all that I mean, they’re gonna have to I which is fine with me because they do the house shows around us and I enjoy them. But you know, that I don’t think that’s going to bode well for a lot of people. Unfortunately, I think you’re gonna see a lot less a lot less people moving up a lot, a lot less people moving around, or if they are moving around, it’ll be bouncing, you know, between the three shows. And I kind of stinks too because I think like like a guy like our Gatto will probably never be a regular main roster guy. Because Yeah, but he fits on the NXT brand. Well, yeah,

but I’d like to see him fight like main roster.

Yeah, I don’t disagree. I like Johnny wrestling.

Yeah, I mean, like all of them. I’d like to see I mean, you know, there’s tons you could do with all the teams Dream on Raw.


And they don’t have that kind of character anymore.

That androgynous or even characters I mean, they have Yeah, Bray Wyatt. Yeah. Which The theme is one of my favorite things going on right now. So they they just don’t have a lot of people that are characters. Yeah, people that are wrestlers that I made a character but they don’t have a lot of guys that are just like ridiculous characters, right? I mean, you can Well, we’ll see how it works out and we got a couple of weeks before AEW on

NXT I only got two weeks to Linux TS on

well i by the time this airs it might not even be that long have been on yes so But yeah, I think that I think there’s a lot that’s going to go on and I hope that I hope it’s better I hope it is good for the brand overall. Right? So thank you guys for joining us you got anything you need to plug any you want to plug our social media top rope wrestling podcast at Instagram, Twitter, its top rope wrestling or whether it’s wrestling on Twitter right so its top rope wrestling podcast at

Instagram wrestling,

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so peace.

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